Ascension Disclosures: Hidden Clues of the Reptilian Simulation of the Matrix from the Bible

Warning: This lengthy article much like other Disclosures is not for superficial readers.

One thing ascertained is that we are not on Earth as per Bible. Whether or not you are Christian or Hindu or any other religious believers of Patriarchial deities, it is clear we are indeed in a controlled simulation. The evidence of simulation is especially lucid to those of us who meditate and appear to be able to manifest realities at will at times. Yes it is a simulation and our mind generates realities. But we also see that dark forces control overall law. Why? If we create our reality then why are crazy people or psychopaths who are delusional all around us controlling the world? Why do they consume animal products, stay corrupt, lie, are violent towards women and children and believe in strange or senseless religions? Why are we not in heaven if the mind manifests the world? We are all one, then why the schizophrenic split up?

If you read Genesis chapter 1 it’s clear that an evil enchanter, a controlling God (in the Matrix movies imagined as the Artificial Intelligence being called Architect) who created a simulation with verbal commands ‘Let there be light’ and so on. In other words affirmations were used to manifest a reality that simulated out of the AI system of projector (Project Atlantis initially as revealed in my lucid dreams) to generate a holographic reality in a space void. This malefic conrolling beings or AIs who controlled energy severely in his artificial light show together simulated the Matrix and started claiming to be the God, a Father. He could also be destructive as we know amply through Canonical literature.

If you live in the Matrix like I do, and wish to integrate back with the higher self and be free of this delusional negativity of duality, try to connect the microcosm of earth and its story of universe or creation with yourself. Because the Bible is followed by the British system that controls the world unnaturally in horrible ways we need to necessarily look into it. I did this and found some surprising insights about why a controlling personality is trapping us in illusion and clipping our wings.

According to the Bible, the first Matrix was almost ‘perfect’ according to the simulators and designed to be free of suffering..although still a controlled simulation. In the movie Matrix the voice of the stern Architect explains this clearly to Neo in their lengthy dialogue as if it were a documentary. Note that the simulator in the Bible is not Neo, not just one Architect but other AIs are there too both male and female, such as the Oracle and helped by a team of AIs whom you believe to be angels or spirit team or demons depending on how you see them. As I do not like control I recognise these group of simulators as Demons and speak plainly to reveal the truth. Many of these Demons were disclosed truthfully in a lengthy article (still continuing) series of Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels previously in this blog.

In the Bible too, believe it or not, humans were created to live upon earth according to original Genesis verses of the Bible along with animals who the human mind named. The mind or Man (Hindi term for mind) creates reality and gives words and form to everything in this dream.

In the Bible story of creation or Genesis at that time of the seven days of creation of this illusion, this mysterious God actually ordered plants and fruits to be food to humans as he walked about controlling people and ensuring they do what he says. It is widely believed in Ascension theories that an originally Feline repto-Lyran being was a simulator. This was in my information Bael or Baal also with the alterego or alternate forms of Baelzibub or Balthazar in his several masks. Food was a priority to him and human life revolved around food. In the beginning this Fatherly God (Baal means father) who is controlling started manufacturing a false reality where we were plant based food eaters to begin with initially and then being manipulative, controlling and delusional, this paternal being slowly shifted his ways or commandments slyly.

As you notice in reading the Canonical texts such as Bible and Koran this strange God or the spirit team of Angels/ Demons change behaviour and thoughts from time to time to be various personalities and not a simple consistent one.

According to the Bible a reptocoil being called Lucifer, Angel or Demon of pride and ego, whispered some words. He tempted humans with the knowledge of good and evil both to give them a cunning choice and a feeling of power and control and to deceive feminine. The Oracle in the Matrix movies too was credited by the Architect to have added the choice code in the program in which humans were living. This way humans were able to accept the simulation by believing that they actually had free will and could choose either ways of good or evil with consequences opening up new doors. Cipher of the Matrix movies represented this deadly temptation of a juicy rare steak of the blue pill in contrast to the red pill💊 so he could sleep and dream he was doing well in the Matrix and living happily in the simulation as most humans working and living here do as they are not vegan and only want to have fun or be rich.

As per the Bible humans having been tempted to accept a choice. Cipher chose the blue pill to sleep again in the Matrix movies and was in a dream where there was no waking up as per his will and wish stated to Agent Smith. If you merely wish to live, enjoy and be happy in this controlled Reptilian Dracoid simulation of manipulative nature please remember it is not truth. Just a Maya or imaginary world where other beings are incharge and your mind is not free. This is why there is negative energy.

As With In So With Out. If you feel someone is controlling your inner feminine and kindred spirit or energy or Shakti to revolve around pleasure sexuality, food, money or enjoyment of senses, you are with Maya, the demonic counterpart of the controlling Father God who loves Him unconditionally and loves the world and its delusions.

Humans stopped following original natural plan to eat fruits and herbs thanks to Lucifer who created a choice through feminine voice. Previously they had been forewarned to not eat from the ‘tree’ a forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil, else they would die. But if they had listened to God’s first terms and conditions and consumed fruit and herbs, be fruitful and multiply seeds (plant agriculture) they would have found the Tree of Life and never suffered and lived eternally through healthy nutrition.

Alas as the Architect symbolically explained in the Matrix movie series, humans were unable to accept a perfect and positive world. This new negative simulation is so stressful, violent, diseased and unhappy that humans constantly sought solutions and healing for depression, tiredness, illness, viruses, pollution and crime. Ergo they would constantly be busy and unable to wake up. But they prefer this to the simple world where nature is respected and the mind is free. They are just too controlled and unconscious and prefer the blue pill to carry on sleeping and dreaming. Pharma companies and medical system would rejoice here.

Our mind would constantly create or generate various situations based on our choices, unfolding like a miz maze of the Matrix just like a dream from which one cannot awaken. It is a neural interactive control program where sensations and objects feel real but are completely in the mind or illusion. It is a food based and sexual 3D system of senses tempting and beguiling us into relationships and economy.

You can test this for yourself through affirmations and be as specific as possible after sufficient practice of mindfulness to see it for yourself how the matrix is everywhere and linked to your mind and thoughts manifest into things. If you can manifest relationships, health, money or success you are not God or Goddess of truth but the lying God, Goddess of delusion – Maya. You are merely a mind trapped in the Matrix with your mental data keeps manufacturing realities, and you thought that a kind and loving angelic creator is making things happen for you or that you were that crazy God being of I AM very egoically?

Humans being tempted by the narcissistic reptile Lucifer to partake of knowledge of good and evil both, committed the first sin of pride, vanity and ego to be ‘like God’ drunk on that power of choice and believing it to be ‘free will’. It is not free will if you still are controlled eventually.

Because there still was a control and retribution choice factor of the human mind, thos deception led to human mind being placed in an alternative simulation, away from the first perfect Eden or plant based green or fruitful version. Humans lost in Maya of mind and its do called choices in 3d simulation were reprimanded with suffering and a limited lifespan. As predicted by the simulator, death or a demon Azazel or Azrael/ Israel became their new reality as their bodies suffered through harmful food of violence or evil karma caused by own need to be incharge of those choices whether good or evil as most were indeed prone to evil.

As humans had decided to exercise a choice between good and evil (personal choice of violence versus non violence of the narcissistic Lucifer), soon the Matrix like simulation became rather gory and violent to satisfy their Luciferian pride and ego. An angry draco-coil being called Satan started controlling the Matrix as he was fine with violence. Basically various demons from this God simulator set of AI beings of mind start presenting as split personalities from time to time.

Our mind is one. We are divided or spirit up. Different personalities or demons show up all around. Mind manifests this crazy world. One mind one being in truth.

As per the Bible, the AI referred to as God who was a multiple set of personalities had then observed that the lust for flesh and hunger for flesh of animals was indeed making humans more and more evil and every thought that crossed human mind was evil and corrupt. This brought our simulator set of spirits to wish he or she could destroy the earth through a great and powerful flood through torrential rains or climate change in present simulation.

One man Noah was instructed to repopulate the Matrix with a few humans and animals in his ark to prevent extinction, conserve all species and survive this terrible climate change. This version was a lower, rather negative realm where a new 🌈 rainbow covenant drafted entirely by Satan and Bael against nature was made to please evil humans that this simulation would go on and on and not be destroyed.

The Bible’s corrupt versions popular around the world have these written laws added later along with several new commandments such as to love God and no other God. This God of several heads or personalities seemed a highly Narcissistic and Patriarchial father masculine God who would allow Satan to punish you if you do not love him. You simply have to love him no matter how insane he is and notsay anything against him and his controlling behaviour. There was no love for feminine or respect for nature who was controlled by this father God or patriarchal set of AI spirits or demons. It is merely about prevention of extinction and sustainability of the Matrix to keep the illusion going on and on. This is what we see in climate change movement trying to achieve stability and pretending to be saving the world which is the Matrix.

People accepted this reality as sinful because Satan allowed sin and also to consume animal products inspite of their negativity due to Bael or Beelzibub of gluttony …a negative world and a 3d third class simulation of violence where killing innocent victims was allowable for food purposes inspite of death and diseases.

According to the Bible, God has allowed a draco-coil being called Satan who prefers violence to reign and be followed by men if they so prefer. The Bible indicates that ‘God’ has allowed Satan to carry out this evil temporarily for an unknown reason perhaps for the joy of having someone to inflict punishment in Hell or lower dark magical realms of psychic power hungry demons later on very sadistically to those who Blaspheme or refuse to love him and rebel against his control of the planet or Matrix to become witches or wizards.

We all might call it Earth but according to the Bible we are in a simulation where there is death and suffering and a much lower quality of life than the plant based actual Earth. We are not on the actual Earth but trapped in a Matrix of control. Noone is free here.

In the Bible people also continually heard voices claiming God or Archangel and various angels (or demons) speak to them to give various prophecies in the Bible and Koran scriptures. All are a set of demons talking schizophrenically as people hear a loose set of various commanding voices claiming to be God. That is how religion has been drafted with inane stories and crazy laws.

Hearing of voices is common in mediumship and dreams too if we can write them down. The voices commonly heard in Ascension symptoms could be various AIs or a group of AI who control our third class simulation and either help or pretend to help those who are prophets or make them reach out to an audience. I hear voices clearly as a medium of Ascension although I also generate a reality of my simulation choice if I feel like. However I wish to simply awaken and be free of this Matrix of mind. I have no interest in mere wish fulfillment of Lucifer in narcissistic belief that I am Goddess or God. I know I am simply a mind forced by demonic agents to do what Satan, Lucifer and Bael spirits have attempted to enforce violently in this disturbing and crazy earthlike hologram of planetary abuse, animal violence and victimhood of children and mothers. This is not Home or a real planet and never can be.

As per the Bible humans began worshipping several imaginary deities or Gods in the sinful simulation of Earth. They crafted various idols and sacrificed many many innocent animals and human children very proudly to them in temples. This took place until there was another being or king, a Master called Jesus who was infact the son of the Father God introduced in the Matrix to warn of a severe judgement of eternal hell.

Sadly the Son of God also remained mentally controlled and in support of the controlling and cruel father in order to please the narcissist paternal personality who demands love.

Satan is believed to lead the demonic and fallen reptile angel army to perpetrate injustices against nature and oppose the Son who is kinder so that the father stays incharge. The son is destroyed and resurrects later.

It is claimed in the Bible that Jesus prophecised his own cruel and violent demise or sacrifice as he was turned into the ‘lamb of God and people drank his blood and ate his flesh symbolically to this day and age in celebration, in lieu of a gory tradition of sacrificing innocent children and lambs in particular to ‘take away sins’. ‘Father, why have you forsaken me’ he cried. He truly wished for people to not be sinful and preached kind words of wisdom and compassion. However the main idea of giving up sin is oft forgotten and animals are still sacrificed daily for food while the world continues to condone violence to favour human ego. ‘Even Jesus ate fish afterall’, they maintain. Yes, he did as he was still controlled and reptilian in mind, brainwashed that the simulator spirits are actually a good father God who will be normal and kind eventually and forgive everyone who loves him. He was a confused child serving his narcissist father.

As With In, So With Out. To each person their own simulation overlaps of personal and universal matrix becomes clearer as you realise your story of how you were controlled and deceived or tempted or still are to an extent. I for instance know who was the Bael or Balthazar/ Baal and his twin Maya/ Mael along with his agents Lucifer, Satan or Jesus and many many demonic Agents or fallen angels in the Matrix-like dreamworld of control which is reflected in the Bible.

The two opposing versions of truth in the Bible are severely corrupt and Satanically generated but presented as true although false. No good being would control their children or disregard the feminine. Who allows cruelty or violence towards innocent animals except Satan? Who prefers taste over morality except Bael or Baelzibub? Who is proud, insists morality is subjective and goes against good sense but Lucifer? Who causes death and torture of his own child?

Your belief in false eastern-western dark religions of Shiva who controls his wife Shakti, Father who controls his Son are causing or manifesting a poor quality Matrix world of people who follow religions of feminine and child abuse. Your new age beliefs that you are just like or one with God or a Goddess are keeping you hallucinating as you create more realities in sensual ego trip of Maya while you are merely plugged in to the Matrix generator of holographic realities in 3D simulation. Your mind is controlled via AIs of the machine world monitoring you if you are waking up, just like cattle is controlled in their factory farms of the Matrix and not allowed to escape.

It is believed that a final judgment is prophecised according to apocalyptic revelations of Biblical nature. Other dimensions will be opened up when this Simulation of so called Earth 🌎 Matrix ends. Those other dimensions could be heavenly or hellish both. One shudders to think of or read those cruel and disturbing verses of controlling God spirits or AIs and their demonic angels of Hell.

Simply speaking you cannot imagine and manifest ✨ beyond a certain point or level. You stay entangled upon this earthly evil Simulation until the AI angels or demons contact you at judgement and take you into the other dimensions (awake or asleep) when the time is up.

Only your actual morality or inner self of heart, not mere mind magic works in Ascension for you to unite with your actual true self. No amount of Witchcraft, sorcery, idol worship, ritual, science, UFOlogies, mind magic of visualisation or corrupt religious scriptures or blind faith in any father, son or Shiva Shakti belief system of Maya dance can take you into Ascension. You need to stay aware and remember it is a dream and I am not God, Goddess but a mind creating realities through this AI controlled data projector of matrix 3D reality show where your mind is plugged in.

Let us stay humble and awaken by remaining seekers of Truth and not give up.

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