The Illusion of Really-Tea

The wonderful macrocosm and microcosm of lies.

I was drawn into it yesterday, once again, by my brain.

I went for a tea party down the Rabbit Hole sans the imaginary cute White Rabbit. With beautiful witches and wizards (Tea-m) casting spells upon this illusory ‘discworld’, dreaming up new realities, from one life to another, creating at will (co-creating) a universe smartly.

Visualising a world that is positive for themselves or ourself (for humans) is easy. But if the universe is within us and all that is outside is a play of illusion, an enactment of our inner mind – why is the world so negative for other beings?

Why are babies and chidren abused?

Why are females and boys multilated graphically?

Why are millions of animals slaughtered and butchered away cruelly every second?

Why is our planet suffering more and more each year?

Why is the system so violent, imoral, indecent, corrupt and unhygenic?


Why are our positive affirmations taking so long to work?

Maybe we have not believed in them, although we insist we do.

What controls us?

One thing – MONEY. We have created a reality where humans control the planet and its ‘resources’ and distribute it amicabally through a money system that benefits humans. We are tempted and lured to earn by interacting with other humans (a lot).

Animals obviously do not have money, they are ‘resources’ and exploited for money but with no power to buy their own life, like we humans do. Humans rule. We decide their outcomes. We give time, energy and love to other humans for money. All other animals are in the background, like plants, the white rabbit only a deception – in reality he is farmed for animal testing, fur and meat in burlesque French riviera mansions. We have tea without him, lipsticks on our pretty teacups. He died for that ugly lipstick.

Children and most of the times, women also suffer due to the same reason. Mothers look after babies and their growing up children, sacrificing their time and profits, and children grow up obeying the system because their dad and mum will earn money and provide for them while they go to school wearing leather shoes. Farm animals keep becoming food items provided to our children by cruel parents who control those schools.

Some animals are vegan gingerly, trying not to hurt sentiments of non-vegans (because in their opinion to not hurt other human’s emotionally is a lot more important than the need for those humans to not rape, murder and harm other species in trillions). Afterall humans are their supporters who fund them, give time to them, share friendship with them. Two-faced apologists.

A few vegans speak up and are clear on basic moral values and unafraid to lose friendships only to prove a (rude) point – they are called rude as they are unafraid to cut cords off demons who still abuse and hurt others knowingly. They are rude because they are not interested in this illusion of ‘friendships’ any more in this graphic simulation that the world has already seen and cared two hoots about (except to ask us to not show it). Nobody wants to be rude no matter how graphic the simulation. Nobody wants to close the door to the devil or teach the devil a bit of morality.

The devil is unfazed by crime, he or she enjoys the show and adds filthy dairy to tea regardless of information.

Clearly if ‘all is mind’, then this mind – the mind inside is cruel, filthy, negative, indecisive and unawakened.

It is our unconscious and conscious parts of the self that are creating rubbish – a plethora of awful consequences.

Sometimes we have no idea about them. Sometimes we do.

We ignore these demons within us in our frilly synthetic costumes or hemp embroidered pants during our witchy and yoga picnics. We are ashamed of our demons so we become one. We want to pretend we have none.

This inner mind that is the causal factor of a crude macrocosm full of disgrace is unawakened. A wonderful world of surprises, transformations and subterfuges is projected around unlovingly. My demons continue ruining me, colliding with me, controlling me and my world as I gratefully surrender and allow the ‘universe’ (lies) to take over and supply me ‘abundance’ (of hell).

Where did this devil of this hidden mind appear from? If people are all projections – which they CERTAINLY are – why so negative? Who created these idiotic and evil psychopaths? Who created serial killers and rapists? Who created ghosts that haunt and terrify us? Who created slaughterhouses or hell? Who is this Devil? Who is this ‘God’? Shiva. Yahweh. Allah.

Shall we let this maniac ‘do as he wills’ knowing fully well the extensive horrors he or she has created so far? Who is this maniac anyway?

I AM. We say these words only to denote that we are ‘good’ creators – we say we are Gods, we are Goddesses – we are one with higher self, the divine Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Kali and Laxmi or the million other names of compassion. What selective amnesia? We forgot we are the devil too? Or maybe all Gods are Devils and all Devils are Gods too – cruel creators of good and evil are both within us. Why have we let the devil lie inside sharing space abusively with angels who suffer?

Forget about the term ‘we’ or ‘us’. I go within.

If I am dreaming up the reality in my tiny microcosm and the macrocosm called universe is a projection, this Devil must have been something specially negative inside me.

I know now this inner Devil – a feeling or sense of powerlessness, a bowing down to reality that appears too wicked and solid, an unconsciousness that somehow others can and will harm me or my children or animals or the planet, a belief that there will aways be good and evil and I must remain in balance with both of them, that people do evil things and it is ‘okay’ because we have to be sweet, innocent and amazingly enlightened beings who do nothing except witness crime and merely ‘Know’.

That is what the Devil is – a tamasic self (tamasha) of sloth, repressed anger and frustration that makes me give up, close off my mind, leave things be so that the dirty universe will do its job and keep manifesting trash upon earth.

That is what has been giving rise to this horrible nightmare. One in which people are abused, females harmed and farmed, children crying, land drilled into, forests burnt and animals castrated without anesthesia before they are decapitated and served as food, garbage mounting in land and oceans due to plastic packaging after the dead bodies and blood are disposed with all the chemicals to mask the stink of slaughter in our river streams so that our well plumbed, wi-fi enabled and carbon neutral buildings are weirdly unaffected.

What a world – what a lie!

If the power is within – then why buy these simulations packaged in supermarkets?

Why give money to even one of these people who claim to sell me ‘things’ in plastic bags, if those are not really things but merely thoughts that have become solid. Why hunger at all if growing and eating food harms even one being? (Ascension symptom 1 – periods of no hunger).

Why agree that it ‘will take a lot of time for change to take place in society’. That animals will continue to be slaughtered day after day and year after year mercilessly and unnecessarily – because we believe that somehow the people around are real and are NOT ready or willing for this ‘huge change overnight’. (Ascension symptoms 2 – people will be projected knowingly from your mind’s data and you will realize they are illusion).

There is no truth to be found in realities anywhere in any planet, any galaxy or any corner of the earth. Everywhere we see, we find only me. A deception of duality, a feeling of ‘reality’ that is mere illusion. So wake up and create a better one today. (Ascension symption 3 – – there are no aliens, higher ones, angel, God, Devil, demons or realities outside.)

Assert, request, affirm that you have a good, clean, hygenic, positive, happy, safe reality for all beings right now and believe yourself. You have a good team of positive spirits, friends, family members and loved ones – who believe in this magical plan and give it power. Manifest them.

If we create our reality, why not create a better reality NOW. Why the delay?

Create this – Noone sufers anymore. Noone has to eat burgers or hunger anymore. All have enough (not money, money is not needed – we have enough already without seducing, hypnotising or amazing someone to ‘pay up’ because we do not need imaginary money for our imaginary bills in this simulation – we are enough). Noone needs to be enslaved to work, toil and create imaginary profits for those imaginary landlords, billionnaires, executives and owners who control them. None needs to earn, noone needs to pay, noone buys, noone sells.

Manifest that we are ALL awakened, enlightened, living FREE, in union with the higher self, no longer bound to the illusion of duality, suffering and jobs. No longer paying for food or land. No longer being bred and slaughtered, from life to death or afterlife. We are one, we are in a kinder nature, a wilderness without imaginary carnivores (projection of fears and aggression) hounding us and preying upon our flesh. All beings are projections of mind. No anger, no thieves, no killers, predators or hunters in jungles or smoth urbane landscapes of slaughtershouses.

Why not manifest a life that is real – in which we are living free, fearlessly existing and consciously thriving – having transformed those carnivorous hounds, reptilian kundalini thoughts or demons within us? We are full of love and we are loved.

But more importantly I manifest a better me because the ‘we’ will always be a projection, duality, deception – it no longer interests me – macrocosm, microcosm and all that theory that the universe has sold us in new age books so that we continue living in a simulation of mental dosa, sandwiches and tea with other human beings whom we pay and who pay us money – an illusion of ‘Really-tea’ – Reality.

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