Ascension Lessons from Exinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion: Part 4

Extinction Rebellion is all about Animals (surely) and Plants because we are talking of loss of habitat and wildlife.

Animal Rebellion is all about Animals because we are talking about how animal agriculture causes ….the same thing actually.

But (refer to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this very boring article) they don’t speak about animal suffering that much (animals are sentient but…).Their activism is well designed to attract attention of human only masses who are not ready to immediately change their ‘food’. Who calls exploited, abused dead bodies, food. Not me. A beautiful lady who lead the animal rebellion show this year said to me, ‘research shows people are more open to climate change issues than to talking about moral values.’ I get the point. (‘We want to attract masses but vegan activists are very few and not the masses,’ she added at a speech at Vegan Campout.) I politely beg to differ. Thousands of passionate Vegans were listening.

Unless we respect all species – there will be Extinction – and there already is!

A moral shift is needed.

But why do moral people avoid talking of moral values and animal rights deliberately?
Why is Extinction and Animal Rebellion against speaking about it?

Just yesterday I annoyed Animal Rebellion writers team by writing (deliberately as guided by my spirit masters to write rape) the word rape in animal agriculture – ‘don’t use the R-word’ said a triggered rebel. R-for rebellion, R-for rape? From one victim (the cow) to another (me) we know, we care about each other (not tofu) – and anyone who thinks it should be called R-word and not rape can go to hell. I don’t work for others unless they resonate at a certain frequency. I write, I don’t even speak for days to anyone. I am still waiting for a real movement or rebellion of the masses, the animals. The word Animal Rebellion is a misnomer. If Animals were indeed rebelling we would see less shame of the R-word. Humans do not interest me so much (altogether) with their vanity and ego-centric insanity, demanding calmness or compassion to themselves above all other creatures. I am not involved in XR or Animal Rebellion.

True vegans unlike plant based activists are downright against animal exploitation #ban slaughter #endanimalfarming #govegan, and highlight the plight of the main victim animals directly without hesitation. We are perfectly aware that we may not be seen as ‘nice people’ in the eyes of our millions of human friends (fiends), neighbours or relatives as we openly challenge conventional norms of the public and the system – the system that they have been obeying. Now that to me sounds like a real rebellion material. We rebel against hypocricy that demands compassion to the abusers and not to the actual victims, to the farmers and economic system rather than the real masses – the animals who suffer. Who are raped and murdered brutally. I say rape and murder so many times because it happens every second to thousands of animals and is spoken about so very less.

We need a massive and cohesive Vegan Rebellion – a call for a moral shift in our system, away from corruption and violence, to stop this oppression of the masses – something like the Suffragettes and Black Lives Matter. Imagine if the Suffragettes (rogues) suffered in silence and did not rise up? If they were afraid men would view them as outspoken, fanatic females and ‘feminists’, would I be even writing this today? Do we need to worry of being seen as ‘moralists’?

The amazing Vegan movement is not reactive or reactionary alone. It is about who we already are. It is about being yourself, a natural self that is living today and has always been there inside, the soul who knows that regardless of climate change or extinction crisis we need to live and respect all life and not hurt those who suffer. We do not need a crisis to move us. We have emotions. Emotions that do not come out only and only when our own human children are facing climate change. Emotions we already feel for anyone who suffers, spontaneously. Emotions that rarely come together on the streets in public – because we are taught to not cry and shout, not even speak of emotions and that is why holding televisions and laptops displaying graphic animal footage works but conversations and media coverage do not. Time to take these to the parliament! But who will join me?

I am dead. Looking at the world like the child in the sixth sense, trying to find someone to have a conversation with, and I say, ‘I see dead people.’ – That is how I feel right now already. Who knows it might even be true and if it is so please tell me you are dead too.

The fact is extinction has a few new levels – a specie that is hunted, killed or farmed is extinct in the wild before being completely extinct. Most of the animals on earth are now farm animals, not wild at all (a few are in zoos). WE HUMANS are literally domesticated and extinct too – yes we are. We are not living in the wild except a few critically endangered relatives in tribes who are still evolving but facing extinction. We the so called civilised pretend we are better off because we go shopping to the supermarket. And what do we see there – cheese, dead bodies, sick and disgusting things even flies will consider dirty and hence will go towards. We are behaving like insects not humans. Some people chew even ‘rare’ meat. I had never heard of bacon and ham, I had no idea what a sausage is covered with, or what buffalo ‘wings’ are before I discovered western civilisation and I really thought chicken never feels a thing because my dad said it does not and he ate one a week and forced me to consume birds too, because westerners do it. How can a real human being frown at vegetables and eat animals daily? Yet, here I am surrounded by non humans in human bodies. Indians too are westernized, just like my dad was. Products of British education system (proudly so) which is why Indians love to migrate to UK and USA and Canada. It is a system of brainwashing – washing out the moral values from our lousy brains.

Our political leaders are not vegan. They befriend animal farmers happily and fund them. They are shameless. Indian Dairy cows are exported for leather and beef too. Beef ban is opposed because Indians do not like Hindu fundamentalism. How about banning all slaughter and rape?

Something tells me (reminds me gently) most humans are infact insectoids, when I go shopping. My spirits guide me, explain me ‘that lady buying a plastic box of transparent cover with chopped dead animals in it and plastic milk bottles – is not human, but a spider.’ An arachnid, carnivorous insect but nowhere near extinct yet. Some others are lions or tigers or cheetahs nearing extinction, amazing and beautiful people, naturally delightful in temperament, handsome, predatory too and charming. I knew that Ascension theories are right because I know from spirit source who gives me clear images and visions, even channelled drawings of so called people around, carnivores are abound behaving like human beings. We humans are dead, extinct and really not on earth. But that is something only a spiritual person who has suffered from (incredible and painful) ascension symptoms really understands.

The system we are in, the Matrix if you want to call it, the simulation where we are trapped right now (yes that system) may find a way other than honest way if we do not speak of a moral transformation.

  • The system will find a corrupt way to promote carbon neutral transport and say there is no longer need to worry about animal agriculture if the Paris Agreement targets are fulfillable just by fossil fuel divestment.
  • The meat and dairy lobby is constantly pushing for ‘eco friendly’ or environmentally carbon less intensive or so called sustainable and ethical animal farming and some environmental activists actually promote animal cruelty if done with less severe environmental impact. Yes, of course because your focus in mass human people’s movement is climate change due to emissions. They are making less methane emitting cows for example, injecting them horridly. Or using the abuse to fuel gas made of poo for cooking. Blaming cow farts in Cowspiracy for climate change is fine, but where is the real focus? On the farts of an abused dead victim or its plight?

Injustice against animals is far too massive an issue to be brushed under the carpet with focus sucked up by climate change issues highly deluded point blank on fossil fuel divestment all the time with a little bit of animal agriculture thrown in because the main point of animal sentience and animal rights are missed out generally or greatly avoided by media whose writers remain ethically classless and dull. Greta Thunberg please admit it, even you do not speak much about it in your speeches covered prominently on mass media or on social media.

The system shames us. We barely speak up.

  • Our activism might at times include points about the health benefits of a plant based system for example preventing deadly human diseases as well as animal exploitation linked viruses and other germs such as the deadly covid pandemic. Inventing new gene editing system to create covid resistant ‘superpigs’ or costly new genetic modification systems of developing disease resistant chicken breeds, insect meat and other horrible innovations stating it is ‘humane’, ‘reduces animal suffering’ in their proud and lying words, instead of eliminating the same.
  • The government deliberately fools consumers by promoting medical pharmaceutical and vaccine products as a solution to health emergency or pandemics causing panic based obedience even among vegans to disgusting vaccines that are tested on animals in horrible ways. We are encouraged to go for them because it is not practically possible to avoid this horrific government imposed system in midst of emergency healthcare or deadly pandemics.

We saw that ‘slaughterhouses cause pandemics’ message in Animal Rebellion last year. Bold statement. Got media coverage of a pink truck. Then there were vaccines – not a ban of slaughter, not a divestment away from animal agriculture. It is an emergency – we had covid emergency, and climate emergency but not animal emergency – because – because -because…let me say the truth – because humans, public, people demand animal products and regard animals as objects and because they hate being told to be moral – they want to be sinful, immoral, obtuse and say – oh climate change, blah, blah, blah. Covid management, climate management. Moral – mismanagement. Do we expect those leaders who eat someone’s legs or ribs to be compassionate and ethical or to actually care about us?

Pollution, desertification, deforestation linked climate change, health crisis, covid-19 and all other side effects of abusing billions and trillions of human beings slaughtered after rape day after day for so many millenia will be dealt with in due course of time by a gradual shift in culture so that we do not use the word rape or murder else abusers will feel that we are not compassionate to them. See how ridiculous that statement sounds if we use the term ‘human beings’?

If you feel animal abuse unlike human to human abuse should be dealt with only very very slightly, unethically and gingerly in calm way without saying the R-word – rubbish is your movement – it is specieism. ‘Welcome to the desert of the real world’…. No humans exist here – it is all the system. Climate change vegan activists included. It is just the same Matrix rebuilding itself.

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