World Animal Day 4 October Special: Religious Menu, Welfarism vs Veganism

The World Animal Day appears to have been initiated by Heinrich Zimmermann on 24 March 1925 and later moved to 4 October annually since 1929 to commemorate the feast day of the Patron Saint of Animals, St. Francis of Assisi.

Talking of Saint Francis, who in the world has not heard of Pope Francis the very famous celebrity, also named after Saint Francis of Assisi the patron Saint of Animals. The Argentine religious leader of Catholic Church headquartered at Rome was ambitiously approached through a petition by Genesis Butler pleading that he goes ‘Vegan’ for Lent. The Genesis chapter of the Bible originally stated God made humans vegan. The namesake 12 year old Genesis offered through The Million Dollar Vegan foundation that they would organise 1 million to a charity of the Pope’s choosing should he agree to be a positive role model and encourage Vegan diet to.his followers by example earlier in 2019. Upon his lack of agreement and his obvious hypocrisy in praising her initiative and ‘blessing’ her with his empty sugar-coated Papal words and charm, the young vegan advocate offered him dinner so that he at least tries vegan food for one evening. He refused even that. They of course believed he would say yes considering it was for a good cause that he himself selects to support. The charity withheld most of the money with themselves as a result and didn’t have to pay the promised amount to a specific cause either and stated they will deliver the funds to other organisations later on. PETA too is well known for using celebrities including this Pope, as they bring them press coverage. All of us hope that it brings news out in the media.

The Genesis chapter of the Bible solidly states on 6th day God said to consume plants and fruits as food and Genesis Butler, lead campaigner to Pope Francis remains hopeful.

The Pope is well known for his dietary binges of steak and dairy as he sits on his golden throne, and we all know his the wealth of Roman Catholic Church and citadels is immeasurable. He also looks after a huge palatial estate of a farm where animals including cows, camels, ostriches and many others are exploited in the name of Welfarism as he goes around blessing the animals he and his mates exploit and then feast on.

Vegans had previously objected over social media to PETAs tradition of naming non vegan celebrities as ‘Person of the Year’ – an unnamed twitter message floating on the internet reveals

Free Range Rape. Humane child abuse. Ethical Murder. In short that is what Welfarism is all about. Giving your victims some sympathy and increasing the size of their cages or sheds (or let them roam free within your enclosures) as you continue to exploit them and ultimately slaughter them. The obviously right thing to do is leave them alone in a natural habitat without using their bodies or secretions, and to not continue to breed them in the first place.

‘Look after my sheep for me after I am gone’ said Jesus the ‘good’ shepherd, or so we read in Biblical scriptures of the well publicised slaughter of the ‘lamb of God’ Jesus himself, an innocent and poor victim whose cruel abuse and murder would supposedly be justified as a way to purify human beings of sin. Just like that. Sacrifice and butcher someone, and be delivered! Or believe he ‘died’ for taking away your sins. Instant karma doesn’t get better than that, or does it? Why not condemn the unjust crime itself?

The tradition that killing a poor innocent and pure faultless child is a way of emancipation or atonement of your sins is a wicked one since ancient pagan times of animal and child sacrifice to Baal and Morocco, still continued not only in Jewish kosher and Islamic halal murder of innocentanimals but also in your high welfare meat, eggs, dairy, leather and countless other unnecessary and unhygienic animal products.

Cannibalism of killed victim humans and consumption of killed victim animals – what is the difference if both humans and other animals are highly sentient and feel pain or sorrow?

Already the media is full of gimmicks about shortages of pig and turkey killers and CO2 to gas chamber them causing an early demand for freezing your ‘Christmas dinner’. Why? Because allegedly in Genesis story of the Bible it is stated later on post the Noah’s Ark flood, ‘I give you all animals too for food, kill and eat just I gave you green leaves and plants’ and people thought it was God’s voice although it clearly seems to be Satanic who pretends to be God as Jesus had warned, the deceiver lures with temptation and is worshipped as God? Do these religious followers of Bible care to question their assumptions based on common sense at all?

We aimlessly justify murder and abuse of countless innocent animals similar to that of Jesus to this day and age, and for that too for dirty and smelly food that harms us and our children. Just as people eat the blood and body of Jesus aimlessly (a dark magic curent Christian practice similar to Aghora or left hand tamasic path of Vedic era), so do they eat bodies of other innocent cruelly killed lambs. How wonderful can it be to hear of animal welfare through such mouths that eat dead babies and children unnecessarily after breeding them through forced impregnation of helpless female victims, which is nothing but cruel rape? They steal the pus filled breastmilk and mucous filled periods and consume them too. It is disgusting.

Why not go Vegan now Pope Francis and followers Jesus and other religious figures and all animal welfare agencies? Is there any excuse not to? Will the Pope at least go plant based in diet? Or will he add cruelly slaughtered fish or caracasses of earn murdered little body parts of ‘pigs in blankets’ and anally stuffed beheaded beautiful birds who deserved to live, just for stomach in your third class Christmas dinners year after year? So many letters explained about the sinful nature of your meals and requested you watch the documentaries of Dominion and Earthlings among others and go vegan. Why is it that the ones who people call Holy are not moved and maintain that it is alright to raise and kill someone humanely in sustainable fashion at your wealthy farms? Faith can truly move mountains, but not one single meal. Why? Because of the same excuse…”we do it because God (actually the god/demon of violence Satan) allows me to be sinful until the last judgment.” They all received their wake up call. They refused.

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