Is The Black Moon a Sign of Apocalypse?

We may have recently heard the term black moon and with the irrational fears surrounding the word ‘black’ some people connected it falsely with end of the world prophecies. In truth black moon is commonly a term used to refer to the second new moon that occurs in a month, just like blue moon is commonly a term to denote the second full moon in a calendar month. In this definition both blue moon and black moon would occur once in every 2.5 years.

There are some other ways of defining ‘blue moon’ and ‘black moon’ too. Astronomers often call the third or extra full moon of a season the blue moon. Simply put there would be thirteen full moons in a year and one of them is a ‘blue moon’ to occur periodically. In case of the ‘black moon’, the absence of a full moon or a new moon in a month is also sometimes referred to as a ‘black moon’ and this usually happens in February once in 19 years or so which makes it a much rarer phenomena comparatively.

So, is any of these ‘black moons’ a sign of doom and gloom? Of course not. Just like ‘blood moon’ or any date, month, year combinations – all these phenomena are merely associated with natural phenomena appearing within our calendars. Similarly dates and their frequencies such as 9.9.9 portals of September, or the numerical significance of any special dates are all dependent on the way we have designed our calendars through the ages in combination with the numerical frequencies. As they are based on our calendars they cannot denote the end of the world, simply because calendars are designed by human civilizations from time to time and these human civilizations are not the entire universe. This is the reason why the Mayan calendar’s prophecy was misunderstood by some people as ‘the end of the world’, while it was merely associated with their specific calendar.

Dates and frequencies of moons, eclipses and other celestial events can have a personal or group significance to many of us simply because of our belief and resonance with the same. The way these symbols manifest in our life has more to do with our interpretation, than with these events themselves. The new moon has usually been a symbol of new beginnings that usually follow endings. Similarly the full moons are symbols of awareness. This stems from the fact that the moon appears partially to us,appears full and does not appear at all during the new moon phase. The new moon is not necessarily a sign of negativity. If you believe in the positive the meaning of new moon and the associated ‘black moon’ will also transform to positive for you. Our mind ultimately is the creator of the matrix of life.

Black too can be seen as simply those things we cannot view with our limited human vision. It is not a negative or fearful color but a symbol of mystery and intuition.

As far as ‘end of the world’ theories go it is necessary not to focus on the fears and to remember that endings are usually beginnings in disguise, while infinity is our inner truth. It is wise to meditate, follow intuition and to live a positive life instead of focusing on ‘end of the world’ theories set in ignorance.

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Positive News – Top 10 Jobs of Tomorrow


Microsoft recently shared an executive summary on 10 futuristic jobs that says what careers our kids can hope to have in another ten years or so.

  1. Virtual Habitat Designer: Creates realistic simulations for architecture, therapy, vehicle training for example.
  2. Ethical Technology Advocate: Discusses AI ethics and moral responsibilities.
  3. Digital Cultural Commentator: Communicates with digitally savvy public.
  4. Freelance Biohacker: Tweaks genes for healthcare and wildlife conservation.
  5. IOT Data Creative: Improves Internet of Things.
  6. Space Tour Guide: Makes space travel fun.
  7. Personal Content Creator: Downloads your thoughts, memories and dreams.
  8. Rewilding Strategist: Transforms abandoned industrial sites to wilderness.
  9. Sustainable Power Innovator: Develops self-sustainable energy sources.
  10. Human Body Designer: Bio-engineers bespoke body parts.


With increasing applications of artificial intelligence around the word today from robotized factories, self-driving cars, delivery drones to smarter systems, automated terminals, labor saving devices, some argue that technology is making jobs obsolete, skills redundant and retaining a big workforce no longer cost effective! Taken to one logical extreme, this is often cited as a ‘threat of machines’ but that is not necessarily true.

If anything, scientific advances have shown that technical and mechanical evolution offers more creative opportunities and when ethically applied improves the quality of life brought about by a spirit of discovery.

Skeptical? This TED talk then on what jobs we will lose to machines and ones we won’t will surely intrigue you.


As one author put it, ‘Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, cause they’re looking for ideas!

Got any ideas? Tweet @mediapositivity


Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe.

Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is adding finishing touches to her magnificent building project called Riverstone Castle, set on an island at Riverstone, NZ, and complete with dungeon, drawbridge and towers. It includes an award-winning restaurant, Riverstone Kitchen, Dot’s giftware shops, oceans of organic vegetable, flower gardens and much more.

Read more about her fascinating journey in her book.


Continents to Unite Again – Physically

While the internet has already united the world as one, it is also believed that at one time approximately 300 million years ago all continents were joined together as Pan-Gaea (whole-earth), a single landmass which broke apart and drifted away to form the existing continents. Now scientists say that all continents might be coming together very slowly and returning to a single super-continent once again within 50 to 250 million years. Perhaps the jigsaw puzzle of earth keeps re-solving itself over and over again as earth heals physically, although global spiritual healing is always happening even right now.




Positive News: Calling Self-Driving Cars!


Hoping to avoid rush hour in public transport and not wanting to drive yourself around? The future to easy commute is cheaper than you can imagine without even owning a car.

As Peter predicts, your ‘key’ to autonomous transport is close at hand with eco-friendly, self-driving vehicles available on demand and will redefine ‘window shopping’ with 5 converging technologies coming to a store screen right next to you.

P.S. I bet on a 11K UHD (ultra high definition display) but then that is news in different color!




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


Women’s Rights: Integrating Into a Global World

While there are millions of immigrants hoping to flee war and persecution from the middle east to the western world, we are seeing changes happening that will help in integration, globalization and spreading of positive values based on equality and mutual respect.

The Guardian has reported how immigrants are receiving classes aimed at teaching respect for women and gender-equality.

At the same time men in Iran have been trying to raise awareness about women’s rights to choose the way they dress

Let us hope both men and women awaken into a new global reality of gender equality in every country.

Reverse Galaxy Baffles Scientists

UGC 1382 an enormous galaxy over seven times wider than the Milky Way and about 718,000 light-years across has baffled scientists off late because of how the relative ages of the galaxy’s components appear backwards. In most galaxies, the innermost portion forms first and contains the oldest stars and as the galaxy grows, its outer, newer regions have the youngest stars. By combining observations from many different telescopes, astronomers were able to piece together the historical record of when stars formed in this galaxy — and the result was bizarre. “The centre of UGC 1382 is actually younger than the spiral disc surrounding it,” says Mark Seibert of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science, in California. “It’s old on the outside and young on the inside. This is like finding a tree whose inner growth rings are younger than the outer rings.”

Read the NASA feature here


Image credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/SDSS/NRAO/L. Hagen and M. Seibert

Sunday Spirit: Genius Vs Mystic


It is believed that the ancients had solved Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and in recent times, Nassim Haramein, a new-age physicist is trying to prove this through his equations and in doing so, flies in the face of conventional physics as he marries science and spirit.

This is a brave decision as one’s professional credibility is questioned by today’s scientific community in equating science and spirit and at worst, that research is put paid to or at best, not taken seriously enough – yet Nassim’s approach feels right and more importantly, it bears a stamp of certitude.

I learnt of him through the documentary, ‘Black Whole’ and his YT channel and suffice to say, couldn’t help thinking of Walter Russell’s remark, ‘beyond the genius is the mystic’.

Walter Russell was an illumined philosopher and a contemporary of Nikola Tesla who asked him to hide his teachings of cosmogony (science of creation) for 1000 years until man was ready for it and whose biography, ‘The man who tapped the secrets of the Universe’ gained him prominence.

In his teachings he quotes Sir Oliver Lodge, ‘if the great cosmic secret was ever revealed to man, the discovery would not come from a trained scientific mind but from the supreme vision of some poet, painter, philosopher, or saint who could see the universe as a whole…’

Never truer said? It may surely take a genius to work out the mathematics of a Unified Field Theory but only a mystic to experience it!




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Thursday Thoughts: NASA investigating Ancient Aliens

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Aliens as they are depicted in modern sci-fi in a 10,000 year old cave painting? NASA was asked to investigate more when such paintings were found by archaeologists in Charama at Chattisgarh, India. Did aliens really visit our ancient ancestors?

Ancient Egyptian art shows helicopters and planes in hieroglyophs made over 3000 years ago in the Temple of Seti, Abydos. Proof of time travel, future visions or something else?

Paintings depicting what look like spaceships and aliens have been a feature in medieval Biblical art, sculptures of astronaut’s in space-suits in an old cathedral in Spain. With aliens depicted in ancient French and Italian cave paintings over 13,000 to 10,000 years ago as well as the Indian rock paintings discovered in Charama, the mystery deepens.

Its always fascinating to know that we know so little!


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