Our Hopeless Medical and Vaccine Systems

‘Governments and its medical geniuses are bravely fighting off pandemics.’ Really?


By cancelling animal agriculture and banning wildlife markets that abuse animals and therefore cause diseases, spread germs and enable mutated viruses to jump between species including humans?


By vaccines that further abuse countless animals through animal testing and denigrate our environment even more, making us immune to symptoms, while being actually infected?


People are now not only disease resistant but awareness resistant (holographic simulations) apparently in our (quite possibly actually dead) world.

They are creating disease resistant pigs, chicken and cattle too. Through their expensive gene editing systems. Something called CRISPR technology…who cares what they call it. A crime is a crime. Call it slaughter, when its murder, breeding when it is rape, food when it is violence.

And this time crime is also reported in glowing terms by prominent media. Example below.

The shameles way in which media reports violence, as if its business, science, technology and the latest obsession (buzzword, clickbait) ‘environment‘.


Just because they want to eat a dirty piece of killed animals dead remains with some nasty secretions in a yucky sandwich. So that they are completely comfortable to enjoy illnesses caused by those disgusting products. So that violence goes on unaddressed and the public mindset is managed cunningly.

They are not against ghastly violence, the kind that puts any big budget horror trailblazer of Hollywood to shame. The kind you watch in Dominion, Land of Hope and Glory and Hogwood.

An award winning documentary Test Subjects is helpful because people seldom connect the dots between our third-class medical system and its gruesome hidden violence. Don’t worry there is no gruesome footge in the film itself. Just an account of medical scientists who felt it was wrong to test on animals. https://testsubjectsfilm.com/

The more gruesome documentaries of animal farming, slaughterhouses and animal testing are evidence of such intensive harm to animals that it is considered psychologically disturbing to watch the documentaries. But they are not against the harm to animals, those things continue on.

What are they actually actively against?

Against me and you. Against people who speak or write the truth. Specially against the watching or sharing of these above documentaries on roads, cinemas and on social media. Against animal rights activism precisely speaking. Not against animal slaughter, breeding and testing.

A 2017 PETA video on Animal Testing exposes the horrors slightly, yet our archaic and sick governments still consider animal testing necessary for medicines

They are against meditation too. Noone gives you house or food for meditation. You need to sell a bit of earth and it’s dead abused remains, animal products perhaps, a bit of your soul too. Then you are allowed to sit here at home or your computer table, or use your smartphone, and earn money to pay your rent, mortgage and food bills. Private land, public land, land is no longer earth’s. We sell and buy it, we consume it. Then we abuse animals upon it and kill our planet.

I wouldn’t work for a shop selling pork gelatine sweets unnecessarily at check out point when vegan ones are perfectly plausible.

Imagine if pigs were pugs. One letter of the alphabet is changed. Will people eat them?

No. Not if you are a western meat-head. Because you are a nation of animal (actually just dog) lovers.

Vegans are allowed to get vaccinated or treated medically with animal tested environmentally unsound and unhealthy chemical ingredients because a dead vegan is no ‘use to anyone’ according to most Vegan groups. Therefore a dead animal.. a baby monkey perhaps, is supposed to make himself useful to save your precious vegan life as a human….probably hundreds, thousands of them..babies that remind me of my own baby who looked quite like this one pictured below.

A Shameful Way of Curing Pandemics Caused by Animal Exploitation by Further Animal Exploitation is Vaccines Tested on Animals – A mandatory outdated system in western medical society used even in 2021!

The problem is people are afraid to say anything openly against these crimes called animal tested vaccinations and animal tested medicine, or to reject them, therefore medical science relies on animal testing unnecessarily even in 21st century.

But then we also have people eating pigs…and in some countries pugs (dogs) too. Whales, sharks, wild animal meat, cow, bull, goat, birds, abuse and violence for food, jackets and shoes…unnecessary but still goes on in the 21st century.

Our real timeline..

Its not the 21st century by any standards. Stoneage looked slightly more civilised, so did native huntsmen from pre colonial tribes or Egyptian cat worshiping bull sacrificing cruel priests and pharaohs.

The Matrix wants us to believe we are in the year 2021. We are not. Look – Slaughterhouses! Animal testing! Supermarket meat and dairy aisles! Your local pharmacy! Need more proof we are actually in the deepest darkest ages? In the Pandemoniums of Hell?

How does medical science treat a headache?

Meditation daily for wellbeing?


How does medical science treat chronic constipation or IBS? What about Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease?

Plant based diet?


By researching on animals for producing expensive medicines scattered in plastic packages all over the world and prescribed unnecessarily?


Do we believe that animal testing is required, is not the question – we already know it is not. Do we believe that the life and free will of other animals is less important than that of human population? If yes, why? What would be your answer?

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