Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Astra

This used to be my favourite card of dreams and freedom of astral travel and I called myself Astra for several years. Life was perfect until I fell down and lost my wings. When you get into relationships with specific people you open up a window or rather a doorway (trap) to demons who control you and take away your freedom. This life we are living is just a dream..and your dreams and life experiences are all connected, a reflection of inner experiences of stress versus relaxation, turmoil versus happiness, control versus freedom. For Ascension it is necessary to stay focused on your spiritual, mental, emotional and economic freedom in order to manifest a reality of your free will and not of others who control you making life stressful. You either control your reality or others control your mind and therefore your reality.

If you are deeply engrossed in a stressful reality the agents or demons of the 3D hyperreality Matrix have succeeded in trapping your mind here and therefore you feel unable to be free in higher dimensional consciousness.

Detachment in society, staying safe from false twin flames, celibacy, Meditation and ascetic lifestyle of less material and more spiritual wealth is ideal for Ascension. Your dreams tell you where you are in your spiritual journey of mindfulness, compassion and truth seeking.

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