FAQs About Spiritual Ascension

 Ascension is the process through which we raise our consciousness and unite through higher dimensions of love and light.

How Do We Ascend?

Through meditation and self-realization we can begin on the path of reuniting with our higher selves through several levels of awareness. We all share a common Highest True Self. Ascension is about bringing unconsciousness into the light of awareness so that we become a fully conscious creator and return Home to the Highest Self or Source.

How Do We With Negativity?

Any unconscious fear based energies, entities, thoughts, visions, wants or beliefs require transformation by (a) being aware of them and (b) raising our vibrations higher to love and light. Forgiveness of self and others, letting go of past blame, hurt, victimhood through present moment awareness, peacefully detaching from harmful cords, clearing negative thought-forms into light, shielding aura with a transforming filter.. are some of the ways. We are 100% incharge of our vibrational state.

How to Raise Our Vibrations Further Through Inner Healing?

Expanding our consciousness requires raising our vibrations through our earth star chakra, through our lower chakras and towards our heart center of unconditional love and higher to the transpersonal chakras that connect with the Source or Highest Self. Not merely techniques, but a true inner transformation to more kindness, truthfulness, integrity, simplicity, joy and radiance raises us to more positive or higher states of being.

How to Discover and Fulfil Our Divine Life Purpose and Plan?

We all have chosen our present life and have a 100% choice at each point of time to align with the Higher Self. Our life purpose and plan flower out more beautifully as we allow the Higher Self of Pure Love to take over through intuition and dedication to positive living to fulfil our Highest Potential.

How Do We Connect With Higher Guidance or Intuition?

By focusing on our inner silence in meditation we can connect with the Higher Self and Source who guide us perfectly. As they exist beyond time-space limitations we can receive exact visions or messages of the past, present or future but with a 100% choice to transform our energy and manifest a better reality any time. Divination tools or experts can only be a catalyst depending on their connection with the Source.

How Do We Unite With Twin-Flame or True Love?

Our twin-flame is not a person outside but our inner or true Self always connected with the Source. As we attain self-realization we know that outer relationships are manifested through our own energy patterns and our true self is beyond limitations or karmic connections unlike soulmates and relationships in the outer world. Our Twin Flame helps us expand our consciousness beyond expectations through unconditional love for all including ourself.

How Do We Integrate With Our Multidimensional Self?

Our lower fear based self projections or demons are illusion, our outer world is a self projection, while our truth or God is within. We are creators discovering our creator self on earth and uniting with divine self at higher dimensions through ascension. Our Higher Multidimensional self is one with the universe as we integrate and ascend from within to awaken from our unconsciousness.

How Do We Unite With Our Star Families?

Unlike soul families and soul groups that are from the self-projected world around us, star families are not from current level but at an ascended state of being. Star-beings include several star races, planets, star systems, space crews and galactics that are not from our outer universe but from our ascended inner universe, operating from beyond time-space and physicality. We reach them through higher consciousness and meditation.

What About Alien Disclosure and Global Conspiracies?

Our Star Families and Multidimensional Self are in the higher realms and not aliens from physical universe. They are connected with our Higher Self through meditation and we can manifest their physical presence in our world through our vibrational attunement with them. We are not victims of conspiracies because we are creators and the universe is a manifestation of our consciousness. Conspiracy theories are based on a belief that people and political or corporate systems have power over us, which is true only at unconscious levels. Through consciousness we take back our own power and detach from untruth.

Are There Special Prophetic Dates for Mega Events of Global Shift Or Ascension?

Through our Higher Self  we can manifest great shifts and influence global events not limited to any specific dates or prophecies through numerology, religious beliefs or astrology. In the past new agers have been channeling about special dates and signs in the sky or numbers, however now we are realizing that everything outside is a direct manifestation of our own intentions and beliefs and we need not wait for anyone or anything from the outside for our ascension, both individual and universal.

Who Are Angels, Divine Beings and Ascended Masters?

Our One Higher Self takes many wonderful forms across time, space or religion to guide us based on our present receptivity and spiritual state. We can literally see, telepathically communicate, get clear visions, dreams and voices from angels, divinities and ascended masters not through mental thoughts but through our third-eye awakening by looking within. If we see their clear projections or manifestation outside,it is an opportunity of inner integration. We have to differentiate from false visions or voices from mind or outer world and our true Higher Self and Ascended Beings.

How Do We Integrate With Higher Self and Ascended States?

By amplifying our lightworking, selfless dedication to higher cause, spiritual self-realization, personal and planetary healing and accepting the universe as our own creation helps us integrate with creator consciousness and Source.

How Do We Deal With Ascension Symptoms?

Ascension is about raising vibrations to Higher State of Being and Higher Dimensions of Love and Light. If we experience any harsh or uncomfortable symptoms it is due to heightened sensitivity to thoughts, energies or people around us or our resistances, confusions or blocks. In this case we need to go deeper within and detach from negative thoughtforms or unrequired information by transforming to light and focusing on inner self. Positive and true symptoms of ascension are peace, joy, liberation, higher purpose, synchronicity due to oneness with universe and conscious creation of reality at each point leading to self-realization and Source unity.

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Four Steps to Amplify Earth Healing

Do you believe in meditation, spiritual healing and ascension?

Do you feel that we all have the power within us to manifest a positive reality? 

Through selfless intentions of  healing our planet, we develop a deeper relationship with our all-powerful Higher Self. We all are One in the Source and deeply interconnected through our common Highest Truth.

We have just created www.earthhealingnetwork.com based on a clear dream from ascended masters in which they gave the exact name of this website and all the steps for earth healing. It is simple, free and you can Get Started right now!

I would love to see you there and have your positive energy sent to earth for manifesting wonderful intentions through our ascending collective consciousness!


Simply Sign-Up, read the four step process of earth healing and Share Your Vision. You can interact with others and share wonderful ideas for earth healing together with this community of lightworkers. Hope to see you there soon!

earth healing network

Five Ways of Refusing to Be a Victim

We might have heard of the recent social media trend #MeToo that encourages women to come out and admit that they have been victims of harassment in the past.


#MeToo is a laudable effort by Alyssa Milano of Charmed fame to support Rose McGowan who played her witchy sister in TV show, among other Hollywood female stars who have made allegations of rape against a popular producer. Now #MeToo has spread all over the social media showing that rape and sexual harassment are not limited only to celebrities or Hollywood but to almost every woman who has grown up in a masculine dominant environment.

Whether at work or at home, even within their own marriages women have been subject to domination by the male gender, both sexually and otherwise.

But the question that most awakened women are asking is different. How do we now refuse to continue this trend of being victims and emerge as divine creators of our fate instead?

  1. Positive Instead of Negative Affirmations: It should be #MeTooNoMore to show that we might have been victims in the past but from now onwards we refuse to be victims. Our beliefs create our own reality so why not affirm a clear refusal to accept a life of fear and victimisation. Also we must have campaigns to make men understand the meaning of ‘NO’.stop
  2. No Guilt or Shame: Encourage yourself and others to reveal their stories of being victims in the past. The problem of rape and sexual harassment is common but swept under the rugs because of a certain social stigma that keeps women quiet. Instead we need to applaud women who share their stories whether or not with the #MeToo hashtag, simply because it helps remove the guilt or shame that women have been dominated through. At the same time remember that the story was the past and no longer needs to be our present or future. Treat victims with love and encourage them to let go of the pain.people-2561928_960_720.jpg
  3. No Blaming Yourself: Often women are blamed for ‘attracting’ or ‘causing’ their own rape or sexual harassment. While some people blame their clothing, others go as far as blaming their own karma or past lives, both of which are terribly flawed approaches to the issues. Someone else’s negative karma or harmful actions are their own bad karma and the victim is not to be blamed. Instead they should be applauded for bringing a criminal to the law. Similarly clothing or beauty is not what attracts rape because such incidents may be prevalent with innocent children or women in hijabs while women who project confidence and live by their own rules may actually be able to deter attackers to an extent.woman-2113099_960_720
  4. The Root of the Issue: The social root of rape and sexual assault of women has more to do with our collective consciousness or spiritual frequency than meets the eye. In a world where we all are spiritually more content and at peace with ourself, deriving pleasure from dominating others is out of the question. We need to spread more spiritual peace and meditation among all genders. We can encourage men who display kindness and compassion and who are in balance with their inner feminine side instead of focusing on the negative ones.meditation-2717462_960_720
  5. The Divine Feminine and Masculine: In a world where women are not even treated as humans with equal rights in certain countries or cultures, it may seem hard to promote the concept of a feminine power or divinity that is the creator of the universe. Centuries of referring to God as ‘He’ and praying to ‘Him’ are no longer the way to an equal world. Let ‘Her’ be equally praised and worshipped as ‘She’ the creator, because the divine creator is not limited to a single gender. More importantly it is not an external being but our own collective consciousness that creates a collective reality called the universe and each one of us, male, female or otherwise are Divine – God/Goddess.shakti


International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The International Campaign to Abolish  Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) currently headed by Beatrice Fihn has won the Nobel Peace Prize for their international efforts in prohibition of nuclear weapons.

ICAN is a coalition of NGOs from around a 100 countries and has has been campaigning to stigmatise, prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons under international law.

On 7 July 2017, 122 of the UN member states acceded to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As soon as the treaty has been ratified by 50 states, the ban on nuclear weapons will enter into force and will be binding under international law for all the countries that are party to the treaty.

Around 15000 nuclear weapons have been known to exist in countries including USA
UK, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. These along with Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey who host nuclear weapons as well as Canada, Italy, Germany and many other nations have believed that nuclear warheads are necessary for security.  The Nobel Peace Prize might be a sign to the international community, including nuclear supporting states that the world is growing ready for complete nuclear disarmament and that possessing nuclear weapons does not make our world more secure or safe in any way.  If anything, the provocation of nuclear tests and threats of wars between nuclear nations increased in the past years due to the false glamour of being a ‘nuclear super-power’.

The call for complete disarmament is crucial now more than ever.

The full text of this historic international treaty to illegalize nuclear weapons can be read HERE

MORE ON: http://www.icanw.org


How We Can Help Hurricane Irma and Harvey Victims

There are a number of charitable organizations that are trying to raise funds for helping victims of recent Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. UNICEF has recently called for urgent donations from the global community because expecting only the ruling countries to complete the task is not sufficient and much of the targets are yet to be met.

You can add your positive energy to this cause by donating to the following reliable channels:

  1. GLOBAL GIVING: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/hurricane-irma-relief-fund/
  2. BOOTS ON THE GROUND: https://www.bootsontheground.org/donate/
  3. RED CROSS: https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-irma-donations
  4. OXFAM: https://secure2.oxfamamerica.org/page/content/emergency_hurricaneirma/
  5. PAYPAL FUND: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/107638597766619098
  6. SAMARITANS PURSE: https://www.samaritanspurse.org/disaster/hurricane-irma/
  7. ALL HANDS:https://www.hands.org/projects/hurricane-irma-response/

For a list of more charities CLICK HERE

In addition to this you can send your prayers and healing energy by entering a peaceful state and affirm ‘All who are affected, including adults, children, trees, land and animals are given immediate and sufficient help in every possible way’.

Remember that donating money to charitable causes does not reduce what you have but enhances your own prosperity and wellbeing by allowing your heart to open more and letting a greater stream abundance flow through each time.

Thank You!

Child Not Bride: Saving the future of young girls


In a shocking development, Bangladesh recently indicated it would legally allow child marriages in ‘special cases’ as reported by the Guardian. Child brides face a greater risk of rape, domestic violence and forced pregnancies.

A 16 year old girl from Hyderabad, India who was forced to marry a man 20 years older and returned home after being sexually assaulted daily and unable to appear for class 10 exams was served a legal notice for not completing her duties as a wife, instead of severely punishing the rapists. Recently a 61 year old Muslim cleric was charged in Melbourne for sexual penetration of a 16 year old on the basis of a DVD of the ceremony conducted in the mosque. Last year a 13 year old girl died of internal injuries merely 4 days after her wedding to a man twice her age in Yemen. Outmoded laws and religious-cultural ideologies that put girls sexual rights in peril are much to blame.

According to this report by Save the ChildrenEvery Last Girl: Free to live, free to learn, free from harm,has ranked countries in an index according to child marriage, schooling, teen pregnancy, maternal deaths and number of female MPs. Rwanda tops the table with 64% followed by Bolivia and Cuba. India has the highest number of child marriages of any country, with 47% of girls married under 18 – around 24.6 million. Whilst one girl under 15 is married every seven seconds, one girl under 18 is married every two seconds. Girls in Sierra Leone are among the most likely in the world to be child mothers. Teenage girls account for 40% of all maternal deaths in the country.Girls are being forced to turn to transaction sex as an economic coping strategy.  Girls suffer most during crises such as the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone where schools shutting down led to an estimated 14,000 teen pregnancies.

The international community has pledged to end child marriage by 2030 but if current trends continue, the total number of women married in childhood will grow from more than 700 million today to around 950 million by 2030, and to 1.2 billion by 2050. The right course of action would be to challenge discriminatory laws, policies, norms and practices and building enabling environments to transform children’s lives. However with poor countries having the worst records, the issue is more about economic empowerment and education than anything else.

Here is how you can help right now:

  1. Walk Free: Join the fight against forced child marriage here
  2. Girls not brides: a partnership of 650 organisations: Donate now
  3. Help end child marriage in Sudan: Contribute
  4. Join forces with these 16 organisations named here

Kindly share this article and the above links to promote the cause.

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