Weird Laws From Around the World that prove We are in Hell!!

We are not in heaven by any standards. We are dying not living. We know that we are in Kali-yuga, the age of darkness or ignorance (tamas) according to Hindu philosophy where Kali-yoga (demonic or tamasic magic or mind rules). We are in a simulation and we all know it, science talks about it in clear detail stating it is unlikely we are not in a simulation. Human beings are around us quoting verses from ancient texts of Hinduism stating we are in Maya – illusion and nothing is real in this world. New age spirituality has been clear that we create our own reality and thoughts become things. We create our lief story (a lie). Yet, it is the world around us that remains vaguely indifferent and unchanged – as if the worst imaginable things are still not only happening but legal to so many of us earthlings and we can do nothing about it because there is a stupid…..//….||….\\…S.Y.S.T.E.M….. that is controlling us overall (my spirits dictate to me as I type – add stupid they said).

  1. Law allows us to suffocate and maim fishes. Conventional fishing and slaughter laws over the world allow that humans kill fishes instantly and violently or to hook them from mouth for entertainment/ sport – even children are made alright with this pasttime and taught how to fish as a cruel sport widely practiced. There are also no ‘humane’ slaughter laws for fishes. Imagine having a pasttime of abusing animals instead of walking or playing a board game. Crustaceans are boiled alive or deskinned – it is shameful. We stand helplessly dismayed as people go around buying victims’ bodies casually or bullying them for sport. (They are not victims they say – just fish). They want to meet alien species when they do not even respect our own planet’s species.
  2. Law allows us to make animals of other species our dinner and abuse them – eat pigs, chicken, cows, just like bell peppers, radishes and lettuce although plants are not like animals and vice versa, and we are animals and all animals are similar in feeling pain and sorrow. Animals are sacrificed in religions. Sadly those who are vegan and read posts such as this one and agree with or like the idea that animals abuse, slaughter and breeding (sexual abuse) should be illegal are very few. Most agencies are still working at outlawing the most barbaric practices in animal farming while standard practice of violence and dirty enslavement continues. Racecourses, animal circuses, zoos, marine shows, aquariums and even rodeos continue….which are evil.
  3. Rape of animals is legal. Animals are bred by rape and this is considered legal even for cat and dog ‘purebred’ shows for children’s entretainment and not just for animals farmed for exploitation and as food. We see the apathy all around as if 99 percent of people have not even enough IQ level or empathy to understand that killing or harming others is wrong or evil, but most of them have no idea what rape is and that breeding using insemination of sperms into vagina against a female animal’s will using instruments or a male animal forceably is rape and bestiality. How strange!
  4. Vegan parenting is not allowed is a few countries such as Belgium, Italy and Germany that even imprison vegan parents. Teaching your child that one should not harm or hurt someone is not allowed by law in these carnivorous and cruel nations and parents are forced by law to hurt and harm animals to breed and grow their human babies. In most countries vegan parents are not legally allowed to raise their children vegan without consent of other parent due to parental responsibility laws being equal for both parents. In most countries if not all, vegan parents stand tests of parenting by neighbours and law if other parent objects of others object and blame goes on veganism for ordinary health issues that have no connection to it. The Vegan parent feel helpless and unable to teach child good health and boundaries of behavior.
  5. Law allows fathers who rape and abuse mothers and children to control their movements out of country and to prohibit them from leaving the country. For example UK law prohibits mothers from leaving country with child for safety and emotional wellbeing of child by calling it culpable crime of child abduction even if father is abusive, unfit or unreasonable and controlling and does not permit them to travel. Mothers cannot protect children and return to their home country if forced to go abroad and even if their children and them are abused there and socially isolated if child habitually resides in a country where father has brought them into. Law allows mothers to be isolated and intimidated by their abusers if they are in a different country of their choice and abuser wants child to live there. This is an outdated law but everyone follows it very strangely!
  6. Law allows wives to be raped in India, Sri Lanka and a few other countries. Marital rape is an unforgivable crime only in some countries, in some countries like India, it is said by lawmakers that ‘illegalizing marital rape will shake the foundations of Indian culture and family values’ as loosely stated by Chief Justice of India in 2019. Now raping a wife is a family value system of this nation called India that promotes spirituality to the world. Women are married off in arranged marriages to unknown men against their will in this horrid Indian system and even serve as domestic servants after marriage to men for providing sexual service to husbands as a slave. In some countries such as Russia, Thailand and Venezeula rapists can actually marry their victims to escape convictions and rape them for life. Can anything be more atrocious!
  7. Child abuse is legal if parent hits child. Domestic violence against child by way of hitting child is perfectly normalised and legal in most countries for example UK if father says he was just ‘spanking’ child’s bottom to discipline child or slapped child (smacked) to discipline him and it did not injure or bruise child. They do not care of child. This UK legal website claims, ‘So long as a parent acts with what can be considered as reasonable force within the home, it is likely that they will be found to have acted within the boundaries of the law.’ Children are even more vulnerable and innocent than adults, but while a wife can go to refuge and leave her husband if he hits her, children have no such rights even in UK or other developed countries and have to meet the parent even if mother takes them away. The United Nations children’s rights are mostly on paper obviously.
  8. Sexual abuse of minors. If a child is raped some countries such as France so far did not illegitimise sex with minors until recently and still uphold that sex with a minor is not crime if age gap between consenting partners is 5 years which means young children are still vulnerable to prostitution and sexual crimes against their will.
  9. Non consensual sex is legal in many countries. This is because the definition of rape is not non consensual sex but only coercion, threat or violence based sexual acts in sex in many European countries.
  10. Domestic abuse legal in some countries and laws useless in others. While domestic abuse is a crime in many countries its implementation is strangely lacking while most cases go unevidenced or unattended to inspite of evidence. In some western countries men who are perpetrators are given respect at family courts and place the wives who were victims on trial by blaming them for mental health problems without any evidence such as in UK. In some sub-saharan and middle eastern nations domestic violence is not even a crime and wives as well as children are legally abused proudly by family members.
  11. Women in Saudi Arabia are considered second class citizens. They require permission for anything from a male guardian even if they are adults. They also arrest feminine rights activists for treason. Wearing hijab by females is a mandatory law that is shameful and a sign of control over the female body. A man can divorce his wife anytime and a female does not have same rights or equality. A lot is known about all this but change is really slow and includes women being allowed to drive for the first time which tells us quite a lot about how unconscious our reality is and how many years behind the Matrix clock is set to.
  12. Female and Male Genital Mutilation. While FGM is practiced widely in many African countries and even in western countries where there are some cultures who practice it including some Dawoodi Bohra muslim communities of India, male genital mutilation is common among Muslim, Jews and many communities all over the developed world too making babies cry, bleed and suffer without anesthesia in a graphic way – you cannot even see its photographic evidence. Razor sharp instuments are used to cut pubic parts when they are mere children and bleeding sometimes to death. FGM although criminilised in most countries, is not even a crime in countries such as Liberia and Mali. Circumcision of baby boys is not a crime in any country except perhaps Iceland leaving vulnerable babies exposed and abused horrifically.
  13. You can be forced to go to mental asylum or prison against your will if they feel you can harm yourself or others, if depressed, suicidal and so on. For example in UK they may detain people who have symptoms of any mental health problems. You will be forced harmful chemicals into your brain against your will instead of mind-body-soul therapists. Saying no to pharama is blaspharmy just as saying no to animal farming is blasfarmy. Its the harming system in disguise of pharma and farming.
  14. Flogging as brutal legal punishment to raped females. Some countries Sharia laws flog people publicly as punishment and they even succumb to injuries. Females who did not cover face before meeting a ‘slow moving’ rapist can also be flogged for ‘inviting’ rape to them or for ‘obscenity’ and ‘sexual misconduct’. A female was given 100 lashes and one year in jail for being gangraped and for trying to abort fetus.
  15. Real victims can be arrested if they fight back or try to escape. A case in Iceland where a female was arrested for 12 months imprisonment for merely biting off the rapist’s tongue and no charges brought against the man is a salute to the police force’s incapabilities in protecting rape victims. The famous case of Lorena Bobbit who cut off penis of husband after he raped her for many years is also known. However fighting off a rapist who is trying to assault using less severe methods, for example pushing, punching or biting the rapist to run away in self defence can also go against you if he calls police and says you assaulted him and if there is no evidence of rape yet which is a difficult crime to evidence and report due to many repercussions upon the victim in revenge.
  16. Climate and environmental Laws allow injustice widely. From petrol cars and jetplanes to all kinds of gadgets that pollute environment, ciggaretes that harm body and others around you including children as mothers smoke near babies in prams, all kinds of chemicals and slaughterhouse blood and animal poo being dumped daily in all our waterbodies casually, trees razed in millions every second for animal farming industry to clear space, it is abuse of the planet and its children that the horrific system is allowing for profit and money being tailored for human to human monetary profit and consumerism. Large swathes of land are usurped for hellholes called animal farms, not just for housing, football pitches and stadiums instead of planting trees and the planet dies of not just covid-19 caused by these crimes.

If we are living in a simulation, which we most certainly are as accepted by any enlightened master or researcher who knows the facts, we should be wondering why the reality is such a negative one at large? If we spiritualists believe that we can create our own reality then what are we doing – what sort of a hell is being generated by the mind within and why? What are the ways to change this reality? In my case I was not vegan when I was born and was not raised vegan by my father who controlled my family – why are we born in such a horrid reality and then awakening slowly as we ourselves remain deluded? Who has caused our so called ‘birth’ in this wicked system if it is all in the mind?

Will these evil systems and its followers ever change or is a perfect world only a city of dreams or fantasy of heaven? Is the world never going to be in sata-yuga (truth) or after millions or thousands of years only, while reality is always going to be negative to some extent in middle yugas of treta-yuga and dwapara-yuga where negativity and evil are less extensive in comparison to kali-yuga? Is the extent of negativity around even acceptable, it is a large scale part of the system, more than 99 percent of humanity? Would you be grounding yourself (or me) in this kind of a horrible reality? While we do migrate from one city, postcode or even country to another for greener, kinder, healthier, more civilized and less criminal places to live, what about the planet – would you be ready for ascension and change your astral postcode to manifest a better world and what exactly would you manifest in it? More importantly what would you yourself manifest as with respect to your own moral values or behavior as you ascend as opposed to merely a light or crystalline body appearence or special powers)?

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