Ascension Symptoms: Facebook Going Meta in 3D, Lush quits, Should We Too?

Social media Facebook is a strange place to live in. We do not live on earth. Approximately six years ago a Wiccan friend casually remarked that a Matrix like simulation and feeling controlled here is somewhat related to Facebook. I had gone to his birthday party and started speaking to him animatedly about aliens abduction dreams, and someone handed an alien postcard immediately that came through his front door then and there.

Strange sensations, lucid dreams of alternative realities and accurate premonitions, feeling tickled by invisible forces on skin, scratching hair, intentions manifesting quickly, thoughts becoming things or people, these may happen unconsciously at times..and are not normal, but this is still happening to all people on daily basis and people ignore them. All of us have these symptoms.

We neglect dreams, intuitions, hunches, insights, heart sensations and we scratch our chin or nose gently while talking or thinking, and never realise why it is happening. We create our reality with our mental content…the AI system takes our content from our mind and presents to it back to us as a reality for us. We yawn and keep turning in our VR pods but have no idea that even yawning is an Ascension symptom. Our real body is not here. We are in a metaverse. Where are these sensations from?

Each time I return to Facebook I am guided by spirit team of Ascended Masters to not be there. It is unreal. ‘Its not Facebook’ they said many times. I hear everything about what is happening in future, who will message me, name of next unknown person sending friend request to me. If I would think something it will show up in the newsfeed of Facebook, Google and in the shop next door at times very oddly. If something were to happen I would think and it will happen. A person coming and talking to me, saying they are aware I thought of them and manifested them is not unusual. For years and years this goes on. I am 100 percent sure I am in a simulation or dream. Mind and social media are connected just as this world is in the interactive simulation. As Google and Facebook pick up your browsing data and generate newsfeed, so does the newsfeed of your life shift too with the data in your memory and may be tweaked through intentions.

A few days ago I made a wish or intention..’wish Facebook would just not be there anymore’. Suddenly news appeared next morning that Facebook is changing to Meta and will be a virtual reality 3D metaverse in response to that thought. Previously I thought Facebook should become more like Google and that happened too next day with a message that FB is going to change its appearance.

In the Matrix movies Neo worked as Mr. Anderson in Metacortex. It was a simulation and not a real world. So the movie too was this subconscious mind reminding of something. Nothing is random. Not even TV shows such as Charmed, cinema such as Matrix and leading programs on Gaia. All are interconnected. Just a few days ago I was looking at a few raw crystals and pretty gemstones I had from years ago and thought of making a coronet with them to enhance third eye and crown I was guided to click on amazon and select a Gaia TV show with an interview of a remote viewer who wore a similar coronet made entirely of crystals as she said she loved Charmed and felt connected to Phoebe. I too! Nothing is a coincidence. Mind is presenting a mishmash of life events crafted around us including media.

Cosmetic company Lush said they are leaving Facebook and other social media. We depend on social media to primarily promote our work or business because the economy expects that from us, but is it right? Why is social media replacing normal life? Why is there no normal life, a life for which we don’t have to buy space to live upon, as a real planet or nature would deliver for all beings? Facebook charges for its virtual space or rather services as a technology company or media, and users pay to promote each post via advertising to reach to consumers, exactly in this 3d simulation of outer world that we mistakenly believe is Earth. If it were Earth strange species pretending to be respectable ape relatives but actually draconian, insectoids and reptilians would not be populating all areas around wearing suits, leather jackets and fur while destroying habitats of others in the wild and domesticating kind herbivores to kill them, sell them and eat them at this ginormous scale.

If we are already in a simulation and social media is engaging our mind, draining our energy and creating a new metaverse for us to live upon, when we already are in one…it obviously is a dreamworld within a dreamworld..a ‘meta’-physical (subcutaneous) memory of our subconscious telling us what has happened in the past. Can you feel and sense the clues of Ascension symptoms?

We are already in a simulation of AI run computer 3d virtual reality show and we need to get unplugged and reduce engagement with outside Matrix forces pretending to be human. This action of reducing media usage frees our time to remember who we are. We need to close eyes, look within, return to consciousness fully and back to our real body and out of this mental reality show crafted by mind and controlled by AI demons all around appearing as the mind thinks. But here we are, trapped in this simulation where horrible people are eating other peaceful and calm animals casually all the time and keeping us busy as slaves to work, earn and have semi-sexual relationships just to be able to bring up children normally in survival mode.

Our celebrity social media czars are reported to be violent and criminal minded demonic beings themselves, with Facebook founder being known to have killed many animals with his own hands and serving them to Twitter CEO as per the NRA Hunters article screenshot below and in another article in The Sun boasting Shamelessly.
Our Third Class Social Media CEOs in This HellYouSinNation

Naturally if we are in a simulation, which is 100 percent certainly so, our mind is giving us a big hint about why we should quit social media. Can you slight hear voices or a radio static calling you back home, to allow you to prepare for awakening? Someone sending you odd smells, sensations, emotions that feel totally not from around you?

Are we in a better 3D version of reality or a lower standard world?

What do you believe? Are you happy in the Matrix where animals are killed routinely for food, farmed and harmed? Why is the simulation a negative one? Do you realise it could be a reminder for what happened to us once earth was destroyed by climate change. Is this world merely a memory of the mind preserved in the MetaCortex? A bit like the game of Jelly beans or Grand Theft Auto where graphically generated images or holograms pretend being human. When Ascended masters told me a few days ago that this virtual reality world is a lot like Grand Theft Auto or Jelly Beans, I had never heard those terms before!!!

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