Five Positive Meanings of an Eclipse

Fears have been spread concerning eclipses by some astrologers partially due to lack of understanding of the natural science behind it and partially due to negative spiritual mindset. In truth eclipses can be wonderful opportunities for sky-gazing and can be interpreted in a positive way through the right spiritual awareness. Here are five ways to change the... Continue Reading →

Five Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

We all have heard people whining about retrogrades of Mercury, something that happens frequently and is actually much less fearful an event than it is made out to be. In-fact here are five things you can actually be grateful for as Mercury has once again gone into retrograde from 30 August to 21 September 2016... Continue Reading →

Six Ways To Success with Saturn Direct and Jupiter in Virgo

As everything is a projection of our energy, celestial events too are reflections of inner change. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom transited into Virgo, the sign of earthly knowledge and practical management on 11 August. And today Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline goes direct after being retrograde from 2 March this year. Here... Continue Reading →

New Moon: Five Ways to Begin Afresh

Everything around us reflects our inner Self. The moon gives us one such sign of the energy we can focus upon right now. New Moons or Amavasya is traditionally a time to end the unwanted and make positive new beginnings. This new moon is in Pushya/Ashlesha nakshatra, represening kundalini or spiritual awakening in the Cancer... Continue Reading →

Monday Magick: Guru Purnima Blessing

July 19th-20th is the full moon, dedicated specially to remembering the Guru within us all. This full moon in Capricorn as per sidereal astrology will be a symbol of practical wisdom and determination. Our Guru is our inner consciousness that is always awake at some or the other level. It presents itself in many forms... Continue Reading →

Monday Magick: New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon or Amavasya is a time when darkness is preparing to transform into light. As per true or sidereal calculations Moon in Gemini brings new messages, interesting thoughts, people and ideas to the fore. Tonight prepare to let go of all negativity, protect and shield yourself and your loved ones, and make space for new beginnings... Continue Reading →

Focus Right on Success as Mars Goes Direct

Mars the planet of initiative, ambition, passion and will power was retrograde since 17th April and goes direct again on 29 June 2016 bringing more focus and dynamism back where it belongs. Retrograde of a planet is when it seems to be going reverse on its path as seen from earth. Symbolically retrogrades imply a reversal... Continue Reading →

Crystal Power to Energize, Protect and Heal

Who does not remember the crystal cave of Superman, his fortress of solitude where he learnt who he is, spoke to his otherworldly parents and received his amazing powers. Such a cave was discovered a thousand feet below earth in south Mexico with giant  crystals in the year 2000. We all have used quartz clocks... Continue Reading →

8 Solid Tips for Banishing Negativity this Shani Weekend

The cycles of time and celestial tides are here to guide us again, this time to strongly banish or end all things identified as negative in your life! On 3rd of June Saturn is fully illuminated, while 4th of June is a Saturday named after Saturn, and an amavasya or no-moon night that is usually considered great for... Continue Reading →

Monthly Full Moon Names and Their Significances

Astrology is not a tool to make fixed prediction but a tool with which we understand the messages from the higher self through the language of symbols called Divination. The Moon in astrology signifies the play of light and dark as it waxes (Shukla Paksha) and wanes (Krishna Paksha) in its approximately 29.5 day period from... Continue Reading →

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