Positive News: Calling Self-Driving Cars!


Hoping to avoid rush hour in public transport and not wanting to drive yourself around? The future to easy commute is cheaper than you can imagine without even owning a car.

As Peter predicts, your ‘key’ to autonomous transport is close at hand with eco-friendly, self-driving vehicles available on demand and will redefine ‘window shopping’ with 5 converging technologies coming to a store screen right next to you.

P.S. I bet on a 11K UHD (ultra high definition display) but then that is news in different color!




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


Women’s Rights: Integrating Into a Global World

While there are millions of immigrants hoping to flee war and persecution from the middle east to the western world, we are seeing changes happening that will help in integration, globalization and spreading of positive values based on equality and mutual respect.

The Guardian has reported how immigrants are receiving classes aimed at teaching respect for women and gender-equality.

At the same time men in Iran have been trying to raise awareness about women’s rights to choose the way they dress

Let us hope both men and women awaken into a new global reality of gender equality in every country.

Reverse Galaxy Baffles Scientists

UGC 1382 an enormous galaxy over seven times wider than the Milky Way and about 718,000 light-years across has baffled scientists off late because of how the relative ages of the galaxy’s components appear backwards. In most galaxies, the innermost portion forms first and contains the oldest stars and as the galaxy grows, its outer, newer regions have the youngest stars. By combining observations from many different telescopes, astronomers were able to piece together the historical record of when stars formed in this galaxy — and the result was bizarre. “The centre of UGC 1382 is actually younger than the spiral disc surrounding it,” says Mark Seibert of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science, in California. “It’s old on the outside and young on the inside. This is like finding a tree whose inner growth rings are younger than the outer rings.”

Read the NASA feature here


Image credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/SDSS/NRAO/L. Hagen and M. Seibert

Sunday Spirit: Genius Vs Mystic


It is believed that the ancients had solved Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and in recent times, Nassim Haramein, a new-age physicist is trying to prove this through his equations and in doing so, flies in the face of conventional physics as he marries science and spirit.

This is a brave decision as one’s professional credibility is questioned by today’s scientific community in equating science and spirit and at worst, that research is put paid to or at best, not taken seriously enough – yet Nassim’s approach feels right and more importantly, it bears a stamp of certitude.

I learnt of him through the documentary, ‘Black Whole’ and his YT channel and suffice to say, couldn’t help thinking of Walter Russell’s remark, ‘beyond the genius is the mystic’.

Walter Russell was an illumined philosopher and a contemporary of Nikola Tesla who asked him to hide his teachings of cosmogony (science of creation) for 1000 years until man was ready for it and whose biography, ‘The man who tapped the secrets of the Universe’ gained him prominence.

In his teachings he quotes Sir Oliver Lodge, ‘if the great cosmic secret was ever revealed to man, the discovery would not come from a trained scientific mind but from the supreme vision of some poet, painter, philosopher, or saint who could see the universe as a whole…’

Never truer said? It may surely take a genius to work out the mathematics of a Unified Field Theory but only a mystic to experience it!




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Thursday Thoughts: NASA investigating Ancient Aliens

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Aliens as they are depicted in modern sci-fi in a 10,000 year old cave painting? NASA was asked to investigate more when such paintings were found by archaeologists in Charama at Chattisgarh, India. Did aliens really visit our ancient ancestors?

Ancient Egyptian art shows helicopters and planes in hieroglyophs made over 3000 years ago in the Temple of Seti, Abydos. Proof of time travel, future visions or something else?

Paintings depicting what look like spaceships and aliens have been a feature in medieval Biblical art, sculptures of astronaut’s in space-suits in an old cathedral in Spain. With aliens depicted in ancient French and Italian cave paintings over 13,000 to 10,000 years ago as well as the Indian rock paintings discovered in Charama, the mystery deepens.

Its always fascinating to know that we know so little!


Blessed Blossoms ~ Dreamy Daffodils


Associated with Neptune, coming into bloom in the joyful Spring Season in March, Daffodils are flowers of calm feelings, temperance, dreaminess, forgiveness and also excessive behaviors & delusions. Called Narcissus, these blossoms are useful for bring cheerfulness into life, for self-love, hope, inner peace and realizations to begin afresh.


Generally found in yellow & white hues, daffodils are popular gardening flowers with many ancient folklores and mythological associations. The most famous one being of Narcissus (which is one of daffodils popular names & species) who was blessed by Greek Gods with youth & enchanting beauty. However, they forbade him to look into his own reflection. But one day, he met a nymph of the woods named Echo and was so drawn to her affections that he overpowered her very being and she disappeared into nothingness, becoming a faded ‘echo’. This made Goddess Nemesis very angry and she decided to lure Narcissus to a lake by a mountainside, where his sight fell upon his own reflection and he was mesmerized by his own beauty. He continued looking at himself melancholic-ally and this saddened the Gods as his vanity would bring him his death. So they turned him into a scented flower ‘narcissus’ whose drooping petals resemble his bent head staring at his reflection and the seeds in the centre tears of Echo’s unrequited love.


Daffodils are vastly used in herbal magick and spiritual work.  Narcissism is a psychological term which implies extreme self-centredness and is named after the legend of Narcissus. It is a mental disorder where a person displays abnormal levels of self-love, vanity, apathy and even dis-regards the feelings of others because of one’s innate selfishness. However these blooms are good for helping someone in depression and for those with self-image issues as the fragrance and sight of daffodils induces self-love and joy for life. These blooms are associated with Neptune’s dreamy qualities and water element. Just like Neptune is known for its mysticism, occult and sleepy energies, daffodils too are used in spell-work for attracting these realms into one’s life. Keeping a bouquet of daffodils in the bedroom is said to enhance fertility while using them in a bridal bouquet or stepping on them is said to bring misfortune.


Daffodils are also considered powerful narcotics, their bulbs have paralyzing properties which is why Roman soldiers carried these to die a painless death in the face of being caught by the enemy and being killed.  In Europe, daffodil extracts have proved useful in experiments to treat Alzheimer’s. Its essential oil can also cure colds and cough, when used under medical supervision. Avoid using these in beauty or wellness rituals as these cause severe irritations to the skin and may cause severe rashes. Though, daffodil’s sweet notes are widely used in perfumery.


Daffodils remain an inspiration for many poets, storytellers and artists. One of William Wordsworth’s most famous lyrical works is “I wandered lonely as a cloud” which describes how the memory of a field of daffodils soothes his emotions and makes him smile. Such is the cheerful quality of daffodils that it instantly rejuvenates the mind, body, spirit.


Daffodils flowers to keep around the house or at shrines during spring, for welcoming blessed beginnings at a housewarming, and even for igniting an old romance. The Chinese consider these flowers to be a sign of good fortune, the Japanese for cheerfulness, The Arabic as a cure for baldness, and The States consider it a symbol of hope for those suffering from Cancer. Getting more reflective, loving the self completely, forgiveness and renewal of energies are some of the inspiring qualities of the daffodils. The message of these blossoms is to be aware of the precious quality of the NOW, clarity of thought and bring more inner focus to achieve our soul’s true purpose.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/ 


Positive News – Young Visionaries


Shortly before he passed away, Isaac Newton said, ‘I don’t know what I may seem to the world, but as to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.’


Whilst his metaphor behooves the modesty of a great mind, young visionaries of today are leaving no stone unturned in seeking out projects well beyond their years.


Two 10-year olds recently won a competition to round up tons of space litter by aiming to recycle the soon-to-be-abandoned Hubble telescope.


A 9-year old girl who develops educational apps for kids was chosen to represent Apple as the youngest app developer at World Wide Developer’s Conference 2016.


Another 8-year old gaming developer wowed Microsoft’s CEO with his goal to mashup technology and environmental concerns through games that try to educate and entertain players all at once.


So, if age is but a number, why not look towards younger minds for a bit of inspiration?




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Blessed Blossoms ~ Luscious Lilies


A flower with mythological stories & legends surrounding its origin, Lily is a flower that represents many dualities. It’s symbolic of innocence, purity & chastity and also used to represent sexual arousal, fertility and erotica.


The Lily is often depicted in Christian paintings and depictions of Mother Mary (Queen of Angels) and represents purity of spirit. Its different parts have special associations – the stems stands for her religious nature, the petals for her innocence & pure nature, the leaves her modesty & humility. In Buddhism, tiger lilies are symbolic of compassion & mercy and aggressive feminine qualities. In France, the ‘Fleur de Lis’ – the three petals of lily represent trinity; virtues of hope, faith and charity.


There are many sensual and erotic mythological associations with lilies. According to Greek Legends, Zeus wanted his illegitimate son Hercules to be breastfed by his wife Hera. While she was still asleep, he took Hercules to her who suckled on her bosom very roughly and her breastmilk overflowed. The milk that rose heavenwards became the Milky Way while the one that spilled on the earth tuned into lilies. Another legend suggests that Goddess Venus who emerged from the waters was jealous as her sight fell upon the perfect beauty of lilies and so out of envy gave the lily its long pistil (a phallic association) in the centre so that it would appear less attractive. Lilies thus represent virginity, sexuality, love, lust, and envy – the many facets of love. They are also associated with the planet Moon, the planet of dualities and emotions.


Lilies also have many dream & colour associations. If you see lilies in your dreams, it’s time to take action about a dream or plan you’ve had for very long. Lilies also indicate cleansing, specifically emotional & spiritual cleansing so one can be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows us to return to innocent authentic self and allows others to be themselves too, and helps us connect more deeply to our divine nature. White lilies mean “its heavenly to be with you”, red indicate love & amorous feelings, pink lilies for youth and vigour, yellow ones for playfulness & merrymaking, orange for zest, happiness & vitality, water lilies symbolise calmness and gentleness.


Lilies are used extensively in religious ceremonies and even in Wiccan & pagan rituals for magickal healings. They are popular for decorating churches especially during Easter celebrations and also Wiccan altars during Ostara. It’s used for spellwork to remove any mental, emotional obstructions from a person, allowing them to make instinctive decisions that are in alignment with our higher purpose more easily and not be held back by too much intellectualism. They are also a great memory charm and are also used to promote sense of happiness, stopping harassment & enhancing marital longevity. In Tarot cards and similar oracles, lilies signal a time for new beginnings based on trust, purity and innocence.


Oils extracted from lilies has many medicinal used especially for spa and wellness therapies. Its oil when mixed with calendula oil has skin softening properties that repairs skin and is very good for massages as firming oil. It can be used for under-eye skin, for hot oil treatments and even for treating dry cuticle areas like elbows and knees. It also has astringent and soothing properties, making it effective for treating ulcers and inflammations. Its essential oil helps one feel happy and connects him to a sense of security & well-being, thereby soothing low energy levels and depression. It’s also widely used in perfumes and bathing products because of its refreshing fragrance & healing properties.


Lilies have many medicinal and culinary benefits as well. It regulates & strengthens the heart function by increasing oxygen supply to it. Dried lilies are effective as diuretics and laxatives while its roots are beneficial for treating spider bites. Wood lilies are used to cure a number of illnesses by using their extracts in tea – fevers, stomach ailments, coughs, wounds and many more. Lilies are popular ingredients in Asian cooking, and are used to add sweet tastes and chewiness of veggies especially in soups, stews, in fresh salads and even as edible flowers for decorating cakes & pastries.


Lilies are a staple in bridal bouquets, hair halos, corsages and other decorations. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton included Lily of the Valley in her bouquet which signifies ‘you’ve made my life complete’, ‘return to happiness’, luck and also humility. The lily of the valley is nicknamed “ladder to heaven” owing to its divine beauty and fragrance. A blossom that reflects your inner divine nature, just give someone a few lilies to convey your pure & innocent feelings and see the transformation unfold as you allow yourself to be vulnerable and give someone the freedom to be themselves.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/ 

Positive Action – ‘Dump’ the Milky Way?



In ‘Pale Blue Dot’, Carl Sagan muses if an alien explorer were to fly by Earth, the first thing it would notice is not signs of urbanization but abundance of methane in the atmosphere or to put it succinctly, ‘bovine flatulence’ – not a flattering assessment of intelligent life on this planet!

This popular video makes a quick case study around that.


Can’t be bothered? Then, this hard hitting video can make your cringe and question that.


In this simple article, that many can easily relate to, one writer talks from experience on how living without cow’s milk can’t really kill you.

Seriously. If going vegan is a challenge, why not try out milk substitutes for a change?

delicious-non-dairy-milk-alternatives.pngImage: http://meatmeetsvegan.com/tag/substitute-milk/


Please feel free to share your views on thepositivemedia@gmail.com


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.


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