Ascension Disclosures: Preparing for Crazemass, the Satanic Festival of Killing Birds and Pigs

Jesus said ‘God is love’. He is believed to have said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. Noone comes to the father except through me.’ He never said ‘I am Death’. (Death is Azazel the demon and cruelty is Satan.) So what are the stuffed beheaded Turkeys or killed pigs and other cruel products offered in celebration of Christ at Christmas, Thanksgiving and during dinner all year round?

Compassionate Ascension into to the tranquil light of Jesus and the Angels of Heaven and into reunion with the One God seems like a wonderful fantasy at best looked through rose tinted religious and pseudo spiritual glasses worn by enthusiastic kind hearted humans. Very few have eyes to see the blatant violent reality of our current so called Christ Mass festival post Thanksgiving or Harvest festival, which is actually dedicated to Death not Life and therefore a Demonic one. Ideally Harvest should be Herb-fest and Christmas a celebration of kindness.

Altogether the Biblical stanzas of how Jesus sent demons called Legion into a herd of innocent pigs and threw them to death is also disturbing as are his notorious fishing expeditions and accounts of his asking if the Lamb is ready for Passover just prior to his horrific slaughter as ‘Lamb of God’. There is nothing great about killing fishes or pigs or anyone else to save humans or feed them, or to allow your son’s slaughter, or demand Lamb sacrifice, even if you are God.

These false Ascension scriptures of Biblical paragraphs with contrary information at every step of the text are ridiculous and make people mentally ill and severely delusional. These scriptures ruin lives and are being distributed to various family and taught to children. On one hand they say love, light, life, truth and in the same breath on other pages are heinous accounts of killing pigs, birds and lambs and sprinkling their blood to offer to God, all of which is demonic.

This world is ruled by fallen ones such as Azazel, Bael, Belphegor, Mammon, Asmodeous, Leviathan and Satan, leader programs of 7 deadly sins from this Matrix simulation. These demonic programs have spread and multiplied everywhere through at least a million other demonic programs especially through the British system of education and non vegan food, with religion playing a major ‘Satanic worship’ role in this criminality. These churches everywhere are grim, cold and empty of heart as the churchgoers rejoice in blood and body of Christ and celebrate sacrifice, being devoid of enlightenment or basic civil values itself and then devour animal products with religious fervour to thank Satan, their God.

I have been recognising these demons for the last few years and still learning their names and images telepathically after my first crash course in 2017 on my birthday, an unforgettable experience of mediumship where various demons were introduced and exorcism conducted by higher dimensional team. To date various sketches are issued with names conveyed by masters.

I have personally reflected upon how these ugly demonic programs have interfered with our mind and literally dumbed us all up for a very long time through religion and its crude festivities and splendour. In India I had no clue what a sausage was made of, or what ham or bacon were, and had never seen a Turkey bird or Pigs in blankets served on table for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Innocently through childhood I thought our media, government, schools and English speaking so called educated people must be right and good ones who are supposed to help us. I believed people were generally noble and trusted family, friends, neighbours and media. And I imagined British people to be polite and noble. This is why I thank Ascension and all my vivid nightmares regarding my family members and relationship for waking me up to the cruel reality of this virtual 3D simulation world post Ascension.

Christmas should be called Crazemass as telepathically worded to me this morning. What else should you say if the very graphic and disturbing slaughter of millions of pigs, turkeys, lambs are ordered as extra menu in schools and supermarkets.

When we speak about Jesus and love, they coldly tell us that he and father God has given fish and other animals as food to us. That’s the Matrix, a violent program that teaches us horrible lessons throughout our life, in schools, churches, through government officials, shops, neighbours and general media everywhere.

We believe we are sent or incarnated here on what we think os Earth, to learn lessons…to learn to be good, when the complete opposite happens all our life. We are here to be fooled and taken deep into Hell. We can save ourselves but we are brainwashed to join religion and take an outer spirit as savior to enter us, thereby getting possessed by negative energy and ideas that are useless.

The Matrix fools people throughout their life that a kind God loves humans who willingly enjoy destroying earth and that He provides other sentient and innocent good beings as food to us.

Just this morning my son’s school has issued a Christmas Dinner menu of poor tortured Turkeys and Pigs to harm children’s health, along with a sad Vegetarian option of dairy and egg filled Quorn fillet, not even a Vegan one so that barbarism and dirty dairy and eggs ruin our children’s brain, heart, bodies and environment. Such are the poor standards of our so called developed countries such as UK even after all these years of vegan activism and empty climate change slogans. And we believe it is the year 2021!

Clearly the message of basic moral values of non violence reaches deaf years of shameless gluttons year after year who snooze and continue on their Anti Christ path regardless, on the path of death not life. Thank the Inner Goddess you are not one of them.

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