Five Steps To Wish Fulfilment and Prayer

We often hear from believers, worshippers and devotees that they are frustrated. ‘Why are my prayers and wishes not being answered?’, they ask. Following spiritual techniques, methods and rituals taught by their chosen spiritual centers and religious or faith groups, they are confused about why they did not receive their wishes yet. ‘If there is a God then why is He/ She not there for me?’, is a common question.

Here are Five Steps that you can take to find your inner peace and allow your healing or wish-fulfilment through any prayer or technique of your choice, regardless of religion or spiritual lineage.

  1. Choose a Worthy Cause: Prayers and wishes can be so many but not all wishes are good for us and others. There may have been people who try to curse or wish others harm, while some others simply wish for something limited when there is something much better waiting for them and they could not see it. Therefore ask yourself – ‘Does my wish really help someone?’ It could be for just yourself, your loved ones, someone you thought about, something impersonal or transpersonal or selfless such as global healing or a charitable cause. If it does not harm someone and is for the good of at least one being, it could be a worthy cause. Make your wish in the form of a statement in the affirmative. Keep your wish open by including ‘or something better’. For example: ‘May I get this opportunity or something better right now’, or ‘May my friend’s surgery be a success, or may he find a better alternative that brings perfect health’, or ‘May the homeless family find a healthy home and live a happier, more purposeful life.’cause
  2. Believe in It with Passion: Feel and imagine how it will be to have this wish fulfilled. Does it make you feel wonderful? Let the positive feeling sink in deeply into your mind, heart and soul.  The love and passion we put into making our wishes is also an energy that goes in towards manifestation of the wish. Feeling is healing. Positive feelings of love, compassion, gratitude, kindness, wellbeing, peace and abundance, bring about positive transformations in our situations. Carrying unhappy and angry vibrations in our heart can send the opposite energy out so heal yourself deeply and emotionally so that you can begin to believe in your best and the best for whoever you are praying for. If you really believe in it with all your heart, it will be more likely to come true.heart-2789686_960_720.png
  3. Be Open to the Healing: Are you ready to experience this wish being fulfilled in wonderful and delightful ways? Your wish may be fulfilled in an expected or unexpected manner. You may find that you magically and miraculously find what you need even before you get to the point of seeking help. Or it may simply be through effort. Similarly you may have expected your wish to be fulfilled in a specific time-frame, however it may come about sooner or later but at a time when it benefits the most. Do not worry about how and when, and do not feel angry or frustrated as negative feelings might block you further. Sometimes some paths are closed because we need to develop our-self further or raise our consciousness first. Keep working on yourself by increasing your own inner peace, love and trust, because that is the jewel within you that needs to shine all the
  4. Feel Deserving: Sometimes we want something but there is a part of us that is criticising us, judging us by our past, or making us feel guilty of having what we ask. We might feel that there are others who are far more worthy, or that you are not so important in this large universe with billions of people on earth itself. We waste our time in blaming others and ourself for all the problems we have found our-self in because our logical mind looks for answers to ‘why we have those problems?’ and ‘what or who has caused the problem?’ Anger towards others or our-self might have been blocking the good of all concerned in these situations. We have to feel deserving by being peaceful and positive right now, regardless of past. Let go and forgive yourself and all concerned and replace all that negative energy or stress with love. rest-52495_960_720
  5. Self Realization: Prayers are answered if we let them go to the higher power that we pray to, who is not necessarily just an external entity that ‘grants wishes’. We are here in the universe for a divine purpose. We have to learn and grow our inner self and enhance our own vibrations. Our inner spiritual development is the key to manifestation. Rituals and complex rites are not always necessary. Some of us can manifest wonderful realities almost immediately merely through a little affirmation. Those of us who find the inner center and peaceful, loving consciousness are more likely to manifest easily than those who are merely into blind-faith or superstition.We have all come from the same One source which is higher than any limited personality or form. Religious differences about the name or form of this power are meaningless. For all we know, the higher power that we are praying may simply be found deep within our own loving consciousness. universe-1044107_960_720

In Which Yuga (Cycle of Ages) Is The ‘Star Wars’ Saga Based?

I’m conscious of writing a second article on Star Wars in the same week, before and after its release but seeing the much awaited hype and high definition drama, I could not help asking myself what Yuga is it likely to be based out of?

Yugas or Cycle of Ages explores the timeline around the ebb and flow of civilization and consciousness. The keyword is cyclic as it challenges the standard theory of linear evolution (that says our ancestors were far less advanced and even primitive but as we look at some of the achievements tens of thousands of years ago – pyramids, yoga, ancient astronomy – we recognize they far exceeded our current abilities).

Let’s check out another explanation. Hindu scriptures suggest the rise and fall of consciousness over time – a recurring cycle of four yugas totaling 24000 years. Highly cited authors such as Graham Hancock and archeo-astronomer, Walter Cruttenden of The Binary Institute among others have researched this intriguing possibility with hard-to-dismiss facts and figures!


In a nutshell, Yugas trace the lowest point of a civilization to the highest from its dark to golden ages and vice-versa, whichever way you look at it.

It is important to understand, it refers more to the consciousness than mechanical progress so even though a civilization can peak in terms of scientific ability, it can still witness a decline in its consciousness. By consciousness, I simply mean, ‘maturity of the majority’. If you can imagine our own planet, tens of thousands of years in the future, when we have spread out across the galaxy, settled on other planets and technologically far more advanced and project it on the cycle above, you can foresee a period of dark ages similar to 700 BC – 1700 AD, when we were busy fighting wars and slavery was rife.

On the same note, in a galaxy far away where Star Wars is set, you clearly see technical prowess on one side and on the other, find conditions darkly overshadowed by slavery and people there living in fear of being torn apart from their home planets in the face of constant wars with the opposite ‘force’.

That is anything but a sign of the higher ages where peace and harmony is pronounced yet it does not seem at the lowest either, in the very depths of despair where hope is lost and if you compare that against where we are now supposed to be (ascending Dwapara Yuga), I’m tempted to think, they may well be in the ascending curve of Kali Yuga when one is coming out of the dark ages and not going any further in it! Please take a minute to also think about it…

Mind you, this was a thought experiment and as cookie mogul Wally Amos said, ‘The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when opened’, I also hope the revised interpretation of evolution prompted some to question your ‘most cherished beliefs’ about what you always thought is true!

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Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

‘Tis all about perspective…

Talk about perspective and you find quotes tossed around like confetti! Simply put, perspective matches one thing, situation or view against the other as end of the day, there are no absolutes in a universe so relative. I don’t pretend to know any more than the average person on the street, so I’ll refer to a quote practically everyone has heard, said and even felt one time or the other.

It is a well-worn cliche, the grass is always greener on the other side. At some point, we all have sighed and wished, if only we were a little taller, smarter, richer, better looking, we could have been this man or woman or say, if we were born in another place, had a different upbringing, exposed to an alternate lifestyle, received more chances, we could have done that! Although we can understand and appreciate the law of cause of effect, we often forget, in the true sense, there is no coincidence and that we consciously or unconsciously create every single circumstance in life….where we are or what we are today is not partly or entirely cause of genes, family or luck (that we have attracted as well) whether we choose to believe it or not.

It is interesting, on one hand Einstein said, ‘God does not play dice’ and on the other, ‘Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous!’ This may sound contradictory but I suppose, he meant though the natural law is mathematical, good fortune is also what we earn, cause of our sincerity irrespective of whether we succeed or fail in our eyes or in front of others. In either case, notice the subtle but perfect balance of energy.

Beg to differ? No worries. I’m too busy growing my own grass, to notice yours…


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Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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