Positive Film Review: Dominion

If we are pained by descriptions of how humans were treated in Nazi gas chambers and concentration camps then there is no reason why we should not be pained by this which is far more inhuman. For the World Vegan Month, in this free documentary filmed in Australia as well as UK, US, China, India, Canada and many parts of the world, we see the shocking truth about how animals have been treated every single day, even till now in the highly profitable meat, poultry and dairy industry.

The filth, infections, poisons and diseases in sheds and the blood baths in slaughter houses will make you think twice before consuming meat, if not for the sake of animals then at least for the mental and physical health of your own family. Learn how many of the practices that are labelled ‘humane’ and declared ‘legal’ by authorities and animal welfare organisations are actually so cruel that most of us are not even able to see the videos without being brave. For those unable to watch the transcript is educative https://www.dominionmovement.com/transcript, however watching this film helps us understand what suffering is beyond our own so that we can awaken our heart and take action by educating the masses and campaigning to protect the innocent.

As we focus on world peace, spiritual ascension and earth healing, we know that this is impossible without improving how we are treating other creatures on our planet. This is why this documentary is a must watch for all humans on earth so that we can stop supporting industries that abuse and kill animals and call for a global ban on slaughter and meat which is long overdue. After-all, we have known for a while how all of our nutritional needs can be fully met without harming any creature and with cleaner and greener ways of living.

More on https://www.dominionmovement.com 

Positive Review: What The Health Documentary

We all know that smoking, alcohol and processed meat all are listed as top contributors to diseases such as Cancer, Heart Ailments, Diabetes, Asthma and many more. Yet we find there are absolutely NO laws whatsoever against any of these. Most ignored of these health risks is that of the animal meat industry. Although we still have awareness campaigns to help people quit smoking and alcohol, speaking against meat and animal products is considered taboo even within families and invites criticism not only from healthcare experts but also your own friends and colleagues.

We are constantly sold more meat, poultry and dairy by packaging and marketing them as ‘good for health’ while we are told that vegans and vegetarians could be deficient in nutrients and therefore more likely to die early, even though in countries such as India it is common to see people who are totally vegetarian since birth with absolutely fantastic health. Those of us in the healing and well-being service have heard from people who halted or even reversed cancer by simply eliminating meat from their diet, and I have such received testimonials personally some of from my clients. It is easy to understand that killing and abuse of animals in industries can ensure that we get all kinds of animal feces, pus, diseases and germs in our diet which has excessive vitamin B12 just like feces has. In contrast plant diets can provide all of our nutrients in much healthier and cleaner ways. Most of the strongest animals on our planet such as elephants, rhinoceros, chimpanzees, gorillas, bulls, horses are primarily herbivores or plant eaters which should be a clear indication that our researches that tell us we need animal proteins and dairy calcium for strength or health are not entirely true.

This well made free documentary can help us understand how many of the researches we read about in media and online that claim that non-vegetarian diet is essential for health and longevity have been actually sponsored by meat, dairy and poultry producers which is why laws against them are never passed, or any health warnings ever provided on meat and animal products. Reading such research on benefits of milk, eggs or meat is more like reading on the health benefits of cigarettes in research sponsored by the tobacco industry. What is even more lucrative for governments and corporate profiteers is the money to be made through the pharmaceutical industry in keeping us ill instead of healthy simply to sell more drugs which is why doctors and medical professionals are brainwashed in their education to prescribe drugs and to not promote a vegan diet.

As expected many criticisms ‘debunking’ this documentary have been released in popular media and by health or nutritional professionals in a clear demonstration of how truth is covered up out of fear by the organized industry cartels and sponsored research. You could view this documentary yourself and take your own stand.

More on http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/facts/

Who Are You In The Matrix?

Do we live in a simulation? This question is obsolete for three reasons:

  1. Ancient philosophers all over the world already said the world, our entire universe is ‘maya’ or an illusion
  2. Modern scientists and technologists have recently started to agree that the chances we are not in a simulation are too little
  3. Modern spiritual practitioners including this author have literally seen reality manifest through their mind, people, situations and world events

It is 100% true that we live in a ‘Matrix’ of energy being constantly crafted through all the stuff in our mind. It is just like being strapped in a virtual reality system that practically generates all your life experiences right out of your conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and expectations. The more we gain consciousness through meditation, and free ourselves from the slavery of our unconscious mental programming that we absorbed through the world, the sooner we awaken.

The Matrix is everywhere, wherever our mind is….. even right now!

While we are in the Matrix, which means the world is a projection or hologram around us, which of the characters of the Matrix movie do you relate with the most:

  1. The Seeker: A bit like Neo who always felt there was something not real about his world, and spent night and night researching the truth, we might be yearning for the answers and who knows even connect with the Source of this reality to save the world, much like The One. After-all the world is a creation of our mind and the more we practice the more miracles we can manifest.neo
  2. The Supporter: Many of us are akin to Trinity and others in the team of the Resistance, to provide love and support to spiritual seekers and help them in discovering their powers as their family members, partners, friends and colleagues who work alongside each other as one celestial familiy.trinitymatrix
  3. The Guide: The way Morpheus sought various ‘potentials’ and guided Neo out of the Matrix by showing him his ‘real self’ and getting him unplugged out of the conditioned or programmed reality, we could be guides for those who are yet to awaken, and those who make that choice (the red pill), provided we have been awakened ourselves.Morpheus-Matrix
  4. The Deceiver: Just like Cypher who knows too well that we are in the Matrix, but chooses to keep entertaining himself in the false reality even after being freed, we could fool ourselves with fame, fortune, worldly success and pleasures of the senses only to once again forget who we are. Unfortunately many spiritual masters have been doing just that, using the Matrix to fulfil endless personal desires. cypher
  5. The Agent: Like Agent Smith and his team of controllers some of us try their best to keep people absorbed in their routine lives or enslavement to worldly goals and expectations, whether through fear based systems of religion and politics or the false glamour of media and outer beauty. Matrix-agents-h1ladyinred
  6. The Architect: Much like the sophisticated Architect in the movie, a few people actually design control systems of corporate, political or religious nature to prevent inner freedom, so much so that even seekers such as Neo find themselves in a conundrum. architect
  7. A Program: Such as the Merovingian or the Twins who are designed to carry our certain repeated patterns of behavior, MOST people are simply repeating whatever they have learnt to generate certain outputs in society and in their personal lives, sometimes appearing to lead rich and successful lives, and at other times aspiring to achieve more in the Matrix of worldly projections.merovingian
  8. The Oracle: Like the old Oracle program, who is designed to be intuitive so as to predict the mind of humans, there are several seers, psychics and prophets who reveal the past, present or future and guide seekers or programs alike, and yet remain very much a part of the Matrix mother program.oracle (1)
  9. The Machine: The AI machines that literally draw all the life force or energy out of people to keep themselves alive, our machinery of social, economic and religious systems feeds on human resources to control the planet and land through our own mind. You may have been part of this machination. machine

So now that you know what the Matrix is and what role you have been unconsciously or consciously fulfilling, what is your choice? Do you want to be free of the conditioned mind and discover who you really are? And what will you do when you discover your true self?

Join us on www.aumnow.com to read free books and interact in the free forum to go further in our journey of awakening consciousness.

(In Memory of my sister Meghna Prakash who discovered the Matrix)

A Special Gift: Free Books To Spread Spiritual Awareness

With the season of giving what could be better than light to awaken the Christ within.

If there is one thing that can improve everything in our life and our world, it is spiritual awareness. A positive spirituality that unites the world, guides us to harm none, and live in harmony with nature is needed everywhere right now.

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Free till 7 November: Magickal Energy Healing

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The World’s Least Stressful Cities

If you thought city life was all about high rises and fast cars, these cities will open up your mind to a new way of living.

The world’s least stressful cities were ranked on factors such as green spaces, ease of public transport, better security, lesser pollution, employment levels, better health and lesser debt. 
We all can create a stress-free and positive space WITHIN our-self and transform our own situations and surroundings or attract better ones soon, because inner change can create an outer change.
1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburgh, UK
8. Sydney, Australia

The Good News Revolution


Our everyday media might make us feel differently at times, but there is a growing awareness among many of us about the importance of focusing on the positive even in terms of news and entertainment.

In the past many of us were guilty of enjoying negativity. We loved stories including movies, books and social media that made us justify our anger, frustration and fears actually rooted in our own personal beliefs carried over from before. In reading and viewing these words and images, in both fact and fiction, we enjoyed the idea of being victims and avoiding responsibility for our world which is own creation. Many of our religious philosophies were also centred around the idea of struggling against evil and waiting for an outer creator as a savior instead of simply being at peace from within. Deep seated beliefs in such duality opened many of us to attracting and being affected by more and more negativity day by day, because it is not what we think but what we deeply believe in that we usually manifest starting with our immediate surrounding situations and expanding slowly to cover more of the world.

In the wake of spiritual realization and rising global awareness, we now seem to be more predisposed to focusing upon and deeply absorbing positive beliefs, ideas and perspectives. Good news seems to be another small step in that direction. Focusing upon good news is not about ignoring the negativity around us but about believing in our inner power to transform anything right now. This is why at The Positive Media we are careful about bringing you only those positive articles and stories that inspire and motivate us to bring our our best and to transform our false beliefs into something better and helpful. Where there is anything negative there is simply a need for healing and inner peace that can bring about a positive change.  Instead of feeling hopeless and broken we can and will create a better reality within ourself if not outside. And because outer change follows inner change, we may witness the miracles of inner positive awareness for our-self starting right now in the form of a more positive world.

While The Positive Media has a primary focus on spiritual awareness, here are some other sources of positive world news and current affairs that you can also enjoy and subscribe to:

  1. Positive.News: One of the finest positive news magazines today has a focused approach to bringing you, in their words ‘No water-skiing squirrels. Just good journalism with a solutions focused approach.’ You can support them and subscribe here
  2. On the other hand if you do not mind pictures of cute furry creatures along with positive news and inspirational stories, you can log on to https://www.sunnyskyz.com/
  3. Good News Network: A steady stream of positive news everyday. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/
  4. Happy News: Real news and compelling stories, yet always positive. https://www.happynews.com/
  5. Global Good News: Positive news articles inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi http://www.globalgoodnews.com/

If you do prefer general news media, remember most popular networks also have some positive news in them everyday, for instance:

  1. Huffington Post: One of the biggest in mainstream media to have a separate section focusing on positive news articles as well as many positive stories http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/good-news
  2. Today: Inspirational and funny news, videos and more on https://www.today.com/news/good-news
  3. Telegraph: Uplifting and feel good stories to help you have a better day. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/good-news/
  4. Mirror: Happy stories to make you smile http://www.mirror.co.uk/all-about/feel-good-news
  5. South Africa: An excellent news media dedicated only to positive stories is https://www.sagoodnews.co.za/
  6. ABC Net Australia: Because a few positive stories will not harm you….http://www.abc.net.au/news/good-news/
  7. And also from Australia http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/good-news
  8. Fox News: They too have a category for positive news…http://www.foxnews.com/category/good-news.html

With many of mainstream media houses having at least partially positive news, we do feel a change is already on its way and soon our regular news media will have headlines celebrating positive news if we continue to believe that we all can and will transform ourself for the better at an individual and collective level. The change begins with whoever is reading this.





Positive Book: The Present Un-tensed

Who says the past cannot be changed. It has already changed – into the Present!

Discover how exactly you can utilize the power of the present moment by allowing yourself to let go of everything that held you back. By being aware of your thoughts you can cancel our the negative and manifest the positive. Let your words be the creative power of divine spoken through you. Why not put the unwanted in the past tense and let your present be un-tensed. Through simple guidelines and easy exercises this books helps you reach the cores of your feelings, emotions and beliefs that help you return to the present moment awareness on a day to day basis.

Transform your tensions into intentions and open up the gift of life right now.

Have a fantastic new year.




By The Positive Media

The Chosen One

“If you want to follow Jesus, you better look good on wood!” –  Father Dan Berrigan  (Poet, Priest, Peace Activist)

As an editor and a writer on this site , I avoid any religious topic as a rule but given the time of year, I’m wont to make an exception to share a couple of ideas that I hope you will accept in good humor.

The first one is a scientific explanation of God that I ran into recently that may hopefully intrigue you and second, a more logical explanation of the second coming of Christ, than what is usually preached and if that offends your faith, I ask for forgiveness and request you to close this page and move on.

Still happy to hear? Allow me to hearken Fr. Dan’s advice and go out on a limb…


Dr. Paul Brunton, author of Search of Secret India/Search of Secret Egypt, whose secret as a writer was his attitude of spiritual sympathy tempered with scientific scepticism, argues in his book, ‘Inner Reality’ that in the coming ages, religion will be strengthened by science as man will have scientific proof of God and no longer be led by  simple belief. He adds, scientists are not only accepting that the source of the universe is unity out of which the multiplicity of objects and forces we see around us has sprung but starting to break down matter into radiant energy or light so if what the Bible says is true, first there was light and then God created this and that, ask yourself how God created light?

In other words, how could He have created it except out of himself, unless as a spider spins a web out of itself? The web is no different from the spider’s body, it is but part of it and so God created light out of his own being and this means that light is no other than God. Light is God! Next, if all material objects without a single exception- whether you take your own physical body or the chair where you are seated is but a gross materialization of the radiant energy of light, do you not see that God is, therefore everywhere present? It is not merely a poetical fancy but a fact then that the material world is built up out of light and so we come full circle to the concept of God as scientifically at the back of everything and always within reach, because wherever you turn, God is literally there!


Monk Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, wrote a detailed commentary on the Gospels in a two set volume, ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ in which he explains from personal communion that the second coming of christ is not so much a physical event of the reincarnation of Jesus but a mystical experience of the realization of christ consciousness, at some stage, by each of us.

This explanation is far more satisfying as it confirms the true mission of Christ was not really to build churches or start a new religion but redefine the concept of God from something that is wonderful but abstract to someone up close and personal and more importantly, inspire and guide so we may also have that same blessed consciousness as he had! It is like we are unconsciously waiting to find Jesus (re)born inside us so we too can grow into Christ. Think about it – even if Jesus returned for Chrissake, would he rather sit in the back of a church, right between you and me and pray, unassumingly or walk around the corridors of Vatican?

It is amusing if you look at the updated nativity scene (see title image) in recent news, on the birth (or rebirth) of Christ into modern times…solar roofed stable, pouting selfie, wise men on wheels with Amazon boxes, teen shepherd on iPhone posting on Instagram to an organic cow, sheep in jumper – gentrified glamping!

That said, question remains, who is the chosen one? I guess the answer is who isn’t.




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe.

Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is adding finishing touches to her magnificent building project called Riverstone Castle, set on an island at Riverstone, NZ, and complete with dungeon, drawbridge and towers. It includes an award-winning restaurant, Riverstone Kitchen, Dot’s giftware shops, oceans of organic vegetable, flower gardens and much more.

Read more about her fascinating journey in her book.


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