Online Training Program: Healing, Tarot and Ascension

Workshops and Training Sessions are available for the following:

  • Healing and Meditation Skills: Learn how to channel spiritual energy from the higher self through awakening your chakras, learning how to conduct energy through your body, mind and spirit using breath, third eye focus and mindfulness exercises. You will also be trained on how to feel and sense your spiritual or life-force energy and how to send it forth for healing of situations in your life or of others who might need your help.
  • Tarot Training: Learn how to read a standard deck of 78 cards using Angels Tarot in comparison with Rider Waite with each card denoting an angel with a specific name and intention. You shall be trained on how to combine your intuition with an understanding of the meanings of each card and practice how to take a reading for yourself using tarot spreads. You can also learn how to meditate and manifest with the cards and the angels during this workshop.
  • Manifest your Life: If you wish to enjoy creating a future of your highest vision, this is a chance for you to learn how to practice affirmations, visualize a desired reality, shape the energy of your personal life, choose relationships consciously, protect yourself, ground and release unwanted energy and receive powerful blessings from your higher self for radical transformations in your reality or to help others who may require your support.
  • Ascension Training: If you are interested in self realization and awakening from the Matrix and have a genuine interest in higher consciousness, this program is for you. Learn how to connect with your higher consciousness, twin flame and source for ascension into higher dimensions. If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of ascension and noticing changes in your dreams, body, energy levels, relationships, career paths and otherwordly phenomena of psychic nature, you may be on your way to Ascension. You shall be helped in this journey and helped in connecting with the Ascended beings and star family who will take over your training in due course of time.

The training programs are offered initially over email once a week and questions answered over email during the three months. These include upto 12 sessions of one hour of one to one video call, each spaced at weekly intervels at the price of 222 GBP for the four topics. (*The price may be subject to change to 333 GBP in future.) You will also receive a printed and signed Angels Tarot and Inner Goddess card deck copy by post (limited edition, available for a short time). Notes and assessment will be delivered each week during the three months program for all topics.

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swati prakash (7)

Swati Prakash is an author, psychic healer and Ascension coach from India and currently living in UK. She has an illustious and long background in Wiccan healing, meditation teaching, chakra healing, Vedic Astrology and Tarot. Swati has been featured in leading publications as a columnist and profiled in magazines, television and also presented radio and television shows in the past. She has written and pubished 12 books, card decks and CDs on Ascension, Healing and Spirituality and is working on her next few projects.




Andria Zafirakou of UK Awarded Global Best Teacher Prize 2018

Beauty queens and cinestars are not the only celebrities of today. On 18th March 2018, teachers had their own star-studded international ceremony in UAE, where the Global Best Teacher 2018 award worth $1 million went to Andria Zafirakou of Alperton Community College, London. Bill Gates had earlier annouced the names of the top ten finalists chosen from over 30,000 nominees from all over the world.

In her acceptance speech Andria encouraged students worldwide by saying, “Whatever your circumstances or troubles, you have the potential to succeed in your dreams and that is a right nobody can take from you. Since I was young my dream was to be an art and textiles teachers and I am proud to be one.”

Andria worked with the police to prevent gangs recruiting pupils. She also learnt the basics of numerous languages, just to communicate with pupils and their parents and redesigned curriculum to resonate with an ethnically diverse student body.

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Seven Positive Meanings of the Super Rare Blue Blood Moon on 31 Jan 2018

Full Moon (100% illumination of face of the moon), Lunar Eclipse (alignment of earth, sun and moon), Super Moon (large full moon), Blood Moon (total lunar eclipses) and Rare Blue Moon (extra full moon of a month) have been talked about a lot in recent times, but on 31 January 2018 all of these happen together in just one night making it a special treat happening after 150 years.

Being scientific and spiritual is all about understanding all natural events in a positive way so that we reduce our fears and reprogram ourself to more happiness, success and peace by learning that the way we feel determines the quality of our life and our world in any moment.

While many people in the past or ancient history have been fearful and associated Eclipses and Blood Moons with apocalyptic prophecies, none of these have really come true. At the same time, those who meditate and take charge of their own life have been found to enjoy these events and motivate each other through positive energy work.

Here are some ways of understanding and aligning energetically with this event.

  1. Open Your Heart: The Moon represents feelings and influences the tides of earth. As humans we are all have emotional currents and full moons seem to amplify our inner state by bringing our unconscious energy into the open. Bottled up emotional energy can sometimes develop into complexes that become very difficult to treat later on. This spedial lunar tide can help us be un-repressed, allowing ourselves to feel and experience intensely, not fearing emotions and letting ourselves and our loved ones safely express their feelings without judgements. moonheart
  2. Go Within: This rare phenomena is another opportunity to meditate even more deeply and be in touch with the consciousness within us. Meditation is always good and when so many people are connecting together by linking to special moments such as this one, it amplifies the positive vibrations of earth and helps all of us unite in love and light. Peace and tranqulity in your heart and mind will radiate into the universe which is within yourself. You can see all beings in the universe as part of your expanded consciousness.go within
  3. Send Blessings: We sometimes feel that we are connected only through telephones and internet or physical contact with each other, but the truth is that we are always interconnected from within in this energetic web of life. This rare event observed by all of us on earth can be a chance to send blessings and healing to each other and to earth as a whole. In a meditative state, make positive intention for yourself and for others including your loved ones and your planet so that your good wishes manifest.moonangel
  4. Be Grateful: Synchronous events such as this one are signals from our higher self to be aware of the wonderful opportunity called life and the amazing manifestation called the universe that is a creation of our consciousness. We all can appreciate the beauty of nature and be aware of our natural gifts to live more abundantly. The more we focus on the good that we have received in life, the more of good things we will keep attracting or manifesting in our world. moon woman
  5. Enhance Intuition: Moon is a sign of our subconscious becoming conscious, and because this Moon is in Cancer (as per sidereal astrology or the actual position in zodiac), it is even better to use intuition at this time and take the guidance of divination such as tarot, oracular messages, dreams and channeling of higher guidance. You can get clear signals from the universe within yourself about lessons from your past experiences, about where you may be headed to in your soul’s journey, or the opportunities available to you in the present moment.moon dream.jpg
  6. Experience Healing: The Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse as the planet aligns together with sun and moon. At such times some of us feel sad or intense about a lot of things and require to return to ourself for healing. Any trauma, pain or sorrow is brought into light so that we can take required steps for healing. Go for a relaxing healing session for spiritual rejuvination, forgiveness, re-energisation and unconditional love from the Higher Self. Breathe gently and feel positive energy or light entering each cell of your body and each corner of your aura to deeply heal from within.full.jpg
  7. Amplify Unity: As this rare event coincides with the second Wolf Moon of January and wolves represents unity and togetherness, we on earth can come together for healing our planet and freeing ourselves from imaginary boundaries of religion or politics. Holding small or large circles of interactive and meditative events held together with family, friends, neighborhood or even online can help us in amplifying unity consciousness and srengthening love on our planet.moon wold

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Top Ten Positive News of 2017

We all have seen a lot of negativity in media all these years, so much so that we forget those things that really matter…messages of hope, peace and wellbeing that are before us to uplift our awareness and remind us that the world is getting better indeed.  For negative or disturbing news we can send energy through positive affirmations to transform situations into a desirable alternatives. Whatever we concentrate upon can indeed amplify by the power of our amazing universal mind as we are all one consciousness. We can start with these ten achievements to focus on as we enter 2018 to create a new and brighter beginning.

  1. End of Syria War: UN declared an end to Syria’s seven-year civil war, which had claimed the lives of nearly half a million people and displaced millions more, reported The Week on Sep 8.
  2. Daesh (IS) Defeated: Daesh, the terror organisation also self-branded as Islamic State and wrongly named by media as Isis has been defeated in key cities of Syria and Iraq which were their planning and operations centre for worldwide attacks per this Reuter’s report on 9 December.
  3. Women Allowed to Drive in UAE: Saudi Arabia, criticized for being the only country in the world that banned women from driving finally lifted the ban as per this NDTV report on 27 Sep 2017 , and now will allow women to also drive motorcycles and trucks in 2018.
  4. Disclosure of Secret Government Program concerning Alien Spacecrafts: Massive government cover-ups begin to be exposed as former Pentagon secret program chief admitted that the fact we have been visited by extraterrestrial crafts have been proven beyond reasonable doubt as per this Telegraph report of 25 December 2017.
  5. Return of Abducted Chibok girls by Boko Haram: 82 school girls abducted by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram in Chibok Nigeria, in 2014 were returned as reported by The Guardian on 7 May 2017
  6. Drop in Crime and Murder in USA: While until 2016 crime rates rose sharply against previous year, in 2017 latest reports have predicted a decline for the first time as per analysis of top USA cities. Murder rate fell by 5.6 percent as per Report by Brennan’s Center on 20 December.
  7. Record Increase in Green Energy: Solar power prices have reached record lows all over the world undercutting fossil fuels and helping our planet. As an example to the rest of the world, harmful emissions in UK continued to fall while number of coal free hours increased, with 11 June being ‘Stunning Sunday’ as  the carbon intensity reached a low level that must be the norm by 2030, according to the government’s climate advisers says the Report by Guardian 17 June 2017.
  8. Gene Editing Tool To Eliminate Incurable diseases: Scientists have found new ways to edit our genes to cure or eliminate previously incurable diseases such as Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy or even reverse ageing as per this Report by The Guardian on 7 December.
  9. Jordan Bans Rapists From Escaping Punishment by Marrying Victim: In a historic victory of women’s rights, Jordan banned outdated laws that prevented prosecution if the rapist married the woman as per this Report in The Independent on 1 August 2017.
  10. Artificial Food To Eliminate World Hunger: Agriculture requires land, climatic conditions and resources while poor have been dying hungry. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have tested Bioreactors that use electricity to create food from basic elements such as water and CO2 to create edible protein rich compounds to help create urgent supplies to famine affected people as per this Report by the LUT dated 19 July.

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Five Ways of Refusing to Be a Victim

We might have heard of the recent social media trend #MeToo that encourages women to come out and admit that they have been victims of harassment in the past.


#MeToo is a laudable effort by Alyssa Milano of Charmed fame to support Rose McGowan who played her witchy sister in TV show, among other Hollywood female stars who have made allegations of rape against a popular producer. Now #MeToo has spread all over the social media showing that rape and sexual harassment are not limited only to celebrities or Hollywood but to almost every woman who has grown up in a masculine dominant environment.

Whether at work or at home, even within their own marriages women have been subject to domination by the male gender, both sexually and otherwise.

But the question that most awakened women are asking is different. How do we now refuse to continue this trend of being victims and emerge as divine creators of our fate instead?

  1. Positive Instead of Negative Affirmations: It should be #MeTooNoMore to show that we might have been victims in the past but from now onwards we refuse to be victims. Our beliefs create our own reality so why not affirm a clear refusal to accept a life of fear and victimisation. Also we must have campaigns to make men understand the meaning of ‘NO’.stop
  2. No Guilt or Shame: Encourage yourself and others to reveal their stories of being victims in the past. The problem of rape and sexual harassment is common but swept under the rugs because of a certain social stigma that keeps women quiet. Instead we need to applaud women who share their stories whether or not with the #MeToo hashtag, simply because it helps remove the guilt or shame that women have been dominated through. At the same time remember that the story was the past and no longer needs to be our present or future. Treat victims with love and encourage them to let go of the pain.people-2561928_960_720.jpg
  3. No Blaming Yourself: Often women are blamed for ‘attracting’ or ‘causing’ their own rape or sexual harassment. While some people blame their clothing, others go as far as blaming their own karma or past lives, both of which are terribly flawed approaches to the issues. Someone else’s negative karma or harmful actions are their own bad karma and the victim is not to be blamed. Instead they should be applauded for bringing a criminal to the law. Similarly clothing or beauty is not what attracts rape because such incidents may be prevalent with innocent children or women in hijabs while women who project confidence and live by their own rules may actually be able to deter attackers to an extent.woman-2113099_960_720
  4. The Root of the Issue: The social root of rape and sexual assault of women has more to do with our collective consciousness or spiritual frequency than meets the eye. In a world where we all are spiritually more content and at peace with ourself, deriving pleasure from dominating others is out of the question. We need to spread more spiritual peace and meditation among all genders. We can encourage men who display kindness and compassion and who are in balance with their inner feminine side instead of focusing on the negative ones.meditation-2717462_960_720
  5. The Divine Feminine and Masculine: In a world where women are not even treated as humans with equal rights in certain countries or cultures, it may seem hard to promote the concept of a feminine power or divinity that is the creator of the universe. Centuries of referring to God as ‘He’ and praying to ‘Him’ are no longer the way to an equal world. Let ‘Her’ be equally praised and worshipped as ‘She’ the creator, because the divine creator is not limited to a single gender. More importantly it is not an external being but our own collective consciousness that creates a collective reality called the universe and each one of us, male, female or otherwise are Divine – God/Goddess.shakti


International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The International Campaign to Abolish  Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) currently headed by Beatrice Fihn has won the Nobel Peace Prize for their international efforts in prohibition of nuclear weapons.

ICAN is a coalition of NGOs from around a 100 countries and has has been campaigning to stigmatise, prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons under international law.

On 7 July 2017, 122 of the UN member states acceded to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As soon as the treaty has been ratified by 50 states, the ban on nuclear weapons will enter into force and will be binding under international law for all the countries that are party to the treaty.

Around 15000 nuclear weapons have been known to exist in countries including USA
UK, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. These along with Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey who host nuclear weapons as well as Canada, Italy, Germany and many other nations have believed that nuclear warheads are necessary for security.  The Nobel Peace Prize might be a sign to the international community, including nuclear supporting states that the world is growing ready for complete nuclear disarmament and that possessing nuclear weapons does not make our world more secure or safe in any way.  If anything, the provocation of nuclear tests and threats of wars between nuclear nations increased in the past years due to the false glamour of being a ‘nuclear super-power’.

The call for complete disarmament is crucial now more than ever.

The full text of this historic international treaty to illegalize nuclear weapons can be read HERE



The World’s Least Stressful Cities

If you thought city life was all about high rises and fast cars, these cities will open up your mind to a new way of living.

The world’s least stressful cities were ranked on factors such as green spaces, ease of public transport, better security, lesser pollution, employment levels, better health and lesser debt. 
We all can create a stress-free and positive space WITHIN our-self and transform our own situations and surroundings or attract better ones soon, because inner change can create an outer change.
1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburgh, UK
8. Sydney, Australia

The Good News Revolution


Our everyday media might make us feel differently at times, but there is a growing awareness among many of us about the importance of focusing on the positive even in terms of news and entertainment.

In the past many of us were guilty of enjoying negativity. We loved stories including movies, books and social media that made us justify our anger, frustration and fears actually rooted in our own personal beliefs carried over from before. In reading and viewing these words and images, in both fact and fiction, we enjoyed the idea of being victims and avoiding responsibility for our world which is own creation. Many of our religious philosophies were also centred around the idea of struggling against evil and waiting for an outer creator as a savior instead of simply being at peace from within. Deep seated beliefs in such duality opened many of us to attracting and being affected by more and more negativity day by day, because it is not what we think but what we deeply believe in that we usually manifest starting with our immediate surrounding situations and expanding slowly to cover more of the world.

In the wake of spiritual realization and rising global awareness, we now seem to be more predisposed to focusing upon and deeply absorbing positive beliefs, ideas and perspectives. Good news seems to be another small step in that direction. Focusing upon good news is not about ignoring the negativity around us but about believing in our inner power to transform anything right now. This is why at The Positive Media we are careful about bringing you only those positive articles and stories that inspire and motivate us to bring our our best and to transform our false beliefs into something better and helpful. Where there is anything negative there is simply a need for healing and inner peace that can bring about a positive change.  Instead of feeling hopeless and broken we can and will create a better reality within ourself if not outside. And because outer change follows inner change, we may witness the miracles of inner positive awareness for our-self starting right now in the form of a more positive world.

While The Positive Media has a primary focus on spiritual awareness, here are some other sources of positive world news and current affairs that you can also enjoy and subscribe to:

  1. Positive.News: One of the finest positive news magazines today has a focused approach to bringing you, in their words ‘No water-skiing squirrels. Just good journalism with a solutions focused approach.’ You can support them and subscribe here
  2. On the other hand if you do not mind pictures of cute furry creatures along with positive news and inspirational stories, you can log on to
  3. Good News Network: A steady stream of positive news everyday.
  4. Happy News: Real news and compelling stories, yet always positive.
  5. Global Good News: Positive news articles inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If you do prefer general news media, remember most popular networks also have some positive news in them everyday, for instance:

  1. Huffington Post: One of the biggest in mainstream media to have a separate section focusing on positive news articles as well as many positive stories
  2. Today: Inspirational and funny news, videos and more on
  3. Telegraph: Uplifting and feel good stories to help you have a better day.
  4. Mirror: Happy stories to make you smile
  5. South Africa: An excellent news media dedicated only to positive stories is
  6. ABC Net Australia: Because a few positive stories will not harm you….
  7. And also from Australia
  8. Fox News: They too have a category for positive news…

With many of mainstream media houses having at least partially positive news, we do feel a change is already on its way and soon our regular news media will have headlines celebrating positive news if we continue to believe that we all can and will transform ourself for the better at an individual and collective level. The change begins with whoever is reading this.





Historic Victory to Muslim Women’s Rights In India

The efforts and courage of a few strong women has brought about a ban on the ages old gender-biased practice of triple-talaq in India which allowed Muslim men to instantly and unilaterally divorce their wives by just repeating the word ‘talaq’ three times. The ruling was made after five women petitioned the court. Read the full BBC story HERE

New Method of 3D Printing of Human Tissues to Revolutionize Medicine


15Aug 3D printing living cells 1 - article.jpeg

A team of researchers led by Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology in Oxford’s Department of Chemistry recently devised a way to 3D print living human tissues in self-contained cells at extremely high resolution using the above featured printer. The method developed by the team is superior to older 3D tissue printing technologies as it prevents cells from moving about once printed out.

Advanced 3D tissue printing technology could be of immense help in regenerative medicine enabling the production of complex tissues and cartilage to repair or replace diseased and damaged areas of the body. This technology can also help reproduce human tissue models that could take away the need for clinical animal testing.


Earlier technologies for 3D printing of living cells and organs can be viewed in this video.




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