Ascension Lessons from Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion: Part 2

“The Matrix is a system Neo and this system is your enemy.” The Matrix triology movie

‘System change not climate change’ Extinction Rebellion

The forces are undercover. Agents. Far worse that Smith this time. The forces are all around us as the Guardians of the Matrix. Hell could be better. In this sad version of the Matrix, we are the perpetrators, the humankind, as we consume the bodies of our victims, the animals bred into a horrific world from which there is no escape, a world of constant economic exploitation, being churned into sweets, pet food and medicines. The blue pills available aplenty around us everyday through our so called health care system.

To be called a victim is is we who suffer at the hands of the government and economic system ..we the Neos….according to us. We cry.. shedding mammoth tears for humanity and our children. The government is taking away their future.

To be actually looking at the mirror is difficult. In this mirror we are not the victims. We pretend to be. We complain of the government against their inaction as corporates enslave us, the human people. We casually forget the masses. The actual masses. There are less than 8 billion humans. There are many many more birds being bred to be bled in slaughterhouses every year. They are the real victims, the real citizens. Sadly they have no speeches or rallies organised by them because they are 24×7 in jail already. Humans are arrested proudly for speaking against air pollution. The atrocities against the real victims casually continue.

A visitor female excitedly scrambles for leaflets and stickers at the information desk of Animal Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion. “I don’t care about animal rights,” she proudly states, “we need animals to experiment upon medically and to abuse or kill them is normal”. I wish to say no, its not necessary to test on animals or abuse them. But I’m cut short by an extinction rebellion man who intervenes quickly. “I am not from Animal Rebellion”, he says with relief. You are welcome to join us, we are happy to have you over. “Thanks, I shall definitely join”, says the woman glancing sideways at me mockingly. The animals were abused in this conversation, not me. They were objectified. They were passed off as meat.

“I kill baby bulls each year and plant them in soil to heal the earth and fertilize it,” (cruelly) says a new member of Extinction Rebellion in an induction meeting. “Reduce meat, but don’t stop it” chimes on the leader of the groups meeting leaving me aghast. “Even to kill one person is wrong, unethical, cruel..and to justify mass murders of babies?” I leave the meeting unperturbed because its not the first time. There are animal farmers in the tribe of rebels, they are causing climate change and happy to protest against fossil fuels. This is fossil fuel rebellion. I was happy to join. I too am against fossil fuels. But I cannot condone violence.

I thought this was a non violent movement. Or does welcoming everyone and all parts of everyone include body parts of our victims?

“Dairy was stacked in Extinction Rebellion camps this year,” complained a few Animal Rebellion members, “donated because some serious rebels cannot have plant milk.” Animal rebels were distraught at the site, some ended up writing on pieces of paper pasted on the bottles that dairy abuses and rapes cows and takes away babies from mothers. Honey oat bars mocked the plight of bees, the same bees we claim to be saving, economically exploited for stealing away their hard earned food which we do not actually need. Kellogs cornflakes aren’t vegan. Vegan members ended up shopping for their breakfast separately.

“I am looking for honey for my toast,” says a woman rebel gently. “But its bee vomit, the industry exploits and abuses bees,” I say. “My friends exploit bees, therefore its alright,” she adds uncaringly. Friendships are so important. “The most important thing is never to defend the victims but to be friends with abusers year after year and learn from that you are seen as a nice person,” explains a very empathetic and compassionate Extinction Rebellion member to me for the tenth time. I somehow miss the point again.

There is cheese and ham on the table I am invited to deliberately, they say “mmm cheese and ham, sorry we don’t have enough vegan food for you this morning, please pass on the cheese,” and they hand over the same to me. I look disturbed and so does one other vegan member, choosing to remain silent as usual. Afterall my t-shirt said it all. ‘Dairy and other animal products kill babies and mums. Go vegan’. Why say a word. To explain any further will be a mockery of animal rights. We had the animal rights march just yesterday before this breakfast and I am quite fed-up. No I don’t have custard in my underpants in samba today, I am fed up of non vegan custard when vegan versions are easy to find or prepare, vegan cheese and vegan ham too. I don’t sit on tables where animals are insulted and their abuse condoned. I don’t play drums alongside senseless consumers who condone violence. I do not support crimes.

This is not just a fossil fuel rebellion. I thought masses are rebelling against crimes against nature. Horrific crimes.

Both Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion must not make small the plight of the trillions of victim animals killed annually. Ignoring this and choosing instead to focus purely on the carbon emissions caused by their massive abuse is phenomenal injustice. Where is the system change to a fair and just system? The animals are real, they are people too with their own lives their own emotions, their babies, their stories, their non descript future, or are they completely invisible, besides being completely non violent?

Tell the Truth

Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion fear that faint and abject masses of humans will not join those movements if they speak openly against the chilling slaughter and barbaric sexual misconduct against animals as part of the principles of non violence, fair and just system change.

Those masses of non vegans were never interested anyways in the planet, although they do pretend to be compassionate ‘Earthlings’ as the documentary narrated by Joacquin Phoenix understates.

The numbers of animal victims rise year after year, decades after decades, centuries after centuries. Humans want their comfort. They want wildlife and trees to save them. Because without fish the oceans will die and we will too. Why care about the fish themselves, just out of compassion? Its all about human survival, because the planet is here with all these species to protect us from their extinction. Their extinction is cataclysmic to the planet…we will be homeless therefore we want to save those species. Our survival needs to be in immense danger for us to take action to save a few remaining species from extinction because of our future being at a risk of harm. Not purely out of empathy towards other species. Is this how mature we are as people?

The farm animals are not going extinct of course as yet, those species are faithfully husbanded here for us, designed by us, raped to be bred in dirty ways, their blood, pus and germs consumed daily in each household except a few, the vegan ones. Therefore the demand, therefore the supply, therefore the shameful acts of crime on our dinner tables at school meals.

Is this what we are teaching our children?

…It is a personal choice to hit, mutilate, sexually assault, abuse, rape, terrorise, enslave, exploit and graphically murder animals..Young animals.

….Noone should be blamed, shamed or made to feel bad or guilty for these acts of violent crimes.

….Plastic and air pollution is part of education, not veganism, because veganism is a basic moral stand against animal abuse, and moral values are unteachable.

….Animals are meat, they not sentient beings. They are just like plants.

… It is perfectly alright to be a violent member of human society as long as you are selfish and focused on literature, polite manners towards humans, obedience to your abusive parents and various senseless religions that teach you that God is of a human image.

…It is a personal choice. (To abuse others, rape and kill them should be a personal choice, not a crime?)

Sad reality.

‘We are still taking baby steps, we are not vegan so how can we speak against animal abuse?’ Says a leading member of Extinction Rebellion for the last time to me. I refuse to talk further to babies. (Buying plant milk instead of breastmilk is of course difficult for a baby, but are you one?)

How hard could it be demand a ban on the terrible crime of chopping of someone’s head with a large knife? Yet the images and videos are unsuitable for children, the cancer causing infected food of violence is perfectly harmless to them. Because it turns them into people like us, diseased, unhappy, violent.

Thankfully saying that industrial animal agriculture is unsustainable and causes climate change, just like fossil fuel… is a strategy that is working somehow within limits for Animal Rebellion. As long as the moral angle is downplayed masses might be happy to agree to crunch into a delicicious plant based burger every now and then. McDonald’s has one. But the murdered cows, pigs and birds are there alongside too and they should go fully plant based, insist Animal Rebellion carefully.

But the message we are getting overall in climate strikes and protests is that fossil fuel is the main enemy of climate change, and we have not stopped driving cars overnight so why bother to go vegan or totally plant based suddenly. Take baby steps. When the masses including environmental activists and media are spreading this misinformation why should corporates and governments act now?

Is this how we justify mass atrocities?

How hard can it be to enjoy vegan bacon instead of violence? Why does violence need to be it a law? Is it what public demands year on year? Is it food?

What are we missing in our mass activism?

What we are missing is the flood of masses..the real masses, the real victims, the non-human animals. They are missing. They are voiceless. They are slushed out as sewage and cleaned up. They are on the pink table not as citizens but as food.

All we see in the Matrix however around me are human faces. The masses are missing. The masses are in farms and slaughterhouses, bred and fed the dead bodies of their brothers and sisters. They are food in the Matrix. We human faced animals are the oppressors turning other animal bodies into energy, looking for perfectly sustainable ways to keep doing so.

Hollywood keeps doling out the false human version of the Matrix now the fourth time after the triology this December 2021, the same third class story…or will they wake up? Going by Hollywood standards I fail to think so.

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