Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People

Spirituality is all about recognising our inner spiritual truth, simplicity and oneness. Here are seven behavior traits we would commonly find in true spiritual beings:

  1. Remain Humble: Spirituality is not about wearing impressive garb and pretending to be more powerful than anyone else. True spirituality is about seeing the power in each and every person, each and every thing. It recognizes the divine essence in each stone and tree, each animal and person. Spiritual beings allow the divinity of each one to be expressed naturally because they are aware that all is divine. They keep learning.namaste
  2. Allow Kindness: Being spiritually aware, we try to understand others, their stories, their own state of awareness, their own ups and downs…and instead of judging or hating, we would feel love and only wish for their highest good, no matter how ‘bad’ they might have been. They are just reflecting  a part of your inner consciousness. You will also be kind and understanding to all creatures, including yourself in your personal journey. Be in the energy of love which is our real
  3. Forgive Easily: Everyone makes mistakes at some point of time. Not everyone is at their peak of awareness and it is okay to have gone through those dark moments. Forgive yourself first and foremost and see others too as people just like you. In this life or past lives we all have erred and have learnt lessons along the way. We are all capable of change with a willingness to improve and heal. Allow this change by not blocking your mind with negative perceptions. Let go and be peaceful.hug-1315545_960_720
  4. Be Honest: Trying to manipulate, lie or pretend is what we do when we are afraid of allowing truth. Whom are we afraid of when there is nothing outside? Spirituality is all about inner truth. We allow our own negativity to be released by being honest with ourselves instead of hiding our faults. As we know that everything is stemming from what is within, we need not be afraid of the world either. The more we are aware of our own self-created illusions, the more courage we develop to face truth, and less the fear of being
  5. Feel Playfully Secure: Insecurity is the result of being unaware that we create 100% of our life, either consciously or unconsciously. It is our unconscious or unknown mind that feels vulnerable. When awakened our consciousness knows itself. Being aware of our shadows turns them to light. We meditate and feel connected to the natural perfection within that permeates all existence. In this divine play called life, everything falls in place automatically when we relax and let go of fear. kid-1241817_960_720
  6. Encourage Success: Jealousy and resentment are built out of a feeling that others do not deserve success, which stems from a fear of one’s own success. A spiritual being is free of ego, with a large and generous heart to welcome success all around including their own life. Feeling happy to see others and oneself enjoying a positive and prosperous life is the mark of an awakened being. Let abundance be.cheers-1081828_960_720
  7. Stay Positive: Negativity would have appeared numerous times to all of us. Yet there is something divinely positive within everything. All is our own awareness appearing as reality to teach us more about ourselves. As we learn, we slowly find an inner gold which can no longer get affected by negativity. In-fact negativity transforms naturally to positive energy sooner or later with awareness. Energy falls and rises again, in its various states, till it is fully awakened to its inner divine self, to our true  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Astronomers Just Found Out The Universe is WAY Bigger Than We Thought!


“Come quickly, I am tasting stars!” cried Dom Perignon (1638-1715), at the moment of his discovery of champagne.

Well, that maybe a rumor but more recently astronomers would have had a similar moment, when they pieced together deep space images from the Hubble telescope taken over 15 years and realized our universe is not only 20 times bigger but 90% hidden from view with a staggering 2 trillion galaxies, giving a new number to the saying, there is more than what meets the eye…

It so seems our universe has abundance to share and spare. Cheers to that!



Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Weekend Story: The Talking Ganesha


This is a truly trans-formative incident that happened to me over ten years ago in my early twenties. This was when I was wondering about the duality of material and spiritual life and how to keep both in balance.

One night the answer came to me in a surprising way. I am not normally a person who visits physical temples, yet that night I saw in a dream that I visited a temple where there was Shiva’s statue and after that in an inner chamber I saw Ganesha. As I was there I closed my eyes and felt strongly a coin appearing in my palm. I could feel its metallic embossed texture and the sensation of its physicality. I opened my palms and saw it shining there, appearing out of nothing and I looked at the idol of Ganesha before me, wondering what is the secret of manifestation?

Suddenly the idol was animated to life, its mouth moved as if reading my mind and eager to answer my question. In wonder at seeing him alive, I quietly asked, “what is it that we should focus on – is it good to focus only on the spiritual, on ‘God’, or are we supposed to focus on what we want in life to manifest specific things that we need. What should the prime focus be? ” And Ganesha said, “It does not matter whether you focus on God or whether you focus on your material needs. The only thing that matters is that you are happy.”

“Tell this to everyone you know, share this with the world,” he added.

In that moment truth dawned gently upon me. It truly does not matter whether we believe or focus upon a ‘God’, or what form of God or deity we worship. It does not matter what our religion is or what techniques of prayer, rituals, or meditation we use to manifest our wishes. The only thing that will create our life is our inner state. Transform your inner state to a happy one – that is the only secret!

Hope you enjoyed this message and help us spread the light.

Infinite abundance and gratitude!

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Eight ESSENTIAL Tips to Invite Prosperity IN

Who does not want to be more prosperous? Everyone loves money, right? Well, the truth is that most people have secretly repelled prosperity so far. Yes, they simply wished it away…because they feared it. It may be hard to believe but many of us have manifested lack of prosperity due to our irrational fears that require urgent and immediate transformation. HERE IS HOW…Read this article well and read it again and again till you imbibe the message…and then share it among all you know… You will thank me later!

  1. Believe that Money Is Good for YOU: Stop believing money is bad in any way. Money does not come merely to those who are corrupt, greedy or criminal. Neither does it make you a bad person. Money is in truth a neutral energy – it depends on us HOW we apply it…we can use it to do a lot of positive in the world…not just for ourselves but for others too. Whether it is increasing your knowledge by buying good books, or visiting amazing places, healthier foods or giving more for a noble cause…the more you think about how much good you can achieve by using money in positive ways the better it will be.girl-pose-344322_960_720
  2. Stop Saying ‘Filthy Rich’: Are you secretly jealous of those who have money? Do you secretly wish the rich were poorer? Do you criticize rich people and call them ‘filthy rich’? Are you buying into conspiracy theories blaming rich people for exploiting the world while ignoring the numerous ways many rich people have helped our economy? This my dear is the number one reason most people were unable to attract prosperity. When you resonate with a feeling of jealousy or judgement you block the good energy of whatever you were observing from flowing into your own life. Time to say ‘wonderfully rich’ instead of ‘filthy rich’. Say it now and you will feel better… Really say it…feel it…Now you are already activating the flow of money into your own life! money cat.jpg
  3. Its not Money but Lack of Money At the Root of Evil: If you look carefully it is not money but the lack of it that made people suffer, whether it be crime rates, corruption, social backwardness, religious fundamentalism, status of women….you will find that countries and localities that are struggling with money had more and more of their masses exposed to lack of sanitation, poor education, lack of healthcare, superstitious beliefs…while richer and more developed cities have their citizens a chance to a better quality of life. The false fear that money is limited and one has to do something wrong to obtain it is the cause of many a crime in the world. Transform the fear into love and light by shifting to prosperity consciousness and then share this consciousness with others. The world will change starting with haiti
  4. Appreciate Wealth All Around You: Instead of being condescending…appreciate and be proud of your friends who are doing well in life…give a pat on the back to someone who was able to make it big, like your friend’s business page on social media, read about people who are featured in success pages of magazines, be happy for those who won a prize or lottery or got a lot of inheritance. Its not unfair for people to have achieved something that some others could not yet achieve. Celebrate the success of others….and remember to be happy for your own success and celebrate yourself. Stop wasting time feeling bad for the poor, it won’t help them. Instead think of REAL ways you can help yourself and others. You know that you can attract grace and good fortune yourself. You deserve it and so do others. There is enough for everyone always!! thumb-489516_960_720
  5. Stop Penny Pinching: Do you feel you have to save every penny? Worried about losing too much if you gave some more? Feeling bad about having to spend a bit extra? Want a big bargain each time you go shopping? Well, the truth is that the universe ALWAYS gives you back whatever you give out. It is impossible for you get poorer unless you believe that you are getting poorer. Believe that you are getting richer each time you spend anything…know that this energy will return multiplied your way….and stop bargaining and squeezing the life out of that vendor or business who is trying to earn a decent living…come on! vendor
  6. Stop Feeling Guilty to Receive Effortlessly: Do you believe in your heart of hearts that earning without sweat and tears makes you undeserving? Most people who feel that easy money is a bad thing have been facing much more struggle in life than they would if they simply realize this one thing. MONEY like everything else is our own manifestation based on our MENTAL PROJECTIONS. We all deserve unlimited money unconditionally, no matter who we are or how wealthy we were born. People have gone from rags to riches overnight! How much you toil for it physically is not the denominator. If it were then those who did manual labor would be richer than all others. Your mental attitude is the single most denominator of your financial success. money-case-163495_960_720.jpg
  7. Stop Complaining About How Less You Have: Do you keep feeling sorry about how poor you are, about how less you have, how unfortunate you have been. Have you been building and sharing stories about how life treated you so bad and how you struggled and lost out on good opportunities? This kind of an attitude has  created all your lack of success. The more you tell yourself and the world that you are unfortunate, the worse it will go on getting. Energy multiplies each time you focus on it. And more you ask others to focus on your negativity by sharing ‘poor me’ stories, the more your negativity magnifies. Stop this cycle now…soon you will get out of it and start a new cycle of gratitude, joy and positive self-image. positive.png
  8. IMAGINE a world flowing with PROSPERITY EVERYWHERE: You are part of this amazing reality which is created by the divine self within us all…We all are interconnected as ONE. If we all believe in a world where there is always enough of all good things, and imagine we all are enjoying life happily…we will surely raise our combined vibrations to magickally manifest this right now. Our shared reality is our creation and we can make a better world where prosperity is everywhere and we all use our prosperity wisely and justly for the benefit of all. Deal?  world money.jpg swatiprakash tiny Swati Prakash is a spiritual author. More on

The Power of Abundance Cheques

Abundance is more than just prosperity or money, its an energy of infinite happiness and success, love, health and all good things. Abundance is freely flowing and constantly available to all of us and by sharing it it does not reduce, infact it keeps growing eternally.

Abundance cheques are tools we can use to tap into this amazing abundance in our lives. Surprisingly, you really don’t even need to believe that the cheque will work when you write it!

You will however be amazed at the results as you will see increased abundance in your life in various life areas. It is not always financial, but it can be financial too or any other area of your life that requires positive energy.

blank-cheque1Take the cheque print out and cut it out so it looks like a realistic cheque.

Where it says “Pay to,” write your name.

In the date is ‘now and forever’ and in the little box in the space where you would fill in a currency and amount in numbers is ‘the infinity symbol’ to indicate that you always have sufficient, in every currency you need, at any and every time

On the line underneath your name is Infinite Abundance to indicate there are no limits to how much you can receive and that only positive energy is sent to you unlimitely from the universe.

The cheque is signed Infinite Universe. The entire universe is connected to you eternally and is giving you this cheque right now.

Put this cheque in a safe place and do not worry about anything again for the Universe will take it from here.


If you enjoy this exercise and find it beneficial, why not share it with everyone? Try printing this cheque for everyone next time.

Also do not forget to repeat wealth affirmations such as:

1) I am a money magnet!

2) Money works for me and I am it’s master!

3) I give and I receive infinitely

4) I believe in financial miracles

5) Creating wealth is fun and exciting

6) I have more than enough in this world

7) I bump into successful people all the time

8) My bank account grows day after day after day

9) I reward myself for my hard work

10) I attract money effortlessly all the time


May you receive, share and spread abundance today and everyday!

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