Homeless No More

A 44-year old homeless man in Thailand with hardly a penny in his pocket, quietly returns a cash and card stuffed designer wallet to 30-year old business man, who overwhelmed by his honesty offers him a job and house. Cheers to both men! You can read that story here

In a similar vein, this project for fundraising is aimed at helping the homeless, thanks to the creative efforts of photographer, Horia Manolache…who is clicking the homeless not just as they are, but as they may well be in an alternate reality where they are successful and happy. He has helped many in this process with proceeds of his photo book given to changing how the homeless are seen. You can support his project here….


Positive People – John Bird, Founder of ‘The Big Issue’

The Big Issue is the world’s most widely circulated magazine that was birthed in UK. Inspired by Street News, a magazine sold by the homeless in US, it offers homeless people in UK, long time unemployed people, people marginalized by society and just about anyone whose life is blighted by poverty, an opportunity to move away from the streets by earning a legit income by selling this magazine and working themselves out of homelessness.

It kvells in the fact, it’s ‘a handup, not a handout’. Vendors BUY copies for £1.25 and sell for £2.50. They are working, not begging.

Started in 1991, the magazine 25 years later is synonymous with challenging, independent journalism and popular for securing exclusive interviews with the most elusive of superstars. It currently circulates around 100,000 copies a week.

The Big Issue Vendors are allocated a pitch or location, normally around a tube or train station and first issued with a number of free copies of the magazine. Last year alone more than £5 million was put into the pockets of the vendors, releasing them from dependence on handouts and providing a decent alternative to begging.

And the buck doesn’t stop there. The Big Issue Foundation, charity arm of The Big Issue supports vendors in gaining control of their lives by tackling the many issues that lead to homelessness and offers a smorgasbord of services.


Created as a business solution to a social problem, The Big Issue has inspired other street papers in more than 120 countries, leading a global self-help revolution. There are 9 Big Issue projects by the same name today in Australia, France, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, South Africa, Taiwan, Zambia.

Meet the man who started it all, John Bird who himself homeless at age of 5, was last year made a life peer at the House of Lords, appointed Member of Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his ‘services to homeless people’ and awarded the Beacon Fellowship Prize for his tireless energy and originality in raising awareness of homelessness and supporting homeless communities worldwide.

In his editorial, John pulls no punches when he says, “I’m trying to invent a philosophy of dismantling poverty, rather than keeping the poor comfortable” and exhorts any buyer to always TAKE the copy of the magazine since “it is a bloody good read and our sellers are working and need your custom”. Ne’er truer said!



Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Five Myths About Spiritual People

Spirituality is sometimes misunderstood in society. Most people are still learning about the outer world of physical dimensions and are unaware of the spiritual world. These are five preconceived notions that you might need to transform when dealing with opinions around you in media and social interactions.

Myth 1: Spiritual People are Unbalanced and Lost In a Fantasy World


Truth: There may be some people who are lost in fantasy and surrealism without real spiritual awareness, however a person who is truly spiritual and meditative is normally balanced in the physical, mental as well as spiritual sense. Truly spiritual people are not lunatic, crazy, detached from reality or escaping depression, although they could go through various phases of highs or lows in their journey of life. They see the reality around them as well as seek the inner truth within it to understand themselves better. Spirituality is about applying inner wisdom even while being in the outer world in a way that improves, transforms and enlightens our incarnation. It is about knowing who we are and what the world is truly made of, making it a scientific inquiry into the meaning and purpose of life.

Myth 2: Spiritual People Are Always Sweet and Praise You All The Time


Truth: While spirituality does improve one’s capacity to be loving, kind and helpful to the right cause, spiritual people also have a high sense of honesty and ethics and will not promote the wrong cause. Do not expect them to have fake sweetness or to wear a false mask just to maintain relations. They are trusting but once they see deception, dishonesty and lack of sincerity they expose agendas that do not seem to resonate with love and light. Trying to harm or trick anyone who is spiritually wise can usually backfire, not because they will harm you back, but because your own karma will return your way immediately and automatically. From their side they are open to authentic communication and to forgive unconditionally, but they detach and leave you to learn your lessons if you are unwilling to learn through wisdom.

Myth 3: Spiritual People Should Not be Prosperous or Enjoy Life


Truth: Spiritual people know how to attract abundance for themselves and others as and when required because there is always more than enough in nature for everyone including ourselves. While it is true that spirituality makes one less dependent on outer pleasures and outer comfort, spiritual people are not beggars either. They are aware that money is a resource that is not evil in itself. It is how you apply money that makes you deserving or undeserving. When offered money or resources they prefer to use it well in ways that enlighten, inspire and heal the world. Supporting spiritual cause of raising consciousness could be better than wasting money and resources on businesses and activities than merely promote ill-health and unhappiness in the world around us.

Myth 4: Spiritual People Are Crooks and Con Artists


Truth: The idea that spiritual people are fraudulent stems from observing those who are not at all spiritual but pretend being spiritual without being truly positive from within. Robes and titles, numerous followers and knowledge of mantras, books or scriptures cannot always indicate true spirituality. With skepticism, doubt and fear, you might not attract the right people towards you. In case you are coming across a lot of negative people disguised as spiritual it may be a good idea to meditate and attain your own inner realizations first. Once you are intuitive and on the meditative path you will slowly begin to attract and understand the right spiritual people and their vibrations. You will find many people who are genuinely intuitive, truly inspiring and full of healing energy… especially yourself.

Myth 5:  Spiritual People Have Special Miraculous Powers


Truth: We all have inner power over our life and our realities – we just have to realize who we are. The only thing spiritual realization will give you is higher awareness. Through awareness and knowledge you will be able to understand and deal with life situations in intuitive and wise ways. You will be able to create a life of your choice just as well as anyone else can. A truly spiritual master will not ask you to follow him unquestioningly, or demonstrate their superiority over others through any magic tricks. The right gurus are the ones to awaken the guru within yourself and to help you gain awareness to become your own master. Most importantly spiritual persons are not addicted to powers but adept at letting go of the outer illusions and focusing on the inner truth.

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash

Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People

Spirituality is all about recognising our inner spiritual truth, simplicity and oneness. Here are seven behavior traits we would commonly find in true spiritual beings:

  1. Remain Humble: Spirituality is not about wearing impressive garb and pretending to be more powerful than anyone else. True spirituality is about seeing the power in each and every person, each and every thing. It recognizes the divine essence in each stone and tree, each animal and person. Spiritual beings allow the divinity of each one to be expressed naturally because they are aware that all is divine. They keep learning.namaste
  2. Allow Kindness: Being spiritually aware, we try to understand others, their stories, their own state of awareness, their own ups and downs…and instead of judging or hating, we would feel love and only wish for their highest good, no matter how ‘bad’ they might have been. They are just reflecting  a part of your inner consciousness. You will also be kind and understanding to all creatures, including yourself in your personal journey. Be in the energy of love which is our real nature.baby-1596873_960_720.jpg
  3. Forgive Easily: Everyone makes mistakes at some point of time. Not everyone is at their peak of awareness and it is okay to have gone through those dark moments. Forgive yourself first and foremost and see others too as people just like you. In this life or past lives we all have erred and have learnt lessons along the way. We are all capable of change with a willingness to improve and heal. Allow this change by not blocking your mind with negative perceptions. Let go and be peaceful.hug-1315545_960_720
  4. Be Honest: Trying to manipulate, lie or pretend is what we do when we are afraid of allowing truth. Whom are we afraid of when there is nothing outside? Spirituality is all about inner truth. We allow our own negativity to be released by being honest with ourselves instead of hiding our faults. As we know that everything is stemming from what is within, we need not be afraid of the world either. The more we are aware of our own self-created illusions, the more courage we develop to face truth, and less the fear of being honest.best-place-1612043_960_720
  5. Feel Playfully Secure: Insecurity is the result of being unaware that we create 100% of our life, either consciously or unconsciously. It is our unconscious or unknown mind that feels vulnerable. When awakened our consciousness knows itself. Being aware of our shadows turns them to light. We meditate and feel connected to the natural perfection within that permeates all existence. In this divine play called life, everything falls in place automatically when we relax and let go of fear. kid-1241817_960_720
  6. Encourage Success: Jealousy and resentment are built out of a feeling that others do not deserve success, which stems from a fear of one’s own success. A spiritual being is free of ego, with a large and generous heart to welcome success all around including their own life. Feeling happy to see others and oneself enjoying a positive and prosperous life is the mark of an awakened being. Let abundance be.cheers-1081828_960_720
  7. Stay Positive: Negativity would have appeared numerous times to all of us. Yet there is something divinely positive within everything. All is our own awareness appearing as reality to teach us more about ourselves. As we learn, we slowly find an inner gold which can no longer get affected by negativity. In-fact negativity transforms naturally to positive energy sooner or later with awareness. Energy falls and rises again, in its various states, till it is fully awakened to its inner divine self, to our true nature.smile-1374564_960_720swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash

7 Ways to Transform Anything Negative to Positive

When anything negative presents itself you need not react with stress, anger, frustration, worry, guilt, fear or escapism. While you might think that these reactions are natural, truth is that by our true nature we are powerful, positive, calm and self-content from deep within. Here is how you self-realized people handle negative energy or situations:

  1. Stress to Peace: No matter what the magnitude or severity of the life situation you are faced with, breathe! Allow yourself to be in the present moment which is NOW instead of staying in the energy of what just happened. Right now is the moment of transformation. Do not think or say that something negative is happening right now because it is not. ‘NOW’ is a state of meditation where there is only peace and inner silence. Tune into it. This is the first and most important step to transformation.meditating-1170645_960_720
  2. Anger to Forgiveness: This is not the time to find who is to blame. Whether or not someone takes responsibility for what happened, you can now take responsibility of how you handle this moment. Whether or not someone learns a lesson, your responsibility is for what you learn. Wanting to punish someone, return them the negative energy or harm them back is unwise because this will only drain your energy out and create negativity within you. This moment is precious and only with peace, love and forgiveness can you ensure that you focus on what matters – the highest good. Whether or not someone feels sorry, let go, forgive and be free.beauty-655958_960_720.jpg
  3. Frustration to Gratitude: Instead of saying ‘Why me?’ say ‘Wow me!’ You were chosen by the universe within you to handle this because you are capable of it.You are indeed amazing and your powers are infinite. To see the truth of this statement is to know yourself.  This experience is leaving you richer and wiser than ever before. This is an opportunity and a gift. Feel thankful that you have what it takes. gift-444518_960_720
  4. Worry to Trust: You might be wondering if things will get better, but the truth is things are better right now, regardless of how they appear to be. All possibilities and probabilities exist within you right now. In an alternate universe the perfect and most positive alternate reality exists right now and you can draw that towards you through trust. Imagine that things are absolutely alright now, be totally sure that all is well, feel the positive situation so deeply that it is impossible for it not to happen. The law of nature is that what you believe becomes real right now, trust it perfectly!human-1177413_960_720
  5. Guilt to Self-Love: You are not the same person you thought you were a moment ago. Your awareness levels are infinitely greater than ever. The past you may have made mistakes, but the present you has learned from them and loves you for your mistakes. No matter what you did, it was the past you and not the present you. To love who you are right now is the only thing you need to do. Everything rearranges itself around you, even the entire universe, because you are love and you transform everything.face-66317_960_720
  6. Fear to Acceptance: When you are afraid of something you try to run away from it, yet it chases you constantly, because it is only a part of you that you were running away from. The universe is within you and everything as well as everyone is within in a very real way. Do not be afraid of yourself because you are truth and there is no escaping you. No matter how great the negative energy, when it touches you it transforms to love and light because that is what you are. Embrace and transform everything now.rainbow
  7. Escapism to Awareness: Ignoring a problem will not change anything, going on a shopping spree will not help you escape the reality, going on a trip or movies or drugs will not be of consequence either. The more you avoid this transformation the more you will increase the gap between your real self and your outer self. The moment of truth is right now. If not now then when? And remember the only thing transforming is your awareness of who you are. There is no God or Devil, demon or angel controlling your life or controlling the world. It is only you everywhere in everything. If not you then who? You are not your physical or limited self. Know Thyself!ascension-1568162_960_720Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakashswatiprakash

Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe.

Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is adding finishing touches to her magnificent building project called Riverstone Castle, set on an island at Riverstone, NZ, and complete with dungeon, drawbridge and towers. It includes an award-winning restaurant, Riverstone Kitchen, Dot’s giftware shops, oceans of organic vegetable, flower gardens and much more.

Read more about her fascinating journey in her book.


Village Residents Take Action: Carbon Emission Successfully Reduced by a Quarter Within 10 Years


An English village of just 1000 residents is currently making headlines, being set to become the country’s first carbon neutral community. They have successfully dropped carbon emissions by a quarter, thanks to ideas generated during a pub quiz.

These were the steps:

  1. A  well planned launch and communications strategy to educate and create awareness through logos, website, banners, council meetings, school projects and media coverage
  2. A baseline survey of carbon footprint was taken and regular measurements conducted to note progress over several years
  3. A ‘carbon sink’ comprising an initial 16,000 trees planted on tracts of land donated by local farmers to absorb any excess CO2
  4. Residents began installing solar panels on their homes costing approximately 3000 £ each without waiting for government grants or government actions
  5. Donations and sponsorship were gathered without asking for council money to fund the grassroots initiative
  6. Lifestyle changes were discussed and adopted among residents by dealing with their fears and being non-confrontational, focusing on action instead of blame

Perhaps citizens of the world will wake up soon and be their own change instead of waiting for government initiatives. MORE HERE ON THEIR WEBSITE

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