Ascension Disclosures: Relay of Spaceships

Much of this article is collaborated with Ascended masters through telepathic mediumship as dictated to me.

We know by now very well that we are clearly in a non human (semi technological) AI graphic simulation.

Tech billionaires are already at it, claiming evidence that they have in the true timeline of the real world already developed AI (artificial) human technology to generate simulated hyperrealities. Elon Musk and his counterpart Neil deGrasse Tyson in this latest story claim we are obviously already in a simulation considering the quick leaps and bounds in technology and science over past few years to come upon semi-simulated games such as Pong of past, which means we might already be Neo, in a highly advanced game, split into many 3D human and other forms mentally I presume.

Recently (it was actually last year although it appears last month) it was disclosed via the masters in my Inner Goddess reading for world Ascension that we are in a lucid game such as Grand Theft Auto, and I had no clue what that game was until I saw a short video clip online later to confirm what GTA is. It architects cities, towns, sea, ecosystems rather where we can project ourselves into and travel, and also a crime game strangely. 🎮 Our world is as magnificent and illusory and what we view in 3D around is is no different than virtual reality. It is not really Toronto or Canada, or wherever you think you are. It is not new year or whatever time you think it is. That is an important discovery. For those few reading this email or post, this knowledge of truth itself is crucial.

They (scientific technologists) and masters are also preparing us for a world battle, spaceships and a new (near) virtual future. An alternate dimension as dictated to me telepathically, is being generated. A lucid dream would tell me more shortly.

A latest scientific research paper linked herein also informs us that they plan to electromagnetise atmosphere of the so called planet Mars (and Triton as per telepathic interludes), terraformed to turn into an Earth like inhabitable plane. Earth was disturbed in past too rapidly. Horror of horrors if they start farming people, and continue abusing, rape and Satanic murder of poor victims, farmed animals there on other planets such as Mars too for gluttony’s sake. It is not heaven is my repeated telepathic message.

A few years ago I discovered that simulation of spaceships as an alternate reality technique of Ascension to escape the Matrix of human law and the reptilian dracoil or Satanic system that controls us is possible. Although we see ships telepathically and in certain unexplained lucid dreams we seem to appear on them, are they good ones? I was not very excited about life on a spaceship either, which I imagined to be devoid of deep sea diving, forests and sunny beaches. Obviously I was wrong as these can be generated through simulated programs in which we might already be plugged in. For years I have known it and what you would call a ‘journey’ is ongoing and it is ideal we learn exactly what is going on and connect to or return back upon our ships as and when ready to awaken and be unplugged out of this VR.

Demonic battles are possibly part of this complex AI generated simulation of terra formed Earth or terra firma, although many people are on the side of the demons, most perhaps and you might also be. I discovered my demonic or fallen angelic computer name template Sabbathiel and it’s counterpart Ascended master Archangel Michael. Another friend today was awake at 4 am this morning to message me about what is going on. Her name was dictated to me as Archangel Barakiel. Fallen angel or Demon names are revealed in form of various programs that appear in human form in this AI game, all linked with our own first last name of this Matrix which are all superficial and illusory or false identities given to us in this system. Your human name is temporary and based on a template, shared by many others, and so is the story of your life, no matter how exciting or dull, an illusion created in this system to program us and control us to stay where we are mentally, emotionally and therefore physically, in jobs, relationships, family circumstances, court cases, illnesses, lockdowns, uncertainties, terrorism, crimes, food system artificialities and civil rights movements. None of those things are real.

Of course the ‘rise up’ revolution and revolt against these demonic systems of capitalism, real estate, land grabbing from animals, enslavement and government control is ongoing too.

We all have a higher self where we are good angels and united with our Archangel, Ascended Masters and true One Self and reverse our fallen demono-angel crude self urges of this lower world. Both upper and lower versions of self and worlds are still part of semi-AI generated multidimensional reality systems. The system is the world. Also 🌎 several planets across various galaxies in higher dimensional versions of the game of Ascension may be revealed shortly.

Some spaceships are coming too. Are they good ones, or Satanic ones from the same right winged aristocracy and tech billionaires? This depends on whether the Self is ready to return to the star being or start/ star (again) in this reality show.

Specifically for those of us programmed to be witches, magical people, saints who use our inner power or psychic channels to generate our reality interface within our AI controlled well architected ecosystem spaces that are falling apart in climate change, we simply know that we create reality. But we use this information for personal gain which is illusion, is temporary as we stay professional psychics and healers working throughout our lives in illusion.

We already know we are generating lucid realities like a computer screen with GUI. This does not make us any more enlightened than an ill child who is playing an advanced game to enhance his or her cognitive skills.

What truly helps in Ascension is to wisen up and be a positive and kind spirit instead of integrating with the demonic systems of animal abuse and planetary exploitation. Considering these crimes as ‘personal choices’ keeps us low in the demonic realm as reptile slaves still in the lower dimensional world and unable to hear our true starships of Ascension or to rise up here in spirit upon this simulated version of Earth to raise consciousness.

Together many of us are facing similar identifiable Ascension symptoms of psychic nature, waking up at certain times of night, similar information popping up in synchronicity, visible specific messages around, mind waves creating reality spontaneously as we think, and learning how everyone and everything being interconnected as a network of energy which some foolishly worship as God, Goddesses, Divine beings and angels while we are in a false computer generated simulation. Most programs are simply termed demons by me for now as this reality is a controlled one, not one of truth. For example Vertigo as an Ascension symptom is by the demonic program Crocell of water gurging around the ear. Implants or chips below the earlobes are other Lyran systems to track us and send us 24×7 messages, administer buzzing or radio signals that seem telepathically induced. You will speak with the voice of your master or true twin flame clearly in Ascension if you listen.

Sensing an urge to scratch skin is a way the starship is again connecting and sending you impressions or drawings of facial features and starbeing bodies of the people appearing in your life. Several of these were channeled for me lucidly and continue being channelled in order to reveal the holographic formats of people behind their human facade of 3d print.

Headaches help us tap into the part of head that is sensing the strong message to transmit vibrations into our body via electromagnetic impulse and to start channelling exact messages and healing or complete our missions with Ascended superpowers if you are a healer or lightworker. Hardly anyone knows these methods that are highly reliable and full training is available if anyone is interested although several articles on Ascension and free books are online on for those who care who obviously remain really few, I’m hoping not just one (myself), but at least I am learning for sure from the Masters and very carefully so.

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