Seven Ways to A Better Earth

We all have witnessed fears concerning climate change owing to industrialisation, pollution and exploitation of earth’s natural resources, while wars and religious extremism have fueled political exploitation of land based on dogmatic justifications. While earth has suffered there is still a ray of hope if we can follow some of the paths of wisdom, peace and greater abundance.

  1. Spiritual Unity vs Divisive Religions: We have all seen that fear-based religion has merely been a tool used by some people claiming absolute power, religous superiority or authority to control land, resources and minds.  We can all awaken and see through this pattern so that we are no longer victims. Instead of blindly following religious texts that promote one specific deity over others and divide us against each other we need to be able to be at peace within ourself individually and to offer peace to each other through self-realization. Inner contentment and inner joy can help us refrain from fighting for worldly resources by understanding that we can all manifest a happier and abundant life through positive inner consciousness instead of submission to an outer religious precepts. free
  2. Life Purpose vs Jobs: Industrialization and material dependency was based on a fear that earth has limited resources and we all must exploit it to the maximum. Since childhood we were programmed to support corporate infrastructure where humans are more or less treated like robots and eventually replaced by AIs. In contrast when we awaken spiritually, we discover what truly gives us inner joy and happiness and switch to professions that fulfil us at deeper levels of creativity, wellbeing and peace. We see emerging professions of spiritual and intuitive nature focused on holistic health and natural lifestyle. Education could be more inner-focused than simply rote based on rule-based so that our kids learn how to understand themselves and manifest their own positive reality through better choices.kid meditate
  3. Simple Lifestyles vs High Fliers: The glamour of being millionnaires or celebrities led many of us to mindlessly imitate leaders of business, movie stars or politicians instead of looking within ourselves. A spiritual focus helps us get back to our real needs of peace, inner comfort, health and wellness. We need less of expensive brands, artificial makeup, fine-dining, fashion labels, lavish holidays, snobbish parties, sports cars or high-rises to give us satisfaction. We value and cherish a tidy home, healthy food, fresh air, clean water, healthy body, natural beauty, a happy heart and a peaceful mind. We can attract helpful people, social networks, friends, pets and colleagues around us who enjoy working and interacting with us based on our soul-purpose and higher consciousness. group yoga.jpg
  4. Natural Foods vs Processed Foods: Our main need for food is something that can be fulfilled through nature itself, yet we depend on corporations who give us processed and packaged foods that are not only harmful for health but also a strain on our finances and earth. We can all learn to grow some food at home or support our organic local farmers by purchasing healthy vegetables instead of depending on supermarkets that sell chemical and pesticide laden food, tinned or processed foods with harmful additives. Our spiritual focus gives us an intuition of well-being through which we are naturally drawn to healthy choices and pick up raw foods that improve our physical and mental fitness. A vegan lifestyle can additionally help us improve the condition of animals in our world so that we can stop cultivating them for being killed or exploited without  any real reason.rawfood
  5. Eco-Homes versus High Rises: Our cities no longer need to be turned to concrete jungles where people crowd to find corporate jobs. We can all live close to earth in eco-friendly homes where we have nature around us for meditation and wellbeing. A love for nature helps us develop a healthier environment which is less polluted or noisy. Country-life can be valued more than city-life. Solar power and green energy keep increasing in demand with coal based or petrol power reducing its monopoly. Homes need not be very large or expensive simply to project an image of power or prosperity. Instead we can have more spiritual townships where people follow more eco-friendly, less materialistic and peaceful ways of living in mutual harmony and
  6. Free Travel versus Polluting Vehicles: Traveling for long hours to and fro everyday simply to earn a living could be obsolete soon. The need to own a car can be reduced and public transport can be made less stressful if people can work from or near to their homes. This can be manifest through greater personal freedom and independence which can be an effect of spiritual lifestyles. We could also relocate to places of nature where we find our tribe and associate with positive people and work together for the common good. Walking or cycling could be the preferred transport option instead of polluting vehicles. In futuristic terms space travel could improve with free-energy instead of polluting energy.bicycle-788733_960_720
  7. Intuition versus Advertising: Our high cost of living is not due to the basic costing of goods but largely contributed due to corporate advertising and mass-media costs. As we discover our spiritual or heartfelt connection with the universe we depend less on traditional newspapers, television and mass-media that feeds us negative or unuseful data. Through inner self we feel more peaceful and stress-free. With people we make genuine interactions that further our higher purpose, we need not depend on corporate advertising to tell us how to live and what to buy as our intuition guides us. When lifestyle becomes less consumeristic and more natural we will  automatically see that most of our needs are met from within instead of outside, and consecutively our brain need no longer be attacked with constant advertising messages bombarded from all sources.crystal ball

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Can There Be a Healthy Diet that Does not Kill?

Most people in the western world have grown up in an environment so rich in meats and animal products that the concept of not killing to eat is almost alien. However, those of us who have lived in India and walked through the streets where vegetables are sold all around, find it absolutely normal to have a vegetarian diet that contains no meat or eggs whatsoever.indian-rural-market-837345_960_720


The food industry in USA and other leading western countries has been highly dependent on sale of meat and dairy rich items. A lot of research seems to be ‘targeted’ at somehow proving that vegan and vegetarian diets might be ‘nutritionally deficient’ and might even pose a ‘health risk’ stating that meats and dairy items contain more protein, vitamin B12 and calcium. These researches do not mention that an excess of any vitamin, protein or mineral can be harmful and our consumption of meat rich or dairy rich foods need to be controlled due. Can we always be certain that the intention of research studies to discourage vegan diet, is not motivated by fear of change and financial reasons especially that of the meat and poultry intensive businesses who would want to maintain their commercial success?


Even by a simple observation we can see that severe health issues such as heart disease and cancer are linked with our modern lifestyle that includes factory processed, excessively fried and meat or dairy rich diet. Clearly we all need a diet that does not kill us.

At the same time we can see the significant pain we are putting animals through simply to feed our human population merely because of our habits and taste which can simply be transformed through time and effort for a very positive cause of animal welfare. As an intelligent and evolved specie, we can easily adapt to a diet that does not kill others and tastes absolutely delicious too.vegan plate

Spiritual humans are likely to take on vegetarian and vegan diets for some very important reasons:

  1. Compassion: Those who meditate and develop compassion are less likely to want to kill or harm other beings for the sake of their own health or survival. Such individuals try to research and use their intuition in discovering diets that cause as less harm as possible, for example consuming plants and plant based foods. Plants naturally release their ripe fruits and regrow their leaves and stems once harvested. Consuming vegetables and fruits causes significantly less harm than consuming animals who lose their life once killed for food. Vegans also wish to not harm cattle and poultry by respecting the needs for freedom and health for all specie and not just humans. farm.jpg
  2. Health: Meditation is all about observing yourself. By observing their body and their own reactions to various foods through meditative living, those who are on the spiritual path are more likely to discover what suits them through personal intuition instead of merely following the often biased research statistics. We might find that our stomach and overall body reacts much better to juicy fruits and vegetables than meat or dairy rich foods processed in factories. We also experience more relaxation in our bodies and our minds leading to healthier life. Plant based foods are naturally high in fibre and help us require less intake of food than what we need, as well as keep our digestive system clean and clear. Plants contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates, less harmful fats and a good amount of water that helps us feel naturally healthy and abundant with energy.salad-374173_960_720
  3. Environment: Growing plants and trees for fruits and vegetables is great for our planet and seems to puts less stress on our resources than the meat and poultry industry. We all can do with more oxygen, soil, water and more food for the world and switching to a plant intensive diet helps us in going green and conserving our natural resources. Significantly less land is needed to grow plants than to feed cattle. When we promote plant foods we are likely to reduce global warming rather than cause more of it through harmful gases released by cattle farming. Increasing our consumption and hence demand of fruits, nuts and vegetables, especially organically grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, is a great way to protect our world from global warming and industrial pollution.orchard

Some of the reasons vegan diet in particular has been criticised are:

  1. Proteins: Those who claim that plant based diets are not rich in protein are not considering that most vegetarians consume legumes such as dal, nuts, peas, beans and other protein rich foods such as broccoli to a substantial quantity in foods. protein
  2. Calcium: It is not just milk but green leafy vegetables that are a significant source of calcium in our diet.calcium
  3. Iron: Women especially require healthy amounts of iron in diet, and these can be found easily in vegan foods. iron
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids: Plant based sources of this nutrient are equally or more effective than fish based.omega3

4. Vitamin B12: Neither plants nor animals are capable of independently producing Vitamin B12 which is only created by bacteria found in the digestive system. Vitamin B12 is excreted out of our bodies and not required in high quantities. Supplements and fortified foods are rich vegan sources of Vitamin B12.

5. Vitamin D: The only way of obtaining this vitamin seems to be through daily exposure to natural sunlight or through supplements and fortified vegan foods.

Looks like it is absolutely possible to remain healthy without killing ourselves or others!



The Five Step Panacea to Anger

We all feel angry or upset at times and usually end up feeling even worse when we start expressing our anger outwards, especially when the person whom we are annoyed with retaliates or ignores us all the more.

Here are five simple steps that can help us manage our anger and transform it to peace:

STEP 1: Relax, Ground and Center. While many people advocate venting out our anger and expressing it fully as a release of emotion, there are some ways in which we can release all of the negative energy without actually harming others or our-self. A simple relaxation technique is to take a couple of minutes wherever you are to focus on your natural breath as you gently close our eyes and count down from ten to one. Feel all the stress flow down from head to toe and all the way into earth leaving you feeling much lighter. This way we quickly bring our heart rate and mind-rate down to a calmer level for clearer thinking. Catharsis can be another way in which we release anger in an inanimate object such as a pillow, however for those few minutes we still can experience agitation and negativity that sometimes harms our health from within. Meditative techniques such as the one given above can be quick and effective while enhancing our health and wellbeing at the same time. hands-2168901_960_720

STEP 2: Focus Within on the Real Inner Need. Continuing to be angry can sometimes keep us focused on something outside of us and beyond our influence at times, thereby blocking our energy or wasting it. As we calm our energy down and ground ourselves using the above method, we can  can get down to focusing back on ourself or our real needs that will bring us true joy instead of spending countless amounts of energy and time in focusing on something frustrating. All anger is merely a reaction at something that did not feel quite right because of a real inner need that was not being met. We were in-fact looking for a solution to something that was simply out of balance in our life and the truth is, the solution is still well within our reach. Escaping to spas, shopping or daydreaming can be a temporary approach to change your mood but not the real solution which is ultimately based on a recognition of what matters.


STEP 3:  Know that the Solution is Within You. By focusing on our inner need for we can now direct all our energy positively at meeting that need. We are not really angry at someone else or even at ourselves. We simply want something positive for ourself that we are quite capable of providing for our-self. For example we might be upset that we are late for work in which case the issue is a fear of being reprimanded by our colleagues, or a fear of losing our job. Translated into something positive, this merely indicates a deep inner need for enjoying your day at work. This can still be achieved to some or the other extent, regardless of the fact that you are late. Similarly if we are angry because our spouse was cheating, what we really need is honesty and integrity in relationships and this can be found regardless of how our partner behaves because we are still in-charge our choosing the course of our relationship.


STEP 4: Focus on Experiencing Joy. Once we do recognize that our anger is not really at someone but merely a sign to focus on what we need, we can get down to the basics of how to meet that real need. As we look within we find that there are wonderful alternative solutions. We might be able to discover better ways to fulfil our goals instead of feeling stuck because of someone or something that does not seem to work in our favour. For instance, if the need is to have a good day at work then instead of being angry that we are late, we can put all our attention to the ways in which we can improve our work with whatever time we have left, because quite simply we cannot bring back the lost time. Similarly we can focus on being honest in our relationships and seeking honesty in future instead of feeling stuck with someone who is not right for us. Ultimately we need to bring attention to that which brings joy from within and take the right steps towards experiencing that joy right now.


STEP 5: Trust Your Higher Self. We all have a higher version of ourself in the form of our own wisdom that is hidden within all our confusions and uncertainties. Regardless of how complex and tiring our situation may seem there is always this best version of our-self that can come to our aid. When we do start trusting this Higher Self, we find that amazing things happen with much lesser effort than what our anger and struggle were producing. Sometimes things do not go a certain way because there is a better way that will in-fact bring us true joy and fulfil our highest potential. There can be hidden opportunities to be discovered with everything that seems to go wrong. Being serene and trusting that there is great positive energy within us and somehow it will bring us exactly what we need will literally create miracles that you can see for yourself. Thinking of all the ways in which we can meet our inner needs and putting great mental and physical effort into working things out is one approach. Allowing the universe to work it out by magic through faith in our Higher Self and then taking the next step with relaxed positivity is another.



Let us know if the above methods worked for you in your comments below. You may also share the story to spread positive awareness.

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How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid


As our awareness levels rise all over the globe, we see that people are regaining interest in healthy and spiritually positive lifestyle, especially food and diet. Not all foods are at the same spiritual level. We need to incorporate in our lifestyle more spiritually positive foods in order to have a healthy and positive life. To understand this better we can divide our food choices into three categories. Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.

Satvic is the most positive type of energy where it does the maximum good and is free of harm. Rajasic is a lower level of energy where there is power but not harmless. Tamasic is the energy of death, decay and negativity. In the times of Kaliyuga or negative age of the world, we saw a proliferation of negative diet. Food became laden with harmful chemicals, GMOs and pesticides, while non-vegetarian and processed food industries prospered leading to ill health, dangerous diseases and higher medical costs.

Level 1: As you can see in the above pyramid, at the lowest spiritual level are foods that harm us the most. Animal products carry energy of death and pain. They are most unsuitable for the human body as they cannot be consumed by us in their raw and live state and require killing and cooking. Similarly non-organic vegetables that are treated with pesticides carry death energy and are unsuitable for our consumption. These foods will have the maximum Tamasic energy and are best avoided. They also increase dependency on medical drugs and increase cravings and addictions on smoking, narcotics or alcohol. Not only do Tamasic foods erode health, they can also bring negative karmic effects by way of unhappy life situations as they involve harming others and self.

Level 2: The next level we have foods that are processed in factories, tinned, canned or frozen foods that carry stale energy. Fast foods, candies, foods with added sugars, artificial preservatives and chemical flavors are also in this category. These foods lack nutritional value although they are high in calories. As these are not fresh, natural and wholesome, they also have a Tamasic vibrations and can lead to ill health and suffering and also make one sluggish and dull both physically and mentally. Negative news and violent images are also part of Tamasic diet and brings the spiritual quality of our life down.

Level 3: The next level is of foods that are cooked with spicy flavors and fat. Even if we cook such foods at home and even if they are vegetarian they would at best be Rajasic foods. Caffeine rich beverages also come in this category. Though such foods provide vitality, energy and nutrition, because they are acidic and hot they can harm our health leading to digestive complaints and lifestyle related diseases. Rajasic foods although stimulating and invigorating, can also increase anger, desire, lust and stress while reducing relaxation, contentment and peace of mind. Not only Rajasic foods but useless gossip and mindless entertainment also are part of Rajasic diet as they increase unhealthy cravings.

Level 4: At a somewhat higher level are wholesome meals that provide a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, fats as well as vegetables. Cooked meals even if homemade and vegan, reduce the natural raw energy of nature and therefore have limited healing vibrations. Yet they are a lot better than Tamasic and Rajasic foods, being slightly more Satvic in their energy value. Vegetables retain life energy when freshly harvested as the entire living being is not killed and merely their fruits and regenerative parts are taken. Cooked vegetarian meals can be a part of a spiritually positive lifestyle as long as you avoid overeating. Positive news, useful information, constructive hobbies and spiritual knowledge are also a part of Satvic diet and so is learning and spending time with spiritually positive people (Satsang).

Level 5: At the higher level of the spiritual pyramid we have organic, vegan and raw diet comprising fresh fruits, herbs, nuts and vegetables that are not treated with any chemicals or pesticides. These Satvic foods provide the maximum calming and soothing effect and are great healers when they are consumed in their naturally ripened state without much cooking. They are packed with healthy vitamins, enriching minerals and moderate amounts of good fat, protein, carbohydrates and natural sugars. Increasing the percentage of such foods in our diet ensures good longevity, fit body and sharper mind. They are also great for cleansing and purification as large amounts of toxins and in some cases even tumors and stones can be cleansed away through raw organic plants and natural juices. As far as arguments regarding need for animal fats and animal proteins the human body can produce them within while Vitamin B12 can be produced naturally by healthy bacteria in our gut. A raw vegan diet can fulfill most of our nutritional needs very well and is spiritually the most positive diet. Meditation and self-realization also is a supremely positive activity and therefore part of a Satvic diet.

Level 6: While animals including humans consume secondary sources of energy such as other animals and vegetables, plants process the elemental energies directly in the form of water, sunlight, air and minerals from earth. These four elements of the physical world can create all manner of life on earth through their interplay. Almost all humans require secondary foods and are unable to process the primary energy of the elements directly except while fasting on a diet primarily composed of water, minerals and vitamins for a limited period of time for the purpose of detoxification and cleansing. Living in a positive natural environment where you receive clean air, clean fresh water and sunshine everyday is necessary for spiritual growth. Combined with meditation and eco-friendly, mindful living it will bring tremendous benefit in every aspect of life.

Level 7: The fifth element beyond earth, fire, air and water is the Spirit element which is the pure energy that creates all the lower four elements. This is the primordial energy of the cosmos that shapes the universe. Those who meditate and reach thought-free consciousness are able to channel pure Spirit energy through them during meditation. By meditating for long periods of time one can increase spiritual nourishment and depend lesser on the lower four elements of nature by accessing more and more energy directly from Spirit. Through increased peace, love and self-contentment one reduces physical greed and hunger. Meditation also lowers our rate of metabolism because in a thought-free state we burn fewer calories unlike during mental and physical work. However it is quite rare to survive for many days on Spirit energy alone in human form even if you meditate constantly and very few have claimed to reach this state while still being alive in a human body.

NOTE: Claims of those who profess that they live for years on ‘prana ‘ or spiritual energy alone have been disputed in many cases although there maybe notable exceptions. Kindly do not force any diet on yourself and follow own intuition. You can enhance the spiritual quality of your diet gradually and this is meant to naturally happen as you meditate for longer periods of time progressively. You will find that you are intuitively attracted to the right diet to suit unique needs when you meditate everyday.


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Blessed Blossoms ~ Dreamy Daffodils


Associated with Neptune, coming into bloom in the joyful Spring Season in March, Daffodils are flowers of calm feelings, temperance, dreaminess, forgiveness and also excessive behaviors & delusions. Called Narcissus, these blossoms are useful for bring cheerfulness into life, for self-love, hope, inner peace and realizations to begin afresh.


Generally found in yellow & white hues, daffodils are popular gardening flowers with many ancient folklores and mythological associations. The most famous one being of Narcissus (which is one of daffodils popular names & species) who was blessed by Greek Gods with youth & enchanting beauty. However, they forbade him to look into his own reflection. But one day, he met a nymph of the woods named Echo and was so drawn to her affections that he overpowered her very being and she disappeared into nothingness, becoming a faded ‘echo’. This made Goddess Nemesis very angry and she decided to lure Narcissus to a lake by a mountainside, where his sight fell upon his own reflection and he was mesmerized by his own beauty. He continued looking at himself melancholic-ally and this saddened the Gods as his vanity would bring him his death. So they turned him into a scented flower ‘narcissus’ whose drooping petals resemble his bent head staring at his reflection and the seeds in the centre tears of Echo’s unrequited love.


Daffodils are vastly used in herbal magick and spiritual work.  Narcissism is a psychological term which implies extreme self-centredness and is named after the legend of Narcissus. It is a mental disorder where a person displays abnormal levels of self-love, vanity, apathy and even dis-regards the feelings of others because of one’s innate selfishness. However these blooms are good for helping someone in depression and for those with self-image issues as the fragrance and sight of daffodils induces self-love and joy for life. These blooms are associated with Neptune’s dreamy qualities and water element. Just like Neptune is known for its mysticism, occult and sleepy energies, daffodils too are used in spell-work for attracting these realms into one’s life. Keeping a bouquet of daffodils in the bedroom is said to enhance fertility while using them in a bridal bouquet or stepping on them is said to bring misfortune.


Daffodils are also considered powerful narcotics, their bulbs have paralyzing properties which is why Roman soldiers carried these to die a painless death in the face of being caught by the enemy and being killed.  In Europe, daffodil extracts have proved useful in experiments to treat Alzheimer’s. Its essential oil can also cure colds and cough, when used under medical supervision. Avoid using these in beauty or wellness rituals as these cause severe irritations to the skin and may cause severe rashes. Though, daffodil’s sweet notes are widely used in perfumery.


Daffodils remain an inspiration for many poets, storytellers and artists. One of William Wordsworth’s most famous lyrical works is “I wandered lonely as a cloud” which describes how the memory of a field of daffodils soothes his emotions and makes him smile. Such is the cheerful quality of daffodils that it instantly rejuvenates the mind, body, spirit.


Daffodils flowers to keep around the house or at shrines during spring, for welcoming blessed beginnings at a housewarming, and even for igniting an old romance. The Chinese consider these flowers to be a sign of good fortune, the Japanese for cheerfulness, The Arabic as a cure for baldness, and The States consider it a symbol of hope for those suffering from Cancer. Getting more reflective, loving the self completely, forgiveness and renewal of energies are some of the inspiring qualities of the daffodils. The message of these blossoms is to be aware of the precious quality of the NOW, clarity of thought and bring more inner focus to achieve our soul’s true purpose.

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Crystal Power to Energize, Protect and Heal

Who does not remember the crystal cave of Superman, his fortress of solitude where he learnt who he is, spoke to his otherworldly parents and received his amazing powers. Such a cave was discovered a thousand feet below earth in south Mexico with giant  crystals in the year 2000.


We all have used quartz clocks and watches including our computers that regulate time using the precise frequency oscillations of the mineral. Yet the spiritual powers of crystals have been noted since ages across earth by those who meditate and feel the peace, power and positive energy in nature, especially in crystals.

The most popular spiritual application of natural stones and crystals is in the form of jewelry. Wearing crystal jewelry can be both fashionable and therapeutic at the same time. Whether a rare and precious diamond or a common rock quartz, you can experience healing and positive energy in merely keeping these stones close to you on a regular basis over a period of time. Contrary to the fears spread by Indian Vedic astrologers relating to the ‘adverse’ effects of stones if worn without their consultation, in truth stones only take away negative energy and bestow positive vibrations upon the bearers. The ‘adverse’ effect some people feel are actually part of their fears and blockages being released and healed.

quartz earringscerise-665494_960_720

Not only does wearing these stones help in multiple ways, holding and meditating with crystals can bring great peace, clear the mind, reduce stress and pain, amplify positive thoughts and stimulate intuition.

quartz ballyinyangstone

For instance gazing into a clear quartz crystal ball is something you would expect a clairvoyant to do when he or she is trying to see your future. This is because gazing into the clear surface of the stone, in combination with the meditative function of the natural crystal will help open the third-eye chakra or the psychic center in each person’s mind.

quartz pointedquartz twin

Crystals with naturally pointed tips are believed to be helpful in directing the mental vibrations towards amplification. In other words you can manifest your wishes just like a magic wand that points and projects your dreams at your will.A variety of crystal points are used for a plethora of healing purposes, whether to find a soulmate or twin-flame, or to record memories, access past lives, or charge and energize other objects with an intention.


Also contrary to the false beliefs spread by some astrologers and jewelers, if you notice any natural inclusions or minerals within your stones or crystals, they are most likely adding power to the stone, or giving it an additional energy. It does not actually reduce the spiritual value of the stone although jewelers would price clearer stones much higher. Crystals with natural rainbows, phantoms, fossils, angels or buddhas inside are not unheard of. A  metaphysical store is your best bet in finding natural crystals and stones of power.

quartz 3

Another important thing of keep in mind is whether the stone is artificially cut and polished or natural and raw. While a jeweler would charge you more for brilliant cuts and shine in stones, for spiritual purposes, raw and natural rocks are often considered very positive as they directly ground and connect your with nature in its purest form. The natural shapes and colors of many stones can be truly beautiful and worth appreciating. Steer clear of artificially colored or laboratory made stones if you wish to access the healing of nature.


You can also place stones of appropriate sizes in various areas of your home or office to improve feng-shui or energize your spaces. For instance a bowl of mixed tumbled stones, or large geodes, rocks and clusters or pyramids, obelisks or various structures made of these stones.


Various minerals give natural stones an array of wonderful colors that can connect with each chakra and heal each chakra thereby creating positive effects in various areas of life.

crystal bowl.jpg

You can choose the stone that you need at any point of time, by either following your intuition and letting your heart decide what pulls you, or by following the simple code below

NOTE: Remember that the planetary and chakra correspondences of the stones are for knowing the basic power of the stone. Do not let astrological fears dominate you or prevent you from using healing crystals. It is not planets or stones that cause adverse effects in your life but your own blockages regarding those areas of your life that they represent, and which the stones are actually healing over time and in combination with your intention. Meditation and energy healing techniques will be the right ways to crystal magick.

stone rings

Black to dark brown stones: Cleanse away negative energy and protect from harm. Planet Ketu for liberation. Examples: Shungite, Tourmaline, Hematite, Black Onyx, Black Agate, Hawk’s eye, Tiger’s eye, Camel agate, leopard Jasper, Dalmitian Jasper

Brown to reddish-brown stones: Ground and energize root chakra to strengthen and nourish. Planet Rahu for energy. Examples: Garnet, Hessonite, brown to red Jasper, Smokey Quartz

Pink to orange stones: Stimulate creativity, sensuality and romance with the sacral chakra. Planet Mars for passion. Examples: Coral, Carnelian, Fire Opal, Fire agate, orange Chalcedony, orange Selenite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz

Yellow to golden stones: Attract success, luck and prosperity through the solar chakra. Planet Sun for power. Examples: Citrine,  yellow Topaz, yellow Sapphire, Calcite, gold Pyrite, gold Lodestone

Green stones: Open heart chakra and encourage kindness, generosity and love. Planet Venus for compassion. Examples: green Jade, green Aventurine, Peridot, green Tourmaline, Amazonite, green Turquoise, green Aquamarine, green Flurite, Chrysocolla

Blue stones: Help in positive self expression through career and communication with throat chakra healing. Planet Mercury for mental expression. Examples: blue Topaz, blue Agate, blue Turquoise, blue Aquamarine

Indigo stones: Open the third eye and improve psychic and intuitive faculties as well as ability to concentrate and manifest. Planet Saturn for focus. Examples: Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Sapphire, Kyanite, Iolite, Tanzanite

Purple or violet stones: Connect with our crown chakra or spiritual center to help experience peace, awakening and self-realization. Planet Jupiter for wisdom. Examples: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Kunzite, purple Jasper, purple Flurite, Sugilite, Charoite

White to clear stones: Help in amplifying mental vibrations, clear the mind, soothe and calm, heal all chakras and project intentions. Planet Moon for wish fulfillment. Examples: Selenite, Clear Quartz, Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Mother of pearl, Snow quartz, Optical Calcite


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Five Ways to Heal the Inner Child

We were born as natural and honest as can be, yet adults around us, including our parents, teachers, and society, imprinted their beliefs upon our our minds both knowingly and unknowingly. We learnt many things that we now need to unlearn. We repressed our real self and became angry, unhappy adults as a result. The inner child still stayed within us… we carry it everywhere…its a part of our subconscious that still awaits healing.

Here are some tips to heal our inner child. Note that not only would you improve your relationship with yourself but also with your own children and with children around too once you practice these suggestions.

  1. Let Her Be: As adults we sometimes impose our rigid rules upon our children. We ask them to be polite, to focus on manners, to sit and listen, to obey orders, to dress to conform, to behave like adults…even if it is actually better for them to play, to explore,to be unruly and to express themselves authentically – to actually be child-like at that point. When we impose rigid rules all the time on kids, it indicates that our own inner child is being equally caged and constricted by us. We have started living a false life based on rules defined by society instead of following our heart. In truth we need to set ourselves free. Not all rules are ‘bad’ and we do need to guide our kids and our ‘inner child’ as responsible parents. Yet, to be overly focused on outer rules and norms is terrible and kills the inner-child’s need to learn through their own inner reasoning. Let our children Be, the way they are meant to be…to be kids and not little adults. And let our inner child Be too!kid-1241817_960_720.jpg
  2. Unconditional Love: When we are afraid of holding and cuddling our kids…and give them a bit of love only when they do something as per our conditions, it gives their subconscious mind a message that they are not really loved. True love is unconditional. Our children …just like animals…are naturally loving. They are here to remind us that we need to be unconditional and love ourselves truly. Do we really believe that we are worthy of our own love? Do we think we will be lovable if we are richer, more beautiful, more famous, more  successful….more of anything that the world makes us believe in? Do we seek happiness by following examples thrown at us from every media, advertising and marketing to become mere consumers …always looking for something new that will make us feel better about ourselves? Or are we supposed to look within and love our inner self which is beyond materialism? Give yourself a big divine hug. And your children too…just like that!mom-1006328_960_720
  3. Let Her Make Mistakes: How often do we scold our kids when they make a slip while trying to handle more than they could? Or, be overprotective so as to prevent them from learning through mistakes. Similarly…how often do we criticize ourselves when we are unable to meet anyone’s expectations? We feel the need to be perfect…to not err and fall…Yet, that is the way kids learn…by trying, failing and trying again. This is an important message kids give to all of us who are trying. Let there be no struggle in your trying. Do not let your inner adult scold you each time you fall or worry about falling. Keep doing your best joyfully without obsessing about what others are thinking. It is not about who is observing you or judging you. Its about being sincere and having fun in life – at the same time. Its possible!toy-1168894_960_720
  4. Follow Intuition not Rigid Routines: As children we are born with some natural gifts. Mother nature is our real mother who has always given us what we need. Our childhood instincts are to cry when we need feeding because it is necessary for our survival. We sleep when we want to and wake up when we feel like as a child instead of following the zonal clocks, because our inner time system is more important. We eat when we feel like and do not eat when we need not to eat…because that is the right thing to do. Yet as adults we forget to follow our own natural instincts. These instincts are in-fact aligned with our intuition guiding us from within. Something in us knows what we need at any point. As adults it is necessary to not become too artificial in our ‘routines’ and to remain spontaneous for the sake of our own health and happiness.  We fall ill and suffer whenever we go out of touch with our inner self. Our kids and our inner child need us to be intuitive now.sleep
  5. The World is a Reflection: Kids are playful and focused on having fun instead of worrying about the world. Yet, in the process of ‘growing them up’ we teach our kids to regard the world as fixed and central to our existence. We wrongly program our own inner child too…that life is full of challenges, problems are inevitable, the world is full of evil…we need to accept things ‘as they are’ and we need to compete and stay ahead of ‘others’ to get what we want. For our inner child, the world is just a playground…everything comes to the child magically…someone always gives them all they need…they attract what they want. Yet our adult self reduces them to nothing and makes the world more important. In truth the world is a reflection. magical kids.jpgA healthy inner-child would know that:
    • The world is not a ‘bad’ place full of problems and threats
    • People and things that we encounter are connected back to our mind
    • It’s not about what others think of you or expect of you
    • Mistakes are okay as long as we keep doing what we love
    • Love yourself and others, be authentic not opportunistic
    • The world is a playground and we are just experiencing it joyfully
    • The world is magickal – a mere reflection of the inner world
    • Be natural, be intuitive, be self guided, create your own rules with love
    • Enjoy! Life is wonderful!swatiprakash

      Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Blessed Blossoms ~ Luscious Lilies


A flower with mythological stories & legends surrounding its origin, Lily is a flower that represents many dualities. It’s symbolic of innocence, purity & chastity and also used to represent sexual arousal, fertility and erotica.


The Lily is often depicted in Christian paintings and depictions of Mother Mary (Queen of Angels) and represents purity of spirit. Its different parts have special associations – the stems stands for her religious nature, the petals for her innocence & pure nature, the leaves her modesty & humility. In Buddhism, tiger lilies are symbolic of compassion & mercy and aggressive feminine qualities. In France, the ‘Fleur de Lis’ – the three petals of lily represent trinity; virtues of hope, faith and charity.


There are many sensual and erotic mythological associations with lilies. According to Greek Legends, Zeus wanted his illegitimate son Hercules to be breastfed by his wife Hera. While she was still asleep, he took Hercules to her who suckled on her bosom very roughly and her breastmilk overflowed. The milk that rose heavenwards became the Milky Way while the one that spilled on the earth tuned into lilies. Another legend suggests that Goddess Venus who emerged from the waters was jealous as her sight fell upon the perfect beauty of lilies and so out of envy gave the lily its long pistil (a phallic association) in the centre so that it would appear less attractive. Lilies thus represent virginity, sexuality, love, lust, and envy – the many facets of love. They are also associated with the planet Moon, the planet of dualities and emotions.


Lilies also have many dream & colour associations. If you see lilies in your dreams, it’s time to take action about a dream or plan you’ve had for very long. Lilies also indicate cleansing, specifically emotional & spiritual cleansing so one can be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows us to return to innocent authentic self and allows others to be themselves too, and helps us connect more deeply to our divine nature. White lilies mean “its heavenly to be with you”, red indicate love & amorous feelings, pink lilies for youth and vigour, yellow ones for playfulness & merrymaking, orange for zest, happiness & vitality, water lilies symbolise calmness and gentleness.


Lilies are used extensively in religious ceremonies and even in Wiccan & pagan rituals for magickal healings. They are popular for decorating churches especially during Easter celebrations and also Wiccan altars during Ostara. It’s used for spellwork to remove any mental, emotional obstructions from a person, allowing them to make instinctive decisions that are in alignment with our higher purpose more easily and not be held back by too much intellectualism. They are also a great memory charm and are also used to promote sense of happiness, stopping harassment & enhancing marital longevity. In Tarot cards and similar oracles, lilies signal a time for new beginnings based on trust, purity and innocence.


Oils extracted from lilies has many medicinal used especially for spa and wellness therapies. Its oil when mixed with calendula oil has skin softening properties that repairs skin and is very good for massages as firming oil. It can be used for under-eye skin, for hot oil treatments and even for treating dry cuticle areas like elbows and knees. It also has astringent and soothing properties, making it effective for treating ulcers and inflammations. Its essential oil helps one feel happy and connects him to a sense of security & well-being, thereby soothing low energy levels and depression. It’s also widely used in perfumes and bathing products because of its refreshing fragrance & healing properties.


Lilies have many medicinal and culinary benefits as well. It regulates & strengthens the heart function by increasing oxygen supply to it. Dried lilies are effective as diuretics and laxatives while its roots are beneficial for treating spider bites. Wood lilies are used to cure a number of illnesses by using their extracts in tea – fevers, stomach ailments, coughs, wounds and many more. Lilies are popular ingredients in Asian cooking, and are used to add sweet tastes and chewiness of veggies especially in soups, stews, in fresh salads and even as edible flowers for decorating cakes & pastries.


Lilies are a staple in bridal bouquets, hair halos, corsages and other decorations. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton included Lily of the Valley in her bouquet which signifies ‘you’ve made my life complete’, ‘return to happiness’, luck and also humility. The lily of the valley is nicknamed “ladder to heaven” owing to its divine beauty and fragrance. A blossom that reflects your inner divine nature, just give someone a few lilies to convey your pure & innocent feelings and see the transformation unfold as you allow yourself to be vulnerable and give someone the freedom to be themselves.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on 

Blessed Blossoms ~ Secrets of Lavender


A flower that induces sleep with its heady scent, a protection charm since antiquity, the Lavender flower has many healing powers and secrets. It’s known for its rejuvenating properties, replenishing energies of mind & body, is associated with night rituals of Greek Goddess Hecate and planet Mercury that rules Gemini & Virgo.


In Wiccan Worship, Goddess Hecate is associated with magick, with all things nocturnal, energies, spirits & demons which make themselves felt at night and those from ‘The Other World’. Offer lavender to the Goddess Hecate at your altar or at crossroads, at your doorway or just anoint your spaces with lavender oil to invoke her blessings for yourself and your loved ones for protection from the darker forces, especially on moonless & starless nights.


According to legends, lavender has potent properties of love and sexuality. Folklore states how Cleopatra used lavender in her luxurious baths to enhance her sexual prowess with royal lovers. In ancient Egypt lavender was also used in the mummification process. It’s also believed that in medieval times (and in some cultures till today) harlots use lavender oil to attract more clients. Maidens on the other hand can use lavender and rosemary together to preserve their chastity and keep unwanted advances away.


Keep a few sprigs of lavender under your pillow or a sachet perfumed with its fragrance to effortlessly slip into slumber. It keeps bad dreams at bay and also relieves tensions, stress, fears that keep you restless & awake. It soothes the ego which is worry and fear-based, helping you easily unwind and be comfy in your own cocoon.  Use lavender and an amethyst crystal to enhance your psychic ability, get clairvoyant & see prophetic dreams.

bottle of lavender massage oil with mortar and pestle - beauty treatment

Lavender has many medicinal properties as well. It was used in ancient times by midwives to ease labour pains of the mother. Goddess Hecate who carries a knife is also associated with childbirth, the knife being symbolic of cutting the umbilical cord. Traditional Asian healers use lavender extracts to help menopausal women cool down their livers. It also used by them to balance the “Shen” or the mind, by inducing calming properties, helping the mind to relax and achieve peace through meditation. It also has great antiseptic benefits for cleansing and mending wounds and cuts. Lavender is also a memory enhancer since it calms the mind and helps a person remember things without a filter of anxiety or fear or intrusion.


Lavender is one of the most widely used flowers in beauty & wellness products, thanks to its unforgettable sweet smell and natural refreshing properties. It was an important trade commodity among the Egyptians and Romans because of its intrinsic goodness. Lavender extracts are used extensively in soaps, bath salts, body butters, shower gels and oils due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It balances oil secretions and is mainly used to soothe acne, relieve a person from dandruff & scalp infections due to unhealthy bacteria. It also boost skin rejuvenation owing to its high antioxidant content, boosts blood circulation and helps a person to relax, which naturally aids in the body’s healing process.


Lavender is one of the most sought-after gardening plants due to its color & low-maintenance. Its grown extensively in France, infact Provence Lavender is named so because of its acres of lavender fields. The purple hues of these flowers are easy on the eyes and its fragrance is all you need to keep your spaces smelling heavenly. It’s a popular landscaping plant as well as it can stand excess heat & drought too. It also keeps mosquitoes, insects and unwanted pests away.


Lavender is popular also because of its rustic attractiveness. It used in bridal in bouquets or other wedding décor to enhance the soothing vibe of the space. Infact weddings amidst the natural Lavender fields are very popular in France.  Using lavender in weddings is lucky and also a good remembrance as, it has long-lasting olfactory notes that stay with you, helping you recall memories with fondness. Lavender blossom is for soothing the mind especially when you’re distrustful and unable to sleep. A flower with many magickal properties, just spritz a few drops of its oil on your pillow and listen to secrets of the other world.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on 

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