ANNOUNCEMENT: Migration of Blog and Media

As author of several books and articles of Earth Healing Network I thank you for your time and readership.

It has come to my attention that very specific dangerous individuals not named anywhere on this website are still monitoring my whereabouts and tracking all posts purely for malicious reasons and my precious time, well known expertise and money is therefore best served in writing on a different platform.

My books have been duly removed from amazon for my safety from those predators and I have trickled down my social media involvement greatly but continued writing my strong articles distinctive on Old book copies and published media in circulation might still be around on Amazon and other publisher websites or second hand channels which I cannot remove.

So far I have been sharing very detailed Disclosures on Ascension and its Symptoms and how to exorcise Demonic energy beings discovered in the process who appear in the Matrix as friends, relatives, family members, partners, colleagues and agents to bring us down and to prevent Ascension.

All articles and books will now onwards be rewritten and made available in a new media under a new pen name, with new book titles and new descriptions that I shall be unable to share at this time with anyone for safety and wellbeing and will have no semblance to my works or personal name/ blog name so far.

I shall be unable to share my books and new pen name or blog address over email or phone for safety from those odd ones of you who are in touch personally to prevent cross sharing of my new media name that might reach the wrong persons.

I believe that seekers of truth will be successful in discovering this treasure and those who are Demonic and try to interfere and stalk others unnecessarily will be forced to mind their business and their private life while I remain unaffected by them, invisible and therefore anonymous from now on.


Swati Prakash

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