Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Infinity

I’m apparently on a journey on WordPress, twitter, Instagram and YouTube posting videos and articles content in this infinite (apparently infinite) simulation where clever programs have been tricking us and deceiving us daily to believe it is all somehow real and an endless multiverse or omniverse. Truth remains a question.

What do you think or know about this fact?

Inner Goddess Infiniti

Interesting addition to this post after creating it and circulating it, found on Google feed this article that mirrors and resonates similar Grand Theft paradigm with Grand Theft mentioned repeatedly and confirming that we are indeed in a simulation in a Scientific American story based on research by top scientists.

Another confirmation received simultaneously was regarding how many bits are required to fit the universe into a computer simulation and it appears to be far lesser than estimated previously, which is another thing that came up in this Ascensionreading for today.

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