Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Wholesome Nutrition

Today I had a long discussion over the Internet about Vegan pets and their food especially the myth that obligate carnivore animals adopted or rescued by you need animal meat as a rule. A false propaganda has brainwashed people that although you are vegan and do not wish to harm anyone, insects, birds, cows and pigs must still be killed after being bred senselessly and daily and that too so many of them..just to feed one mouth. It also harms us and our family members and pets to consume animal products when effective and scientifically sound nutrition developed to suit animals including stray or rescue cats is available in Vegan forms. As humans we simply have no excuse, we thrive on whole foods plant based diet in Vegan Ascension.

Nutrie as your Inner Goddess also reminded me of a dream last night of my allotment where I already grew veganic beans, carrots, pumpkins and many other vegetables without any chemical fertiliser, manure or any animal products. While in this dream last night it felt real enough, as actual beans growing lushly from soil. How do we know this ‘real’ allotment is not a dream too.

Has it happened in Ascension yet to you that you have lost your hunger for several days in Meditation? If we are in a simulation how much sensory experience do you continue to be enslaved by, or do you take this dream to be the ultimate reality? I do not feel hunger normally except and especially when I am with my son as if its emotional energy that makes life real.

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