Inner Goddess and Angels Tarot Cards

Tarot and Oracle cards are much like books except that pictures speak a thousand words. Studying or meditating with the images of positive energy helps in accelerating our inner spiritual awareness and ascension. Expand your consciousness with these beautiful Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards for Meditation, Healing and Ascension. Explanations of each card are in the associated booklet and the detailed pdf training materials that can also be downloaded free along with card images. You may order a ready printed deck (printed in USA or Italy) or Download the Digital Version on the links below.


THE INNER GODDESS: 33 Cards to meditate and re-connect with your Inner Powers in the form of the divine feminine Shakti energy present within every person regardless of gender, race or religion. A booklet is included for card meanings and association of each card with goddesses around the world. Downloads are free in digital version and can be used online or printed and published yourself. Copies printed in USA and Italy available for purchase.


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THE ANGELS TAROT: Angels are various names and powers of God who is our Higher Self, often suffixed with the letters ‘El’. The Angels Tarot is unique as it has 78 different angels for each card to help you channel the higher self for manifestation, planetary healing and ascension. A mini booklet and pdf training material explain the meaning and powers of each angel name depicted in both divine feminine and masculine forms in this deck. Downloads are free in digital version and can be used online or printed and published yourself. Copies printed in USA and Italy available for purchase.


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Many free books on healing, meditation and spiritual awakening are presented by the author on

Free Downloads for sharing, printing and publishing available for all books and cards for the awakening and ascension of planetary consciousness as long as author information and content is not altered.

The Spiritual Message of The Fool in Tarot

The Tarot is not a tool for fortune-telling but one of spiritual awakening and self realization. It hides many mysteries regarding our consciousness and various spiritual paths to our higher self. Tarot is also called The Fool’s Journey as the card 0 is the main character than can be anywhere on the path which the cards outline and yet remain silent. The Fool symbolises the innocent and pure inner self which is quietly observing ourself even as we are learning and growing in our spiritual journey only to return to ourself.


Intuition + Intention: 5 Steps to Create and not Just Predict Your Future


There are some people who believe in Premonition – a clear vision or awareness of what lies ahead on your path before you physically get there is possible. Perhaps we have read about various prophecies in religious or spiritual books or biographies as made by various spiritual masters. Or we could have had a personal and direct experience of ESP through clairvoyant dreams or visions that tell us exactly what will occur in future and have directly verified it as true. Some of us have enjoyed astrology, tarot and other devices of fortune-telling and have been often surprised at the accuracy especially at the hands of a genuine psychic. Others who are disbelievers may not be open to any premonition yet or even afraid to experience the same, whether out of religious fear or scientific skepticism.

But for those of us who have had any experience close to a premonition, what does this phenomena tell us? Does it mean that our future is entirely ‘Predestined’ and if yes by whom – an outside person we call ‘God’ who is controlling our reality? Or does it tell us in advance what WE are manifesting or literally ‘making up’ in our dream called life through our own choices in each moment?

Could we have a higher ‘Self’ – a part of us that is awakened and existing beyond time-space that can see through the illusion of time and show us where our current timeline is going? Can this higher Self also help us alter our course or timeline to manifest a better life on earth or beyond? How can we awaken ourself and free our consciousness to higher levels of multi-dimensionality and spiritual ascension?

  1. Meditation: Find some time for yourself and detach from the humdrum of daily life for a few minutes to an hour a day by gently closing your eyes and breathing through your heart center. Feel peace and watch your thoughts fade away into inner silence for as long as you can. With time and dedicated practice you will get better over the months and years of meditation. This exercise helps us tune into our inner-self or consciousness which is beyond mind and body. As our we become increasingly aware of our consciousness we will be more awakened and reunited with the Higher Self beyond time-space. At later stages we might have prophetic and awakening messages and visions to accurately guide us ahead or upwards in our life.
  2. Higher Intentions: As per higher guidance or intuition we might get a sense of what feels right to us in our day to day life. Our higher Self when awakened will help us choose a direction that is best for us. This will help us hold only positive intentions regarding what we wish to manifest in our life. We might want to verbalize our intentions or write them down in the form of positive affirmations in the present tense as if those wonderful things are right now being experienced by us and not mere wishes or prayers. For example, “I am enjoying a state of phenomenal health and wellbeing right now”, “I am so grateful that only good things are happening to me and my loved ones from this point on”, “I live in a happy world where peace and kindness prevail in every heart.”
  3. Positive Emotions: Transforming our inner state from anger, hate, guilt or fear to unconditional love is a major part of self-actualization. A lot of meditation and mindfulness masters are self-realized with great wisdom and powerful minds. Emotional energy however is the key to actualizing or manifesting a better world because emotions have the capacity to condense or materialize our thoughts into real situations. Great healing is experienced as a result of wholesome and positive emotional shifts. Instead of merely making positive intentions, transforming our inner state of one that resonates or matches with the freqency of what we intend to manifest is most helpful.
  4. Healthy Behaviors: While peacefulness, positive thoughts and emotions are necessary in manifestation of a better future, they need to also translate into better actions in our day to day physicality. From ethical ways of eating, shopping, breathing, body-care, hygeine to the way we treat others and ourself, caring for our environment, animals, home and people in our life, there are many ways we can align with our higher Self. Conscious ways of living are helpful in ascension towards a more magical and heavenly reality. Our actions speak much louder than thoughts and words in order to bring us closer to manifesting what is good.
  5. Patient Receptivity: In our quest to achieve our goals, manifest a perfect life and a better world, it is quite possible we get restless, frustrated and upset at our every shortfall, or lose patience with others who do not seem to be in alignment with our deeper needs. Instead of succumbing to this pressure, we can stay aligned with positive emotional and mental vibrations of loving kindness so that we do not block our own path. We also need to be open and aware that our higher Self is indeed capable of helping us manifesting something that is even better than what we were intending originally and stay flexible to when, how and what exactly we will manifest our best. By relaxing and allowing ourself to transform our vibrations to positive energy we can flow more easily to the higher Self or God through an open heart.

Finally we can remember that higher Self or God is not really separate from us. Our innermost nature is pure Love and to stay aware and in alignment with who we really are is the real power or magic of manifestation.

Seven Positive Meanings of the Super Rare Blue Blood Moon on 31 Jan 2018

Full Moon (100% illumination of face of the moon), Lunar Eclipse (alignment of earth, sun and moon), Super Moon (large full moon), Blood Moon (total lunar eclipses) and Rare Blue Moon (extra full moon of a month) have been talked about a lot in recent times, but on 31 January 2018 all of these happen together in just one night making it a special treat happening after 150 years.

Being scientific and spiritual is all about understanding all natural events in a positive way so that we reduce our fears and reprogram ourself to more happiness, success and peace by learning that the way we feel determines the quality of our life and our world in any moment.

While many people in the past or ancient history have been fearful and associated Eclipses and Blood Moons with apocalyptic prophecies, none of these have really come true. At the same time, those who meditate and take charge of their own life have been found to enjoy these events and motivate each other through positive energy work.

Here are some ways of understanding and aligning energetically with this event.

  1. Open Your Heart: The Moon represents feelings and influences the tides of earth. As humans we are all have emotional currents and full moons seem to amplify our inner state by bringing our unconscious energy into the open. Bottled up emotional energy can sometimes develop into complexes that become very difficult to treat later on. This spedial lunar tide can help us be un-repressed, allowing ourselves to feel and experience intensely, not fearing emotions and letting ourselves and our loved ones safely express their feelings without judgements. moonheart
  2. Go Within: This rare phenomena is another opportunity to meditate even more deeply and be in touch with the consciousness within us. Meditation is always good and when so many people are connecting together by linking to special moments such as this one, it amplifies the positive vibrations of earth and helps all of us unite in love and light. Peace and tranqulity in your heart and mind will radiate into the universe which is within yourself. You can see all beings in the universe as part of your expanded consciousness.go within
  3. Send Blessings: We sometimes feel that we are connected only through telephones and internet or physical contact with each other, but the truth is that we are always interconnected from within in this energetic web of life. This rare event observed by all of us on earth can be a chance to send blessings and healing to each other and to earth as a whole. In a meditative state, make positive intention for yourself and for others including your loved ones and your planet so that your good wishes manifest.moonangel
  4. Be Grateful: Synchronous events such as this one are signals from our higher self to be aware of the wonderful opportunity called life and the amazing manifestation called the universe that is a creation of our consciousness. We all can appreciate the beauty of nature and be aware of our natural gifts to live more abundantly. The more we focus on the good that we have received in life, the more of good things we will keep attracting or manifesting in our world. moon woman
  5. Enhance Intuition: Moon is a sign of our subconscious becoming conscious, and because this Moon is in Cancer (as per sidereal astrology or the actual position in zodiac), it is even better to use intuition at this time and take the guidance of divination such as tarot, oracular messages, dreams and channeling of higher guidance. You can get clear signals from the universe within yourself about lessons from your past experiences, about where you may be headed to in your soul’s journey, or the opportunities available to you in the present moment.moon dream.jpg
  6. Experience Healing: The Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse as the planet aligns together with sun and moon. At such times some of us feel sad or intense about a lot of things and require to return to ourself for healing. Any trauma, pain or sorrow is brought into light so that we can take required steps for healing. Go for a relaxing healing session for spiritual rejuvination, forgiveness, re-energisation and unconditional love from the Higher Self. Breathe gently and feel positive energy or light entering each cell of your body and each corner of your aura to deeply heal from within.full.jpg
  7. Amplify Unity: As this rare event coincides with the second Wolf Moon of January and wolves represents unity and togetherness, we on earth can come together for healing our planet and freeing ourselves from imaginary boundaries of religion or politics. Holding small or large circles of interactive and meditative events held together with family, friends, neighborhood or even online can help us in amplifying unity consciousness and srengthening love on our planet.moon wold

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Eleven Super Meanings of the Moon

A Super Moon is when the full moon is closest to earth and hence appears larger than usual. Each thing around us stands for a message to go within ourselves and so does the Moon. At Super Moon these meanings are amplified to help us awaken in a stronger way through a better understanding of who we are.

  1. Tune Into Inner Peace: The Moon has a calm aura and cooling light that can heal us through peace in the silence of the night. Gazing into the soft radiance of the moon we can bring our minds to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature without the constant noise of our thoughts. Enjoy the moonlight and the serenity it gives.moon light
  2. Feel the Emotion: The full moon has been a symbol of love and emotional energy. Just like the tides of oceans are pulled strongly by the moon, our emotional state is also influenced by the lunar tides. The supermoon and full moon help us be aware of our emotional needs so that we can care for ourselves better.moon emotion
  3. Listen to Intuition: Our inner spirit or true self can speak to us in a gentle voice that can often be drowned in the humdrum of daily commotion. The full and super moon are wonderful opportunities to specially focus on listening to the guidance of our higher self.moonocean
  4. Connect with Feminine Energy: The moon cycle corresponds with feminine monthly cycle and therefore makes the full moon a symbol of motherhood or creative power. Regardless of gender we all have our feminine or motherly side within us and the full and super moon are reminders to connect with our ‘shakti’.moon female
  5. Heal your Subconscious: The moon represents our mental energy including subconscious that is slowly brought into light through all the phases of the moon’s illumination. The super and full moons help us be aware of our subconscious patterns for healing and self-understanding.moon clouds
  6. Reflect on Yourself: The moon reflects the strong light of the sun in a kind and gentle way that helps us look at it directly, unlike the sun. Therefore it signifies an opportunity to reflect and introspect on who we are and on our life purpose.moon reflect
  7. Conquer your Fears: The waxing, waning and full states of the moon are illusory and give the moon an appearance of changing or shapeshifting. The full and super moon is symbolic of our mental or unconscious illusions or fears being transformed by light so that we can face them and be fearless.moon fear
  8. Follow your Dreams: The moon is a symbol of dreaming where our consciousness can literally show us clear images, music, sensations and multi-dimensional experiences as lucidly as waking life itself. Prophecies and clear messages can often be obtained through power of consciousness through understanding our dreams. moon angel
  9. Know your Hidden Side: The moon has a dark or mystery side that is never seen by anyone on earth because it is in an orbital lock with earth. The hidden side of the moon represents our unknown self that can not be revealed through any way other than meditation that connects us directly to the all knowing higher self. Full and super moon are considered specially good for quiet meditation.moon meditation
  10. Be Unafraid of Change: The moon is the most changeable of all astrological symbols as it moves fast between zodiacs and changes phases every night. The full and super moon are signs that we have come a full circle despite all the changes we have faced and need not worry about future ups and downs.moonchange
  11. Awaken to Truth: The moon represents illusion as well as reminds us of our power to see through illusion. Just like our dreams are multi-sensory and make us feel like we are awake, our life too is a creation of our mind and therefore no different from dreaming.moonhand

The Inner Meanings of Planets in Astrology

In both western and eastern cultural traditions astrology has played a major part in prophecies for both global and personal issues. We might have known some people who rarely make any decisions until they consult an astrologer first. At the same time there are those who could not care less because they believe in their own power and choices over and above planetary forecasts.

The conflict between believers and skeptics can be resolved when we consider that everything we see around us is merely a part of nature that can mean something to our psyche if we try to meditate and discover its relevance to us. In other words everything outside is best used to help us learn something about who we are and what our potential is. From our earthly perspective we can understand planets to signify certain powers that we contain within us. In the patterns of the movements of planets we can simply see lessons and meanings that can guide us to have a better life. At the same time we are not limited by these patterns but can exercise our free will with increasing power as we awaken more and more, regardless of what is outside.


Sun: Ancients believed it to be a planet or celestial body that is luminous and crucial to our life on earth as it is a giver or generator of energy that determines our cycles of nature and time. Its spiritual or esoteric meanings include Power, Leadership, Inner Light, Effective Personality, Success and Charisma as qualities and traits that we can develop through our efforts and self-confidence. An excess of ego, self-centredness and power trips can be kept in check at the same time.

Gods such as Bel, Surya, Aditya, Apollo, Helios, Ra and goddesses such as Savitri, Gayatri and Sekhmet were connected with solar qualities for contemplation and energisation of our aura.

Bright yellow to red colours and natural gemstones or crystals such as Sunstone, Ruby, Citrine and Goldstone can help us focus on solar traits and our Solar Plexus Chakra.


Moon: Also called a planet in ancient times, the moon being a satellite of earth that reflects the Sun’s light at night helps us see in the dark. Its esoteric significance is that of Revelation, Prophecy, Self-reflection, Introspection, Inner Psyche, Hidden Emotions, Intuition, Peace and Calmness. Look out for the shadow side of fear, illusion and false allure and focus on your positive and divine qualities instead.

Goddesses such as Luna, Selene, Isis, Hecate, Diana and Gods such as Somadev and Sin have signified our feminine and receptive powers of patience, creativity, stillness and inner change of Lunar nature.

Colours of white and silver as well as gemstones such as Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Selenite and Mother of Pearl can represent our feminine creative powers associated with our Sacral Chakra.


Mercury: The nearest planet to the Sun in our solar system is speedy and small indicating traits of attention to detail, mind power, quick responses, thinking on your toes, clever communication, technology, information, science and efficient financial management.

Gods such as Hermes, Buddha, Thoth and goddesses such as Minerva, Athena and Srividya are symbolic of the powers of our mind to help us learn, strategize and communicate better. At the same time restlessness and hyperactivity can be transformed through meditation.

Colours of the blue-green spectrum and gemstones or crystals such as Topaz, Emerald, Lapiz, Aquamarine and Turquoise have been used for meditation to amplify the vibrations of Mercury and the Throat Chakra.


Venus: Once called the brightest ‘star’ in the sky, this planet has been a symbol of glamour, beauty, prosperity, radiance, love and fortune. Excesses of materialism and self-indulgence has to be curtailed however.

Goddesses such as Laxmi, Aphrodite, Ishtar and Gods such as Kama and Cupid have symbolised the qualities associated with this planet.

Shiny and pastel colours and stones such as Diamond, Jade, Rose quartz, Clear quartz and Rhodonite have conveyed the vibrations of Venus for healing and harmony and our Heart Chakra.


Mars: The red planet has been believed to signify war, effort, ambition, drive and passion since ages past. The positive qualities of victory and motivation can be inculcated while calming down aggression, strife and anger which are the negative aspects of this planet.

Gods such as Ares, Karthik, Tyr and Goddesses such as Bellona, Durga and Pele have signified Martian traits of strength and valour and our root chakra.

Shades of orange to red spectrum and stones such as Coral, Carnelian, Amber and Bloodstone have been used for meditation and energization as well as strengthening our Root Chakra.


Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system has been a symbol of expansion, wisdom, greatness, generosity and divine power making it a fortunate and lucky omen. At the same time a balanced rationality and intuition are needed to keep one practical and grounded.

Gods such as Thor, Zeus, Dyaus, Yeshu and Goddesses such as Juno, Sophia and Parvati are connected to the concept of wisdom and exalted virtues that Jupiter represent.

Colours of purple and violet as well as gems such as amethyst, lepidolite and iolite represent the positive qualities of Jupiter as well as our Crown Chakra.


Saturn: The planet with great rings around is symbolic of practicality, reasonable boundaries, righteousness, fair rules, justice, stability,  protection and focus. Refrain from feeling like a victim or fearing this planet out of a belief in external rules and confinement by realizing that we create our own limitations instead of any devil or ‘Satan’ figure that Saturn has been wrongly convoluted into.

Gods such as Cronus, Hades, Set and Goddesses such as Kali, Ceridwen and Caillech are symbolic of endings, banishing, maturity and closure that are much needed at certain times in our life.

Colours from Gray to Black spectrum and gemstones or crystals such as Blue Sapphire, Sodalite, Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian and Shungite can help prevent draining of energy and keep us focused and shielded through our Third Eye Chakra.


Finally while on Earth, no matter what our planets reveal in the form of horoscopes or guidance, we can always remember that our practical and day to day efforts as well as free-will choices are constantly there to help us create our own fate through our consciousness and determination, regardless of so-called planetary ‘influences’.

Each and everything that is manifest in our world has been placed around as and we amidst them because of some choices we have made either consciously or subconsciously. We have a reasonable degree of control over immediate objects around us and if we wish we can even change our place of residence to suit our aspirations, thereby transforming our situations to a great degree.

Planets seemed in the past to be revolving around us in fixed patterns that we seemed to have little control over, and hence were highly regarded as divine symbols that ‘control’ our destinies. Now we can imagine relocating to a new planet in the future as we progress technologically. Moreover our consciousness when awakened transcends space and time and help us travel astrally to any realm or dimension as liberated souls. The only creator of our destiny is always within us ultimately.

Top 7 Lucky Charms to Amplify Positive Energy

We all have our own inner power creating our reality from moment to moment. Through our own beliefs and convictions we manifest our own situations around us, either helping or hindering our goals. By believing that we are lucky and that the universe is here to help and support us as an extension of our inner self, we can amplify positive vibrations right now. This help and support of the universe can be received through many ways, including lucky charms or objects that serve as physical reminders of how we are indeed very lucky and blessed.

Lucky charms can be used in many different and creative ways such as

  • Carried with you in your pocket
  • Worn as an ornament
  • Strategically displayed at home
  • Kept hidden in wallet or drawer
  • Used as an object of worship on altar
  • Placed under your pillow to enter your dreams
  • Energized with visualization, meditation and affirmations

Here are some of those special magickal things that can help you if you choose to believe:

  1. Lucky Coins: Who does not need a special dash of financial luck to fund your projects to success or to bring that perfect home or vehicle within your reach, or to protect you and your loved ones? Lucky tokens such as a set of three chinese antique coins or specially crafted ‘goddess Laxmi’ as well as ‘guardian angel’ coins, can easily fit into your wallet and not be mistaken for ordinary coins. One of the most popular symbols of luck is the lucky clover or Irish Shamrock.coinsirish.jpglaxmiangel coin
  2. Lucky Stones: Natural crystals and special gemstones have been believed to bring luck since ancient times. You can match your special stone to your western or Vedic zodiac sun-sign, moon-sign, ascendant or even your destiny or birth number as per your date of birth. Or you may choose one through intuition or by studying its properties or spiritual significance. One of the best ways of choosing a stone is to learn about our chakras and the stone that helps in balancing each chakra. You can also use specially inscribed stones with positive messages.believe.jpgRemember I am 8800 lcrystals.pngGemstonesforplanets
  3. Divine Figurines: Everyone loves angels because they are benevolent, kind and unconditionally loving energy sent by our Higher Self or God who is connected to all of us at all times. Carrying a beautiful angel or placing one on your altar or desk can remind you of the power of faith and belief whenever you need to remember that you are loved and protected by heaven. Similarly figures of gods and goddesses remind us of the various powers of our infinite divine creator who is always present in our hearts. We can honour these powers including divine feminine and masculine to balance and improve various aspects of life, whether career, wealth, health, beauty, relationships or for overall blessings.angelspocketangelmichael-the-archangel-statue-59893xl.png krishnawinged-isis-egyptian-goddess-bronze-statue-800x800.jpg
  4. Lucky Decor: Every culture has some special artefact or decor that can bring in lucky vibrations to your home or office. For example hanging lucky chimes, ‘torans’, talismans against evil eyes to repel jealousy, horseshoes to keep away evil and bring in luck, feng-shui turtles, money toads and laughing buddhas…the list is endless and so is the amount of luck you can generate, so do take care you do not overdo it lest your home ends up resembling a feng-shui store. FengShui-Remedies
  5. Candle Magick: Used widely in prayers across the world, candles can be of every possible colour and shape to match with the unique vibration that you intend to focus upon while saying your prayer or affirmation or stating your wish to your higher self or deity. Energized candles such for healing with specific intentions are also widely available through specialist stores, or you can make one yourself.candles.jpg
  6. Aroma Oils and Incense: To quickly uplift your mood and improve the vibrations of any place you can use incense or oils especially matched with the frequency of your choice. Imbued with natural herbs and essences your body and mind will relax and allow you to feel more positive and attract better luck. incenseoils
  7. Lucky Clothing: You need not visit a metaphysical store for this lucky charm, your own wardrobe can be the place where your lucky object is already hidden. Numerous celebrities including sports and movie stars have their special tees and socks that have allegedly helped them win games and awards galore. Or simply use your ‘lucky colour’ on the day you are scheduled for that ‘date’ with destiny.tshirt.pngFinally… why not believe that you are naturally lucky and destined for success in everything, everyday, regardless of what you wear or keep? Become your own lucky charm and allow everything in the universe to be lucky for you.

Five Positive Meanings of an Eclipse


Fears have been spread concerning eclipses by some astrologers partially due to lack of understanding of the natural science behind it and partially due to negative spiritual mindset. In truth eclipses can be wonderful opportunities for sky-gazing and can be interpreted in a positive way through the right spiritual awareness. Here are five ways to change the way you feel about eclipses:

  1. An Aligning of Energies: Eclipses occur when the Sun or Moon seem to disappear momentarily either totally or partially during new moon and full moon respectively at certain times of the year. This actually happens when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line with either moon or earth in the middle. Instead of seeing it as a negative sign, we can see it as a symbolic alignment of Solar and Lunar forces of divinity for Earth Healing and balancing.yinyang
  2. A Magical Time: As the Sun represents outer-life and Moon signifies the inner psyche, eclipses being an alignment of these two around us, can indicate a rare celestial event that can be magical in potential as the inner and outer world are connected and harmonized celestially. See it as a divine play of light with you as a witness of the beauty of the universe.plasma-ball
  3. Light Returning: Instead of seeing the Eclipse as a shadow, try to see it as light returning after a very temporary shadow. This way you can focus upon any issues that were hidden so far from your awareness and bring new solutions in focus. It can be a moment of unveiling and re-awakening to the truth.magic-1442661_960_720
  4. Lifting the Shadows: With ‘Shadow-work’ you can introspect upon and release your own inner shadows. This can be a great psychological and spiritual exercise of discovering your hidden or subconscious blockages and transforming them. Time to face your fears, clear your mental blocks and let-go of any guilt, worry or anger that came in the way of your inner peace and
  5. Transforming your Problems: As darkness turns to light you can light a candle, visualize or affirm that your problems have been transformed through new awareness and something better is now on its way as your path is unblocked. Significant transformations from negative to positive are likely as a result. right-707517_960_720

In short, it is your choice to use any event outside you as a positive or a negative sign. The way you feel about it is the way it will manifest its meaning in your life. Never lose an opportunity to get back in touch with your true self. Feel free to meditate, shield yourself with a light of protection, perform transformation spells and create inner peace during eclipses. Travel or consume food should need be without being negatively superstitious. Your beliefs create your reality, so why not discard the negative and choose the positive now?

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Five Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

We all have heard people whining about retrogrades of Mercury, something that happens frequently and is actually much less fearful an event than it is made out to be. In-fact here are five things you can actually be grateful for as Mercury has once again gone into retrograde from 30 August to 21 September 2016 transiting through Virgo and Leo in its apparent backwards motion through this period.

  1. ENJOY SILENCE: Mercury represents communication and in retrograde its this aspect of life that seems to go awry at times for many of us. This is a hidden opportunity to practice being silent and recede into the quiet beauty of life, nature and inner peace. Communicating all the time is unhealthy and these breaks are much needed for your own mental sanity. Switch off all those unnecessary updates, mute your unwanted calls or messages, turn the media off and enjoy your stillness.sunset-1207326_960_720
  2. TAKE THE INNER JOURNEY: Another meaning of Mercury is travel or movement and during retrogrades travelling is not always advisable as plans become unstable and journeys cancelled at times. What better occasion to retreat within and take a journey back to yourself. Outer travel is illusory while inner journey is what awakens and fulfills us in a real way. Go back to your real self where you find peace and be with yourself, especially now.sand-768783_960_720
  3. RELEARN THE TRUTH: Mercury is symbolic of learning and represents that part of us which is always learning as a student of life. Its retrograde often takes us back to old lessons so that we can remember and relearn about the lost parts of our self. Life is indeed a journey from inner truth to outer world and back to the inner self.  A retrograde of Mercury is a good time to remember and relearn what you forgot.narrative-794978_960_720
  4. FIND THE INNER TREASURE: Mercury also stands for money and finances. Needless to say, retrogrades are times most astrologers advise you not to make financial decisions or commitments while urging you to review your plans. Another way to look at this is to return to the inner source within where all things emerge from. There is great wealth and real treasure in your soul and this is a great time to reconnect with this source so that you can emerge richer and wealthier than ever.oyster-1327311_960_720
  5. GO BEYOND THE MIND: Mercury is ‘Buddha’ or ‘Buddhi’ which represents our mind which is full of thoughts. Retrogrades of Mercury might be puzzling for many when thoughts are scattered and the mind is dulled or unsettled. However you can easily silence the mind through meditation and experience your inner thought-free state of nature. Thereby you are no longer a victim of your mind but a master.    buddha-1063270_960_720

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