UNESCO: BAN SLAUGHTER. END ANIMAL FARMING End Slaughter and Abuse of All Animals.

Animal Farming and Fishing are the biggest injustices on the planetary system and can never be humane as they involve deliberate breeding of animals using sexual assault against their will, to intimidate them, impregnate them, for further abuse, economically exploit, control, torture and eventually murder them. The animal farming and fishing industries also cause harm to humans by ruining the health of adults as well as children creating a plethora of deadly diseases and infections that have spread all over the world. They also pollute the air, water and soil with fecal mater, slaughter waste and blood as well as germs making healthy life impossible for vegans and non vegans alike.

Over 150 billion land animals and several trillion fish and sea animals have been estimated to be killed each and every year which is not only cruel beyond measure, but also unsustainable as it usurps most of our available land, crops, water and resources towards animal farming and fishing to feed animals that are killed, a process that leaves our children and adults poor and dying of hunger and thirst too while the ones who consume animals die and suffer of diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, mental diseases and coronaviruses spread through animal exploitation. Animal slaughter and exploitation also breeds criminality among humans who become cruel, insensitive and lacking in empathy since childhood being trained that violence is normal as they consume dead body parts and stolen secretions of abused animals. Humans are also exploited in these industries to perform dangerous, immoral and unhygenic acts of breeding, confining and slaughter of victim animals.

All possible alternatives for complete nutrition and a healthy lifesysle exist in vegan forms that are plant based. Cell technology to reproduce meat, eggs, dairy and all other animal products is also technologically available in plant based medium to create cells without nervous system and without harming a single animal, for example using a fallen feather of a bird to culture stem cells for nuggets in case anyone has to argue that they need animal products for medical purposes as some medical experts state ocassionally. However plant based vegan food contains all possible nutrients including B12, D and Omega 3.. Human tisues can also be engineered for surgical sutures and grafting effectively. There is absolutely no need to exploit any animal or use their body parts even for medical and surgical reasons. Animal testing can also be replaced with more effectve alternatives. The damage caused by animal farming and fishing industries to our economies, to the planet, to consumers, to animals of various species, wildlife and to human welfare is also irreparable. These industries must be banned immediately.

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