Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Source

Another highly prophetic reading as I explained the card pictured as Source from the Inner Goddess deck on the youtube psychic channel only three days ago, new science news report yesterday on 23 Oct 2021 mentions a system are likely in a tunnel. You may notice that even the image in the report is distinctly similar to the Source card of the Inner Goddess in the Ascension message. What are the chances of similar readings ncluding image for the second time for planetaryAscension Readings?

If you would remember the message of card Halo a few days ago was channelled for auroras beautiful show on earth due to solar inflow, and the next day science news reports announced powerful solar storm causing major aurora dance in UK.

Lucid dream, that is the message bring relayed to me by Ashtar command regarding this phenomenon. The microcosm and microcosm are interrelated or in other words the universe a self reflection. ‘It is all a dream’, I am told carefully.

The Source image and message is it coincidental that the latest science news resonates with the vision just like the aurora news with Halo previously?

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