Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Ascensia

The Goddess is our inner self of divine love and compassion to reintegrate with the stolen parts of ourselves..the inner suffering reflected in the farmed and hunted animals of earth, the trees which are razed to ground and the planetary destruction. Our 3D earth although a simulation is reflecting our real mind that suffers and in trapped in a reptilian controlled artificial simulation. Our energy needs to be freed from this stress and suffering as one soul who is awakening and ascending in free will and happiness for all from earth chakra to heart and above through our Ascension chakras of multidimensional self.

To Ascend to the next level of higher dimensional reality we need to break free from delusion or mere fantasy and connect with earth, heart and aethr (space) which are all anagrams in this hologram. Our lower body is not the true self but a simulation in an AI reptilian controlled simulation. Where is our real body held? Are we ready to recognise the suffering all around of all the victims and inside us too as the soul, as one being who is awakening with love and heart based Ascension. We are all victims thoroughly controlled by government which is a word that means control of our mind. Can we be free? Where will be our true body and mind? Where is Home?

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