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Swati Prakash is an author, psychic healer and Ascension coach from India and currently living in UK. She has an illustious and long background in Wiccan healing, meditation teaching, chakra healing, Vedic Astrology and Tarot.

Swati has been featured in leading publications as a columnist and profiled in magazines, television and also presented radio and television shows in the past.

Using Psychic, Astrological and Tarot readings, Swati Prakash will held you meditate, heal and energize your life, as well as guide you on the path to Ascension. You can ask your questions over our facebook business page for a detailed reading and healing session starting from 33 GBP for 30 minutes of reading and healing session and 66 GBP for 90 minutes including any of the following.

  • Tarot Reading: Combined with strong intuitive skills of the reader a deck of cards can guide you with all questions about your life and through your journey in healing and Ascension. Tarot helps you learn about your karma and advise you on future possibilities.
  • Tarot and Wiccan Healing Spells: Using Tarot and Wiccan healing, Swati can help you focus and channel positive energy into your life while banishing or cleansing any negative energy that might have been holding you back using ritual healing methods and tarot. Advise of healing crystals is available.
  • Vedic Astrology Chart Analysis: You could send your birth date, time and place for a vedic birthchart which is a tool to understand the karmic patterns you have inherited from your past life or previous incarnations. This is a valuable tool to clearly understand which areas of your life are suitable for your focus and which ones need precaution and healing by studying the 12 houses that depict various areas of your life, such as career, personality, money, spirituality and relationships and the placements of the 9 celestial bodies within them that denote the energy that is impacting that part of your life, either throughout your life cycle or temporarily (transits and dashas). Advise on Gemstones for remedy is available.


The price of the personal advice delivered over email is 33 GBP 

Price for psychic healing and tarot session over video call is 99 GBP for appx. 60 minutes session

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