10 Facts About Money in the Matrix of Our Reality

I grew up in an ordinary family. Noone trained me in anything except how to foolishly follow the crowd and do what I am told to do. I enjoyed it. I also grew up in a relatively impoverished family. Over the last few years I have learnt a few things about this world and about Money. Here are my findings:

  1. You can Manifest Money: It was hard to believe at first, but it became clear this is a dreamworld, a simulation that is connected with my mind. Thoughts are creating reality all the time. Money is merely another one of them. (Man or Human, Hindi term Man or Mon is mind and from there Money) For example when I started a shop of my own, after breaking free from my family members, my maternal home, I felt I was more incharge of my life. I would visualize how much I would earn that day, how many clients would walk in to my store that hour, and how much sales I would make at the end of the day. Strangely enough it happened as I perceived or imagined. I could make specific people or specific type of people appear too as my clients or friends and specific amounts of money (based on what I felt I deserved). It was rather an uncomfortable discovery that I was purely in my own dreamworld, where nothing was real. I still am.
  2. You Can Also Manifest Financial Freedom: If you see money as a thought, rather than as a thing, it will help you feel a bit less stressed, because you can slowly learn to, meditate, make your mind more flexible and allow financial freedom to transpire in your life. If you start thinking of ‘Money’ and making a bit of money, it will give importance to money itself. Instead think of life as you want to live it, as if you never have to think about or worry about money at all and enjoy living with love and light. Imagine a reality in which money becomes immaterial. You are not even checking your bills or your bank account. Somehow you always have enough or more than enough of the things you need, and are not worried about how to pay for them. A client of mine wanted to buy something from my shop at one time, but said she could not afford the same, and I reminded her that somehow money will always manifest if she wants to buy some things. It worked for her and she came back to buy more things. Later she had her own shop and never came back, she just had more than enough and did not have to worry about money. Infact it was also my mind that magicked her into my dreamworld, so could it be simply my mind that made it happen? Maybe she was yet another living character in my dreamworld.
  3. You Can Choose Your Way of Living: A home, good food, a certain standard of living, you decide upto what standard you wish to live. Maybe you are a minimalist like I am, enjoying simplicity and an empty clean room, few items, some space. Or maybe you like a large beautiful organic vegan farmhouse and a solar powered vehicle. Some people like clutter and objects that are unnecessary too which leads us to an unsustainable, unmindful and less planet friendly life and also poor Feng Shui. The point is your mind manifests reality rapidly, and if you focus on the reality you want to manifest, and not the money as such, it is much better. In my case having been born in India and living in a few cities, I desperately wanted to be in a cleaner and tidier environment with good parks, better waste management bins and some beautiful trees and am happy I am in a better environment now compared to Mumbai where my parents placed me.
  4. You Can Manifest Joy: Instead of money, I would suggest focus on feeling joy, emotional happiness, positive energy, being in a good place with fantastic people, a lovely environment and nature. I know I had visualised having a family, infact my son looks exactly like my younger sister whom I loved the most in the world, born on the same date and month of birth, same time of the day, same day of the week. I felt I manifested my son too and he is my dream as well. All this, even as I write makes me very uncomfortable, because it feels almost as if I have dreamed up or hallucinated this life of mine, with all its ups and down, nitty gritties, good and bad, and still continue to dream. With a constant realization that I am in the Matrix of my mind, I sometimes feel disconnected to this entire reality. Things start falling apart (in very big ways the dreamworld is crashing, family, friends, career). But then again, if I were to decide that ‘I am having a wonderful day’, I know it will be a wonderful day somehow….even if just for today.
  5. The Sky is Not the Limit: What if you were to visualize and manifest something very very very different? Let us imagine a life on a new planet, an ascended universe itself of perfect love and joy, where there is no corruption, no violence, no harm and only good exists, a heavenly plane of your imagination. Would you return back to earth, or will you manifest a spaceship, an angelic visitation, ascended masters and a higher reality? In my case, I was not that sure about steely spaceships, as I loved trees and butterflies, nature and earth. There may be experts who do focus on spaceships and multidimensional contact with spacefaring star races. I am still learning how to be alright with the same. For me my sky might be my limit as I dream of a beautiful heavenly earth, one where humanity wakes up and ascends. It is challenging because I myself went vegan only a few years ago, and my mind is unable to change the world overnight. It feels upsetting to see all the violence and negativity around and people being careless. This is my mental barrier and one that I am working on. I also love my son and live in this world for him, to see him grow up. ‘Your wish’ says the universe. The Matrix (mind) creates reality.
  6. You Cannot Manifest Truth: All the above, money, financial freedom, your own way of living, stress-free and joyful life, or a heavenly or otherworldly system – is all possible with the power of your mind (maya or illusion). Your mind is the only limiting factor. My mind limits me. My anger, my frustration at the way things are, the fact I am in a dreamworld and unable to break out of it, is causing me harm, because when you start worrying and feel unhappy about being in ‘the Matrix’ the Matrix will also become an inhospitable place for you. Instead, if you start affirming that your life here in this illusion is smooth and easy, simple and organic, and you are doing well here, you can leave the stress of it behind and start afresh. The truth cannot be found here in this illusion. You know you are manufacturing a reality, you make it positive or negative with your mind. But this knowledge although crucial is not truth, it is simply a confirmation of what illusion is. If you can dream up and imagine it up, it is still illusion and never the truth. Truth does not depend on your perception or mind, it simply is. This world or any other world, no matter how precisely and how beautifully (and solidly) you dream it up will still be a dream. This does not mean, there is no Truth. Only that truth is not a fabrication of your mind.
  7. Something is Odd About the World: Since childhood you and I have felt strange about the world. The questions are good – why are we here, who put us here and since when? We received no answers. School and college, tensions within home, unnecessary negativity and family dramas, animal slaughter, strange and stupid religions, female abuse and everything else that we innocently take for granted in this world – as ‘the ways of the world’ were around me as they are around everyone of us. These things are not normal, so why are they here in this world? Why was I born in a family of struggle and strife, financial poverty and illnesses? As I grew up I gained freedom from those family members one by one, but the world itself is still largely negative. Who created these people who are paedophiles, warriors, terrorists, religious zealots, patriarchs, animal abusers, criminals, serial killers, carnivorous predators, creepy crawlies? Are they too from my mind? ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ – Universe is within the Self!! These lofty statements make no sense if we are put in a world like this one – negative. If this is a simulation of my own mind, how did it start and why so negative overall? Why cannot the whole world heal with just one thought or inner will power, or with healing and Reiki or meditation if thoughts create things?
  8. Don’t Forget The Red Pill: The so called ‘Matrix’ has so far kept us so puzzled, dismayed, nonplussed and busy in these systematically generated useless dramas and stereotypes that I too like yourself had derailed myself from my spiritual and lofty quests of discovering truth. Money or a joyful life is the Blue Pill we take to get rich, to be happy here, to make peace with being in the simulation – a dreamworld where Cipher went back because he could not handle the simple life of being a truth seeker. A spiritual diary of premonitions, channelled messages, dreams, epiphanies, lessons – do we even keep one? I enjoyed Earth Healing rituals, healing energy work for planet and visualising realities that are planetary. But that is when I was introduced to angels, demons, a scary part of this simulation, mind, self and a much more challenging side of earth healing, one I am still recovering from.
  9. Being Paid for Spirituality: Noone is paying us for meditation and spiritual mindfulness in a regular 9 to 5 job of white collar work, but even if we do manifest a spiritual career, as I did all these years before mariage, it is still a reality of illusion. Being a well known spiritual expert, author, astrologer, tarot and meditation master who can create reality, a crafty witch and magical manifestation teacher is exactly what I did in the past (The Oracle of the Matrix perhaps). It might have been an ideal career compared to the ‘muggle’ ones (in JK Rawlings words), but I am still very much here in the Matrix in this body. If spirituality is used as a career where people pay money to you in return of your time, it is still very much a part of the Matrix just as the Oracle was also a program in the Matrix system. My own true spirituality is my own red pill (the Neo one), regardless of others, regardless of whether I am paid for it.
  10. The Matrix is a System: Ultimately there is something wrong with the world. We are creating a reality out of our mind. But we are also placed (deliberately?) in a negative reality to begin from, born in a world of hunger, strife, struggle and stress. In a world full of controlling programs around us, people who expect us to have enough money and buy products or generate income by exploiting the planet (sustainably perhaps?). The system likes consumers who are powerless and ignorant, or at times powerful and still very much living within the confines of the system, because it profits from them. Money is valued in society. Never really embarking on the quest to gain freedom from this system designed or built around MONEY, we are either struggling or enjoying life in the Matrix (hologram). The government controls us so that we cannot simply walk out to the woods and be free of the pressure to do a job, look after things or businesses, and just meditate like Buddha, it is simply not allowed. We know we are in a simulation and we feel stuck here. We are not home.

But how does this system of simulation work? Why are we ‘born’ into it? Who created it? Who controls it? Can we ever be free? Hardly anyone knows or cares because most people just want to get on with their daily use internet, electricity, books, shopping, paid work, play, meditation for mental health, socialisation, entertainment, cuisine and fashion. We are governed by the mind (but still have government). When are we going to return to these questions that are the main things we should ALL be devoted to right now? Is there anyone who dares to truly be committed to self realization and first hand enlightenment? To the noble quest of truth? Or are we taking the Blue Pill everyday – the one called Money?

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