Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe.

Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is adding finishing touches to her magnificent building project called Riverstone Castle, set on an island at Riverstone, NZ, and complete with dungeon, drawbridge and towers. It includes an award-winning restaurant, Riverstone Kitchen, Dot’s giftware shops, oceans of organic vegetable, flower gardens and much more.

Read more about her fascinating journey in her book.


Friday Finds: Light Documentary – Is it possible to live on light!

We all live on light because everything is ultimately light. Light is the awareness or truth, not just visible light but our inner light. Yet, is it possible to live on light alone. Non-consumption of food, or even water is possible for short periods of time or for a limited number of days when fasting. But, could it be possible to live without eating or even drinking for all your life in human form itself? This documentary aims to explore this subject in a balanced way.

Many people have claimed to be ‘breatharians’ or to ‘eat the sun’ or live on ‘prana’ alone, including Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek. Media and skeptics have often exposed them in some or the other ways. Yet there has been some proof that there exists a capacity within us to go on for remarkably long periods of time without food and in rare cases without even water. For instance consider the case of Prahlad Jani who had a sacred vision of the triple goddess telling him that he need not eat or drink anymore when he was a child, and he has been living without consuming food or water ever since because he has not felt hungry or thirsty since. Doctors have tested and confirmed his claim to an extent. The following snippet from the Light documentary below reveals more.

If you think about how the universe has been created entirely out of nothing or the Spirit, is it really hard to believe that when we meditate we are connecting with a spiritual source that can reduce greatly if not entirely eliminate our dependency or hunger for food? Could food, water and everything in this world be a mere illusion that we project around us? What is the universe really all about?

Watch the entire documentary from

Warning: Any practice of such kind is best undertaken only if it naturally comes from within without effort of starvation and is not to be forced upon you in any way through any challenge to prove it to yourself or others.


Positive Movie Review: The Abundance Factor

Would you like to attract more abundance and success right now? Here is one movie that helps you get new perspectives and opens your mind to the amazing energy of abundance.

riley-close-upRiley Dayne had a miraculous recovery from a near-death experience and awakened to find himself searching for the answers of life and how to really live purposefully. He decided that he wanted to travel the world and make a movie and this movie is one way he manifests his purpose. Many bestselling authors such as T. Harv Eker, Margaret Lynch, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Jairek Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Lewis Howes, John Assaraf, Mindie Kniss and more have been featured in this documentary giving you insights about the true meaning of abundance and tips on how to attract more of it into your current moment.


Did you know that sending love to three people who have been bothering your mind can actually help you attract more abundance? Could there be some rituals you can do each day to make abundance a habit? How can you program your subconscious mind to attract your intention? How to be in a state of abundance right now regardless of whether or not you have whatever you desire yet? Could you attract tons of success through the simple act of gratitude? Can ‘giving more’ be a practical idea if you think you do not have enough to give?  You will discover the answers that may surprise some of you but when you practice the techniques within a few days you will start seeing amazing changes take place smoothening your course of life.



Positive Book Review: Black Books, Gold Book and The Star by Ankush Modawal

Black Book – it is no longer a word for a little secret book for noting the names of people on your hit-list! Thanks to Ankush Modawal, a Delhi based Law of Attraction and Feng Shui practitioner who at the age of 24 wrote Black Book 1 in the year 2008 and Black Book 2 soon after, hidden secrets of how to attract positive situations to yourself using your inner power are now within easy reach.

In Ankush’s words, “This book is a reminder to those who have forgotten their true self and who they really are or were. This book was once a dream which has now manifested itself. It was once like your dream that you hold so near and dear to your heart right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dream of a relationship, health or money. Every dream of yours deserves to become a reality and it will. Like my dream of writing a book to help countless others has. That is the intention with which I’ve written this book. That is the intention that wrote this book.”

bb1gold bookstar

He followed it up with The Gold Book containing all the rules of wealth attraction and success. He also wrote The Star with 501 quotes of invincibility and power. His suggestion for getting the most of these books is quite unique. He suggests you use an ancient technique called Bibliomancy. Just ask for guidance and open a random page from the Black Book 1 or 2 or the Gold Book and read that chapter. Or think of a number between 1 and 501 and read that quote from The Star. What a beautiful and effective way of receiving your daily guidance in so much depth and detail that you can do it all your life and get something new each time!

Here is one message for you right now from the Black Book 1: “To give thought to IT, is inviting IT in your life experience. The Universe is obedient. It doesn’t judge your thoughts or try to filter them according to your beliefs. The Universe practices the Law of Absolute Free Will and the Law of Non Judgment. This law exists because what might feel good to one person might feel bad to another. We are given a choice at every point of time in our life. We are our own creators, this is the infallible Law of Attraction.”
Makes sense doesn’t it? This is why those who think of sorrow, pain, misfortune and hurt end up with more if it, while those who fill their minds and hearts with joy, love, healing and abundance create more and more happiness in their lives.

Today Ankush is busy creating and enhancing a new collection of essential oils called God’s Oils which are ‘Good as Gold’ energized at high spiritual frequency for healing the mind, body and soul along with writing more wonderful books that are soon to be released.

You can purchase all these amazing books by simply searching for Ankush Modawal on . Bulk purchases are possible via the author’s website.
“All you ever needed for your dreams to come true is YOU” – Ankush Modawal

Top Ten Most Positive Songs Of All Times To Listen To Often

Our life is created by not only our thoughts but the beliefs and emotions that give rise to those thoughts and music has a lovely impact on what goes on at the back of our heads. Why not make a playlist of positive songs and keep yourself aiming for the stars?

To give you a start here is a selection of ten most positive songs of all times, (not in any particular order) to uplift your spirits and give you an energy boost. Enjoy listening to them anytime, right here!

  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy: Bobby McFerrin

2. The Sound of Music: Julie Andrews

3. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot: Sting

4. That’s The Way It Is: Celine Dion

5. The Animal Song: Savage Garden

6. Happy: Pharell Williams

6. Imagine: Jonh Lennon

7. Heal The World: Michael Jackson

8. I Believe I Can Fly: R Kelly

9. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

10. I Have A Dream: ABBA


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Stay Tuned to the Positive!

Positive Film Review: The Truth About Cancer

In this series of documentaries TY Bollinger, motivated to find the truth after the loss of his own loved ones to Cancer, has gone on a personal quest around 27 countries to interview 131 doctors, scientists and survivors of Cancer.

The first of the documentaries in this series exposes the ‘Cancer Industry’ showing how medical doctors are not really taught much about nutrition and are instead taught primarily how to prescribe patented pharmaceutical medicines, as well as forced to suggest radiation and chemotherapy to Cancer patients putting them at huge risks as these ‘therapies’ end up destroying instead of healing the patients, all for the sake of fueling pharma giants and their patented drugs. Also highlighted is the entire conspiracy against natural therapies, home based treatments and energy medicine healing systems that threaten this ‘Cancer Industry’.

In the second episode the focus is on some of the real reasons for Cancer, its association with immunity and the way we can heal using lifestyle changes such as intermittent fasting, reducing sugar and body movement. Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer have been given special focus in this episode. Could mammograms actually be causing Cancer just like chemotherapy does and is there a better way to diagnose it? Do pink ribbons and Breast Cancer Awareness marches help cure Cancer? Does early diagnosis really lead to early cure? Could natural therapies such as common Vegetables, Herbs, Essential Oils and Hypothermia help in balancing our hormones and treating Cancer?

Each episode has stories from Cancer survivors who have healed Cancers naturally. Myths regarding Cancer commonly spread by medical professionals are now busted.Tips by experts who can help in natural prevention and cures are the best parts of this series. Overall the message is loud and clear – There is NO reason to fear Cancer!

You can watch all episodes sequentially by registering on

The first few episodes can give you are start here:

Today’s Positive Story: The Rise of Great Britain by Ankesh Kothari

arthur round table

The Story of the Rise of Great Britain

In the fifteenth century, England was in a crisis. The society had stagnated. The economy was in a recession, and the country was torn by a civil war that had lasted for decades.

Finally, in 1485, Henry Tudor engaged Richard III— the then king of England—in battle and won.

Coincidentally, in 1485, William Caxton, the first person to run a printing press in England, published Le Morte D’Arthur—the story of King Arthur and his knights of the roundtable in English.

Henry Tudor was heavily inspired by the legend of King Arthur and his gallant knights. In fact, he was so obsessed by the story that he “traced” his ancestry all the way back to King Arthur, and named his firstborn son Arthur.

Henry took King Arthur as a model of how heroic kings should behave. He invested in creating policies that bring economic prosperity and peace. He formed the Court of Star Chamber to provide swift justice and resolve disputes. And, he subsidized shipbuilding so that England could strengthen its navy and become powerful again.

As a result, Henry Tudor was the last king of England to win his throne on the battlefield. Henry Tudor brought the end of the Middle Ages in England and put in the foundation that helped England conquer a large part of the world.

But Who Wrote The Story of King Arthur?

In 1451, Thomas Malory was rotting in prison. But, he was lucky to be in a prison that was adjacent to a monastery because prisoners were allowed to borrow and read books from the library in the monastery.

Thomas started reading an old book by a Welsh monk named Geoffrey of Monmouth: “The History of the Kings of Britain.” Taking notes from that book, and adding a few more tales from other French poets and writers, Thomas began to write his own book on King Arthur: Le Morte D’Arthur.

This was the book that inspired King Henry to make Britain great again. But here is the twist: not one word of the story of King Arthur was true!

Historians couldn’t find a single trace of King Arthur. Geoffrey of Monmouth made it all up, and Thomas Malory embellished it further. But it was still the biography that inspired a king to start building an empire.


If fake biographies and stories can inspire and lead to the building of the biggest empire the world has ever seen, imagine what real biographies of real geniuses can do…Ankesh Kothari is the author of Genius Biographies, a different little book of short biographies. It takes an anti-wikipedia approach. No boring dates and details. It cuts straight to the core motivation that made someone successful. The focus is not on what a successful person did, but why he did it. And how can you implement their strategy to become successful.


  • Buy the book in India from Flipkart
  • Buy the book in USA and elsewhere from Amazon




Positive Book Review – The Flying Saucer Vision (John Michell)



John Michell is best known for his book, ‘The View Over Atlantis’ where he marries his impressive storytelling and research into a guidebook of mystical sites on leylines, the mysterious web of straight lines that link ancient places of Britain, China, Egypt, Australia, South America among others, from Stonehenge to Teotihuacan or in layman terms, geological faults along earth’s crust where magnetic influence is strong have duly sprung sacred spots acting as historic locales of natural magic.

In ‘The Flying Saucer Vision’, he argues it is not so much as the actual existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence but the belief and study surrounding it that shapes any civilization to the point; it is unlikely to be long before, with advance of science, that we not only come into contact with it but will accept it.

Further, he points out the uncanny relation between alignment of mystical sites and flight paths of flying saucer reports, showing a deeper connection between terrestrial magnetic fields and leylines.

It is said, history is a lie agreed upon and as we revisit the symbols of ancient gods and sites, we can start to recognize them for what they are and accept it as nothing new but patterns or even a cycle, records of which have succumbed to time or our civilization is not yet old enough to have recorded.

Interestingly, in the past, disappearance of ships at sea gave rise to legends and strange beliefs. Today, if it happens to an aircraft, it is dismissed because it is the product of an age that does not believe in stories. Yet, in a conversation with H.G. Wells, it was said, ‘All human conceptions are on the scale of the planet. They are based on a pretension that technical potential, although it can develop, will never exceed ‘terrestrial limits’. If we someday succeed in establishing interplanetary communications, all our philosophical, moral, social views have to be revised!’


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Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

Positive Film Review: What The Bleep Do We Know!

By now most of us in the world are realizing that what we call ‘reality’ is something that is interconnected with our mind and changes as we look at it. This movie was one of the first in the world to have explored this notion. Part documentary and part story, the focus here is on how spirituality and science are merging with the ideas of quantum physics coming to the forefront.


This movie journeys through the awakening of Amanda, a photographer who suddenly finds herself discovering the secrets of life and consciousness through a chain of inter-connected events spanning both dreams and chance occurrences or encounters in her day to day life. It is almost as everyone and everything around her is teaching her the secrets of life and its mysteries. Although she begins as a skeptic, she slowly begins to realize the essence of everything she has been learning. This initiation into the nature of ‘reality’ helps her overcome her own fears and heal her own blockages towards the end. Throughout the story there are interviews of scientists, philosophers and spiritualists who all seem to agree that the world around us is deeply connected to our own thoughts, perceptions, emotions and beliefs.


Through visual effects the movie conveys scientific ideas and spiritual concepts in an entertaining way. For most people who are interested in opening their minds to the several possibilities of life and learn about how they can have a choice over their own quality of experiences, this film may be a wonderful place to begin.

You can stream this movie instantly HERE

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