COP26 Is Over: Hell Will Be Sustainable!

Media including social media has been infiltrated with climate change linked activism thanks to Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion as well as several climate groups.

At one time lead scientist Joseph Poore of Oxford humbled us to demonstrate how veganism can save the planet from geographical destruction. The famed Cowspiracy documentary enlightened us about how exploitation of animals harms human world and kills animals at the same time. Plant based ideology of diet change for climate and health suddenly started unsettling malefic carnivore spirits who are angry and unable to change themselves as they deeply lack empathy and insight into their behaviour or the capacity to exhibit awakening of consciousness.

Their fundamental opposition is based in vanity among Narcissistic beings who say ”Don’t tell me how to live my life and destroy others.” Animal Rebellion warriors carry on unperturbed but are warned they are too few (and too calm) among the reptilian men such as Nigel Farage in the youtube video below who kill and bleed animals violently just for fun only to complain about a simple and nice banner being placed outside a public building as a major crime. Now that is hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy of bleeding animals to death and calling a banner a crime.

These reptilians continue to run the world as Psychopaths who are present as demonic world leaders, tycoons and glamourous stars showing off money, social media prowess, print media coverage and economic power over masses. “Why do you impose moral values or opinions on us?’ they say, keeping options open to be as evil as they practically and possibly can. For example they are marvelling at Haggis a disgusting anal dish of Scotland where the idiotic conference has been held.

Media remains senseless and shameless with gluttony and violence joked about

These reptiles in simulated human forms are Machiavellian and frivolous in achieving targets by justifying violence with “Why should we change our eating habits when we can save the planetary illusion by other forms of system change?” ‘Anything but veganism,’ they demand unjustfiably.

Staunch Disregard for Plant Based Diet and Veganism at COP26

The Missing Cow was Murdered at COP26 just for fun and taste.

A Sadistic disregard for value of another individual’s plight simply because they are too victimised, unable to speak or protest being kept confined and then slaughtered, is deplorable. “I like my meat and cheese from real animal slaughter, not lab made or plant based,” they coldly maintain. Distasteful bloodshed continues on unnecessarily.

A some truth overlooked daily enmasse

The dark tetrad is a group of personality traits based on poor moral hygiene and an inability to be normal humans who do not slit the throats of others or rape them to breed slaves for their fun (Sadism), profit (Machiavellianisn), superiority (Narcissism) or rigidity (Psychopathy).

Thanks to the dark tetrad traits of useless masses who are immoral insectoids eager to eat everything, and their leaders who are similarly immoral reptiles, we have a new road to climate cooperation by way of coal reduction or phasing it up or down slowly. Yes, ‘Up’ add the Ascended masters. Means justifying ends is the game of politics and economics. Figures will be tweaked for display. Profits will rise up and coal too will continue. Noone expected anything less from these morons.

An Extinction Rebellion friend who does not really care to go Vegan anytime soon recently said she is too depressed and wants to deliver a message that there is still hope to save the planet. ‘Hope is in the hands of famous politicians’, she said, hoping to meet them, and was thinking of slogans to put up on placards. ‘Why Hurry When There Is Hope!’, said my spirit team of Ascended Masters. Surely we are in a simulation and people being holograms remain as indifferent as always and unable to change even simple daily things like their diet or have basic principles in life.

You can save the physicality of the Matrix but not the Soul by remaining non vegan.

Common sense

Steak and dairy were still on the table at this Conference of Parties. Parts of bodies and secretions of victims were Shamelessly displayed and consumed in the afterparties. These are the people showing off how much they can control this planet.

Shameless Officials Enjoy Eating Their Murdered Victim’s Remains at at COP26

Reptilian and slytherins were successful in agendas of economic cooperation with each other. That is what it has always been about, not the planet.

The climate protestors outside too including Greta largely avoided the topic of farm animals except for a few who care about ‘animals’, as if we are not animals but superior beings. Those who talk about ‘animals’ were hated by masses on social media, newspapers readers, and even climate protestors who rebuked them warning not to impose values or blame on indigenous communities lifestyle or of western diet.

Earth is stolen from other species by us humans first, then from tribes of humans by aristocratic and colonial emperors.

There is an atomic bomb likely to wipe out communities. I do not say this, it’s from the spirit team as a prophetic dream message oddly placed in between within this lucid article. But who would care to notice?

The mining of fossil fuels, metallurgy, gemstones and crystals is one thing, killing of 150 billion land animals and 3 trillion fish each year is another. It is easy to see that while millions of humans face uncertainty (eternity of hell actually) and depression due to climate change, the suffering of other very helpless animals farmed to be killed every second is far more tragic and a much greater emergency that noone cares about. Combined with the false reality being generated by mass media and climate protestors who are non vegan and in bigger numbers than vegan ones, a fiction that we can save the Satanic world with coal reduction alone was set off adeptly.

Are you happy now that we have a perfect non plant based recipe for this consumer Hell to become sustainable enough?

I’m hoping not!

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