Seven Deadly Spiritual Mistakes that Defeat Lightworkers

Lightworkers and Empaths do get easily victimised due to Spiritual attitudes overemphasising kindness and vulnerability. The following misunderstandings or mistakes of spirituality might be keys allowing unsuitable theft of lightworker energy unknown to them.

1. Giving too much time to energy stealers or vampires.

People value special spiritual skills and admire lightworkers for their knowledge, depth of intuition and healing capabilities and in doing so also quiz them a lot or drain them out during consultation sessions or readings and healing services, at times deliberately or intentionally. Stealing energy or feeding off lightworkers time or emotions is commonplace and must not be allowed routinely by placing barriers upon one’s time.

2. Free or donation based service to undeserving people.

As a kind and generous person you would enjoy helping people tirelessly and selflessly. However it is quite often a waste of energy as your charity might be more useful to those who are truly needy and deserving such as poor animals or genuine victims instead of on rich or well off individual humans who feel entitled to free services and already receive a lot from corporate or public funds, government, healthcare, and a plethora of services that usually help humans who damage our planet willingly.

3. Spending money on those who waste resources or cause harm through them.

Taking a good look at the reality of whom we are helping with our money when we offer charity or free gifts reveals a funding of crimes such as massive stealing from earth, drug peddling and animal products causing phenomenal abuse. Our time and money can also be used to feed vegan meals instead of non vegan ones that some charities distribute as they kill and harm many genuine victims while feeding a few cats, dogs or humans.

4. Not enough self care.

Lightworkers and empaths might refuse to give love to themselves while opening their heart to society at large. Personal, emotional or physical health might suffer as a result of imbalanced giving and receiving. You might be struggling yourself financially and indiscriminately giving free work to one and all placing your body and mind under strain. If your house, food or travel is not free then you need not donate free time to others and need to look after and fund yourself and your family first.

5. Helping psychopaths.

The belief in universal kindness and compassionate attitude equally towards all leads to helping those who are evil and lack moral values. An accurate psychic reading and major energy boost or wish fulfillment services to such individuals might help them in their demonic endeavours of hateful and cunning nature. Some people pretend to be harmless in daily disguise while being evil tantric or aghori and Satanically inclined to malpractices.

6. Fanning Narcissism and Pride.

Empty words such as ‘You are wonderful and loved by God’, ‘You are a forgiven unconditionally’, ‘You are a beautiful child of Divine light’, help in beefing up narcissistic egoes and builds a sense of entitlement among some people who feel they can do anything and will still be appreciated and welcome regardless of whether their actions are positive or negative towards humans, other animals or the planet overall.

7. No Enlightenment.

Simply putting people to sleep with angelic lullabies, reiki, soothing music and kind mantras is of no use. The real spiritual work is of honest self introspection and deep inner cleansing to transform hidden demons permanently by consciousness. Merely massaging and loving inner demons and putting them to sleep only to wake up shortly is useless. Enlightenment means to place enough light upon the darkness and taking right action thereafter upon assessing what exactly needs to transform.

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