Ascension Lessons From Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion

Is a climate change protester an anarchist criminal or a dangerous person for singing slogans or drumming samba once a year? Have the evil agents really found Morpheus, the terrorist, or Neo (the One) or the Next One?

Is someone who is against child abuse, a militant child rights activist, just because they took action and said it is wrong to abuse children?

Are those speaking or writing against female infanticide and rape being fundamentalistic? Are people speaking about the evils of racism fanatic anti-racism experts?

What do you think about non violent direct activism?

Also what do you think about bacon?

Are those eradicating homophobia and trans rights to be termed extremist gay activists or LGBT speakers?

Similarly are those protesting against climate change to be called criminals for merely standing on streets and singing or drumming once a year, or slightly more often?

Are vegan animal rights activists crazy to keep speaking and educating public and government against animal slavery and exploitation, breeding and slaughter?

If we were against breeding, slaughter and abuse of stray or pet cats and dogs will we be labelled fanatic as well?

What makes us fanatic, militant, fundamentalist and all those labels?

Harming, abuse, slaughter, rape, slavery, expoitation and abuse of all races and species of females, males, transgenders, children and of the planet as a whole is always ALWAYS wrong, these are fanatic, extremist, militant acts of terror and violence….

…not only but also in the name of animal ‘agriculture’ whether dairy, poultry, animal meat or fishing and in the name of any other products such as leather, fur, honey, silk, wool, animal testing, circuses or zoos.

All crimes are non-condonable. But who will condone them?

Harry, listen to me. No one's coming.

No superior alien multidimensional high energy spaceships are coming, take your train home to earth again. We are just not yet ready for Ascension! Or are we ready?

We must make it amply clear that we do not support these crimes, we do not support the criminals, and we try not to pay for, demand or order them if practically possible, and will always speak up in support of the victims, in every corner of the street, in any way we can. We march and drum in support of the victims not the criminals, not the crimes.

We. In support of earth.

Police watch silently in large numbers at times guarding evil institutions and property. They protect slaughterhouses.

We ask people on streets to make a personal choice when we know very well it is a crime. We should not have to outreach people indiviually if it is a crime, but we still do that. The crime is legal, unpunished, unaccounted for, uncategorised by a reference number. We gather usually in small groups, when we should revolt and be able to protests directly at the Parliament and to the governments and United Nations.

There are no laws AGAINST MASSIVE CRIMES perpetrated AGAINST ANIMALS. No Agendas. Noone to fund our strong petition to outlaw animal breeding and slaughter. We need XR and Animal Rebellion to help ban crimes against all species.

Media is advertising supported by rich billionnaire criminals.

We the people support dairy, egg, meat industry – Why? Because we are senseless, pathetic consumers?

I hope not, not any more.

I hope we are not only concerned about the carbon and greenhouse emissions or global warming caused by these crimes, but also the crimes in totality.

We are a social justice movement for new earth, for equality, justice, freedom from exploitation and a system change or deep overhaul.

We drum and march for all rights and against all wrongs of our grotesque system. Female Intergender Non Binary Trans, BLM, Native people, Amazonia and more.

Just because the victim does not resemble us exactly the crime does not become a lesser evil, it does not become condonable, speaking against it does not become an offence. The word vegan does not become a demeaning term.

When we do we condone these offenses and seem frightened to speak up against them we go down.

Why do we not show strong and tough solidarity with the victims?

…just because the victim was a poor baby chick who had poor memory or cognition and was macerated alive,

…just because the victim was a helpless calf separated permanently from mother at birth,

…just because the victim was a young repeat sexual assault victim female whose milk you drank unnaturally,

…just because the victim was an unwilling male sperm donor child or young person abused sexually for breeding at a farm.

When it comes to animal rights, we are not a scared, bunch of nervous activists are we, afraid that public will call us fanatics if we say – moral values, non violence against animals of other species, TRUTH – if we stand up. We do not speak only against a few repeat offenders, a couple of capitalistic large corporations and the monarch, do we?

London Rebellion 2021

The London Rebellion animal rights march 2021 had phenomenal support of vegans for obvious reasons. I was there. Primarily there for the animals (humans included).

Why should we stand solely behind the facade of climate and plant based movement, focus on pandemics and ask for merely a bit less meat, less dairy, some sort of weird semi-carnist vegetarianism and a semi-permanent system tweak in our Councils and Schools or in public display of perception now and then? So that people do not dislike us, so that masses appreciate us and sing along? So that they do not say ‘we are pushing a vegan agenda’…we thin down and tone down our movement?

Because all agendas are acceptable except being against animal abuse, torture, rape, murder and slavery? Because we must be sensitive to the rights of the abusers to continue abusing the tortured victims unconsciously (or at times with full repeated awareness)? No.

Because the animal emergency is actually not an ’emergency’ that threatens our personal future, it is already an emergency from the past happening to them the farm animals, historic crimes still unaccounted for, continuous and exploding in size and magnitude year after year… after decades, centuries and millenia. Their house is not on fire but burnt down already. We buy and sell the ashes. We are not going to heaven with that shopping list.

Because these animal emergencies are predated, perpetrated and already past their due date of being banned, we must let change take its own time? Why is it that no change happens overnight ….when it comes to animal rights and social justice for those victims who have no say in the government …ever, except through us? Who will never have a part in the climate change conferences or vote this year …or any other, except through us. Who will never be part of the citizens assembly (except through us), because they are not counted as citizens, they are countless and yet counted as things although they ARE people. Can you see the massive injustice here? 150 billion land animals bred and bled annually to become products. Can it even be possible in a sane world that not enough people agree to ban these crimes? To ban chicken burgers once and for all?

Are you in the cockpit of our multidimensional spaceship as yet? Or a passenger if you are a victim animal? Should we slow down or low down? Touch base with reality.

‘Do not act now for them. It will take an infinitesimally loooooooooooong time to change habits and laws, the system of human supremacy. For everything else ACT NOW!! It is an emergency.’ – WHY?

Dairy cheese, donuts, egg infused fruitcakes, honey oat bars, bottles of ugly dairy bottle, pieces of raw flesh of a brutally raped and murdered child in ham and chicken sandwiches or doner, slaughter waste in shampoo and toothpaste, in an animal tested lipstick. Just for what – taste, convenience, cheap, ugly beauty, consumerism, a sense of social or family approval and apathy?

These are not the same as taking a ride in a petrol car or using non renewable electricity and hot tub baths at home. This time personal change and system change both are necessary at once.

Greta Thunberg embodies both. She went vegan for moral and climate reasons and for health, and she made her parents feel guilty. (Space captain?)

The harm caused by that cheese or milk bottle or ham, by that bacon strip or chicken curry is gross and not only limited to pollution. There is a specific identificable victim who had a face and feelings, who lost everything he or she had, family, life, sense of identity, everything for cheese and bacon. Someone was sexually abused and torn to pieces, bled to death for these unhealthy eggs and other disgusting items that are a danger to human health, to our children and climate too.

Don’t say it is okay if those poor animal victims did not know what was coming, if they just went, frightened by bullet guns, under the knife quickly and ‘humanely…@*&??!!’ when their jugular vein was cut and all they saw was their own blood gushing out helplessly, arms and legs tied up high, before they were cruelly hacked to pieces. Don’t say it is ethical because the victims were naked, cold, kept hungry before slaughter, locally sourced and they ate organic grass and had a very ‘happy’ sexually abused life before being disemboweled. Don’t say it was acceptable if they were stunned with a gun or scalded in hot boiling water in which they were hung upside down before being beheaded – children. All parts of their remains used up for profit. Their blood and bones in our manure, medicines, cornflakes, pet food and sewage. Some of us played guitar.

They are animals like me. I am not a vegetable that grows in soil quietly without a nervous system or a fruit that you pluck off when it is ripe. I am me not meat. I have feelings.

This is Animal Rebellion. Not a plant rebellion. I am not a vegetarian.

We do not have to put up with these senseless violent garangutan GRAPHIC crimes in our Non Violent social and environmental justice movements if we are a real movement, of awakened or even semi-awakened beings.

We do not have to accept any more senseless and dull routine arguments in favour of these crimes, even from ‘good people’ who are our friends and neighbours, not even from our fellow activists who shut your mouth.

We do not have to apologize for saying the truth, because it is undeniably morally wrong to have a non vegan cruel cheeseburger or pig pressed hotdog when you have an option not to. You consume them and in front of those who see them as blood, pain and rape, for that is what these items are actually made of.

There is no excuse for saying ‘I love cheese too much to go vegan’ when flavourful vegan cheese is there too in your local supermarkets and online. It is not a crime to being disturbed at the sight of the non vegan sandwich that gives clear evidence that you are responsible for these crimes deliberately, knowing fully well what it costs, because it costed someone their life.

We do not have to apologize for either demanding a sincere shift over specific time period or for severing connections with those who do not vibrate at a decent or rather very basic level of moral frequency.

We create our own reality.

We create our own vegetables….and agendas.

We manifest what we generate with our frequency and attitude (not just mindful breathing, also mindful behavior).

We choose whom we associate with and protest for.

We embody consciousness!

Those who do not witness a change within their chosen soul contract period and are tired of the abuse against themselves and other victims, may leave the planet in their chosen spaceships, and the matrix of this controlled/ uncontrolled sensory/ senseless simulation may end. Surely so, if people at large prove to be non-souls, holographic simulations and thoughtless virus programs of the AI matrix deliberately designed to put us off the Matrix.

Out of Time, The Extinction Rebellion Sign appears on the streets.

We manifest hidden multidimensional spaceships and freedom!

Is time to make a choice!

Do we have enough time?

(Ashtar Command)

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