7 Urgent Steps Required for Ascension

Ascension is all about our freedom and emancipation from the debilitating systems of so called Earth or the Matrix which is a simulation. If you are serious about Ascension there are some very serious steps to take at the earliest without delay.

1. Cut all Cords from Controlling People: The Matrix or Earth simulation is not a real planet but a system of control and coercion (phenomenon) based on your mindset. Your mind creates reality generated through the ecosystem. To assist in the process of breaking free of external control you need to stop supporting people who control you mentally or emotionally first. These include but are not limited to controlling family members, self centred romantic partners, domestic abusers, narcissistic friends, exploitative employers and even harsh gurus or spiritual masters. You need to report any domestic violence with evidence, leave marriages or families that are controlling, get out of friendships or romances that drain you emotionally and change employer if you feel abused or exploited at work or even in your spiritual groups or associations. You need to be mentally and emotionally free first before being able to discover the way to your real self.

2. Leave Religion Behind: Your belief in Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Kali, Angels, Spiritual Masters, Buddha, Yogis such as Paramhamsa, Jehova, Muhammad, Mahadi and so on are all from the Matrix. The system around you included mythological and religious beliefs and various spiritual masters or scriptures – all from the so called past or history. For Ascension to work properly you need to be focused on realising who you really are in present moment awakening. It is not about Ascension of Jesus, Yogananda, Kaliyuga, Krishna Kalki or Buddha or any other Master. The guidance of those masters needs to be non denominational and free of specific religious adherence for it to work for your upliftment. You may call them Ascended Masters if you want and take only the best, most positive guidance from various masters very carefully instead of being fanatic about them, or about religion such as Hinduism, Christianity, Vedic tantras, Wicca or any other belief system. Remember the Matrix is a system. All these masters are not perfect while those religious systems who demand obedience or loyalty will hold you back from further progress by making you feel that those masters are the only ultimate truth and nothing is possible beyond what they stated or appear to have stated in myths or books. Your inner spirit or higher self is your true master. It is not your Ego or lower self of pride, vanity, self importance, status, fan following, social media, friend count or business success either. But it is not personalities or imaginations from the world or your mind either.

3. Shut Down Useless Media: Your television, radio, computer devices, smartphone digital apps, social media, newspapers, email newsletters are manufacturing your reality. This seems strange to believe but it is true. The Matrix is a system that reads your mind, your thought patterns, your beliefs and then generates a simulation of reality accordingly. What goes into your mind from books, TV, computer, apps and phones and from other people immediately creates waves of energy or a ripple effect. The way your Google or Facebook captures your data, even your conversations, your browsing history and cookies, is the same way the Matrix captures your mind waves or energy and generates output very literally as your outer reality, your situation, the people and conversations you attract. If you allow your mind to be influenced subliminally or overtly by media, you will generate similar life situations to what you were exposed to and whatever influenced your mind, even a silly song on radio, will begin generating a reality. Do not blame yourself if things appear strange, negative or literally similar to what you were just listening to, watching, thinking or reading or speaking about. It’s a show.

4. Transform Your Diet and Lifestyle: The world around is not at an appropriate level for Ascension. It will keep you down, really really down by the way of supermarket, malls, cinema, parties, festivals and products as well as people around you who seem moronic, obtuse, robotic, unconcerned or probably unhappy but doing not much about it. You need to vibrate at the level higher than your past self or masses and focus on improving your vibrations. If your energy field suffers from disease, allergies, headaches, tiredness, anxiety or other negative symptoms please look into your diet and eliminate the cause. Being Vegan is the baseline for ethical reasons, because you cannot support your Ascension if unaware or unethical about animal suffering. But it is still only a starting point. You need to reduce consumerism and eliminate dependency on things from outside, drugs, smoking, alcohol, medicine, perfumes, crystals, fashion accessories, plastic, paper, garbage, gadgets, furniture, luxury cars, jewelry or anything else you are carrying in excess or unnecessarily. It is simply clutter and a distraction and will not allow your mind to manifest anything clearly because of their interference with your energy field. To manifest your own thoughts clearly be very mindful of each and everything in your life through clever fengshui or astrological guidance and use only those very essential magical items and no more. Else focus on bare minimum essential life support items. Abundance is not about things but time, health and inner energy which is multidimensional. Your soul will be all you carry with yourself in Ascension.

5. Work Towards Financial Freedom: The system, government or other people such as spouse or family members can control you or block your Ascension at times if you are dependent on them. Your career if not your heartfelt mission but only a dependency to pay bills or loans is blocking your Ascension. You need to close down loans and investments as early as possible and be free in mind of any financial karma or obligations. Any income needs to be for maximising savings and enabling you to acquire own place to live, grow own food, be self sufficient, use own energy or eco friendly minimal devices, travel to an amicable and positive climate to minimise energy usage, safeguard from climate change, cold weather or flooding and ideally live off grid in very sustainable and simple ways. Be heart centred in career. If you keep enslaving in 9 to 5 jobs you need affirmations and mind magic to switch that belief into abundance so that you save up, be free of mortgages and rent free and attract food sufficiency instead of expenses, bills and loans. From then focus on your heart and soul.

6. Keep Meditation Crucial: If you are working on independence there will be a point you can transform your career into one of Meditation and inner power instead of being stuck in a system of job or conventional business. You might also retire early and be dedicated to spiritual moksha or salvation. This is when you are nearer to your Ascension. Until then at least spend your nighttime routine in Meditation instead of chatting, sex or movies or anything that wastes your time away from Ascension. From a few minutes go upwards as and when you establish yourself in spending time with your thought free state (not just guided meditation or chanting which are mere starting points). Once again the previous steps of leaving controlling relationships or wrong careers and lifestyle will prepare you for truth so you can find time for inner freedom. There is no upper limit for Meditation or harm to you caused by it. Any visions, paranormal experiences, nightmares or Ascension symptoms are simply third eye opening to help you witness your own mind waves and your dreamworld being created multidimensionally, or if there are psychic attacks, mind control or targeted phenomenon from outside which is anyways solidified around you as the reality you are living in whether you realise it or not. All angels and demons are your mental and emotional energy manufacturing your reality including energetic influence from others. Meditation helps you only be aware of and be a witness to them. Hearing voices, visions, lucid dreams, scary sensations and paranormal magical experiences are normal in Ascension as you slip into higher states of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. You can learn to protect and transform your energy through awareness and right self empowerment.

7. Record Your Journey: Writing your diary, books, messages, insights or dreams is essential for your spiritual progress. You are your own master of judgement, your own teacher and also your own student. Your higher self will always guide you to be an honest, ethical and good person. The outer world being merely a projection or simulation cannot present the true teacher, guide, master or world leader to you, leave alone your savior, though aspects of yourself are reflected back upon you at times. Your higher self, multidimensional self, inner self, ascended self – whatever name you give it will take you higher to truth from within. Your demons or unwanted energy will also appear and be known to you and you will begin to learn how to deal with them too and eliminate them. They may be boring or rather infernal, lower energy beings that project as the 3D people around you on a daily basis or sometimes your own negative attitude or behaviour might be demonic and to be vanquished. Be focused on discovery of your true inner self and trust your own intuition, your true heart not just your head or various voices. Your sense of discretion makes you the Hamsa or Paramhamsa of your own life and an Ascended Master in your own right.

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