Lessons I Learnt in Ascension Times


Be celibate.

Be vegan.

Have no religion. It is the system.

Have no loans. It is the system.

Have no contracts with others. Legal freedom.

Stay free from all desires as much as progressively possible.

Reduce your expenses till you achieve freedom and go off grid when you can.

You will one day stop earning.

You will also lose hunger. As a shaman, as a meditator.

You will drop attachments.

You will lose relationships.

You will find your cords are being pulled out.

Do not lust after taste.

Do not seek illusions (undeserving drama of humans who pull you into their world).

You do not need someone to complete you.

Do not marry or procreate new children.

Do not be fooled by media.

Stay away from new age gibberish or tantra.

Reject semi-spiritual philosophies of tamasic (ignorant) level.

Reject norms of material and spiritual balance.

Do not let universe control you or dictate your terms.

This is not your world.

The universe is NOT GOD, it is Maya.

God is not manifesting or fulfilling wishes, the matrix is creating illusions.

You are not God.

God is not all around you omnipresent.

People are not God.

The Devil is all around.

Satanic forces have brought us into this mayajaal or matrix of illusion.

The devil (dual) pretends to be a friend, family member, lover or soulmate. Duality.

Do not fall for western philosophy of romance, friendships, having children, sexuality.

Redirect media and its imagery.

Merry songs, dance, movies have scientifically programmed your brain in the matrix to enjoy a lie.

Do not dance with all the programs (do not be one with all there is).

Be kind to the deserving. Stay safe from the undeserving.

Do not seek false balance of physical and spiritual.

You are in a serious simulation of dreamworld – intimidated and controlled into compliance. A deception.

All physicality is illusion.

Do not believe in balance of good-evil.

Reject all evil.

Do not look for balance of ups and downs of life.

Do not look backwards, past does not have to create your future.

False memories have been created by demonic programs to create your story.

Your past life, past karma is not really permanent.

Start afresh.

You are not IN this body.

You were not actually born here in this world.

You are not actually in this world.

All your dreams reflect your current mind and what it is manifesting in this lie-f.

Do not believe in a balance of truth and untruth of different yugas (stereotypes).

Be in your truth, not in this yuga.

Do not remain subservient to mass mentality.

Rise up.

Seek spiritual truth and not information or opinions from around you.

Wait for and listen to the calm voice of truth.

Do not make it your main job to serve the matrix even as a spiritual expert.

You are not healing the world, you are just finding your time away from it.

Your job is to seek truth alone – not money, ego, fame, success in worldly endeavours, special powers or partners.

Look after your existing children successfully.

I am not yet free, I cannot show the way. Neither can anyone who is still part of this world (material setting).

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