New FREE Book: Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans

As a gift for being a reader of this blog please download this book FREE FROM THIS LINK to circulate it among family, friends and neighbours or on social media and spread the message for healing and awakening of the planet and our eco-system.

Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans – Free Book for Download

Packed with a punch (a crime report), here is every possible wicked argument against veganism and its cruicial antidote. This book is an unapologetic statement against animal abuse, exploitation, breeding and slaughter which are no less than rape and murder crimes but mis-labelled insensitively as ‘humane slaughter and husbandry’ by a senseless industry and social system that glorifies animal farming and fishing crimes.

1,2,3…1,2,3 went the words of a song even before I had ever heard it, in a dream sequence (a premonition several years ago before I heard it on radio for the first time) but as woke up, I still thought of the animals, the cows, sheep, lamb, buffaloes, turkeys, horses, chicken and trillions of others hanging by the feet upside down. I could not stop crying.

These criminal industries masquerade around me as I notice the blood, gore and violence being obvious in every supermarket shelf packed with nutrients that one can easily obtain with plant based food instead of chopped ribs, arms, legs and other body parts or secretions of abused individuals sold everywhere. I had no qualms about writing the truth as clearly and lucidly as possible knowing fully well that most humans simply could not care less and continue to be insensitive with acute justifications that can only be termed irrelevant.

This handbook helps us go deeper into our emotions and sink into the rabbit hole of this horrendous trade and how it is damaging us, our environment and trillions of people (yes animals are people too and they are killed by the trillions per annum).

Please pass this book on to others, especially to non-vegan relatives and friends, who shamelessly argue with us year on year.

Please do share this gift with others also get the knowledge they deserve to have and to build momentum to the noble cause of banning breeding and slaughter of animals.

Blessed Be

(*) Swati Prakash

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