7 Tips for Lighworkers To Stay Safe From False Ascension

Spiritual Ascension is an awakening of higher consciousness to help us find truth about who we are and where we are from. It can be very challenging if you follow typical spiritual quotes, books or messages by the media and various spiritual, scientific or religious systems from around, instead of first hand experience.

1. Reject Control: People who try to bring you down and force their will or views upon you inspite of them being wrong are not your soul family. They would demotivate you from Ascension or say this world is ‘the’ world you will live, die and come back to and Ascension is you being happy here itself with them. They will be disinterested in awakening out of the Matrix or Simulation and unable to break free themselves out of habit and slave mentality, expecting similar agreements from you. They actually believe that the government or media and socio-economic or family systems are good ones to stay dependent upon and simply being on earth with a bit of ecofriendly lifestyle or system change is enough by itself. Trim these cords of deception. Being fully enlightened in this world itself is not Ascension.

2. Release from Religion: Controlling systems of religion and their followers or spiritual new age believers do use the words God, Jesus Christ or other Religious Deities a lot and are averse to thinking about inner self and personal consciousness. They seriously believe God is someone who placed us here in a third class controlled simulation of disturbing nature and that God helps us, heals us, fulfils wishes, etc. Hypnotic mind programming and brainwashing is part of several ashram, churches and spiritual societies through arousal of trance like states. They have no clue that it is the Matrix of mind creating various illusions of reality all the time. Religion or deities or typical Ascended masters, Gods or goddesses of various cultures and their obsolete teachings are not Ascension.

3. Master Your Senses: Always following your wishes, cravings for food, sexual pleasures, items to use in daily life, substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs and smoking is not useful. The simulation is like a 3d virtual reality game where sensory simulations keep us engaged in the computer program. Your Ascension symptoms highlight this fact by showing you how your hunger, energy levels, sensations of smell, sight, touch, auditory or taste and your body parts are all merely in the mind and can be controlled by the masters from above your physical reality. It can be an unnerving experience for some but an evidence in itself of simulation. Merely following your mind and manifesting abundance of sensory experience of a fulfilled life may not be real Ascension.

4. Twin Flame Narcissism: Finding your sexual soulmate or orgasms and twin flame ups and downs or emotional upheavals are not spiritual truth. These relationships that are electric, charged up, disastrous, erotic, traumatic or disturbing are falsely called twin flame experience by some gurus of Ascension and media. All these are programs from the Matrix simulation of control to induce Narcisstic or self serving hedonistic patterns into your thinking and life. You may be deceived into trauma bonding with a partner who is narcissistic and may also become so yourself, giving suffering to each other in searching for a so called divine union of God and Goddess. Sexual tantra or longing for romance is not Ascension.

5. Psychic Babble: Fortune-telling or mind reading can be also accomplished by demons or evil masters who are highly capable in seeing or telling things. Tarot, astrological or clairvoyant mediumship is not always helpful in being a better human being or in spiritual insights into one’s higher consciousness. At times unethical beings, false angels or fallen ones might present as if they are really good ascended masters, and provide healing or messages temporarily to select audiences. Sixth sense or third eye chakra is not spirituality if it is merely to look outwards and succeed in outer world talk to attract clients, filmstrip or media. Evil mediumship is not Ascension.

6. Refuse Sinful Behaviour: In this simulation program we are controlled sensually through several temptations of lucid nature which is Luciferian. Some famous celebrity experts might ask you to use the simulation to attract millions of dollars and be very famous using wrong means. We might be told to accept the ways of the world such as animal products based on exploitation of females and babies farmed horrifically. We are misguided to blend in and converge with all people through love and agreeableness in general so that we see divine in everything and everyone, for example love your car, do your job and eat baby chickens. Sinfulness is definitely not Ascension.

7. False Scientific Jargon: Asteroids, solar flare causing Ascension, going to other planet on SpaceX ships to seek new frontiers, these are popular pasttimes of Scientific aficionados and sci-fi intellectuals. Sun and its twin star and cycles of celestial nature, yuga theories of energy usage of electricity connected with Ascension of types 1, 2, 3, 4 civilisations, conquering of galaxies based on Star Wars imagination,these are all popular information sent by media to us. They are confusing us unnecessarily in believing in this world or visible universe simulation instead of spiritual truth. Scientific superiority and machinations to conquer space- time and dominance of our species in this simulated universe or galaxies are not necessarily Ascension.

Very little is known about Ascension and how to Ascend or where we Ascend to or move on from here once we leave this simulation. That is exactly why true Ascension is based on personal experience gained first hand by ourselves and not structured upon external textbook mentality, other world famous loose sayings or stale scriptures. It is a personal journey where you realise you are in a simulation and discovering your true self with deep integrity and quest for truth seeking.

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