Ascension Lessons From Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion: Part 3

“Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of people we’re trying to save, but until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” Morpheus. The Matrix.

Lana Wachowsky

A people movement or rebellion is only limited by one thing, the level of consciousness, awareness and courage of the people who are part of the movement.

When it comes to fighting the toxic system and speaking against the criminal inaction against the industries that are causing climate change, noone in history of this planet has done it better than Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion. These brave rebels have gone further than most of us who are on our couch, writing, thinking, worrying and talking to each other, looking for some saviour to do something. These rebels have charisma and strength in numbers. They are creatively inspired, their messaging is highly impactful, systematic and clear. You have seen their logos and their font styles. The hourglass symbol is remarkably clear to say that our time is up.

The hourglass logo by Extinction Rebellion for the global emergency
  • Tell the Truth.
  • Act Now.
  • Beyond Politics.

A new system that is focused on people power and citizens assemblies is underway.

Where are the children? Greta Thunberg was one of them to begin the inspirational revolution of climate emergency. The police cannot keep terrifying citizens away from having their voices heard. Mothers and children deserve to protest too. In other news Greta was heavily criticised by vegan activists for appearing in woolen garments on the cover of Vogue, perhaps by accident or oversight. She is known for being a moral or ethical vegan but did not check the labels. Plant based food system to fight climate change is rather different in philosophy than the Vegan movement of animal liberation. Veganism however is not just about food but a core behaviour of taking a moral stand to the best possible extent not just at a personal level but in social activism.

Where are animals? How can we represent the unseen victims who are terrified, abused, raped, murdered every century of social change? Suffragette movement, LGBT movement, BLM movement have all rapt attention of love and support from public. They are admired. Animal rights activists are shamed in comparison. Why?

Holocaust by definition of dictionary is a violent catastrophe or mass slaughter. The Nazi holocaust was one of them, the one most talked about. But dare we say ‘animal holocaust’. Correct by definition…yet criticised unnecessarily even in vegan circles, vegans are shamed for stating truth. Vegan speakers or authors should not be blamed to say that word in connection to what happens to animals as usual. When we even show an image of slaughter it is considered a crime too disturbing to the human mind or eyes to witness, children shielded from graphic footage of how their food was made and forced to eat the same horror food. But Animal Rebellion has not even done that. They have been relatively benign. They use the term ‘plant based food system change’. No graphic footage, no holocaust comparison.

Tonnes of blood is drained out from thousands of victims each second globally from the arteries of victims in slaughterhouses and poured into water and land. There are mass murders happening right now to serve meals to school children, pub goers, restaurants, family lunches, church events, party dinners and food banks. But young sporty Animal Rebellion members are sent to prison merely for a bit of harmless red food colour in Buckingham palaces useless decorative fountain. Why? Menstrual blood is not socially acceptable yet bleeding animals intentionally is.

Because the public is outraged senselessly, trying to protect their beloved national heritage monuments. The public is moronically protecting things or objects instead of protecting real living animals, innocent babies, ripped apart from mothers and killed brutally for a few unhealthy dairy chocolate bars.

Until people do not awaken how can a movement be successful in banning the horrific trade of blood and gore? If public and media focus is on celebrity worship and rote learning in schools, praying in churches and robotically following the general opinions and trends while continuing lifestyles that are unimaginative, uninspiring and unhealthy, how can we make them part of us. These masses unfortunately still do remain part of the system, the same abusive and violent culture, the reptilian one that we need to continue to shake up instead of pleasing or falling prey to.

The Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion must urgently represent the billions and trillions of birds, fish, mammals and insects treated like commodities for trade and exploitation and made victims of barbaric crimes of slavery, sexual violence and murder. These are our real masses and real victims to fight for.

People are more than willing to change if connected to animals and their systematic suffering directly. It appears according to Wikipedia and a key research agency Ipsos’s report based on a global sample’s poll that approximately 19 percent of India’s population seem vegan in terms of diet.

Ipsos leading market research statistics: 20 percent of India’s public now vegan

Approximately 20 percent of British children appear to be excited about veganism and are either already vegan or interested in going vegan as per a latest news article.

In an attempt to sabotage the vegan revolution the animal exploitation industry plans to mislead the UN to promote meat and dairy as sustainable for climate change. The other similarly notable criminal and terrorist group attempting a seat as speakers in UN assembly are Taliban.

Some corrupt forces are considering insect meat as a sustainable alternative to prepare gelatin candies and other disgusting products with in the name of climate change. Clearly avoiding veganism is the unscrupulous agenda or trend here causing a disturbing alternate reality. If they can promote unhealthy insect vomit marketed as Honey to us, stolen from crawling stingy bees for thousands of years, rest assure, people are rather dumb and would buy anything. Frankly I would much rather drown in floods before insect meat hits the supermarket shelf, but mutilated and killed animals and their secretions are dangerous enough already and everywhere.

We have no need for new pandemics or insect protein for our children. We either go fully Vegan or go extinct.

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