Inner Goddess cards Spiritual Messages for Ascension: 5 Anima

Today’s message was another amazing synchronicity after yesterday’s Halo. The card revealed the aurora borealis last evening and this morning Google news displayed that there is likely a power outage due to huge solar flare today and aurora visible directly in UK tonight. Before I pulled the card I hear in my ear ‘beautiful today’ and the card Halo indeed was the aura of inner beauty.

Today’s message was another similarly synchronous message.

Anima is our animal self from the wild. Unlike domestically enslaved humans and farm animals our wild side is our subconscious that remains subdued or controlled by us appropriately and is revealed in our dreams. Incidently I placed a tiger toy and was discussing the Goddess durga and tiger growing up in my dreams and lucid awake experience of incredible many armed goddess rotating around me and entering my body. And the card pulled was similar again.

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