Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives in India The pious City of Varanasi has decided to use herbal colors or abeer gulaal this Holi - the Spring festival of colors in India. People in rural parts of India along with metropolitan cities are getting aware of the harmful effects of synthetic colors on skin and hair. A local Rohni said that "I... Continue Reading →

7 Simple Grounding Techniques

Light-workers, mediums and healers often find themselves depleted of energy after channeling healing energies to others. Even if they receive an energy exchange in the form of money for their work, continuously sending out positive energy, being of service to others and being involved in raising others' vibrations can deplete and reduce their personal auric... Continue Reading →

Circle of Life

Heres a short verse on how positive feelings can transform the circle of life. A positive emotion, Sets in motion, A chain reaction, Into all of creation. The world transforms, Each one in tandem with a cosmic song. Giggles, laughter, joy reverberates, Through Love the senses satiate. Trust, hope, optimism grows, As boundaries disappear, and... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – Eco-friendly cabins, mushroom packaging and polymer pillows Austria based company Wongwagon has launched 'eco-cabins' which are just 25 square metres in space and made entirely from environment-friendly materials such as clay plaster, larch wood, sheep's wool whivh provides insulation. The solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity while batteries at the bottom of the trailer conserve it for later use. The large windows maximise the... Continue Reading →

5 Simple & Fun ways to stay Fit!

Fitness can be achieved with the simplest of means, without fancy equipment, a trainer or going to the gym! According to many studies, just 30-45 minutes of physical exercise daily can do a world of good to your health and enhance longevity. Here are 5 simple & easy ways to stay fit, that can be... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – Eco-friendly fertilizer, rickshaws & taxis

A LEAF WHICH IS A NATURAL FERTILIZER Marguerite Homb, president of a non-profit organization called Health and Nature has found that the moringa leaves which are native to the African soil are natural organic fertilizers. Even a training centre in Madimbu uses these dead leaves for farming. The centre co-ordinator François Xavier Mifoundou says,"... Continue Reading →

Heal with Ho’oponopono

  Ho’oponopono – is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation to help us release unwanted feelings and gradually clear dis-ease from the body as well as improve the overall quality of our life. Causes of Negativity or Disease: Fears and negative emotions could have been carried in the mind since previous births, past experiences, unhappy... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today: Green Initiatives in India Kochi will soon have CNG (compressed natural gas) buses into the KSRTC fleet which will ensure a clean transport system in the State. The project which is being planned for introduction on a pilot basis, will continue to give people the option of an  environment-friendly transport mode. CNG buses are already functional in many... Continue Reading →

Positive News – Eco-friendly burial suits, desert city, printing inks Called the "Infinity Burial suit" this one-piece burial suit is made of  mushroom spore-infused thread, which will grow from your body once you’re buried, digesting you in the process. The concept here is that mushrooms are natural decomposers and the application on this burial suit pod was tested by Jae Rhim Lee who personally fed... Continue Reading →

5 Romantic Movies to watch this Valentine’s!

Valentine's Day has become a popular day to celebrate, express, enjoy amorous interludes, poetry, parties and everything that makes you feel mushy on the inside. Well, not that this is the only day to do so. Popular culture and recent times have added to the enthusiasm and charm of this day turning it into a... Continue Reading →

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