Ascension Disclosures: Is Dark Media Controlling Reality?

We Create our own Reality.

The Universe is Within.

As Within So With Out.

Microcosm and Macrocosm are reflections.

We all might have already read and learnt the above age old Metaphysical concepts by now. A friend recently concurred, ‘Buddha said nothing precedes the mind.’ This was after I disclosed that I am interacting less with everyone as it seems that mental energy of thoughts or intentions are projecting as the world, e.g. covid, climate change, reactions of mind (at least most certainly out of my own mind as I feel very strongly about the subject). But if this mind is creating reality, something has to precede the mind from atop, a higher truth perhaps, one beyond this world which is a simulation.

Everything we see or hear or believe is a lie, an illusion generated mentally. This includes media articles, scientific researches, world events and funnily enough our favourite or not so favourite television programs and it’s people including political, religious, business or media stars that feed garbage into our head.

Recently I noticed on Amazon Prime, Charmed, a popular yesteryears TV show originally aired between 1998 to 2006. While Western media repeats it since then, I and my sister in India never saw this program or series even once in Mumbai whilst living together till 2010. On moving out of her family home where we lived with our mother, I settled in my own apartment at Bandra next to my Magick shop stared in 2008 where I lived my dreamlife with my beautiful crystals, tarot and spells to empower kind hearted women and intuitive men as spiritual healers

I saw a Charmed VCD in a local video library only in September 2010 after a stint as a spiritual expert hosting a paranormal reality TV show. My show producers kept asking me to use Witchcraft to call demons and make the show even more interesting. I did not get the point, Wicca was about worshipping and celebrating the cycles of nature and empowerment of the feminine. Why were they pushing me to go to haunted houses and deal with necromancy when Wicca was all about positively manifesting of our reality through good spells for happy relationships, career and through astrological and tarot Divination. I had not seen Charmed and had no clue those producers wanted that sort of content. Luckily the show ended after 8 episodes that made no sense to me as a positive Wiccan healer.

I had no idea why I was expected to bring scary demons into my TV show by producers as a positive Wiccan, having never watched Charmed to make that false connection.

It was just one episode of Charmed that I had watched after ending my TV show, one that I struggled through for a few minutes before switching it off that involved something a little bit like past life regression but was exaggerated as something to do with supernatural demonic events and nothing like real nature based Wicca or even close to mindful hypnotherapy and meditation. As a past life regression therapist and Earth Healing Temple’s Wiccan High Priestess, I was disappointed with that small clip of a single Charmed episode. But I do remember thinking that a character called Cole in that clip looked interesting and if there are demons I’d like to learn more about who they are and how to get rid of them.

I returned the video cassette after that short episode partly viewed, and did not view that show again until 2014 when I was forced to leave Mumbai permanently and live in UK. Before that I had met my ex in Oct 2010, held a secret Wiccan handfasting with him in 2011 and had a baby in 2012 in UK while running my Indian shop remotely. My sister however had started a small fashion clothing shop of her own called Charmed with a large and exquisite chandelier on the ceiling as the Charmed TV show also had, unlike my Magick store that was plain and straightforward. She refused to live with me or work with me in my occult store. No third sister was there either although my cheerful store manager hinted we three could be together as ‘sisters’ merging Magick with Charmed as the ‘Power of Three’. I didn’t understand and neither did my sister as we hadn’t really seen the show called Charmed or its episodes except for that short clip of a semi-demonic Cole being hypnotised viewd by myself. I did not know that ‘power of three’ meant three females as Wiccan sisters.

Things could have been different if three sister witches worked together in my real life Magick occult shop.

I stayed in a house at Manor Park in UK temporarily upon permanently relocating to UK in 2014, one that belonged to a hotel owner, a furnished large 4 bedroom semidetached house he rented to us very kindly. The television program Charmed started playing while I was feeding my son one morning and decided to watch TV. Normally I would not watch TV programmes in Mumbai at my apartment as I did not like TV shows and had not subscribed to the same, and was always busy in Meditation and helping several clients daily with readings and healing services, but in this new house an LCD TV set with a dish antenna lured me as I had no clients to attend to being away from my occult store and my shop falling prey to wicked employees who ruined it eventually. While watching Charmed, this time properly, I noticed the resemblance of the Manor of the television show where the three sister witches lived and the similar stained glass doors and house layout, including the spooky basement at Manor Park house in concurrence with the basement episode in S1 E11 which I saw much later on after an obscure event in that basement already took place in reality.

The first episode I caught on screen of this show was midway of the series involving a female shape-shifting from a cat to human form. The previous night before I watched the show on television, I had a lucid dream of a lady hiding as a Feline or cat form in my house and then morphing into human form and talking to me in a friendly way like a Witch’s familiar would. This clip of the Charmed episode was relayed in my dream just like a premonition of regular life events before I saw them.

We moved to another house shortly where I resumed watching the TV Show Charmed that appeared on TV yet again day after day, and informed my husband that he looks and behaves quite like Cole/ Balthazar. He took it as a compliment as the actor was charmingly handsome. But the similarity did not end there. Strangely the TV Series Charmed also showed a character called Phoebe as a clairvoyant medium whose premonitions were usually accurate, married to that man in a similar dark handfasting ceremony as I had, and her personality loosely resembled mine in clothing and gregarious nature and my work as clairvoyant medium and witch who finally banished her half demon husband who also became The Source of all evil and an Avatar.

Resemblances to TV characters is nothing new, but where does the fine line end between reality and media? What sort of AI simulation are we placed in?

My sister in Mumbai however was very similar in personality and way of talking to Prue and she often said to me that she feels she is a lot more mature and elder to me, was snappy in way of speaking to me, abrupt in phonecalls, had a strained relationship with me just as Prue had with Phoebe as she disliked the way I dressed, or took interest in dating or relationships at that time. She dressed up, looked sharply and moved her eyes just like the TV show character Prue and that too without viewing the TV show even once, and she died early in life just like that character had too very myseriously of occult forces in Mumbai with me stuck in UK having not seen her for a few years. She had made me initiate her in a Wiccan ceremony at rooftop in 2003 with Wiccan artefacts, her carefully kept Book of Shadows, and told me we are witches, and that she would die in a few years and I would not be able to save her, and this has happened too inspite of magical effort including time travel in spirit form back from future into my body spinning like a top in 2017 when she died suddenly inspite of my spiritual efforts to reverse the events and shift my timeline.

I had not reflected upon how that TV Show was related to my life as I thought as most people seem to believe that TV, media and scientific technologies are independent of our mind.

Upon observation I conclude that the universe might be a Matrix like simulation in which we are plugged into constantly and which creates life like a dreamworld where mental content becomes people and things, and media is interlinked to our mental waves, creating or influencing our life stories and people in our world, unawares.

How can TV programs that we haven’t even seen before become sort of loose templates of this life story as a parallel realities, one on screen played by strange actors with unnatural behaviour, another in this 3d life also played by strange people who behave in shallow ways a bit like actors performing certain roles?

Charmed is in no way a show I admire, though it is fun to watch in parts, the actors are a bit demonic looking themselves, semi-exaggerated facial expressions, uncouth behaviour, speaking in loud voices, rudeness to one another, disturbing use of animals for instance cooking duck, killing turkey, wearing leather and fur, cooking chicken as a Hindu Goddess and claiming to be good witches, doesn’t corroborate. But then again I was like that too previously, consuming dairy cheese, cooking chicken for my husband while many armed Hindu Goddess was being channelled in my work in 2014, before I went vegan and refused to cook animals later on progressively. The lead character of premonitions played by Phoebe in retrospective view is quite clearly a gorgeous looking Samayel demon (Alyssa Milano) with very black eyes that predominate the white area of eyes, as my vivid experience of demonology and spirit exorcism has indicated. Samayel demon also was a sexual Mayel or Maya, the imaginary twin flame of Balthazar or Bael.

The reptilian twin flame Mayel of Bael in my life was juxtaposed with Charmed before Ascension when I broke free.

Exorcising some of these demons in deep trance is a horrendous experience but took place nevertheless. I was introduced to approximately 35 demons during Ascension on my birthday in 2017, having learnt their names and way of operating over the last few years. Many more are revealed in sequence through telepathic and channelled mediumship of drawings.

The fact that Matrix slyly sends demons through actors and media into our life and integrated our life unknown to us, with these programs as templates to prepare our false Matrix life story is deplorable. I am not the only one affected similarly, another woman with powers to remotely view events disclosed on a Gaia TV interview about a Charmed show phenomenon acting up in her life after she saw Phoebe in Charmed. There could be other demons popping up from other TV shows or films too, for example Garfield as Agares in my son’s world is definitely a menace at times and reappeared as a lady of similar name recently in his life.

Another thing that was very similar in that TV show Charmed was the facial features and personality of a character in the S1 E11 of the show who was a lying thief, one who resembled very much in his facial features, lifestyle, slyness and facial expression, my co-star in two low budget theatrical productions in 2006, a theatre group that I had quit, and thankfully unlike Phoebe I had actually kept him at an arms length ever since I had met him.

As I kept watching yesterday a recap on Amazon just to investigate the characters semblance once I ascertained the above, I noted how several characters, not just one or two have juxtaposed with my life. A dark thin female with black nailpolish and lipstick and thin lips also was part of my illusion of this lifetime. In the S1 E7 she befriended Phoebe and gained her sympathy and attention to steal powers off her by working with a Demonic Kali. A college friend from Mithibai in 1998 who was a blogger was quite similar in appearance to that character, in her body language, her lipstick and clothing, and she was manipulative in getting what she wanted by using me, and told me that her Magick and occult power is dark and she liked tarot, Wands, Astrology and spells and attended my groups in my store for Earth Healing but in a dark way instead of for healing the planet as she was an unhappy person and disliked my sister.

Strangely similar melodramatic characters have all been turning up in reality even before I saw this crude show.

Another character called Leo who was an angel (Lucifer) has also appeared suddenly as a very similar looking psychologist who had prepared a short unusual report on me and Witchcraft, my sister and family drama three years after I saw him in a premonition as Lucifer with a folder and similar business suit in a series of dreams mocking me as a witch reptilian who crawls about while he is an angel (demon). But yesterday when I was researching on the episodes and it’s characters I noticed he was actually very similar to Leo of Charmed, and Leo as ‘whitelighter’ angel compares with Lucifer too.

Going through all episodes of S1 to S8 of this very long lost TV programme of several years ago to investigate how the Matrix is creating my personal false life story through media images is painful, as the shows characters and their facial expressions are not enjoyable to look at. In magic I would have much preferred being at Hogwarts instead, (minus the non vegan school meals, Voldemort and death eaters) in real life. Why has this Charmed show and its characters or demonic crime stories and that too from before I viewed the show linked with me somehow? To view all of it will be tedius although evidential in determining how my story goes and what happens to characters eventually if my theory is true.

I do not know why behaviour of some people around is similarly superficial and artificial and it seems as if they are acting and not real human beings all around in this world. No warmth, no thoughtfulness and no feeling of being at home really in a normal, good company is felt here in this world overall, in any place on earth. Also most people not being Vegan or passionate about Earth Healing is very disturbing. Could these people all be holographically coded or simulated digital creations of the Matrix in this simulation system or dreamworld? Are they designed to keep reality lowly in 3D, perhaps one where everyone just does what they are supposed to ‘perform’, taking on a role given by the computer system to each of us?

Are certain themes running in your life (or ruining your life) too as if directly out of a media show with similar characters? It could be a different one to my digital version of the story of Charmed all warped up and entwined with my life story? Your demons and templates might be different or similar. This is just an example.

Which story is the Matrix feeding your life stream with?

Are you really creating this world from within yourself independently or are some programs in this media world an evidence of an AI demonic hand in this simulation, acting as a template to our life story even before you view them?

Alternative, are you too a digital simulation sent by the Matrix computer system into my dream?

Time and time again I need to ask (or remind) myself, ‘Am I talking to a computer?’ (A voice has guided me several times that I am talking to a computer, before I spoke to a doctor or policeman). Is everyone a simulation or is anyone real?

Nick Bostrum’s hypothesis is clearly true but again a media newsfeed of Bostrum’s simulation hypothesis of the world most probably already a computer AI simulation, had also appeared in my view online on the internet spontaneously, just as I confirmed my hypothesis in my own mind in 2014, approximately the time I moved to UK and started writing my books. Was it simply my mind giving me a validation of my beliefs, a rerun of my memories of life in the Matrix in the form of media and TV shows or movies?

An invisible network of information circuiting around like an invisible WiFi creating realities is always around us. Therefore while my intention of healing the perceived planet with Earth Healing Network and Wiccan or mindfulness rituals and meditation seem noble, what is it that created negative energy in the first place? Is something outside the cause, something that has wickedly put us here in this simulation? Are some distinct programs creating a story of this Matrix, one of climate crisis, deadly viruses and human failures or fatalities and interspersed with personal dramas, financial stress, jobs, society, religion and other demonic programs in our life, also appearing casually in the form of various humans. In my research through telepathic mediumship and as part of Ascension Disclosures previousy many of these Demons were revealed to me and I have been informed by the masters ‘there are fewer than one million of them’.

I question that if the universe is a projected version of inner self, why is it negative with slaughterhouses, crime, climate change, and covid, unless I might also be evil from within, and therefore As With In So With Out?

A spiritual angelic female friend remarked upon listening to my abive question, ‘We are not the only people in the universe and microcosm is a projection of different different microcosms or many minds creating our collective reality.’ She is possibly wrong as any enlightened masters before have all stated that an individual’s own mind is the creator of universe and everything around a reflection of the One Self as explained in Upanishads. Obviously there is only One true mind (I Am consciousness) creating the Omnipresent reality with everything and everyone being a projected holographic simulation of those scriptures are true. In that case both good and evil are within (Good and Evil, God and Devil, both within) and the world of macrocosmic fractal projection also heals as our inner microcosm is exorcised and healed throughly and rid of evil by the way of honest self introspection and deep inner transformation. I would love to be optimistic.

Alternatively, the evidence above of media linked computer simulations of life stories, could imply that a dark program from the AI computer system has generated a few templates in our life, given us a false storyline of our hypotherical birth, false relationships and a pseudo career, with storylines visible in media programmes or movies and dictated in the form of personal and world events manifesting mentally. Indeed the Matrix that is all around has shown us proof that we ate animals, harmed the planet, were sinful or demonically infested and therefore led ourselves into an AI simulation, a trap, similar in prototype to Matrix movies and other Satanic shows creeping around.

Either side of the fence, wherever you find yourself, these evil demonic programs of sins, Satanic animal slaughter, non veganism, untruth, money worship, lust, gluttony and other unwanted or harmful energies imbibed into our mind from wherever they came in, all need to be vanquished. Perhaps all this media glitter and news is best kept out of range too and the false people it generates into this simulated reality.

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