11 Types of Foods to Avoid and Their Positive Replacements

Much of the foods cleverly packaged, branded, advertised and widely distributed in supermarkets can actually cause us tremendous harm. Even though we might see many people around us purchasing and consuming these everyday we should not assume that it is alright for us to follow suit. Most importantly, even though they may not always pose an immediate risk, over a period of time human society has, due to consumption of packaged products, been affected by ills of cancer, heart disease, high blood sugar, obesity, autism, mental and emotional illnesses, violence, dullness and stress. We have also brought a severe strain on our eco-system and threatened the life and wellbeing of other species with all the excess packaging and plastics that these foods lead to. Here are  positive or ‘sattvic’ alternatives that are healthier for everyone including earth, to replace the common negative or ‘tamasic’ diet options that have been popular all around.

  1. Canned foods and Ready Meals: cans-3225861_960_720Tinned beans, canned tomatoes, spinach, and all kinds of pre-cut, pre-cooked and packed meals that you can open and eat right out of the box or cans are regarded as ‘Tamasic’ or low-vibrational, toxic meals that can bring our spiritual energy and wellbeing down.  Storing pre-cooked meals in the refrigerator overnight and for long hours, or on supermarkets shelves is also a cause for loss of ‘sattvic’ qualities in our foods.  A much more ‘sattvic’ or positive vibrational alternative is to consume only fresh and whole foods that are cooked at home and eaten immediately after cooking.baked-potatoes-2157201_960_720
  2. Bottled Juices and Smoothies: juice-1013227_960_720.jpgAlthough they are widely marketed as healthy and ethical foods, juicing of fruits and bottling them for distribution and sale can cause a loss of positive vibrations making these products ‘tamasic’ and stale. The energetic value of fruits is best when eaten whole and especially when they are organically farmed without pesticides and chemical products. Fresh fruits are also readily available and require no processing making them ideal for busy people who do not wish to spend time cooking and juicing.fruit-2367029_960_720
  3. Fizzy Drinks and Diet Colas: supermarket-1229744_960_720Although we might reach out for fizzy drinks for quenching our thirst on a hot day, the truth is they have absolutely no nutritional benefits and provide an artificial feeling of cooling while artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and aspartame in diet colas are linked with cancer. The best alternative to thirst quenchers is a glass of clean water that you can easily have at home or work, and carry your own bottle while on the go.water
  4. White Breads and Refined Flour Pastas: white-bread-3279815_960_720Having a crisp toast or sandwich made with fluffy bread for breakfast, packaged biscuits or cakes for tea and shapely white pastas for dinner may not be as healthy for us as we thought. Due to refined flour, preservatives and additives used for most of these products, they are likely to impair our digestive systems if we consume them regularly. A much healthier alternative is to use traditionally milled whole-grain flour that contains the husk and fibres within and to prepare oven-fresh brown breads, biscuits, home-cut and dried pastas, home baked pizzas and easy to cook brown ‘rotis’ (flatbreads) within minutes at home without any unhealthy additives that packaged breads would normally contain. bread-1192236_960_720
  5. Crisps and Cheesy Snacks: snacksReaching out for the easily available bag of crisps or nibbles is so very convenient when we feel a sudden hunger pang, even though we know it is not actually healthy for us. The artificial processing in factories, added salt, cheese powder and MSGs make these products ‘tamasic’ for us. Children fed on such foods on a regular basis are normally found to face more illnesses and developmental delays too. Instead of substituting these with alternative packaged foods, try wholesome and nutritive vegetables and fruits such as cucumber and banana which require no preparation and can be consumed on the go by children and adults alike.cucumber
  6. Snack bars and Granola: snackbarsNutty and cereal bars packed with sugars, sweeteners and chocolate as well as preservatives might be marketed as great health-foods but they are obviously not so. When we need to carry a nutty snack to work or play, we can easily pack some whole organic nuts in a bag and carry them with us to supply all the protein and fibre that we need, minus added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives.nuts.png
  7. Packaged Cereals and Cornflakes: Morning-GloryA box of cornflakes or muesli or some of the colourful or sugary cereals that we quickly pour out for our children and for ourselves each morning may not be the brightest way to begin our day.  Due to the packaged nature of these products we end up eating sulphites and preservatives as well as excess sugar that can be easily avoided by consuming homemade cereal such as boiled oats, broken wheat with whole fruits and nuts, or toast some oats and nuts in our own oven and prepare our own crunchy muesli within minutes. oats
  8. Ice-creams, Sweets and packed Desserts: ice-cream-2198135_960_720.jpgCool softies and tubs of ice-creams, colourful sweets and lollies have been heavily marketed to children all over the media and through the tempting sounds of ‘ice-cream vans’ that haunt every school building each day of summer. We all know that these sweets and frozen desserts are completely devoid of any nutritional value and contain mostly fluff, artificial colours and sugar. Avoid all the sweet junk by focusing on fresh, whole, organic fruits such as creamy avocados and juicy oranges that can be easily carried over to every playground whether school and home and give yourself and your children a healthier life. avocado-1276875_960_720
  9. Frozen Vegetables: Iceland-Groceries-Frozen-Vegetables-1024x768Some people think that frozen vegetables contribute to the ‘pre-day’ requirements for a healthy vegan life. However frozen goods are just as ‘tamasic’ or negative in energy as canned or processed foods. Instead, purchase organic fresh vegetables from your local organic farmers who can either home-deliver or sell fresh seasonal produce at the farmers markets regularly, or reach out for the ‘organic fresh vegetable’ shelf when you go shopping everyday.market-3336244_960_720
  10. Meats and Poultry: pigs-520896_960_720Chicken, beef, mutton, fish, ham, eggs and virtually all dead meats are ‘tamasic’ in nature as their spiritual energy is dark as well as painful due to the way all animals are treated and killed for the purpose of consumption. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits that do not kill the plant is much more natural and ethical, while being full of health benefits of ‘sattvic’ nature. fruit-basket-396622_960_720
  11. Dairy and Cheese: Flickr-factory-farm-ArdarveJust as meats and eggs can distress and kill animals, so does the dairy industry too. Instead of substituting your diet with vegan cheeses and packaged vegan milks which have been processed in factories and thereby ‘tamasic’, we can ideally eliminate our dependence on dairy and cheese altogether by training our mind to enjoy whole fruits and vegetables with water as the best ‘sattvic’ choice.food


12 Eco Friendly Homemade Alternatives to Personal Care Products

We all know that personal care products such as shampoos and shower gels not only contain harsh chemicals but also harm our planet with excess plastic packaging. While eating healthy raw vegan foods and enjoying a meditation routine are the best way to ensure healthy body, skin and hair, through the power of consciousness we can use completely natural, homemade, organic, ethical, vegan and plastic-free products for personal care and do our bit to save the world, one day at a time… and save money too.

  1. Body Wash and Scrub: A great homemade alternative that can be easily incorporated in our bath is ‘ubtan’ or a gentle paste of oatmeal or gram flour (besan) mixed with a little water, to which we can add a sprinkle of ground turmeric for its wonderful antiseptic qualities. As we apply and scrub our body with these all natural ingredients we feel relaxed, healed and cleansed at the same time.besab
  2. Hair Wash: We may not need to search far and wide for shampoo alternatives. Going ‘poo’ free is easier when we can have all natural and organic Shikakai or hair-fruit, a few pieces of which added to warm water can give us a mild lathery and fragrant concoction for washing our hair. Herbal teas such as nettle and rosemary can make excellent rinses for the hair too. shikakai
  3. Detergent: Laundry can smell wonderful and be really clean with a small muslin bag of soapnuts (reetha) tossed into your bucket or washing machine. reetha
  4. Hair Conditioner: All those expensive brands of conditioners can be easily replaced with pure and natural organic oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or gooseberry (amla) oil which can be lightly applied to the hair follicles before washing to result in clean as well as balanced hair. olive-oil-bowl-tease-today-160307
  5. Skin Care: Our skin loves the feeling of fruit pulp such as organic avocado which can give most skin creams a run for their money. Expensive brands or beauty parlors may not be necessary; mashed banana applied on the skin with cucumber slices on our eyes can make a great home based beauty treatment. Most natural organic vegan oils such as coconut oil can bless our skin with moisture and that nourished feeling. avocado1
  6. Ear Cleaning: Ear buds are terrible for they push wax back into our ear canals to block our ear drums causing infections and the plastic in them is unhelpful to the environment too. Simply add a drop or two of olive oil in your ear canal and leave it in for a few minutes before repeating this for the next ear so that within a few days the excess wax is released naturally.olive-oil-for-ear-infection
  7. Hair Color: Harsh bleaches and chemical dyes in our hair color and treatments are not only expensive but also damaging to our health in the long run. A homemade paste of organic henna leaf powder with a bit of water can be easily applied all over our hair and washed off after an hour for a gentle and natural color that is easy on the eyes and leaves the hair soft with a beautiful natural fragrance. Henna Leaves With Powder On Ceramic Bowl
  8. Mouthwash: Fluoridated and alcohol based mouthwashes can be harmful in the long run. A small piece of cinnamon bark can cleanse the mouth effectively with its anti-microbial action. You can also boil it in water and cool it to prepare a fresh home-made mouthwash in minutes. Chewing a pod of cardamom can freshen breath in an instant without any of the sugars or plastic of chewing gums or lozenges.Cinnamonum verum
  9. Teeth Cleaner: While toothpastes without fluoride and sulfates can be hard to find, we can try to cleanse our teeth with a home made paste of powdered cinnamon and clove. Chewing a neem bark or ‘dantun’  as a natural toothbrush has germ repellent effects. Chewing a clove can be extremely effective in warding off tooth  aches too. neem bark
  10. Skin Detox: Acne, eczema and skin problems can be easily remedied at home with the help of neem leaves, a few of which boiled in water, strained and cooled can be added to bath for an effective skin detox. A paste of neem leaves can cleanse and purify skin as a face pack. Herbs such as basil, lavender and chamomile are not only great as herbal teas, they can also be great for skin care when added to bath for a fragrant and chemical free spa experience at home. neem-leavs
  11. Lip Color: Wax, chemicals and plastic in lipsticks can be harmful for the skin and environment. Organic dragon’s blood tree sap or ink can actually be healing for our skin as well as provide a beautiful red or pink tint at the same time. Lip gloss can be easily made at home using by grinding and straining beet juice and adding a bit of coconut oil to it which can even be solidified.lip
  12. Perfume and Sprays: Highly devoured brands of fragrances and body sprays not only cost much more than they are actually worth, they might have artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients too. Simple and pure essential oils that can be safely dabbed on to our clothes include lavender, geranium, rose, patchouli and many more. Essential oils such as peppermint, citronella and eucalyptus can also be sprayed or diffused in rooms for deodorizing and repelling insects sans chemicals.essential-oils-2738555_960_720

15 Common Addictions and Healthier Alternatives

We all have felt these common cravings to some or the other extent in our lives, and these can easily turn into addictions if not conquered through consciousness. Here are 15 ways of transforming them to healthier alternatives:

  1. Cakes and Sweets: While a bit of sweet treats every now and then would not ordinarily harm anyone, cakes and sweets can be highly addictive and unhealthy in the long run due to excessive fat and sugar content proven harmful for our heart and overall wellbeing. What our body is actually looking for is energy and a positive feeling of comfort. Juicy fruits make for a delicious alternative by supplying us 100% natural sugar and desirable nutrients to keep us radiantly healthy.fruit-3399834_960_720
  2. Breads and Chips: Cravings for pastas, biscuits, crispy fried snacks and carbohydrate rich foods is an indication that we need a feeling of a full tummy. However the excess gluten and heavy calories can easily show up on the waistline, in digestive discomfort and on the health of our skin. A healthy substitue are raw or sautee organic vegetables and crispy salads that provide natural fibre minus the excess calories to keep us feeling full as well as aid healthy digestion with a glowing effect on the skin.salad-2655915_960_720
  3. Hot Curries and Spices: Our taste buds certainly seem to feel excited, but it is often the result of burning sensations and not really the flavours that your body actually desires, not to mention the acidity and upset moods that follow. A great way to add the flavour to our diet are vegetable soups laced with natural herbs such as sage, basil, parsley, cumin, rosemary and tarragon and  that are soothing yet yummy and good for our tummy. soup-570922_960_720
  4. Icecreams and Fizzy Drinks: Excellent advertising and marketing through the decades has most of us thirsting and craving for sodas and ice, especially in dry and hot weather. Not only do they have poor nutritional value, they can harm our throat and stomach too. A much more satisfying substitution is found in water as well as homemade drinks and coolers such as watermelon, minty lime or lemon water and fresh berries to quench, cleanse and purify our system.lime-2353741_960_720
  5. Tea and Coffee: Some of the most addictive substances are our daily cups of tea and coffee which are hard to let go of at times inspite of the nicotine and caffeine that can be harmful despite the engineered marketing claims of health benefits and research often promoted by industrial cartels. Herbal teas or Tisanes including home made concoctions such as ginger, lemon, nettle, lemongrass, hibiscus, peppermint, chamomile, dandelion and more are delightful alternatives to our daily requirement of hot beverages for healing and detoxification.tee-2427846_960_720
  6. Juices and Concentrates: Contrary to what we might have believed juices brought over the counter are not usually healthy as they are often filtered and diluted to remove fibre and containing concentrated sugars or even artificially sweetened at times. Keep all the fibre and pulp in, minus the sweeteners with homemade smoothies prepared with a combination of vegetables and fruits such as spinach, cucumber, kale, grapes, beet and avocado that can be prepared in less than five minutes.detox-1995433_960_720
  7. Smokes and Alcohol: Whether tobacco or other herbs or drinks that claim to provide a high, what we are really seeking is mental peace and destressing. Avoid cancerous and addictive substances by simple breathing techniques to take in fresh, clean air with yoga and meditation for stress relief. Aromatherapy with essential oils can be an excellent alternative too with therapeutic effects on the mind, body and soul.essential-oils-2884618_960_720
  8. Music, Movies and Telly: Constantly being plugged into gadgets for entertainment can be stressful for our third-eye as it blocks our inner creative vision and inner music from higher dimensions. Clear away thought pollution and noise in the head with simple habits of good restful sleep, noting down your dreams, receptivity and intuition training and meditative states to sharpen our inner senses. This way we can also develop extended sensory perceptions and lucid dreaming skills for awakening our consciousness.dream
  9. Social Media and Gossip: Chatting with friends, sharing updates and exchanging sweet pleasentries is one thing, while being unable to spend a single moment alone or with loved ones who we are responsible for due to addiction to socialising and social media is another. What we are actually seeking is a loving connection with the universe and this can be found through heart-centered meditation and compassion practice, family activities or through social work and volunteering for good causes.volunteer
  10. Looks and Popularity: We all like looking beautiful and receiving compliments, but an obsession with outer beauty, selfies, cosmetics, clothing or style can sometimes be at the expense of not allowing the real substance of the soul to shine through our natural face and natural body. Detach from false admirers and envious eyes by focusing on your inner talents, true or real friends, supportive and positive relations who bring our our true inner worth and through self-development at an integral level.yoga.jpg
  11. Money and Status: Whether through the next big car, house, designer labels or vacation we sometimes entangle ourselves with the illusion of materialism promoted steadily by some moviestars, celebrities and business tycoons. We can stop wasting our precious resources on meaningless things and start working on our inner and true resources by discovering our soul purpose, inner power and spiritual wealth that is the mark of true abundance that grows when shared.key
  12. Daydreaming and Fantasy: It is indeed healthy for our inner child to have a good imagination and to create fantasies in our mind, yet an excess of this can have us ungrounded and be a sign of inner depression or being stuck in unfulfilled dreams that float in our subconscious for a long time. Past regression for discovering our suppressed memories from earlier years or even past lives can help heal these issues or traumas that are at the core of our subconscious.therapy
  13. Religious Fixation: Cultures, religion and mythology are great subjects to delve into so that we can expand our mind, but a fixation on any limited belief system can make us judgemental or even fundamentalistic if we are unable to accept various points of view and stay open to learning. We can fulfil our search for truth and justice minus the indoctrination by learning about nature and karmic laws and make peace with the universe through understanding and love.moon-2776955_960_720
  14. Occult Power: We all love to have power over our reality, but it may be unhealthy if we are obsessed with the occult and seek to control others or their minds through our ego-centrism. The illusion of me versus others is broken through an expansion of consciousness through self-realization so that we realize our inheret unity and see our own reflection in all people and things in the world to bring about compassionate awareness.mandala-3396997_960_720
  15. Sex and Sensuality: We all need a healthy sensual experience of life for accepting joy and for balanced romantic relationships, yet an excessive focus on sexuality can be a sign of past repression, lack of inner joy and even depression. Let go of dependency with inner love and joyful creative activities such as music, yoga and arts to express the sacral chakra energy more beneficially instead of draining out all your power so that the kundalini or inner energy ascends to higher levels of consciousness without being repressed or blocked.chakra-3131632_960_720.jpg

Eight Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Everyday

Plastic, short for pliable elastic, was invented in 1907 and contained no molecules of nature whatsoever, making it hazardous to the environment as it does not biodegrade like other natural substances. Within just a few decades plastic has managed to pollute our planet to a great degree by being falsely marketed to us as an inescapable part of our daily life. Little do we realize that plastic was popularized only in the 1960s and many of us had relatively plastic free childhoods. Here are some easy ways we can return to a greener lifestyle.

  1. Bring Your Own Bottle: We instinctively buy a can or bottle of juice or water when we feel thirsty outside but this habit can cost us our planet. Cans and bottles used in packaging beverages account for a majority of our plastic waste all over the world. According to this Greenpeace report on plastic, of the 480 billion plastic beverage bottles sold in 2016 alone, less than half were collected for recycling, and of that only 7 percent was turned into new plastic.. We can easily change our one behavior pattern and save the world, and our money, by simply carrying a durable and long lasting bottle of water from home whenever we set out. thirst-1474240_960_720
  2. No Unnecessary Disposables: We do not really need straws to sip liquids. Similarly we do not always require disposable shopping bags if we simply carry a spare bag with us. Electric razors could reduce plastic waste as compared to disposable razors. We could use cardboard applicators instead of plastic ones for tampons. Disposable plastic cups, spoons and stirrers can easily be replaced with regular mugs and durable cutlery. Better still, having our coffee at home could be great for our health, wallet and for the environment than cafes that serve us in disposable plastic. tea-3190241_960_720
  3. Go Micro-bead Free: Fine plastic beads in our toothpastes, exfoliating scrubs, shower gels, face wash and other cosmetic or personal care products are likely to be commercial gimmicks that are neither very helpful to our health nor good for our environment. As they go down the drain they contaminate our water bodies such as rivers and oceans threatening life and health by entering our food chain. According to this shocking report on micro-plastics, 80 percent of tap water all over the world is contaminated, Simply do not purchase products containing micro-beads.soap-dispenser-2337697_960_720
  4. Eco-friendly Grocery: While ordinary supermarkets have been selling plastic packaged food items, we also have fantastic organic farmers that home deliver fruits and vegetables to us in eco-friendly boxes and paper bags, as well as green grocers who sell whole foods without plastic bags and boxes. We can also use our own shopping trolley and say no when offered plastic bags at checkout. Reducing pre-packaged food in our diet is also great for our health as our bodies love fresh and raw produce. Eating fresh would also reduce the need for storing foods in plastic bags and zippers in the fridge.img-farming-riverfordbox1_big
  5. Beware of Hidden Sources of Plastic: Many people are surprised to know that some of the things we consume everyday, such as teabags and chewing gum may contain plastic which could be hazardous for health. Using a tea-strainer with loose tea, especially herbal infusions and getting rid of the chewing gum habit could be healthier and more eco-friendly.tee-592047_960_720
  6. Alternatives to Plastic Packed Toiletries: Most of us find it convenient to use plastic packaged washing products, however paper wrapped soap bars could minimize our dependence on plastic bottles, while natural alternatives such as Shikakai and Reetha (Soap Nuts) are considered great for hair and can also be sealed in a muslin cloth and tossed with our clothing in the washing machine for cleaning and a wonderful aroma in our linen too. Natural homemade products such as avocado pulp cream, banana mash face pack, olive oil for hair can be good alternatives to packaged brands. natural
  7. Be Natural: By having a simple, minimalist and spiritual lifestyle we can reduce our overall consumption of unnecessary cosmetics, hair products, plastic gadgets such as hair dryers, personal care brands and other lifestyle products that rely heavily on plastic packaging. By loving our natural hair, skin and healthy body and using less plastic we not only enhance our well being but make our planet more beautiful from within and outside. hair
  8. For Babies and Children: Many parents are trying cloth nappies instead of disposable ones, not only to save up on their expenses but also to reduce non-biodegradable waste as disposable nappies or diapers do contain plastic. Similarly glitter used in crafts and many stationery products such as pens and glue-sticks may contain plastic, the usage of which we can keep to a minimum by using pencils, eco-friendly glue and stationary. Many eco-conscious parents try to buy wooden toys instead of the common plastic ones for their children.toys-1705501_960_720

Five Hi-Tech Gadgets for the Modern Yogi

So far science and technology was overly concerned about how to observe and harness the energy of the world around us. Today’s futuristic technology has surpassed this and invaded the territory of our own consciousness. Consecutively, not only mystics and meditators but also regular people can experience the power of consciousness and inner wellbeing. Here are some examples:

  1. Lucid Dreaming Band: With this technology we can now have a digital ‘third-eye’ of sorts. The lucid dream band senses our REM or rapid eye movements which indicates we are dreaming in our sleep, to generate lights that reach our dream, so that we can know that we are dreaming. Once we gain awareness that we are in a dream, we can do whatever we want in our dream, be it flying, moving or changing or dreamworld, or any other magical experience. This also gives us control over nightmares to help us fight anxiety and relax ourself at will.  Examples: https://sleepwithaurora.com/aurora/ and http://www.ibandplus.com/lucid.png
  2. Meditation Band: With these headbands, our brain waves are sensed in real-time to generate corresponding sounds or music as we meditate. For instance when our mind is relaxed and settled, we could hear the sound of calm wind or sea waves, else the elements would also reflect the stress detected in our brain. These devices also enable guided us to calm our brain waves and experience greater wellbeing. Examples: http://www.choosemuse.com/ or https://getversus.com muse
  3. Aura Vision: While headbands measure and provide feedback to us mentally, aura devices can through biofeedback generate a visual image of our ‘aura’ or inner state in the form of our chakra colours and luminosity along with various graphs and charts through aura softwares, to show us how our emotional and mental state could be on your computer screen. If used correctly we could also get a live visual for how energy is changing or moving during a healing session or how energy shifts before and after healing or over a period of time. Examples: http://inneractive.com/energy/ and http://www.auraphoto.com/inneractive
  4. Breathing and Fitness Tracker: Through these gadgets you can clip on or wear small devices that can track your breathing patterns or heart rate to provide feedback on your stress and anxiety levels so that you can take vital steps towards calming and wellbeing. You could also stick tags to your clothes or undergarments to discreetly monitor your wellbeing levels and receive feedback on how you could do better. Example: https://www.spire.io and https://www.getqardio.comspire-health-tag-3
  5. Virtual Reality Meditation: Through a simulated environment you could experience tranquility and relaxation using multi-sensory simulations to feel as if you are infact in the reality where you are stress-free. Although this technology is still developing it could well be a feature of our daily life soon. VR can also be used to provide therapy for pain and psychological disorders such as phobias or post traumatic stress by allowing you to relive past memories, or enter simulations where you can face your fears to experience healing. Example: https://lucabosurgi.com/mind-fitness-virtual-reality/ and https://medium.com/@4everwilliam/creating-a-happy-place-f972bef24823

Six Misconceptions Regarding Gender That We Can Let Go Of Today

Our soul has no gender. All of us are equally divine and each being has masculine as well as feminine traits within. For centuries women and those men with feminine traits have been oppressed and judged due to ignorance. Whether woman, man, transgender or gay, we all need to let go of these limiting fear based beliefs regarding our gender imposed by society.

1. Religious Authority: Whether through religion or culture, we have been wrongly taught that women should have fewer rights with regard to property, career, religious roles and sexual choices. Holy books of various religions have had outdated concepts regarding how women can be purchased in the guise of marriage, how man has the right over her body, and how women should not have freedom or equal property rights. LGBT community has been severely condemned without any rational reason. It is necessary to totally reject belief systems that have been oppressive and male dominated.

2. False Standards of Beauty: Through media and cultural traditions women have been brainwashed into believing that they must conform to socially accepted standards of beauty. The idea that women have to look a certain way has been propagated through images of dolls, glamorous stars and beauty pagents to sell fairness creams, high heels, chemical cosmetics, tight lingerie, silicone implants, slimming products and artificial perfumes that are expensive and hurt the body in the long run. It is time for women to stop being victims of false images and to choose inner health and wellbeing instead with love for their natural self.

3. Marital Control: The idea we need someone to complete us and that every woman must get married, especially by a certain age is prevalent as a social norm. In some cultures parents make marriage of the girl the biggest goal and pay the family of the groom to take thier daughters in marriage even though women are fairly capable of independence. In most cases life after marriage is more limiting for women who lose much of their freedom and perform free housekeeping and chilcare services as housewives while men continue in their careers. It is time to transform the notion that a woman is vulnerable without a man and needs to be tied down through the social control system of marriage.

4. Sexual Guilt: Men have traditionally been allowed to reveal their bodies freely and to be sexually open. In most cultures women have been made to feel guilty regarding their bodies and their sexual needs. Women in some countries have been routinely subject to horrors such as genital cutting and breast ironing, just because their body is seen as sinful. In many cultures a display of feminine cleavage or legs is unthinkable. Men are encouraged to be take the lead, flirt or be polygamous, or buy sexual services while women are afraid to be judged as loose if they dress down, try to take the lead or even if they are raped. Instead of continuing such gender biased traditions we need to completely dismantle them.

5. Sexual Abuse: Almost all women have suffered some form of sexual abuse, eve-teasing or molestation since childhood whether from male relatives, classmates, colleagues, boyfriends, strangers or from their own husbands. Living as a woman could be especially distressing with the constant fear of the way you are stared at or hit-on by men everyday. Looking a a woman as a sex object unfortunately begins while they are young while men are encouraged to see women as a source of beauty and entertainment for the pleasure of men. Marital rape still needs outlawing in some countries where it is just a norm. In others women are trafficked and abused as sexual slaves. The entire idea that a woman exists to serve the masculine sexual needs has to be discarded. The sexual consent and choices of a woman needs to be in more focus.

6. Reproductive Duty: That being a woman is all about motherhood has been falsely established in society. The purpose of a female as primarily reproductive to continue the bloodline of patriarchial cultures has only led to population explosion, gender imbalance, pressure to visit fertility clinics and to make child-rearing the most important duty of a woman. In contrast the world needs more focus on caring for existing population, care for nature, mindfulness, spiritual awareness and focus on managing our resources wisely.

In short a woman needs to be seen as person and not just as as a gender. Regardless of looks, body, sexual choices, marital status, motherhood status or religious beliefs all women can break free and be liberated right now with soverignity over their own life, their own body, mind and soul.

Seven Links Between Religion and Veganism

We all have noticed phenomenal spiritual awakening in recent years, typically including a transformational shift to Vegan food in those people who meditate and develop inner love, compassion or connection with the universe. But did you know that even our ancient spiritual and religious traditions all over the world, including The Bible included Veganism?

  1. The Bible: In the first chapter, Genesis it is stated that God said (to humans), “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.” This statement conveys a belief that in the beginning of creation, God had intended us to consume plants for food because plants are designed in such a way that they regrow and are not killed when eaten. It is only later after we ‘fell asleep’ that humans indulged in animal farming, rituals of animal sacrifices and meat consumption as noted in the Bible and in our world, although these would go against the Biblical commandment of ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ . Our awakening therefore is likely to involve a return to compassion and veganism as per the original divine plan.bible
  2. Vedas: The concept of Ahimsa as per ancient Vedic precepts includes ‘Non Harming’. According to Atharvaveda which predates The Bible by thousands of years, “Ahimsa is not causing pain to any living being at any time through the actions of one’s mind, speech or body.” Thus ‘himsa’ or harm includes harming any being not only physically but also mentally through negative thoughts or words. This greatly expands our concept of ‘Ahimsa’ to include not only Veganism but also purity of mind and speech by acknowledging the magical power in our thoughts and words. Practices of animal sacrifices as part of religion seem to divert from or contradict the ancient teachings of ahimsa.The-Four-vedas-of-Hinduism-Rig-Veda-Sama-Veda-yajur-Veda-and-Atharva-Veda
  3. Taoism: According to ancient Chinese texts from 5th century, the first of precepts or guideline from the Lord includes, abstaining from killing. “The precept against killing is: All living beings, including all kinds of animals, and those as small as insects, worms, and so forth, are containers of the uncreated energy, thus one should not kill any of them.” In modern China there are few animal welfare laws and killing of several varieties of animals and even eating some of them alive has been a social norm in stark contrast to their ancient spiritual guidelines.tao
  4. Buddhism: As described by Buddha in the Pali-Canon (said to be the words of Buddha), “There is the case where a certain person, abandoning the taking of life, abstains from the taking of life. He dwells with his rod laid down, his knife laid down, scrupulous, merciful, compassionate for the welfare of all living beings.” As such the first precept of Buddhism has been stated as “to abstain from killing”. Not all Buddhists abstain from meat as some have been initiates in the older Bhikku traditions where they accepted whatever food was offered to them, however the first precept of Buddhism remains central to most of its followers who believe in vegatarianism.buddha
  5. Hinduism: The Bhagvat Gita which is based on the words of Krishna (avatar or incarnation of Vishnu or God) when he displayed his infinite-form mentions ‘Ahimsa’ or non-violence as one of the qualities of divine beings. Although Krishna speaks several thousand years B.C. at the battlefield of Mahabharata which is full of violence and killing, the virtues of non-violence is still stated as one of the highest of all. In Maha-bharata “He who desires to augment his own flesh by eating the flesh of other creatures, lives in misery in whatever species he may take his [next] birth.” The Hindu word ‘Karma’ is all about our actions, both mental and physical, and each action leads to a re-action leading us into entanglement with the world-process wherein we would keep receiving the result of our deeds. To free ourself from the bondage of karma is the path of salvation and it begins from being as harmless as possible, thus reducing the negative karmic cycles that cause us suffering in life and afterlife.Bhagavad-Gita
  6. Manu-Samhita: According to the ancient Indian text of the ‘laws of Manu’ or the first man who survived the ‘great flood’ in an ark as guided by a prophetic fish (incarnation or avatar of Vishnu or God), much like the Biblical Noah but dated hundreds of years B.C, “He who does not seek to cause the sufferings of bonds and death to living creatures, but desires the good of all, obtains endless bliss. He who does not injure any creature attains without an effort what he thinks of, what he undertakes, and what he fixes his mind on.” It also states that , “Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss.” Furthermore, “He who permits the slaughter of an animal, he who cuts it up, he who kills it, he who buys or sells meat, he who cooks it, he who serves it up, and he who eats it, must all be considered as the slayers of the animal.”manu.jpg
  7. Jainism: One of the most clear of all teachings of Ahimsa or non-violence is from Mahavira (appx 500 BC) who stated “Kill not, cause no pain. Nonviolence is the greatest religion.” Instead of rites and rituals, Jain teachings focus on cultivation of inner peace and non-violence as the path to liberation from the illusory cycles of life and death or rebirth. Meditation and vegetarian diet are the main practices of this ancient spiritual path.Ahinsa_Parmo_Dharm

Regardless of the teachings of ancient religions, we all know today that a plant based diet is a much more harmless alternative to animal meat and is well within our reach unlike the cave-men of the past who relied upon hunting. It is quite possible for us to consciously choose a diet that does not involve killing by training ourself to enjoy fruit and vegetable based foods that are organically grown, free of harmful pesticides and great for our health.



7 Steps to Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual Ascension is all about raising our consciousness in order to free ourself from the limited or conditioned matrix of beliefs and thinking of the outer world by ‘going within’ through meditation.

Here are 7 Key Steps that may help us ascend to higher states of consciousness:

  1. Letting Go Of Dogma: In the higher or ascended states we no longer are a follower of limiting beliefs preached to us from authorities because we have our own inner wisdom to guide us. We awaken through self-realization instead of through dogmatic belief-systems that have so far been used by some people to maintain power and control over others. Those who are strongly conditioned to following fundamental beliefs promoting ‘my God’ over that of other cultures, or any kind of ethenic or racial superiority of ‘a certain tribe’ or people over others, need to first let go of these politically motivated rigid notions and allow more unconditional love to flow from their hearts equally towards all beings.religion-3067050_960_720
  2. Healthier Lifestyle Changes: Ascension is not about being ‘superior’ to others and believing we are higher or holier than others, but about having more simplicity and wellbeing in our life. Lifestyle changes for spirituality are no longer about wearing special vestments or about occupying special spiritual thrones or positions. It is rather about having a healthier and joyful lifestyle with fresh air, clean water, nutritious organic vegetables and natural health through meditation, happier emotional state, joyful interactions and sharing of positive energy. It is not about proving our superiority over nature by controlling the elements, but about being harmonius with nature to share abundance with each other.positive-2257693_960_720
  3. Creator Consciousness: A lot of people have felt anger towards our political, economic and social systems around us by imagining that it is a ‘matrix’ set-up by powers outside our control. Fear of ‘reptilian’ or ‘draconian’ beings that have taken over our planet to control our limited resources and financial systems have been spread through conspiracy theorists. In contrast, ascension is about rising above paranoia and understanding the world to be a manifestation of our inner self. As our inner consciousness awakens so does our world. Through positive consciousness we are able to influence our world in a positive way and send energy towards earth healing by making powerful intentions for abundance, health, joy, equality and peace on our planet. For instance the four step process on www.earthhealingnetwork.com/forum meditation-64051_960_720
  4. Higher Cause: Having a career primarily for financial success has been a source of stress for many individuals. Material needs can be simplified and also easily met when we focus on our life purpose and do what gives us inner joy. Living for a higher cause instead of merely focusing on earning more or being richer than yesterday is the path to ascension. We are preparing to finally open our heart and live soulfully with the joy of giving. By feeling connected to the universe through our inner self, we can ascend to a higher path of our divine destiny. Afterall, the creator is within us and the creator lives through us and helps the world through us. Each of us is an embodiment of the divine self that is capable of bringing heaven to earth.angel-1667772_960_720
  5. Higher Self: While it is easy to believe that we are physical beings with a fixed reality to interact with, spiritual awareness helps us realize our true self that exists beyond space and time. We start experiencing prophecies, clairvoyance, astral travel and miracles that help us believe in our higher self, as a part of us operating from a higher dimension beyond the physical. Recognising that our angelic, divine or higher self is guiding us and helping us throughout our life includes understanding that any angels, deities or beings that we invoke, worship or pray to are actually our own multidimensional self that exists simultaneously in various planes and we are actually awakening our own inner powers through meditation to free more of our consciousness into the higher planes. milky-way-1023340_960_720
  6. Liberation: Many people have believed that we ascend to ‘God’ or ‘heaven’ upon death. However many of us are gaining awareness that unless we learn required lessons and transform ourselves from within, we are unlikely to ascend even if our present lifetime ends. We might manifest a similar situation from life after life until we learn to overcome our fears and accept our inner truth. Through awakening of unconditional love and positive consciousness we raise our vibrations towards ascension. This includes being free of expectations and endless desires in our physicality and feeling more and more peace with each moment of our life. Self contentment helps us detach from the need to reincarnate from one life to another in our physicality so that more of our consciousness can be liberated into the higher or transcedental planes. meditation-2486763_960_720
  7. Home: We may have surely heard of people who believe in ascension and wish to ‘go home’ whether to another planet they believe they are from, or to another star-system, a spacecraft, or to the Source as the next step in their spiritual or soul’s journey. The realization that we are all One Soul or One Being instead of many separate souls is something that helps us actually be at Home right now. We can let go of the illusion of non-duality by witnessing ourself as consciousness and seeing everyone and everything as an extension of our consciousness. Our Home is where our Heart is and our Divine or True Self or Source is simply Love. By going within ourself we can return to our Source or Home righ now, no matter where we may be physically located. The universe is within us and all dimensions and realities are within us as the pure potential of our innermost consciousness. We can through conscious choices, manifest any reality across time and space or simply be at peace with ourself in any moment.heart-2671879_960_720For more interactions join and post on www.aumnow.com

Seven Ways to A Better Earth

We all have witnessed fears concerning climate change owing to industrialisation, pollution and exploitation of earth’s natural resources, while wars and religious extremism have fueled political exploitation of land based on dogmatic justifications. While earth has suffered there is still a ray of hope if we can follow some of the paths of wisdom, peace and greater abundance.

  1. Spiritual Unity vs Divisive Religions: We have all seen that fear-based religion has merely been a tool used by some people claiming absolute power, religous superiority or authority to control land, resources and minds.  We can all awaken and see through this pattern so that we are no longer victims. Instead of blindly following religious texts that promote one specific deity over others and divide us against each other we need to be able to be at peace within ourself individually and to offer peace to each other through self-realization. Inner contentment and inner joy can help us refrain from fighting for worldly resources by understanding that we can all manifest a happier and abundant life through positive inner consciousness instead of submission to an outer religious precepts. free
  2. Life Purpose vs Jobs: Industrialization and material dependency was based on a fear that earth has limited resources and we all must exploit it to the maximum. Since childhood we were programmed to support corporate infrastructure where humans are more or less treated like robots and eventually replaced by AIs. In contrast when we awaken spiritually, we discover what truly gives us inner joy and happiness and switch to professions that fulfil us at deeper levels of creativity, wellbeing and peace. We see emerging professions of spiritual and intuitive nature focused on holistic health and natural lifestyle. Education could be more inner-focused than simply rote based on rule-based so that our kids learn how to understand themselves and manifest their own positive reality through better choices.kid meditate
  3. Simple Lifestyles vs High Fliers: The glamour of being millionnaires or celebrities led many of us to mindlessly imitate leaders of business, movie stars or politicians instead of looking within ourselves. A spiritual focus helps us get back to our real needs of peace, inner comfort, health and wellness. We need less of expensive brands, artificial makeup, fine-dining, fashion labels, lavish holidays, snobbish parties, sports cars or high-rises to give us satisfaction. We value and cherish a tidy home, healthy food, fresh air, clean water, healthy body, natural beauty, a happy heart and a peaceful mind. We can attract helpful people, social networks, friends, pets and colleagues around us who enjoy working and interacting with us based on our soul-purpose and higher consciousness. group yoga.jpg
  4. Natural Foods vs Processed Foods: Our main need for food is something that can be fulfilled through nature itself, yet we depend on corporations who give us processed and packaged foods that are not only harmful for health but also a strain on our finances and earth. We can all learn to grow some food at home or support our organic local farmers by purchasing healthy vegetables instead of depending on supermarkets that sell chemical and pesticide laden food, tinned or processed foods with harmful additives. Our spiritual focus gives us an intuition of well-being through which we are naturally drawn to healthy choices and pick up raw foods that improve our physical and mental fitness. A vegan lifestyle can additionally help us improve the condition of animals in our world so that we can stop cultivating them for being killed or exploited without  any real reason.rawfood
  5. Eco-Homes versus High Rises: Our cities no longer need to be turned to concrete jungles where people crowd to find corporate jobs. We can all live close to earth in eco-friendly homes where we have nature around us for meditation and wellbeing. A love for nature helps us develop a healthier environment which is less polluted or noisy. Country-life can be valued more than city-life. Solar power and green energy keep increasing in demand with coal based or petrol power reducing its monopoly. Homes need not be very large or expensive simply to project an image of power or prosperity. Instead we can have more spiritual townships where people follow more eco-friendly, less materialistic and peaceful ways of living in mutual harmony and cooperation.house-2616607_960_720
  6. Free Travel versus Polluting Vehicles: Traveling for long hours to and fro everyday simply to earn a living could be obsolete soon. The need to own a car can be reduced and public transport can be made less stressful if people can work from or near to their homes. This can be manifest through greater personal freedom and independence which can be an effect of spiritual lifestyles. We could also relocate to places of nature where we find our tribe and associate with positive people and work together for the common good. Walking or cycling could be the preferred transport option instead of polluting vehicles. In futuristic terms space travel could improve with free-energy instead of polluting energy.bicycle-788733_960_720
  7. Intuition versus Advertising: Our high cost of living is not due to the basic costing of goods but largely contributed due to corporate advertising and mass-media costs. As we discover our spiritual or heartfelt connection with the universe we depend less on traditional newspapers, television and mass-media that feeds us negative or unuseful data. Through inner self we feel more peaceful and stress-free. With people we make genuine interactions that further our higher purpose, we need not depend on corporate advertising to tell us how to live and what to buy as our intuition guides us. When lifestyle becomes less consumeristic and more natural we will  automatically see that most of our needs are met from within instead of outside, and consecutively our brain need no longer be attacked with constant advertising messages bombarded from all sources.crystal ball

You can energize and share your vision for Earth healing at www.earthhealingnetwork.com when you join our forum

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