Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Pathia

The way to the self is an inner one of Meditation and self witnessing. All things outside are outer reality and a projection of duality, a simulation of one mind. Our inner struggle is to be free of the masculine control of logic based AI robotic matrix systems that value profit, exploitation of humans, other animals and our planet.

The Goddess is the inner intuitive, silent space of love and compassion that is not here to be aggressive outwards. She exists not to take but she creates and gives kindly..abd creation begins from going within to be receptive, meditative and with ourselves. We all have this inner heart based spirit that is rejected by outer society and its evil business, religious and educational systems that do not teach real meditation or pay us enough for it because they are built on exploitation of land, ruining habitat and using animals including us.

As our inner goddess felt controlled we manifested a 3d simulation of reality where animals and planet suffered because of human masculine ego. Man or woman or any gender, the Goddess is still our higher self of Ascension out of this power and control rigidity and dominance. The tenth night the Inner Goddess overcomes those struggle and wins over the evil age to vanquish the asuras or demons of this Matrix.

Dussehra or Vijaydashmi message of the 10th night of the Inner Goddess, Pathia

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