5 Things Not to Expect from Spiritual People

Society and foolish notions of how spiritual people should or should not behave are expectations we can do very very well without. Here are some things one must never expect spiritual people to confirm to:

  1. Do Not Expect Spiritual People to Be Compassionate to Evil People and Forgiving them Unconditionally: We are not interested in weird notions of what is or is not forgiveness. If a person has no empathy or insight into his own behavior and has not directly saught forgiveness from the person he has harmed, has not made amends by compensating for the harm he or she has caused to the person who was harmed, and simply goes to a church at a ‘forgiveness giving deity’ confession booth or prays to an imaginary Jesus Christ or any other idol such as Ganpati or Durga or whatever they imagine to be forgving them, or if they are hell bent on forgiving themselves (a new age concept we all are being initiated into) by way of our own private thoughts in own mind without any proper change of our actual behavior – it is of absolutely no use. If you have done any wrong, it is only and only your own responsibility to fix the same, whether by returning the stolen money or capital, giving back one’s property that you usurped, saying sorry directly to your own victim, improving your own behavior, paying for losses or mental harassment that you perpetrated or that were caused by you, or fulfilling any other obligation of your own karma. Karma simply means your own actions and you have to sort your own actions out. No deity is going to do that for you neither will any spiritual person become great by saying ‘I forgive you unconditionally’ just to boost one’s spiritual ego. Forgiveness has to be earned not demanded and not thrown at someone without reason of caution or any evidence of its deservability.
  2. Do Not Expect Spiritual People to be Sinful or Accept Your Sinfulness in Society: Spirituality is a path to enlightenment, that means not accepting any evil anymore. It is a way to the higher self or true self that is fully awake. Do not expect spiritual people to use mystical or magical and psychic powers in this matrix of imaginary simulation to harm others. Do not expect sinful people to curse someone for money in Wicca and witchcraft or tantra – those are not spiritual people, they are dishonest charlatans and infernal spirits of demons. Do not expect spiritual people to have alchohol, meat, eggs, dairy or honey or indulge in leather armchairs or any soft silk or fur made of killed babies. Do not expect spiritual people to be alright with you if you do all these things. To hurt or harm someone is not spiritual. You are not expected to be spiritual since birth. To say only Jesus is perfect from birth and noone else should aim for being positive as a person is also wrong. We are not supposed to say ‘we accept we are sinners’ just because Jesus is the only pure one or ideal person and mere belief in him will save you because he was sacrificed like a lamb at the cross of your bloody altar. None’s sacrifice will cleanse your own sin. We all are responsible to improve our own self and be a good person on our own, without the need for any comparisons with Osho, Jesus, Krishna, Rama or any other Deity or God. Spirituality is not about compliance with conditions of what is sinful or not according to Bible, Gita or any Koran or other scripture or religion. Sinfulness or evil is a simple concept – it means harming others or oneself, that is what the world wants us to be okay with and get along with. Do not harm is the only cure. Neither are we in spirituality to be sinful nor are we to be expected to be alright with evil around us in the world or mingle and socialize with evil beings and respect their ‘right’ to be evil, cruel, non vegan and so on.
  3. Do Not Expect Spiritual People to Dress Up and Pretend to be Major Gurus: Spiritual people can have ordinary appearence, ways of living and ordinary temperaments. They are not to be expected to be constantly sitting in Himalayas with rosary beads or rudraksha malas, or to be sitting in padmasana or lotus posture with garlands or incense all the time with eyes closed or pointed upwards like Majavtar Babaji, or walking on water like Jesus. Neither are they to be expected to be robed an turbaned like Sadhguru and Sri Sri with hoardes of followers in folded hands touching thier feet for blessings and peace. Each spiritual person can be a simple, humble and normal human being without the need for frills and fancies or press coverage. Being famous and modelling with cool quotes of lofty idealism or giving many many theories out to eager fans is also not spirituality. Spirituality is a quest for truth and a rejection of the evil system of the Matrix which is pure illusion and a simulation – what will these fake fans and followers give you anyways, some false wealth or donations, some false respect and false feelings/praise of having helped them – it is all a show (trust me I have proof that they are all fake and simulations). Real spirituality is about reflecting on the need to be free of the bondage to the classless acts and dramas put on or shown to us all our life by others who are ‘pretending’ and not real people but dream characters crafted out of Matrix or Maya in this virtual reality. Spirituality is an acceptance that we are in a lowly world of false reality and not really free, and this humbles us greatly. Using powers of mind (aka third eye concentration oro chakras and meditation) merely to manipulate reality is far from spiritual, it is simply illusion and not the way to truth.
  4. Do Not Expect Spiritual People to Dish Out Scriptures and Religious Rote Material: Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, and all your big big scriptures are infinitely boring. That is a fact. There is no truth to be found in any of them. They are also senseless and make for insipid listless and dull minds that are robotically trained to say ‘Jai Guru, ‘Jai Krishna’, ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Archangel Michael’ and a countless stream of other virtual reality characters thrown at us by the Matrix to fool us into submission. Belief systems are all hell, here to train our mind into respecting figures, idol worship and imaginary fantasy and fables written into books are hyped up constantly to reduce our focus on our own personal freedom from all the manipulations around us… (me say my spirit team – they constantly correct me – there is no us, I am being controlled, I who is called Swati Prakash, it is me who is controlled – binary they say, I have no idea what this means). I am unimpressed by the multitudes of saints, divinities and role models sent to me since I was born (was I even born I have no memory of that but that is what the Matrix wants me to believe). I am aware but limitedly of the nature of this rubbish reality. I am not going to applaud any masters or religions, as I do note my research on demons of various names dressed up as Gods, Angels and Mesiahs and Star Beings, I am not inteersted in uniting with any of them, be it Radha Krishna, Jesus, Ashtar or any other spiritual master or ascended being. I simply want to wake up because my own awakening to me is spirituality. Keep your rigid books with yourself please.
  5. Do Not Expect Spiritual People to be Gods and Goddesses: ‘Gods and Goddesses we all are, you and I we are Divine’, this is one of the many stupid things said to me by so many people, especially those who are sex hungry seeking females to be erotic sex goddesses to satisfy satanic libidos of their false Shiva phalluses. People who are sinful, evil, mentally ill, delusional, lofty, lacking in intellect, brainwashed by new age gibberish and false religions or false spiritual systems control us to become ‘gods, goddesses, deities’ for them. My mind goes back to the Fool card of Tarot – how simple it is to realize through that who we REALLY are – FOOLS, and how so many faces appear through our Fool’s journey to confuse us and make us believe we are this and that – Magicians, Empresses, High Priesesses, Emperors, Devils and what have you. We have no clue who we are as we are trapped – completely trapped in a dull and stupid reality show program in which there is a nonsense called human society all around us. ‘Do you know You are a Goddess’ said a clever lady to me last year – I say, what does it matter, everyone is a Goddess or God right? Say whatever you want, call yourself whatever you like, the fact is you are controlled, you are in this simulation and your mind is creating images in your dreams, images of people, places, things that are all fictional. Even when you think your eyes are open and you are awake you are asleep, very much creating your own semi-conscious reality show with the help of your own mind power. Call it subconscious, superconscious, consciousness – all is shallow mind. What the hell anyways if you are ‘God’, it is a show afterall and not truth, so why pretend to be a Deity like Shiva and Shakti Neo, just wake up!

I am not interested in putting on a stupid smile of fake spiritual peace and bliss on my face and walk around empty headedly with pretensions of compassion oozing out of every cell of my body towards humanity and ‘people’ who are all fake, smoking, drinking, eating dairy and meat, worshipping crystals and showing off that they are receiving some imaginary fancy light from above. I need to wake up and be free of the simulation and I will have it no other way. But that is not enough. I am not here to make friends or enjoy life with meditation programs to train me how to relax and enjoy jumping up and down in trance state of hypnotism through chants, hollow drumbeats, cymbals and musical notes to dull my mind and put me to sleep again so that I enjoy the reality (pretend show) of people turning up through my own (at times vague or at times very clear to me) purely imaginary thoughts becoming things through a holl-law of attraction (system) of the Matrix. I am here to wake up to full consciousness and not to snore eternally in hell.

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