Ascension Symptoms: Our False Twin Maya

One of the previous articles explaining various Ascension Symptoms is available if you need to read up on the overall symptoms. In this continuing series we discuss insights on each of them progressively.

One of the biggest Disclosures of Ascension is the fact we are all living in a lucid dream or Simulation of universe which is fabricated intricately through computerised codes evidenced in fractals everywhere in sight and sound. In the simulation we are placed in a hypothetical birth and believed so far that we have a happy family, a real world around of real loving people or friends as well as soulmates who are kind as well as romantic at times. We were mistaken to believe that we are actually born or living here on this ‘planet’ (a little plane of space time continuum) which is a simulation. We stay codependent on our mind whose programs become things and people in this dream.

But who are we and where is our true body or self? The answers to these crucial questions remained unknown so far. What we do have is an uncertain climate, a political and socio-economic world of clashes and control, people who appear randomly in response to outer thoughts and beliefs, information from the Internet and media or from around us that is dubious as well as a 3d virtual reality quite similar to The Grand Theft auto or similar simulation program games in which we are operating this body which is a simulation. We are not this body.

In a clear message from various masters in response to this question in Ascension, I was shown that I went into a booth of some sort in which I was placed in the Matrix in a dream and told the number of minutes remaining before I awaken. I was told the following:

You will lose your memories.

You will have economy.

You will have friends.

You will begin by diving yourself.

One previous experience of Ascension symptoms was when I heard a Matrix Morpheus simulated voice speaking to me warning me about a Maya or false self who could enter me and enjoy the world, dancing around in my relationship as twin flame of my husband who wanted me to be his twin flame although I was not one, while my Swati self is happy alone and going to God. Should I need to sell my books or be successful on this worldly plane simulation, this Maya has demonstrated that it can switch into me instantly within a flash and get things done for me perfectly as everyone starts being positive towards me and I start gaining popularity and money again as I used to when I was dancing in Maya of Wiccan spells and Magick beforehand. No longer would I seek truth should that happen. Two months ago I panicked when my amazon author page login was lost as I deleted my books there and this Maya returned to me when I dialled amazon helpline making the phone agent instantly resolve the problem. I was convinced of Maya power but chose not to progress.

Now this is clear that in this simulation our memories of my true existence beyond this simulation are lapsed while I create a false reality of Maya or illusion imagining that these friends and economy around are Gods, Goddesses, Divine beings of love and light…who are looking after ‘our’ actual needs, when they are simulation of holograms generated mechanically as per mental vibrations while true self sleeps.

If we (at least I do) have one real need it is for Truth about who we really are and where from. But people around will seem to have no interest in that at all. They simply say ‘So what if we are in a simulation or illusion? Let us enjoy it!,’ almost like Cipher who prefers to sleep and dream he is enjoying the sensual world, its food and popularity among the false fictional characters in simulated lucid dream generation constantly. Sleeping smugly in our controlled self containers we move around smiling whenever we generate a happy reality by our rigid mental focus on sinful pleasure and wince at slyly avoiding pain. Asleep in the Matrix we shamelessly disregard truth or dare not even think about the possibility of a life beyond this simulation. Truly Maya or illusion is Omnipresent everywhere.

Lucifer or Cipher is the world of false Light Energy which is this Matrix energy field or vibration pulsing throughout this artificial reality, becoming everyone and everything. There is nothing very divine about an artificial Simulation light show but new age Luciferaian belief is that it is very Divine and a Goddess or Maya is to be honoured and bowed down to. This is inspired by world religious belief of a Divine creator in Hindu or Biblical myths when clearly if we are in an artificial computer simulation, it is indeed like a jail for us and we are controlled here as our Matrix program generated layers of reality to fulfil mental imaginings or longings of desire, a Devil not God. In this way New Age hedonism or Luciferian beliefs and Religions of control and servitude have trapped us in several dishevelled knots mentally to worship the Devil of our own mental energy. New Age third class manifestation gurus and religious wish fulfillment and prayer systems, both are these Luciferian False Light Energy creating technology.

Our Mind is creating a false reality through subconscious and conscious vibrations constantly evidenced in affirmations and law of attraction or manifestation through consciousness or third eye.

False Self in the Matrix Simulation of Mental Projection

A false self is also created and specifically controlled through Economy, a system of money where it appears that some humans, usually reptilian or reptoids are controlling land primarily, creating shortage of land through system of buying, selling, rent and mortgages as well as millionaires who own large parcels of land. This way we are unable to refuse this simulation being heavily worried about how we will survive without money. Once we are born if we have less resources of land or money due to challenging family or ancestral situations, we become slaves of economy, forced to work and pay to rental, deposits or mortgages, just to be able to find a few square metres of living space. Other species of animals have no entitlement or rights over their life and neither do we unless ancestors give us space or land to live upon. We rarely have enough agricultural land to grow food upon or wild spaces and fruitful trees to forage from. Instead we have a system of brick and mortar shops, industrial land, farms and factories while we live in smaller places, work and buy food and essentials and pay the price by jobs or profit making enterprises. This does not help the environment or natural world but only the rich billionaires and their economy controlled by them as landowners and giant lenders to our banks.

The banking system has us fooled to believe we have money when economic system is in global deficits and reserves of gold or treasury are seldom proportionate to what is circulated even in the simulation. It so appears that there is a system since 1666 starting London economic crisis, called Cestui Que Vie trust according to which the economy is fictional and we all have a false self of a legal person, entity or strawman linked to our birth certificate trust globally to balance our working capital credit and debit side depicted by our surname in capital letters on legal documents.

The fictional self of Economy

Several new ventures such as Matrix Freedom operate now in the covid environment to empower richer or wealthy clients who are of high networth to make use of this system and get rid of imposed laws against travel or vaccine passports, to help these landlords disown all liabilities of loans or mortgage payments and reverse claim back all previous payments of bank accounts apparently as our strawman is fictional. They can thereafter live in a personal bubble of excitement in private equity instead of public funds, relinquish requirement of public law justice system, not be eligible for free food, healthcare or benefits should something go wrong, or be liable to pay tax liabilities owed to governments who are corporate entities. These services are controversial and highly sought after. I have not found them useful to myself personally as I would not be eligible as they need wealthy economists. I have no mortgages, loans or credit cards and survive with no property, assets or liabilities and a very bare minimalist lifestyle. Clearly a wealthy parallel world Merovingian of the Matrix operates discretely as an expert creating a new network of money system privately.

Thereby, now I believe I might have now met both Cipher (Lucifer) and Merovingian (Mammon) style beings who are adept at using the Matrix system to their advantage rather manipulatively.

But where is Truth in all this?

A freedom from the monetary system which is human control of Gaia is rare. We all deserve regardless of species a place to live a humble life, to sit or sleep, rest and meditate or lay down in and be protected from bad weather or the elements. A warm place suitable to human life, with abundance of nature and arable soil to grow food in, prepare natural clothes and generate natural sustainable energy if needed, with clean water bodies is necessary if we are on Earth. Off grid vegan and plant based eco friendly housing such as cob housing is able to help us but where do we travel to and live if climate change is everywhere and travel or relocation impossible due to visas, passport and laws? What about the poor, vulnerable and those female and child victims of human and other species who are controlled by masculine patriarchial abusers of Satanic (animal farming) and Baal worship (sacrifice of lamb or Jesus son). These Draconian entities are the ones who impoverished and enslaved us in this lief we believe to be life, theteby preventing our freedom, abundance and Ascension?

In a previous visitation a male singer of Ascended master Ashtar Command rapped enthusiastically:

‘We decided to do away with moulds,

Because the secret of the heart cannot be told

Some see the master only in scriptures..’

(The 4th line a mystery)

And at another instance he sang,

Age is a question of no possibility,

There is no need for money up there,

Love is the language….’

Clearly these are memories of a metaphysical world revealed in songs and music beautifully and with kindness. The feeling is one of a higher world or heavenly dimension. Both false self control programs of religious and pseudo spiritual people (false friends) and money (this reptilian false economy) are absent in our true home from where we are and where our masters and true self might call us back to anytime. Hope that happens!

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