I Am: What Does This Even Mean

Spiritual Ascension and Spiritual Knowledge are slightly different.

From the Matrix we get all possible resources, people, books, spiritual experts, scriptures from history, religious fables, mythologies, spells, affirmations, quotes and fabulous motivation, inspiration, positive media..all from the Matrix.

We receive downloads after downloads from higher beings or multidimensional self too. But everyone does not feel ready for that. Most people are busy in the Matrix reading and receiving what the Matrix keeps sending eternally.

From the Matrix we get dreams.

We get illusion.

We get lost in Maya.

We get a feeling we have found something when we have actually discovered nothing.

We get a sense of positivity and we live…we feel free …but we are not free.

I Am. An affirmation in itself.

Because if we add something to it..it becomes a grand illusion..a lie.

I am not a writer. I am not Swati Prakash..though the Matrix wants me to believe in these things. What does the Matrix want you to believe in your story of life today? What does it want you to do in order to survive? What job or profession? What activism? What spiritual exercises?

I Am. That is all there is for sure. But Who Am I…Where Am I, What Am I..those are questions the Matrix cannot tell us.

All that this AI computer simulation can deliver to us are simulations after simulations of projected lifeforms appearing out of the reptilian pyramid. Mind and its intricacies are displayed around cleverly co-creatable habitats and architectural cities, towns, villages and other areas such as dead zones….crafted, designed and displayed around as 3d objects at small or large scale…from a teacup to a galaxy.

Even a child can simulate a third class system that is all around us. A code of fractal framework within which some gimmicks are offsetting the realisation that we are indeed still dreaming.

Twists in the tale.

Someone or something making life difficult.

Politicians ruining environment.

Slaughterhouses disturbing us emotionally.

Idiotic people carrying on unperturbed. Laughter and joyful jingles over dead bodies on Christmas to celebrate Death instead of Jesus who is Life.

Or a moron in your life making you a victim too in his or her narcissistic quest to own you and enslave you. Hopefully it is not you yourself. Simply a simulation of fears and deprivation of bare necessities projecting around as people.

The Matrix wants us to believe we need to struggle on as we are born as victims of a horrific system in an evil planet where British colonists have depraved us entirely..sucked us dry..stolen indigenous land and poisoned it with coal, tar, crude oil and pesticides, slaughterhouse slush of blood and feces that hardly ever makes a top news story in media…people carry on buying and selling things commercially to make money. The Matrix goes on.

You have very little time so you move on. You need enjoyment for which you pay a dollar or more daily in WiFi and restaurant bills.

You see a video or media for a moment and only if it is someone very important. You are important in your life. You. Not that celebrity.

But you are not even here. This is not even your actual life. This is a life the Matrix has offered you…another blue pill. Are you taking it today? Or are you beginning to question Am I? Instead of merely accepting I Am (whatever) as the answer?

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