New Moon: Five Ways to Begin Afresh

Everything around us reflects our inner Self. The moon gives us one such sign of the energy we can focus upon right now. New Moons or Amavasya is traditionally a time to end the unwanted and make positive new beginnings. This new moon is in Pushya/Ashlesha nakshatra, represening kundalini or spiritual awakening in the Cancer... Continue Reading →

8 Solid Tips for Banishing Negativity this Shani Weekend

The cycles of time and celestial tides are here to guide us again, this time to strongly banish or end all things identified as negative in your life! On 3rd of June Saturn is fully illuminated, while 4th of June is a Saturday named after Saturn, and an amavasya or no-moon night that is usually considered great for... Continue Reading →

Six Best Ways to Detox, Cleanse and Purify

Water: There could be no better cleanser that nature has provided. Drinking litres of water daily can dissolve gallstones and kidney stones, get rid of excessive toxins in the body, cleanse the digestive tract and flush out harmful substances from the body. Soaking yourself in tub of warm water can be mentally purifying as well... Continue Reading →

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