Seven Similarities Between World Vegan Day and Wiccan New Year Today

Vegan and Wiccan?

Here are the similarities between the two belief systems.

1. NATURE: Wicca is an ancient belief in Goddess of Nature or Mother Earth and Gaia, spirit of all beings on this planetary system, being one of her forms. Nature as mother is our true self that is creative and kind. The nature of earth is compassionate, giving off fruits, looking after seeds in her womb and helping them grow safely, grounded by roots to be strong within and simultaneously rise upwards. Vegan beliefs are in the sacredness of nature and all her children so that we can live a healthy plant based life and stop harming animals unnecessarily to make the planet green and fruitful. It is the time to stop exploiting mother nature or goddess who is manifest in all beings and to respect the right to life and free will.

2. FEMINISM: British Witchcraft was at early times all about feminine emancipation from cruelty, slavery and hogwash. Female women killed by men who established them as witches in the Burning Times of Inquisitions using wrong accusations framed against women finally began to rise up and be unashamed about how we can be magical and liberated from patriarchy. Veganism is all about freeing all species from sexual exploition especially of forced repeated impregnation of females and slaughter of their babies and themselves in the patriarchial reptilian simulation of dark times. No longer must the nobility or powerful oppress the poor and powerless females, kill innocent mothers and children or send them to gallows due to religious discrimination or speciesism. You simply cannot be a feminist without being Vegan.

3. ENLIGHTENMENT: Samhain on 1 November traditionaly in Northern hemisphere and the opposite in southern hemisphere concurrently is a farmer’s festival of celebrations of the cycle of life and nature. Samhain also termed Old Hallow’s eve (sacred night of introspection). Now turned into Halloween is when the harvest is abundant and the nights get darker so that we can have seasonal fruits such as pumpkins and apples and light lanterns to ward off the dark spirits who are representative of the season’s turn to winter. The World Vegan Day on the same date marks a shift globally from the archaic practices of animal exploitation and hunting into one of inner transformation and letting go of the old habits and aptly coincides with the New Year. Asian Diwali falls around this time too as the first new moon and new year in India in this season of victory of light over dark and good over evil. It is imperative that people celebrate these festive times in a Vegan way.

4. HARM NONE: ‘Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil, An Harm Ye None Do As Ye Will’ is the beautiful guideline of modern Neo Wicca. Basically use the power of Will or intention to manifest what you wish to as long as it does not harm anyone. This Rede or guidance is specifically about use of positive magic or mindfulness that is non violent. Veganism is the day to day manifestation of the concept of Non Harming or Non Violence (Ahimsa) in a planet friendly way to be the best we can practically and possibly committ to on our way of life while Wicca remains the magical side of the rituals and affirmations we speak to establish a new reality of non harming. Dark magic practices of Satanic or violence based stereotypes of evil witches adding body parts of victims to cauldron fits aptly with non vegans. In contrast Wiccans and Vegans use only herbs and plants to stir up their sacred magical cauldrons or electric cookers.

5. WARD OFF EVIL: Samhain and Halloween night are times to keep evil away as unwanted monsters might try to spook us with ghastly horror shows. It is time to treat each other with kindness and avoid misfortune. Diwali too is about welcoming Laxmi the goddess of mother Earth at home so we can welcome strangers with sweets and release all harmful envy from our circles through gifts and treats. Veganism forces us to ensure we also remove evil towards children of other species. Dairy and animal gelatin sweets or candies are plates of horrors and so are meat and animal body parts or eggs to disgust the goddess and reduce our wellbeing or abundance. Why not welcome good vibrations by cancelling out dairy and animal products entirely so that we bless each other instead of cursing others or ourselves with horrible Haribos or Dirty Dairy sweets or chocolates. Treats not tricks.

6. MODERN AWAKENING: It is interesting that both modern Wicca and Veganism awakened around similar timing in mid 1900s. One with Gerald Gerdener’s British coverns of secret initiations and later as a worldwide movement of feminine religion, the other with Donald Watson and the founding of Vegan Society in Britain also in 1940s and now a worldwide movement of moral values towards respecting animals of all species and against their torture and exploitation. Both were about emancipation of the oppressed. Both help us release our minds from chains of the past especially of religions and belief systems that were fear based and controlling.

7. ASCENSION: Our consciousness cannot ascend or rise if we remain subservient to the mass mentality that is programmed into this socioeconomic slavery system of this Matrix. Within this simulation we are fooled into conformity, being terrorised or scared that we may be rejected, impoverished or harmed in some way if we follow a new and different path based on inner senses, intuition, nature and personal moral code instead of rigid guidelines dictated upon us by scriptures. We now wake up and read our heart instead of book based moral codes or commandments. We are able to grow and rise up higher by realising that something us indeed wrong in this world. It is unnatural and unhealthy to live in the way we have been taught in yesteryears especially by conventional religions or educational institutions and family norms. We need a new revolution to see how we were controlled by reptilian forces that brought our energy down into lower realms by dairy, eggs, meat and other harmful animal sacrifice or hunting practices and by female abuse or spiritual control. We can be better and create a kinder universe where we feel at home in spirit,mind and body.

Wish you a wonderful World Vegan Day and Vegan/ Wiccan New Year!

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