Ascension Disclosures: Why Do We Say Hell-Low and High (Heaven)?

‘That is a hell of a research you have done’ said a PR client in Mumbai, a top slum rehabilitation builder who asked me to find facts about the environmentalists who were cracking him down 15 years ago.

‘Type Hell Yes if you wish to join us for a dairy blockade’ was the sms from an activist group in London a few months ago.

‘What the Hell!’ we say when we are astonished unpleasantly.

But we also say ‘Good Heavens!’

Daily language is always simple and direct to help elucidate what we mean. It also is symbolic.

‘Hell-Low or Hello!’ we say a lot, but we also say ‘High or Hi!’

So what is the meaning of Hell – a word we say almost daily in our Hellos?

Hell means something hidden in the underworld, a lower realm of deep unconsciousness, an energy of ‘tamas’ or dark ignorance that keeps people controlled. Because people are unable to think rightly or be higher in consciousness of love and kindness, in Hell we feel low, depressed, negative, evil and sinful although we take absolutely no effort to raise our vibrations. We mutilate cattle and make them our slaves or food. We kill, pilfer, plunder our fellow animals and their habitats and harm our human relatives too. Why?

Our fears control us and keep us aloof from love or higher consciousness. We become rigid and classless, unable to be graceful or abundant in love. Most of the people who are evil are operating out of demonic energy of fear, which expresses itself as scarcity, a feeling of envy, lust, greed, gluttony, disease, sloth, competition, pride, anger, violence and ultimately crime.

The demons of Hell or the lowest realm of 3D so called Earth are riddled with fears and inferior or infernal beings who cannot ascend unless they change themselves. If we were to tap into our love consciousness we would transform our demons into angels that fly higher and rise up again. But some people never feel any interest in soul searching or inner investigation. They merely want to be happy in Hell, living selfishly and ruining health of others and themselves while aspiring for science, money, food or technology – a machine world with no heart or soul. These people or demons are all around, rigid and lacking in empathy. Why?

We are not on Earth! We know we are all in a simulation of a 3D holographic reality.

We are not in Heaven! None of us are flying or free, or even happy.

None of us are free of the control of the society, government or rules of the Matrix – an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that confines us in this simulation, a cage in which we are right now, where we simulate things in our life to an extent but not beyond a limit.

Our mind creates a reality – but a LOWER reality, one of limited circumstances. In my several years of spells, magic, affirmations and positive life coaching to thousands of people as a psychic and intuitive healer, I am aware of this deeply. We manifest a lovely world upto a limit if we focus on our own personal happiness, wellbeing, money, love, relationships or general life situations. All our healers and life coaches would be teaching the same things anyways. This is nothing special although it is helpful in surviving in the Matrix. Mindfulness helps. But Consciousness expands.

Yet, there is a limitation placed upon our consciousness here. It would not be so if we were free and angelic. If we were free and angelic we would have unlimited powers that go beyond the 3D Matrix rules to manifest Heaven:

  • We could have powers to float freely, to travel without passports, money or vehicles via teleportation – a fuel free future and no climate change.
  • We may be sending and receiving multisensory clairvisual, clairauditory, clairsentient, clairallient, clargustance, clairempathy and even text messages purely telepathically, with no gadgets at all. (My masters of multidimensions do that daily and in each moment).
  • We could be receiving any fruit or vegetable by merely thinking and manifesting them out of thin air, instead of through digging and planting, after all they are fractals. Not from shops but from minds. We could also live without food.
  • We could be manifesting a higher reality at will, weather, housing, habitat, nature, crystals, information, laws, society, and not just certain situations or timelines.
  • People both human and non human relatives or star family, other animal species of earth and all planets would be appearing telepathically to work or play with us.
  • How about making beautiful music and more, with no material or physical instruments? This is another power I have felt with higher beings visiting in dreams and meditation.
  • There would be no disease and all physicality will be cleansed and healed purely at will on a moment to moment basis instantly. Our multidimensional team is an expert in this. All part of our body are in their control (of the Higher Self).
  • There wil be no crime or loss or unhappiness to any being, because all would be in a heavently state of safety, bliss, joy, warmth, loving kindness and trust. This is my dream.

Are you ready for Ascension into the higher levels of being? Do you feel all the above are possible for you in this lifetime? Or does your spirituality stop at money manifesting, making some diseases heal and peace of mind, or love magic on ld 3D earth alone? Do you feel limited in your spiritual powers or disinterested in higher dimensional reality?

During Ascension I have felt that many of the above superpowers, no matter how crazy they sound, are not only possible but exist in us, in me, in the higher energies that I was channelling and beginning to receive in multidimensionality over the past few years.

There are still some limitations on this and a need to realize that these are too self created in past. But what we need to learn is that when we are young, who placed us in this lower level 3D simulation of abuse, disease, non veganism, pollution, plastic, concrete jungles, ruin of nature and unhappiness? These situations that we are all born into are not normal? Our spirit wishes to ascend, the world is pulling us down and it is a case of our spirit awakening from a deep sleep state. From Hell to Heaven!

How did we fall so low in the first place? The next time we greet each other with Hello, we know it is a symbolic reminder of the 3D lower reality that we were born into for unknown reasons.

  • Some say Karma from past lives brought us into our lower families to teach us lessons through suffering and enslavement because we did that to others once and need to realize how it feels.
  • Others say we are victims placed in a simulation against our will by reptocoils who are farming us and plugging us into a virtual reality simulator and the negative systems around are from it, including our lower birth and lower (false) family or society that controls us demonically and keeps an eye on us.
  • And yet other points of view resonate that we volunteered to fall and rise again just to learn and forget in cyclical fashion to keep cycles of creation and destruction going on infinitely like programs.

These beliefs may be all wrong altogether as theories. Your pet theory or belief may project a false Ascension too which would be a simulation and not truth.

How about receiving enlightenment by staying open to truth?

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