Ascension Disclosures: Black Helicopters Phenomenon Explained

I was never into researching conspiracy theories on the internet. I had never really taken too much interest in Gaia TV aliens or ancestors in TV shows or in star races or reptilian theories of David Icke while taking a 5 second passing view of those webpages browsed incidentally and avoiding them as much as I could, although fascinated. To date I do not read any material of those websites whether of David Wilcock, Icke, Steven Greer and other experts in ET contact beyond a certain point. This is purely because I prefer to have my own independent experience instead of having outside thoughts from media interfere with my search for truth or personal realization.

I was much more interested in Earth Healing or planetary Ascension through compassion, Veganism, Ecofriendly lifestyle, Minimalism, Psychic work, Energy healing and Mindfulness to create a positive reality, instead of in Aliens or ET contact. In these Disclosures and blog I write from personal independent experience and not from material gleaned from other sources or theories.

While we all can meditate, visualise and co-create a reality through our mind, it is still an illusion in this Matrix like system of simulation (hypothetically speaking). I know I generated my life story of Magick store Mumbai, being a tarot reader, Astrology expert, Feng Shui and Wiccan healer, manifesting several of my clients and students at my will quite consciously in this dream, and became a sort of popular personality starting approximately 20 years ago in India at that time for a short few years. I of course realised it was my mind making life up as I went along in my journey to pay my bills and rent and somehow survive or scrape through the highly toxic environment of pollution, taxes, poverty, struggle and corruption all around. However some things I did not generate from my mind, at least knowingly. These are still a mystery to me.

One of these things is the mysterious phenomena of Black Helicopters, one of which strangely appeared one fine morning from my dream right above me floating upon my house (rooftop) and still appear whenever I think strongly and specifically about leaving the Matrix. This dream to reality interchange when I saw one for the very first time went a bit like the following.

I went to sleep convinced that we are in a Matrix like computer simulation in July 2016, two and a half years after moving permanently from Mumbai to London for supporting my expartner’s IT career dreams and leaving my own. It was a tough time for my family members owing to health and career instabilities, but I was deeply into meditation for two hours a day for approximately 10 years. I was very sure that our mind generates some reality at will and others subconsciously. I had started writing a chain of theory books starting with Global Spiritual Revolution textbook and The Goddess Speaks affirmations to heal and manifest a wonderful planetary reality to ‘Harm None’ and be ethical, kind, Ecofriendly and spiritual. But during the course of my writings I had established in theory that the physical world is a simulation of thoughts, intentions and emotional energy combined. Therefore the feeling that my real body is ‘not really here’ and that I might be in a dream of my mind, and my life merely a lucid or semi conscious creation of my thoughts and emotions, began to intensify gradually.

I also wrote about how we are all in one dream and all characters in reality are merely one singular mind having dreams.

The Syrian war had perturbed me and I created a little altar with a crustal grid for Earth Healing intently to bring in saviours from angelic and higher dimensional planes to defeat demons on Earth and bring peace. That same night, I suddenly foresaw on my computer an image of Ashtar and Sananda Jesus side by side who are coming to save the world in a lucid dreamlike state, having never really seen those images or heard their names before.

A second later I was in a computer as if I was not physical anymore, and inside a system, from where I was given instructions to ‘Select someone to save from the Matrix with yourself’. A hint was given to me immediately as I started thinking of my family and friends, (Hint: they must know about the Matrix). This was amazing because my younger sister did certainly know about the Matrix for at least a good ten years before me, after she saw the namesake movie that she passionately analysed completely on her own.

I often felt, ‘What if my real body was held in a spaceship or somewhere else other than this earth which is a simulation in which I am dreaming and co-creating a reality with a computer system that simulated the world?’ I decided that I wanted to know the truth and awaken.

In my dream that night in July 2016 after Earth Healing crystal grid and Ashtar/ Sananda picture suddenly appearing on computer screen, and my quest for truth about where real body is above the simulation, I saw that I woke up in some sort of enclosed capsule in a spaceship stating firmly that ‘I am ready to wake up. I want only truth now.’ Several numbers in formation of a red numeric combination sequence of digital lights turned alive to my right inside that capsule.

The capsule opened up once the counter of red numerical combination stopped at the right keycard digits. There was a voice such as an invisible AI of a British sounding man (felt Dracula like (Draconian) as stated telepathically by my masters as I write this memoir). It felt as of he was leading my body onto a bed from the capsule. I felt that I were in a spaceship, where myself and other women were abused or sexually intruded upon systematically through massive breeding or insemination systems and then sent to an unknown place in which a black female victim on a wheeled hospital like bed next to mine said ‘Is not a good one,’ as we were being taken on a tour aboard that ship by AIs. (This turned out to be a prophecy or premonition of my life ahead as a few years later in 2019, as I went to a refuge as a sexual abuse victim with other women into a difficult path of struggles.)

As soon as I saw that lady in the dream aboard that vacant spaceship, in July 2016 (which was a premonition of my life ahead) there was a loud, roaring sound of a mechanical nature exactly like a large helicopter flying really close and I saw it above me. This time I was back in this world on my bed (completely naked, my spirit team reminds me telepathically now although I cannot remember this myself) at Walthamstow, London where I lived in a small house and the blarimg sound was still there on top of my house. It was clearly not just a dream sound as it was really there exactly similar to my dream soundscape and I had never heard anything like it before. I dressed and went out into my garden from my backdoor to check it out. My garden was my epicenter that time and I spent majority of my daytime growing flowers and vegetables organically and chose to be ethical Vegan in philosophy and plant based in moderate and quiet lifestyle but was not an activist.

The black helicopter right above my house was a completely unexpected entry, a vision from my garden in the very early post midnight hours in a pitch black sky soon after spaceship dream. It was pitch black itself and I would not have seen it if not for a red infrared light shining from it scanning all around desperately. It was clearly there for a reason. A very loud noise was emitted from it and it was fairly low as if it was just brought there from some spaceship and dropped on top of my house, or was I transported back from a spaceship to my home with the help of the helicopter? My dream was not really a dream and my life here not really life. It felt like I was waking up from this simulation out of the Matrix and still something was wrong as I was still back here.

I used to sleep on the top floor and the black helicopter sound of 3d was exactly above me when I opened my (so called 3d simulation) eyes in bed in this simulation world. After some time of due observation of the helicopter (craft) from down below flying low just above my rooftop, it started circling in concentric circles from in to out, making smaller to more bigger circles gradually around my house and with me watching from below, then took larger circles a bit higher in sky spiralling out and upwards and finally it was not seen, it perhaps flew away invisibly.

I went back indoors and googled up about black helicopters fkr the first time, and immediately came across a Wikipedia article on alien abduction and black helicopters as a conspiracy theory.

I asked in my mind that if I was in the Matrix, then who are police and government, and their connections to the black helicopter (were they illusions of the Matrix deceiving and intended to hide the truth of spaceships?). If yes, I thought with intention, that I will receive a sign. My question was answered shortly when I went to the park next morning and saw a police car and a police show in which they made my 3 year old son sit in their police car and police vans for fun as part of a ‘demonstration’ with very few people attending. A low flying helicopter appeared suddenly and swooped down specifically and took my pictures and went up again. I returned home annoyed. I had asked the police in their car about black helicopters being seen around and was informed that police is cracking up on cocaine or cannabis and deploys them to scan roofs that are emitting strong heat signals that indicate cannabis being grown in loft or attics and perhaps my roof was not insulated due to which it was hotter than other rooms. My heater was not on so it did not make sense for my home to be especially hot, as it was summer and it was obviously hot everywhere and not in my very ordinary old home, and I certainly had no plants and no cannabis or any such thing.

Afterwards I had a chain of dreams and lucid premonitions of demons, a message in third eye warning me of my rape and lucid dreams about a few people whom I had actually met three to five years later as humans but saw as demons in those dreams (just like Charmed TV show depicted demons in human form) but no black helicopters turned up again between 2016 to 2019 anywhere.

A man’s voice after a phonecall following massive ringing in my ears, would tell me exactly of most things to happen or expected in future and a spirit would inform me everything I needed to know clairsentientally through my own body. It was amazing and scary but the telepathic masters or angels were accurate each time and told me to leave my relationship and walk away but I didn’t listen. A bright shiny angel with sound of a sword was in my body at all times flashing a sword and cutting cords since 2017 after the telepathic contact.

After moving to a refuge in March 2019 forceably as per officials or Council agents advice upon meeting them in crisis, I saw a very low flying black helicopter once again at Chelmsford at midnight specially above me immediately upon moving out of refuge safety and into a temporary accommodation when I was thinking again of the Matrix in August 2019. I had stopped all my writing or social media interactions and even deleted my emails for safety, having no contact with clients or friends, and beginning to free myself of control. Police was in touch at times for follow up, but very superficial in behaviour, strangely AI like manifesting at times at doorstep, looking robotically around to check my home for safety and were revealed to be insectoid or reptilian agents, almost like holographic beings in 3D.

A black helicopter suddenly turned up overhead another time when I and my son went to the park, and the machine started circling around with loud sound when obviously no heat signatures were there or any house to justify their presence. The pressure to settle down only and only in Chelmsford was created senselessly by agencies in mysterious way against advise of refuge.

In end of August to early September 2021, I went to London with my son to visit some friends from Chelmsford at an Extinction Rebellion campsite for a day and to collect information for my blog on Earth Healing and climate change movement. I had in previous days also visited a friend’s friend from Extinction Rebellion at Walthamstow briefly and remembered my previous house similar to hers in design and her garden reminded me of my previous one. My memory went back to black helicopters and whether they are related in anyway to lack of insulation in London homes.

I received a frantic call soon after I had attended a protest march, that MET Police suddenly turned up with a dull knowledge of who I was, and disturbed the residents unnaturally saying they wanted to check on my safety as I have come to their Borough (London) and left Chelmsford and they were going to ‘ransack all tents’ to find me for my safety. Thos felt odd. I was not there, I had left London for Chelmsford in train and when I reached home afterwards and went for a walk to the park with my son soon afterwards, a black helicopter appeared and circled me all around.

I went into my allotment that weekend to grow vegetables and tend to plants at Chelmsford and sat down reflecting on the experience of London climate change movement and wrote a small post about the Matrix saying ‘I would like this AI computer simulation to end’. Immediately a black helicopter flew in and started circling round and round atop my allotment.

Strange manifestations when you think of leaving the Matrix simulation of 3d earth

A few days later the Extinction Rebellion lady from Walthamstow visited Chelmsford to attend a small imformal discussion and informed of a new initiative of Insulate Britain and it was all about insulation in roof of houses and top floors being inadequate and they started demonstrations and protests soon after in London. Once again my memory returned to the interconnected first sighting of the black helicopter at Walthamstow and how police had told me at Walthamstow that it was because of insulation being inadequate. I cannot help but connect the dots. Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are also connected and police too, while my Earth Healing passion was before these groups manifested in this Matrix of this ‘dreamworld’.

What appears to be coincidence or synchronicity on Earth is actually an intricate Web of personal mental energy manifesting as a global reality in this world on top of this program. The Matrix simulation is ending (I hope) and climate change is a sign. I am given mental impressons by masters that Greta Thunberg is waking up as a child in the Matrix in the watery womb, gasping for breath…just like Neo who was submerged while sleeping unconscious and plugged in against his will, dreaming his life or the world. It is not really floods in future, but an experience of drowning if we remain asleep in the Matrix and do not awaken in time and leave the Matrix alive.

While I consciously manifested events in my life for a good many years believing them to be part of ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifestation’, the Black Helicopters are certainly not things I consciously intended upon to manifest around me. I also did not intentionally Manifest visions of arthropods, reptilian or other star beings but that information was lucidly channelled in telepathic instructions from other beings or through mediumship. The buzzing and claear radio messages in my ear are not intentional either but facts and not my mind creating a reality around me but multidimensional beings. These phenomenon were not in accordance with my previous mental beliefs or manifested intentionally through my visualisation or affirmations alone, but rather these were purely witnessed as facts.

Black Helicopter sightings took place all of a sudden geographically and coincidentally with a crystal clear self realisation that I am in a simulation and not on earth but in a 3d artificial reality controlled by a reptilian money system of governments and police who are not what they seem. I am not sure why they are obsessed in keeping me within Chelmsford and in strict control as I am no celebrity abd definitely not someone important and there are hundreds of victims who are admitted to various refuges each week across the country.

These experiences are odd, unusual and deceptive. They are paranormal evidences of a psychic phenomenon. This disclosure is my memory and a record or perhaps a statement of my truthful experience. Have you ever experienced the Black Helicopter phenomenon especially in connection with simulation of Matrix or a spaceship dream? What did you see or feel at that time? Did you believe these are normal occurrences or do you feel desensitised to their presence already? Or, do you believe something is really odd and unnatural about them?

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